In a digital notepad, the convenience of a smart notebook is complemented nicely with the functionality of a tablet. These are helpful not only in eliminating the need of paper but also helps in storing your documents in digital format, thus reducing the chance of losing them forever. You can even back up your notes using cloud storage or can carry multiple tasks at a time.

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  • Websites to Download Cracked Software: Piracy
  • Save and exit using the key listed in the legend on the right or bottom of the screen
  • The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon has a performance mode which can be activated by simply pressing Function +K keys
  • Laptop ASUS Notebook PC E-Manual
  • You just need to bring the wearable closer and press any key on the keyboard to unlock the notebook
  • Even if peripherals are connected the space left and right of the notebook remains free of cables
  • Considering you could buy five better equipped notebooks instead, is it really reasonable to go for it
  • It is indeed one of the most compact 14-inch notebook you can buy in the market
  • We have just started using the Xiaomi notebook and cannot wait to share our experience

By installing hardly any software on the system, the operating system is kept light. In contrary, we criticized other Sony systems for being excessively and ineffectively equipped with software. On the other hand Sony could have included at least one full version that brings a real advantage. MusicStation and Photo- and Videosuite are nice give-aways yet their functionality is already included in Windows through Media Player and Photo Gallery.


With an illumination of 89% the brightness is very evenly distributed. The formation of shadows when displaying areas of single a color are definitely not visible with the eye.

If a potential buyer picks a convertible, s/he has to decide between various mechanisms. The turn-and-tilt hinge of traditional convertibles has been thrown out by most manufacturers, in favor of lighter solutions, which would suit delicate Ultrabooks better and offer better sturdiness. HP (Envy X2) and Acer (Iconia W510P) have created tablets which dock into their keyboard, transforming into laptops. Advantages: low weight and measurements. Disadvantages: the hardware is rather weak, as it and the battery have to both find space in the tablet. In addition, such devices can have a problem with weight distribution as the base unit will not weight much (at best it will include a secondary battery).


The stereo speakers of the TouchSmart 11 are placed near the rear of the laptop on the top of the base unit. They produce decent sound but due to the relatively low maximum volume it comes out a little tinny. Bass is non-existent but speech is understandable. Of course, the user should not expect hi-fi quality but attaching external speakers or headphones will provide a much better sound.

Boot Menu The Boot menu allows the user to specify the order in which the Notebook (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=7703) PC is to check for a device to boot the system. To make changes, select Boot from the menu bar and the following screen appears: Item Specific Help 1.


The TouchSmart 11 uses a standard keyboard with isolated keys, which means that each key is spaced from the others (AZERTY layout). The keys have a short stroke distance and a clearly defined pressure point. The surface of the keys is slightly roughened which offers a nice typing feel. The key resistance should have been a little stronger, but we can live with it. The workmanship is good and there is no backlight.

Smart notebook 11 语言

Altogether the B53J leaves a good impression, and satisfies the requirments for its intended area of use as a business notebook (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3485). Additionally it also scores with good value for money.


Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9E/B

Many options cost extra and not all components of the test model are completely convincing. The image quality of the web cam is modest, the mass storage capacity of 128 GB is rather low, and the HD display has narrow viewing angles in the vertical direction, a low contrast and its calibration is poor ex factory.

Page 87 APPENDIX This table shows the countries currently under the CTR21 standard. Country Applied More Testing Austria Belgium Czech Republic not applicable Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary not applicable Iceland Ireland Italy Pending Pending Israel Lichtenstein Luxemburg The Netherlands Norway Poland not applicable Portugal.


The use of keys and touchpad together is fun and fast. We did not wish for an external mouse at any point during our use, and rarely required the pointer. The keyboard base is secure and offers a solid, yet not hard, impact. The pressure point is soft and could have been crisper.

Querying the controller reveals it's had 43 charge/discharge cycles so the cells are practically new! And yet the controller was in permanent lockout mode due to a single overdischarge condition getting logged. Trying to charge the battery in the laptop resulted in a rapidly flashing charge LED indicating charge failure.


Although the Dell Latitude E7240 is hardly audible under low load, the case remains cool with a maximum of 31/2 °C (88/16 °F). But, this changes under permanent full load for at least one hour. The rotating fan causes a noise of 43/3 dB(A) and can no longer keep all parts of the case cool. We measured temperatures from 45/1 °C to 49/6 °C (113/18 to 121/28 °F) in four segments on the underside. The temperature even increases to 55/7 °C (132/26 °F) at the vent grille. You should not use the laptop on your lap in this load scenario. However, you can use it on your desk without problems, as the temperatures stay uncritical in the keyboard and touchpad area.

In tablet mode, the panel is connected by four hooks and the hinge to the base unit. Although the base is a half centimeter thicker than the TFT, the user has the impression of handling a Slate PC, made of a single piece. The surface of the touch panel is resistant like other good tablets and does not give way under pressure. We believe that Sony has designed an excellent case, as in tablet mode, most users would not suspect the dual nature of the Duo 11.


Volume and brightness control via Fn key combination

Plug the flatter side of the USB cable provided to your laptop. Plug the square part of the USB to the other cable attached on the bottom right of the smartboard.

Keyboard and touchpad are ideally suited for longer working hours with the laptop. The matte display prevents disturbing reflections, and is therefore not only easy on the eyes, but also well suited for use as a work display - which should be expected from business notebooks though. When used in particularly bright surroundings, for example under direct sunlight, a bit more brightness would be favorable though. In addition the comprehensive security and communications features are positive aspects. With the ATI Eyefinity Technology it should be possible to easily use several displays at the same time for working, and hence also increase the size of the desktop appropriately. So that several displays can also definitely be connected, Asus B53J offers three video interfaces, two of which are digital.


Don't be alarmed or panic when projector and laptop screen flashes black for a moment. The projector and computer is cycling through display mode for the projector screen.

Once you are done writing, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off everything and clean the page. Also, each page of it includes a QR code used by the Rocketbook app to scan data.


Sony launches its Vaio Duo 11 in its shops at the Windows 8 launch. The model was announced at the IFA 2021 and now it is available for 1,400 Euros (~$1827, middle-class configuration - Core i5-3317U, 128 GB SSD).

Page 39 4. Using the Notebook PC Clicking/Tapping - With the cursor over an item, press the left button or use your fingertip to touch the touchpad lightly, keeping your finger on the touchpad until the item is selected. The selected item will change color.


The Mi Notebook (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3320) Horizon Edition measures 17/15mm in thickness and weighs 1/35kgs which makes it extremely convenient to carry around in a backpack. It has dimensions of 321/3mm x 206/8mm (LxB) making it slightly longer than an A4 sheet. It is indeed one of the most compact 14-inch notebook you can buy in the market.

In a realistic test, we converted video and audio files. If the conversion tool can use Intel's Quick Sync Video, conversions can sometimes - depending on the source and the destination format - be done quickly. If a conversion task only runs on the CPU, it might take significantly longer because of a high system load. In contrast, audio conversions with iTunes profit from high CPU clocks. The Intel Core i5-4200U-CPU reached 38/9-fold speed. Its rank among Haswell ULV CPUs conforms to its clock rate.


The screen has its brightest area at the lower middle, where the illumination reaches 275 cd/m². Further to the top of the screen it gets darker, in the upper right corner it offers only 239 cd/m². The overall average is 257/7 cd/m² which is a good value.

The TouchSmart 11 has decent program performance and works very quietly. The notebook is not power-hungry and thus offers quite long run times. In the test, the two competitors could not keep up in terms of battery life.


With features like colour editing, handwritten to text transcriptions, etc, this is mostly used as a fun creative tool, best suited for all purposes. Also, what makes it an incredible tool for tutorial instructional purpose is that it can be well paired with real-time audio.

The Sony Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9E/B: opens up like a Swiss knife

The high performance and resolution of the system will excite even graphic designers. Although the Duo 11 has a broader color spectrum coverage than the Dell XPS 12, it falls short of the sRGB color space. This means that the AdobeRGB is also far out-of-reach. Acer's premium Ultrabook, the S7, does not perform much better, but to see what good sRGB coverage looks like, take a look at the Retina display of the MacBook Pro 15.


Webstorm 11 license key keygen

Clarification: True 0V discharge kills Li-ion cells and you shouldn't attempt to recover them. The old controllers tried to fix over-discharged cells and they succeeded in the majority of cases because you rarely have a true 0V scenario unless you have a shorted cell or something. The new controllers on the other hand happily commit suicide at over-discharge voltages where cells are still easily and safely recoverable with little to no capacity loss.


Had windows 7 ultimate, and told it to repair computer using and F8 key, and it repaired the battery too

After fully recharging the laptop, we make battery-conserving changes to its power and sleep settings and turn off Wi-Fi in preparation for our unplugged video rundown test. We then loop a video—a 720p file of the Blender Foundation short film Tears of Steel—with screen brightness set at 50 percent and volume at 100 percent until the system quits.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9E/B: is the slider mechanism the ideal solution for a convertible

The display brightness has 10 levels, ranging from a minimum of 8 cd/m² (center) to a maximum of 237 cd/m² (upper middle section). Level 7 corresponds to a brightness of 146 cd/m² and so we used it in our Wi-Fi test. This brightness is often sufficient and comfortable for the eyes indoors. The average maximum brightness is 210 cd/m² and the brightness distribution of 81% is satisfactory. The brightness is not reduced on battery. Combined with a matte surface, you can work rather comfortably outdoors. However, the Dell Latitude E7240 allows only limited use on particularly bright summer days or in direct sunlight.


It intended for reading or modifying 'Unseal Key', and not for Unsealing procedure

Nine hours is plenty of runtime for such a small system. The L203 should get you through a full or almost full day of work or school without having to search for an AC outlet. The dim, low-resolution screen was a major contributor to that decent battery showing, however.

If you expect a fast desktop PC that reacts immediately and has no issues multi-tasking, then look elsewhere. At times, the computer will lag significantly. However, if you are willing to adjust to the system performance of our test model, then you will find the TouchSmart 11 a much cheaper choice than the more powerful competition.


Using the Keyboard Colored Hot Keys The following defines the colored hot keys on the Notebook PC’s keyboard. The colored commands can only be accessed by first pressing and holding the function key while pressing a key with a colored command.

Up to three USB 2/0 ports are available for connecting peripheral devices. For faster data transfer to and from an external mass storage device one of these is a USB/eSATA combi-port.


Internal Modem Compliancy Protocols and Compliancy The Notebook (index) PC with internal modem model complies with JATE (Japan), FCC (US, Canada, Korea, Taiwan), and CTR21. The internal modem has been approved in accordance with Council Decision 98/ 482/EC for pan-European single terminal connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Pavilion TouchSmart 11 Series

The loudspeakers are rather useless when it comes to multimedia, there is no microphone-in, the touchpad is tiny and the fan can become quite noisy: Seems like you will have to live with some flaws when you decide to buy such a thin device. Those who think the Dell Adamo XPS is still too big and do not require the performance of a MacBook Air, should take a look at Sony's designer piece. That is whoever has the necessary petty cash.


Asus VivoBook 11 WebXPRT

The sound is dominated by trebles, but you can hear more basses and mid tones than usual in a business notebook. Although the sound is not sufficient for a great multimedia experience, Internet videos, radio broadcasts and background music profit from it. You can change the volume from zero to 100 by two steps. The maximum volume is good and virtually distortion-free. But, external speakers are necessary for presentations to a larger audience. You can connect such via 3/5 mm jack (combined audio in/ out), HDMI, or USB.

The integrated hard disk is a ST9320325AS from Seagate. This has a total capacity of 320GB, and has a rotational speed of 5400RPM. The results established by tests with HDTune didn't provide anything especially conspicuous.


Tablets are mainly noiseless, but the Vaio Duo 11 is an exception due to its Ultrabook components. The active fan never turns off but operates at a constant speed and quietly. It is only noticeable in very quiet surroundings. Whether using the browser or working on a Word file, the fan will continue to quietly rotate. The situation only changes when the CPU is at high load for long periods of time or our stress test runs. Now, the cooling system turns up to a max 40 dB(A).

The completely black exterior of the Asus omits all non-functional decorations. The case is partially made of scratch-resistant aluminium surfaces with excellent haptics. And although the palm resting area and keyboard are made of matte plastic, they nevertheless feel pleasant.


The comparison with Intel’s latest Atom generation design, Bay trail, should be very interesting. The Asus T100, equipped with the Z3740 CPU, scores at the level of the AMD A6 CPU in the Cinebench tests and is thus clearly ahead of the TouchSmart 11 in terms of CPU performance.

The case of the TouchSmart 11 is made of anodized aluminum, which means the laptop remains cool. The display and case borders are silver in color and maintain the matte aluminum look. The display borders and the keyboard base are black, thus providing a nice contrast. Overall, the device is very sturdy and this high quality look gives the TouchSmart 11 an air of luxury.


Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

The strong color coverage is not only measurable, but also well-visible from all sides thanks to the excellent viewing angles. Whether from right, left, up or down - color inversions (ghost images) are non-existent on this IPS panel.

Review Sony Vaio Duo 13 SVD1321M2E Convertible Ult

The viewing angles of the HD display are typical for TN technology. In the vertical direction, colors invert or the picture gets brighter with increasing angles. In addition, you can see slight color changes. In the horizontal direction, the viewing angles are much wider. Therefore, the display is readable for several persons. Brightness decreases and colors change only slightly here.


The lack of biometric scanner is a big letdown though. It's a basic necessity and we cannot find any logical reasoning of why the brand has not provided it even on the high-end variant which costs as much as Rs. 60,000.

Power on the projector screen until a noise occurs. Push the power button on your projector.


We could not run the usual Battery Eater tests on our test model due to an incompatibility problem, which we could not solve. Therefore, we manually measured the time with the same settings. During reading with low load and maximum energy settings, minimum display brightness and disabled Wi-Fi, the Dell Latitude E7240 achieved a battery life of 7:42 hours. In our Wi-Fi test with brightness level 7, the battery life decreases to 4:33 hours. Under full load (maximum display brightness, profile maximum performance, Wi-Fi on, Battery Eater Classic without recording), the device ran for 1:16 hours. The battery test of PC Mark 8 (Work) recorded a battery life of 3:33 hours. The optional 41 Wh battery should increase the battery life by about one third.

To see how the system deals with a video in HD resolution, we downloaded a cinema trailer in Full HD from the internet. Unfortunately the Vaio X was not up to the task: The sound went smoothly, but, the picture was lagging behind even when we plugged in the DC and set the energy saving options to “high performance”. Also high definiton flash videos played from within the browser, for example via gametrailers.com, posed a problem for the Vaio X: They stuttered along.


The power consumption of the Dell Latitude E7240 is very low. We measured 3/7 Watts while idle and up to 34/8 Watts under full load on mains. Both results indicate the possible range of power consumption and are not realistic. Under full load the power consumption falls by about 3-4 Watts after a short time, as the CPU clock decreases to 1/6 GHz to 1/8 GHz. In idle mode with minimum display brightness, it is hardly possible to use the Latitude E7240, as you will hardly recognize the display content with a display brightness of 8 cd/m². The power consumption is about 6/5 Watts with settings suitable for office use. The relatively low power consumption is necessary, as the battery capacity of 31 Wh is rather low. Dell offers a 41 Wh model as an alternative, but neither price nor availability was known at the time of testing.

For the manufacturer, taking no chances from a legal standpoint is understandable but sometimes they can go a little overboard. A 3/5hr battery ending up in a landfill is not the best outcome.


The results of the 3D Mark benchmark show that the TouchSmart 11 still ranks last. The second place is afforded to the Aspire V5-122P, which uses the larger AMD A6-1450 APU with Radeon HD 8250. The IdeaPad with the Pentium 2127U CPU and Intel’s HD Graphics scores highest.

The small speakers are placed towards the front and are quite loud for an 11/6-inch device. However, the output is not great as it lacks deep notes. The output quality does not change in tablet mode, as the speakers are not covered by the panel. Positive: even if we cover the speakers while carrying the Duo 11, the volume and sound quality does not drop.


While the keyboard is slightly springy around "J", it is rather stiff in general. Because of the medium key travel, the quiet tapping and the decent pressure point, prolific writers will like the keyboard and you will only need a short time to get used to it.

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition Specifications

Longevity and reliability – were important aspects for Asus when designing the B53J. This is applies to the case, as well as the adopted hardware and the length of the warranty, which lasts for three years.


Nevertheless, the colors pop out really well on this 14-inch display and the hues seem pretty accurate. The matte finish coating and the expansive 178 degrees viewing angles ensure good content visibility from extreme corners. The videos streamed on the 14-inch display looked immersive and crisp. If you prefer watching movies and series on your PC, you will simply love the 14-inch display on the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition.

Well, this is another fun notepad trick that can be used to pull on a prank to friends. This notepad trick will write anything again and again and again. Users need to manually close the process from the task manager to get out of the typing loop.


Best Digital Notepads of 2021 – Your Smart Notebook

Unfortunately the Vaio X11S1E's amplitude went into the red area several times. So, the user should check each driver to find out which one causes the communication delay.

Blickwinkel Sony Vaio VPC-X11S1E/B

We have precisely one other 11/6-inch budget Windows laptop in our benchmark database: the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 from September 2021. It has a dual-core AMD A9 processor. In search of Windows systems with comparable hardware, I chose two versions of Microsoft's entry-level Surface Go tablet: the current, Intel Core m3-powered Surface Go 2 and the older (January 2021) Surface Go LTE with a Pentium Gold CPU.


To allow the light and thin design of the Vaio X Sony uses a combination of different materials: The bottom part and the display lid are made of carbon fibre. The wrist-rest is made of aluminium and is unfortunately rather quickly covered in fingerprints.

The performance does not fall on battery power. The CPU clocks with its base clock of 1/6 GHz and the GPU clocks between 950 to 1000 MHz under continuous full load, but the clock rate did not fall below these. We ran the test with Dell's energy profile "Ultra Performance (Max Fan Levels)".


As previously mentioned, the AMD A4-1250 is used in our model. It includes the Radeon HD 8210 IGP with 128 stream processors (Radeon cores) and supports DirectX 11. The clock speed is 300 MHz.

Well, this is another notepad trick to devastate a PC. This notepad trick will delete System32 files leading to system failure. It’s not advisable to implement the trick, but this code has the power to shut down any working computer within minutes.


Smart Notebook serial number

If that was true there would've been a lot more cases of batteries setting houses on fire back in the early 2000s as "0V deep discharge recovery" used to be a feature in some laptop battery pack controllers back then. It's not nearly as bad as some urban legends would have you believe.

Other SMART hardware products

Most people will use the Vaio X for websurfing via WLAN. On battery we could do so for 312 minutes or 5 hours and 12 minutes.


With a Sanyo or SONY or other 3rd-party firmware however, you're on your own! The procedure to access the Boot ROM is not public and neither are the passwords (if there even are passwords).

Security features include a finger print reader, a Kensington Security Lock, and a SmartCard reader. The B53J also supports hardware based encryption of data with the help of the in-built Trusted Platform Module (TPM).


The monitor's hinges look quite broad when compared to the overall size of the notebook (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=9687) and keep the monitor stable after just a short tettering. Although the monitor opens smoothly, the hinges are nevertheless so firmly adjusted that the display doesn't need any further closing-mechanism.

SMART Table interactive learning center

The Vaio Duo is available with the Intel Core i5-3317U (1/7 GHz), i3-3217U (1/8 GHz) and i7-3517U (1/9 GHz). In this section, we will check to see what the extra 300 Euros (~$391) for the i7 (Sony Store) will bring to the user.


In Review: The HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11, provided by HP Deutschland

When it comes to power consumption the Vaio X has to be modest to be able to achieve such running times: A minimum consumption of 4/0 watt and a maximum of 11/5 watt under full load really is an excellent value. No wonder Sony can attach the Energy Star Seal on its device.

  • The writing on this notebook can be done with any pen or highlighter
  • The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition does not feature a built-in webcam
  • The Dell Latitude E7240 is a typical business notebook
  • Before Using Your Notebook PC On the Road
  • Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition Keyboard And Trackpad
  • Page 29: Powering On The Notebook Pc
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Full HD Notebook Review
  • Page 59: Securing Your Notebook Pc
  • Page 37: Using The Notebook Pc
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Sometimes a TPM module is required to access the company network. The Trusted Module Platform is a security chip which is available for an additional 20 Euros (~$26) in the Sony Shop configuration menu.

SMART Hub collaboration appliance

The hinge is composed of a massive magnesium part. The large arm, which includes the back of the device, holds the panel in position. The small support in front of it ensures that the user is presented with an ideal angle. Two metal hooks (base unit) click into place securely when the TFT is opened up. The opening and closing of the device does not require force: pull up the screen from behind part of the way (slack point) and then the hinge kicks in and pushes it into the final position with its springs.

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With so many brands and alternatives available, the idea of choosing any one of them might perplex you. So, it’s time to put an end to your dilemma! You can easily go through our buyer’s guide for the best digital notepad as it will assist you in choosing wisely.


The average brightness is great: 417 cd/m². If there were no drops in brightness while running on battery (182 cd/m²), the user would have had a reason to celebrate. Yes, the brightness is more than enough for indoor use. However, outdoors, in the bright sunlight, the legibility of the screen quickly drops. The strong reflections of the glossy-type display make the situation worse. The XPS 12 convertible shows us how it is done right.

Does the Core i5 offer enough performance or should the buyer put down an extra 300 Euros (~$391) for the i7 configuration? We do not advise the purchase as the increase in performance in the multi-core test of Cinebench R11/5 CPU Multi (2/35 points) is a mere 19%.


The integrated 15/6 inch display is an AUO23EC panel from AU Optronics, which has an HD-Ready resolution of 1366x768 pixels. With this it gives a cinema friendly 16:9 aspect ratio. In order to satisfy the demanding requirements of a work device, the surface is of course non-reflecting.

We tested Anno 2070 and a few new games. The HD 4000 offers lower performance in games as is shown by the comparison with an entry-level GPU, the GeForce GT 620M (Asus UX32VD, +90%). Ultrabooks lie close to one another in this discipline as shown by Anno 2070 at low details. In any case, the user will have to get accustomed to low resolutions and deactivated anti-aliasing (low details).


Page 90 APPENDIX BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) BIOS is a set of routines that affect how the computer transfers data between computer components, such as memory, disks, and the display adapter. The BIOS instructions are built into the computer’s read-only memory. BIOS parameters can be configured by the user through the BIOS Setup program. The BIOS can be updated using the provided utility to copy a new BIOS file into the EEPROM.

Asus VivoBook 11 JetStream

Port (RJ-11) (RJ-45) The following describes the components on the rear side of the Notebook (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=9741) PC as shown by the illustra- tion above. Serial Port The 9-pin D-sub serial port supports serial devices such as a drawing tablet, serial mouse, PDA cradle, cellular phone link.


Review Sony Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9EB Ultrabook

The two loudspeakers are located left and right below the front edge. The maximum volume is rather low, but should be sufficient for small rooms. Since there is no sub-woofer to back these up, the sound lacks bass frequencies, as can be expected. For less demanding background music it is however sufficient. In cases where this is not enough, the 3/5 mm headphone output also supports S/PDIF according to the manufacturer.

The slider mechanism seems to be the best compromise for a convertible. A true Windows 8 (no RT version for Intel Atom) benefits from Ultrabook performance.


The surface temperature when running with a low level of utilization also consistently remains in the green area. In contrast to when utilizing the components excessively. In this scenario the top surface temperature stays below body temperature. On the bottom surface in comparison the temperature rises to a maximum of 45/2 degrees Celsius following several hours of the stress test. A permanent 100% utilization of the graphics card and processor over several hours is however not a likely real world scenario for this laptop. Even with demanding sophisticated 3D applications, it is rare to encounter such utilization levels over prolonged periods of time.

Air Vent The air vents allow fresh air to be used to circulate warm air out of the Notebook PC. Be careful not to block the air vents! Audio-In Jack The audio in provides stereo input from audio sources.


In comparison to other CPUs of the same size, our test model performs poorly. Cinebench (CPU-heavy) places the AMD A4-1250 APU behind the E1-2500, which is also from AMD. The Intel ULV Celeron 1017U is far ahead. Furthermore, the new Haswell Core i systems leave the test CPU in the dust: the Sony Vaio Pro 11 with Intel i5-4200U is 4 - 5x faster (depending on the test).

Dell has updated its Latitude series and added a number of new models. The Dell Latitude E7240 is a compact 12-inch business ultrabook, which wants to convince with professional equipment and premium features. We extensively tested how well it succeeds at this.


Asus VivoBook 11 keyboard

The screen has a non-glare finish. That in combination with the good brightness makes it possible to work outdoor or in bright light without disturbing reflections.

Asus VivoBook 11 Handbrake

The touchpad sits in the middle of the wrist-rest and is separated optically and hapticly by a small sill. The touch sensitive surface is quite small especially as there is a scroll bar on the right and the lower side that is not detached from the rest. During our test however, the scroll bar was never activated by accident but rather just when you lift your finger and lower it again on the very right or lower part of the touchpad.


Our model is equipped with a gyro sensor (standard for tablets) which automatically adjusts the display. Unfortunately, the sensor does not work accurately in laptop mode and sometimes automatically rotates the screen 90 degrees. Shaking and turning does not change the orientation and the user can only correct the orientation by putting the device into tablet mode.

Sony presents a solution in the form of a Windows convertible: the Sony Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9EB. Such devices were not popular in the past, as Windows XP, Vista and 7 did not offer great touch interfaces. However, Windows 8 changes all this: it offers the stability of Windows 7 and a great touch interface (Metro). Users, who own non-touch laptops, can still use a traditional mouse or touchpad and keyboard to work with the new OS as a classic desktop is included.


The HD 4000 speeds up in Turbo mode (1,050 MHz) and slows down while idle (350 MHz). Even on battery, the performance stays the same, as confirmed by Cinebench R11/5 OpenGL benchmarks. The 3DMark 2006 records a low score, in comparison to other Ultrabooks (3317U, IGP), but there are other laptops which are even worse: IdeaPad U310 (-32%) and Zenbook Prime UX31A (-12%). Similar differences are noticeable in the 3DMark Vantage benchmark -37% (IdeaPad U310) to +8% (MB Air 11 2021). These differences are due to the different manifestations of GPU Turbo in one and the same 3317U processor.

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook

Our Dell Latitude E7240 comes with a matte 12/5-inch HD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This gives a pixel density of 125 dpi. The compromise of screen real estate and image size is good and will be liked by many users. Dell wants to offer a full HD display with touch support soon. However, alike many other options, it could not yet be configured at the time of testing.


While idle, the surface temperatures are very low: between 24/3 °C and 25/1 °C (75/74 and 77/18 °F) (27 °C; 80/6 °F on the bottom). The IdeaPad is a bit higher at 26/4 – 29/7 °C (79/54 – 85/46 °F) and the Aspire is the only one that exceeds the 30 degrees mark clearly (26/1 °C – 39/2 °C; 78/98 – 102/56 °F). At load, the TouchSmart 11 remains quite cool 24/7 – 31 °C (76/46 – 87/8 °F) (35/5 °C; 95/9 °F on the bottom). The IdeaPad stays between 26/8 – 30/1 °C (80/24 – 86/18 °F) and the Aspire is the hottest at 25/8 – 43/3 °C (78/44 – 109/94 °F).

What make it an irreplaceable option for the users are its versatile functionality, solid construction and easy integration with your PC. Also, you do not need any specific stylus to operate this device, you can use any pen instead. Moreover, it also offers you the option to convert your drawings and handwriting on paper to the electronic or digital format.


Sony Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9E/B: inseparable. Sony picks a slide mechanism which allows them to install powerful Ultrabook hardware in their device.

Overall performance is better in the competition: the IdeaPad S210 is ahead by 23%. As mentioned before, the price tag of 365 Euros (~$497), makes the TouchSmart 11-e000sb an attractive choice!


Based on the results of the measurements it is possible to see that the LED illuminated display stays below the 200 cd/m² mark in all the picture segments. With an average brightness of 183 cd/m², the B53J does not belong to the laptops with the highest display brightness, but the levels produced are nevertheless ample for use indoors without any problems.

Page 91 APPENDIX IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) IDE devices integrate the drive control circuitry directly on the drive itself, eliminating the need for a separate adapter card (in the case for SCSI devices). UltraDMA/33 IDE devices can achieve up to 33MB/Sec transfer. LPT Port (Line Printer Port) Logical device name reserved by DOS for the computer parallel ports.


You have to get used to typing due to the relatively hard key stroke but all keys are sufficiently sized and are located where you would expect them. The Page Up- and Page Down-keys as well as the Home and End key are only accessible through a combination with the “Fn”-key. In exchange there is a second “Fn”-key located next to the arrow keys, so, that one can also activate it with the right hand.

The same applies to the R11/5 Single Test (1/07 points). In this test, many Ultrabooks with the same GPU offer 1/04 - 1/07 points. On battery, the user will not have to sacrifice performance. The OpenGL and Multi tests reveal identical results to the ones previously recorded with the laptop connected to a power socket.


On the right only two ports are located: A LAN-port and the VGA-port. Because the LAN port being too high for the thin chassis, Sony uses a foldable LAN-port: The lower part of the plug has to be opened before the connector fits into the plug.

Altogether the device is manufactured flawlessly, and makes a convincing case with its stability. Squeaking and other noises definitely don't make themselves noticeable when handling. Due to the massive construction it is also possible to hold the laptop on the corner of the base unit without any real concerns.


The Asus comes with Windows 10 Home in S mode, which restricts software installations to downloads from the Windows Store. You can enter the Store and make an irreversible switch to regular Windows 10 Home, as I did in order to run our benchmark tests, by entering your Microsoft account information and a couple of clicks.

The new Atom CPUs based on the Pinetrail architecture did not yet make it into Sony's X-series. Instead an older Atom Z540 based on the Silverthorne architecture is inside our test sample. The single core processor calculates with 1/86 GHz and has built-in hyperthreading, meaning it can work on two tasks at a time. If you have more money at your disposal, you can also get a Z550 with 2 GHz.


Sadly, unlike the Vaio laptops, the Duo 11 does not have a hardware key for the Control Center

We do not want to say that using the touchscreen with the finger is difficult. In fact, the interface is simple and we are surprised at how precise the input is. Windows 8 translates our quick movements well.

Vaio Duo 11 vs. AdobeRGB

The hardware and connectivity of this 11/6-inch test model hints at a powerful Ultrabook. The fast Toshiba SSD ensures good performance, as shown by the comparison in the "Storage Device" section.


HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e000sb

While slim Ultrabooks, like the Aspire S7 and Samsung Series 9, cut back on ports or choose to install micro interfaces, Sony has stuck to full size. No adapter is required for VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and USB. This is quite a big advantage in comparison to the high-end competition. Asus and Acer put USB-to-Ethernet adapters with their Ultrabooks (only 100 MB/s). Asus, Acer and Samsung have Mini-VGA and Micro-HDMI on-board. The XPS 12 convertible lacks Ethernet and instead offers a Mini-DisplayPort. Acer's S7 and the Duo 11 have one thing in common: a battery slice can increase the run time. The Vaio has a battery interface on the bottom. Acer uses a cable to transfer the energy from the battery (no battery interface).

Commercial Notebook Hotline Information

Sometimes, starting a program can take so long that it might be best to take a coffee break and then get back to work. Once the application is open, the user can work without issues. We still hope that HP will offer the laptop with an AMD quad core A6 in Germany (the US model, seems to offer it). This would improve the multi-tasking capability of the system and the CPU also has the stronger Radeon 8250 integrated.

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We are testing the top-end variant of the 14-inch notebook which is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10510U CPU (Comet Lake) and gets 8GB DDR4 RAM. I am a bit surprised that the company has not offered 16GB RAM option as the notebook is not upgradable. We might get to see a 16GB RAM variant in future if the company plans to expand the series.


The Dell Latitude E7240 only gets louder when the performance requires it. In low load scenarios, it works quietly or with very low fan activity most of the time. When the fan runs for a short time between the silent times, we measure a quiet 29/3 dB(A). The noise of 37/4 dB(A) is clearly audible under medium load. Under full load the noise increases to a maximum of 40/3 dB(A) to 43/3 dB(A). We did not observe a high frequency or pulsating noise.

The cooling fan turns ON when the temperature rises past a set threshold. The cooling fan is an extra feature needed for upgrading to faster processors in the future. The air vents allow cool air to enter and warm air to exit the Notebook (extra resources) PC. Do not block the air vents or else overheating may occur! LAN Port The RJ-45 LAN port supports an RJ-45 Ethernet cable.


Review of the Lockly Vision Smart Lock

The TouchSmart 11 has a good touchscreen. The input is received without delays and executed smoothly. This interface may require a little getting used to for some users but we feel that the user can work more intuitively with the laptop thanks to it.

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Windows 10 gives you access to powerful applications that Chrome OS can't match, but the VivoBook 11 can't run those programs well, so for most shoppers there's no reason not to go with a comparable Chromebook for a similar or even lower price. The Asus mini is certainly easy to slip into a bag or backpack, and it'll muddle through routine tasks, but it's not pleasant to use.


However, if it is necessary to get the device open, we recommend getting the HP service manual. The procedure is explained in it but sadly, it does not detail where the plastic hooks are placed.

Vaio Duo 11 - open

The security features of our test device consist of only the usual BIOS and system passwords. A fingerprint reader, Dell's data protection security solution (with several security and encryption tools) and a smartcard reader are optionally available for a surcharge.


If you often make notes, then opting for the best digital notepad will be a smart idea

Our test model, the HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11, runs on the AMD A4-1250. It bears the codename Temash and is based on the new AMD Jaguar architecture.

Latitudes have usually come without chrome strips or glossy elements anyway. The silver lid slightly warps from side-to-side twisting, but appears to be stable and easy to clean. Moderate pressure does not affect the image when the screen is on. The stability of the base unit is not perfect either. It visibly bends from side-to-side twisting. Although this does not impair everyday use, the flexural rigidity cannot keep up with the ThinkPad S440's and slightly reduces the premium quality impression.


Once the "flap" is removed, the user will be able to access the HDD, the RAM and the WLAN module. If you wish to change the BIOS battery or clean out the fan, a few screws and a flap will have to be removed first (13 in total). We did not pursue this procedure in our review.

Laptop Asus L7 User Manual

Even if maximum performance is needed the small fan just reached a noise of 35/9 dB(A) which is still a very good value. No wonder that our rating for loudness was almost perfect: 95 percent.


Form of a Windows convertible: the Sony Vaio Duo 11 SV-D1121X9EB

The B53J comes with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit pre-installed. There is also an option to downgrade to Windows XP. Additionally there is also a pre-installed Instant-On operating system called ExpressGate.

When using the B53J with a low level of utilization it is possible to save between 11% and 40% of the power consumption with the GMA HD compared to the HD5470, when running with a high utilization level this rises to between 18% and 38%. In the table below the values of the GMA HD were entered for the idle scenarios. The values for scenarios with a high load are those recorded for the HD 5470.


In lieu of dedicated Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys, you'll have to pair the arrows with the Fn key

Using the Notebook PC Caring for the Touchpad The touchpad is pressure sensitive. If not properly cared for, it can be easily damaged.

The most well supported interface for speaking with smart (why not find out more) battery packs is the Texas Instruments EV-2300. It's a fairly expensive piece of kit but it has the advantage of being able to work with TI's own software which has a myriad of options for the publicly available TI battery controllers running the TI firmware but more on that later.

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Not least due to its reliability, the B53J should not only be suitable for office use, but also according to the manufacturer in the field of healthcare. Along with comprehensive security and communictions features, this laptop has a Core i5-450M CPU, switchable graphics solution - GMA HD and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470, four Gigabytes of RAM, a 320 GB hard disk, and a 63 Wh battery.