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Within 24 hours of your enrollment into the CPT exam, you will be able to schedule your exam appointment. Contact PSI at 1-833-537-1330 or go online at PSI to schedule your exam apointment. Please have your Enrollment ID available, as it is needed to complete the registration process.


Yes, you may change your session date up to (7) days in advance of the current scheduled date online within the workshop enrollment. If you are within the (7) days of the scheduled workshop session date, you must pay a Workshop Transfer fee of $35 with the Member Services department at 1-800-460-6276 to be able to change the session date.

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Hence AUM is a part of divinity and represents as such to Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. AUM is the sound of Sun, the sound of Light and the sound of assent (affirmation) and ascent as it has an upward movement and uplifts the soul, as the sound of the divine eagle or falcon. It has the sense of totality as is evident from the English word of Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.


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The following questions regarding the Guided Study program are only applicable to those who purchased the CPT6 Guided Study program prior to February 10, 2021. Please note that the CPT6 remote exam deadline is 8/31.

Thus, when B Sweep ends A Sweep ends also. The B Latch Multivibrator is reset to its quiescent state by the LO Hoidoff level present at pin 10 of the Sweep Control integrated circuit during A Sweep hoidoff. A Sweep Z-Axis Gate Q1304 and G1306 comprise the A Sweep Z-Axis Gate. They form an emitter-coupled stage where only one transistor can be conducting at any time. The controlling signal inputs come from the collector of Q862 in the A Sweep Gate, the blanking signal from Q1014 in the A Sweep Generator, and Q824 in the B Latch Multivibrator (only in the MIX mode of operation). The blanking signal for use in the Z-Axis Amplifier is taken from the collector of Q1306 (through CR1342). The collector signal of Q1304 is applied to the A+ gate Emitter Follower. In all positions of the HORiZ DISPLAY switch except for B DLY'D, — 8 volts is connected to the anode of CR1306. This reverse biases CR1306, which allows the gate signal at the collector of G1306 to pass through CR1342. In the B DLY D position of the HORIZ DISPLAY switch, —8 volts is no longer connected to CR1306.


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Special calibration fix- tures are used only where they facilitate instrument calibration. These fixtures are available from Tektronix Inc. Order by part number through your local Tektronix Field Office or Representative. Calibration Equipment Alternatives and Partial Procedures. The Calibration procedure is based on the first item of equipment given as an example. When other equipment is substituted, control settings or calibration setups might need to be altered, if the exact equipment listed is not available, check the specifications column carefully to see if any other equipment might suffice. Then check the usage column to see whatthis item is used for. If used for a check that is of little or no importance to your measurement requirements, the item and corresponding step(s) can be deleted. If the applications for which you will use the 465 do not require the full performance available, the procedure and the equipment list can be shortened accordingly. For example, the basic measurement capabilities of this instrument can be verified by checking and adjusting as needed: vertical deflection factor, horizontal timing ac- curacy, and the calibrator signal.

Moses with his fiery head now experimented with signs loosely related to the marks of the Sinai people as he remem- bered them. On the wall of the mountain he graved with his stylus the lisping, popping, and smacking, the hissing, and swishing, the humming and murmuring sounds.


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Because of their prayers, God preserves their language and leads them across the sea into the Americas. See the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon.

This prevents the crt cathode supply from going more negative than approximately — 3000 volts. High-Voltage Rectifiers and Output The high-voltage transformer T1420 has two output windings. One winding provides heater voltage for the cathode-ray tube, The heater voltage can be supplied from the High-Voltage Supply, since the cathode-ray tube has a very low heater current drain. The cathode and heater of the crt are connected together to elevate the heater and prevent cathode-to-heater breakdown, One high-voltage winding provides both the negative cathode potential and the positive anode accelerating voltage. The crt grid bias voltage is derived by a dc restorer circuit that uses a sample of the signal in the high-voltage winding in conjunction with dc levels supplied by the Z-Axts Amplifier and the negative cathode potential. The positive accelerating potential is supplied by High Voltage Multiplier, U1432. Regulated output voltage is approximately +15,500 volts. The negative cathode poten- tial is supplied by half-wave rectifier CR1241, Voltage output is —2450 volts. Voltage variations in this supply are monitored by the High-Voltage Regulator circuit to provide a regulated high-voltage output. CRT Control Circuits Focus of the crt display is controlled by FOCUS control R1430.


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There, wrapped in a sheep or goatskin - a ritually unclean object for ancient Egyptians - lay the body of a young man, his face locked in an eternal blood-curdling scream. It was a spine-tingling sight, and one that posed even more troubling questions: here was a mummy, carefully preserved, yet caught in the moment of death in apparently excrutiating pain.

Dependent upon which package was purchased, you may have 1 or more practice exams available to you for the duration of your enrollment period. You can locate the practice exam via your NASM Student Portal.


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Due to the nature of the workshop, it may be necessary for you to purchase some training items to participate in some of the exercise technique activities. If you already own the recommended training items, you only need to make sure you have these items available during the workshop.

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The nearest potential sites are so far away that signals would take many years in transit. For this reason alone, transmission would be primarily one-way. There would be time to send a measured response, but no scope for quick repartee!


Currently, NASM does not offer auto-renewal. Please contact Member Services to renew your membership at 800-460-6276 option 3.

But God could be addressed as Friend. No Throne Mystic would have dreamt of calling God 'Thou', as Eliezar did.


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You may contact the Member Services team and they can help you select a different group that meets your needs. Be sure to select a new Study Group that wraps up before your exam expires; picking a new group will not extend your exam expiration date. Please note additional fees may apply.

In scientific terms, no god at all can be proved to exist, but only beliefs in gods, and the effects of such beliefs on worshippers. The concept of a creative goddess was banned by Christian theologians almost two thousand years ago, and by Jewish theologians long before that. Most scientists, for social convenience, are God-worshippers; though I cannot make out why a belief in a Father-god's authorship of the universe, and its laws, seems any less unscientific than a belief in a Mother-goddess's inspiration of this artificial system. Granted the first metaphor, the second follows logically-if these are no better than metaphors.


Courses that offer continuing education credits will have a test. To earn the continuing education credits, you must successfully complete the test.

Working directly with your VA/military representative will provide eligibility/funding options. You may also contact a Program Advisor at 1-800-460-6276.


As she stood there shivering in the dark and wondering how to free herself, she heard far away in the bog a voice calling through the night. It was a wailing cry, dying away in despair. She listened and listened, and the repeated cry came nearer; then she heard footsteps - halting, stumbling and slipping. At last, by the dim light of the stars, she saw a haggard, despairing face with fearful eyes; and then she knew it was a poor man who had lost his way and was floundering on to his death. Now he caught sight of a gleam of light from the captive Moon, and made his uncertain way towards it, thinking it meant help. As he came nearer and nearer the pool, the Moon saw that her light was luring him to his death, and she felt so very sorry for him, and so angry with herself that she struggled fiercely at the cords that held her. It was all in vain, but, in her frantic struggles, the hood of her cloak fell back from her dazzling golden hair, and immediately the whole place was flooded with light, which fell on muddy pools and quicks and quags, glinting on the twisted roots and making the whole place as clear as day.

The 92% PES/ 8% SPANDEX face mask offers the perfect fit over the nose and mouth. Furthermore, the mask is washable up to 60 degrees and can be reused sustainably. Washable (60°C) and reusable Breathability, permeability and filtration tested at an accredited independent lab (filtration is greater than 70%) - Maximum number of washes in which the.


That day the Shaman woman from across the river came to see me in OD's. Where I was sat with the said Bob and his wife Karen.

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Now, I 've heard my Granny say that a long time before her day the Moon got trapped and buried in the bog. I'll tell you the tale as she used to tell it to me.

B Sweep: From 50 milliseconds/division to 0/05 mtcro- second/division in 19 steps in a 1-2-5 sequence. X10 MAG extends maximum sweep rate to 5 nano- seconds/division. Calibrated Sweep Accuracy Unmagnified sweep accuracy is within 2% from +20° C to +30° C (+68“F to +86 c F) and within 3% from -15° C to +20° C and +30° C to +55° C {+5°F to +68° F and +86 R F to +131° F). For the same temperature ranges, magnified sweep accuracy is within 3% and within 4% respectively. Exclude the first and last 50 nanoseconds of the 5 nanoseconds, 10 nanoseconds, and 20 nanoseconds magnified sweep rates. Accuracy specifications apply over full 10 divisions unless otherwise specified. Sweep accuracy, over any 2 or less division portion of the sweep, is within 5%. Exclude the first and last magnified divisions of the 5 nanosecond and 10 nanosecond/division magnified sweep rates. Also exclude the first and last 50 nanoseconds of the 5, 10, and 20 nanoseconds/division sweep rates. Mixed sweep accuracy is within 2% plus the measured A sweep error when viewing the A sweep portion only. The B sweep portion retains its normal accuracy. A Time/Division Variable Range Provides continuously variable (Uncalibrated) sweep rates between the calibrated settings of the A TIME/D IV switch.


NASM does not release exam scores. If you pass or fail the CPT Exam (Remote), our Proctoring partner will provide you with a score report providing details of your test results.

The student dashboard will provide you with an in-depth view of your course, current chapter, and current lesson progress. It will also give you your best quiz score in the current chapter, and your average quiz score between the chapters.


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Pieter Brueghel's influential portrayal is based on the Colosseum in Rome, while later conical depictions of the tower (as depicted in Doré's illustration) resemble much later Muslim towers observed by 19th century explorers in the area, notably the Minaret of Samarra. M. C. Escher depicts a more stylized geometrical structure in his woodcut representing the story.

He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep.


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To support NASM's commitment to protect health and safety, the NASM-CPT certification must be recertified every two (2) years. This ensures that NASM-CPT professionals are current with the best-practice guidelines and the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities described in the most recent Job Analysis Study.

When an application is under audit, it signifies a random selection in which the submission is reviewed personally by one of our staff. If any documentation is missing or additional information is required, the member is notified through the Online Recertification Portal and via e-mail.


So Bob as he is popularly called and his wife Karen. Myself and the Hurrah for Rah girl and our friend the other fairy sprite. Well we talked of serendipity and magical coincidence.

I told Robert I had misplaced the article. Next day he gave me another copy of the same article.


Darren is the founder of Results Personal Fitness in Ramsey, NJ. Darren is a graduate of Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He is also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer (CPT), a performance enhancement specialist (PES) and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). Darren has over 26 years’ experience as a professional in health, fitness and performance. Darren has dedicated his expertise of training methodology in developing and managing a staff of elite training specialists.


NASM courses can be accessed on most mobile devices. NASM recommends using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser for accessing your courses, as they are the most compatible with our learning platform. If the mobile device you are using does not have these browsing options available for download or you are experiencing issues on your mobile device, you will want to defer to using a desktop or laptop computer for those specific courses.


When you complete a course on NASM Connected, you will be able to download a certificate of completion that will list the provider organization that developed the course. If you need additional details beyond the course overview, outline, and objectives found on the course page in your account, please contact the provider organization directly.

Full text of Tektronix Manual: 465

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If you need to cancel or reschedule your online exam appointment, you will need to access your Measure account. Once you are logged into your profile, you can click on “Exams” at the top of the page. Underneath the exam, you will have the option to Transfer or Withdraw your booking.

The Tower of Babel has often been associated with known structures, notably the Etemenanki, a ziggurat dedicated to Marduk by Nabopolassar (c. 610 BC). The Great Ziggurat of Babylon base was square (not round), 91m in height, but was finally demolished by Alexander the Great before his death in an attempt to rebuild it. A Sumerian story with some similar elements is preserved in Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta.


Chains of more-than-coincidence occur so often in my life that, if I am forbidden to call them supernatural hauntings, let me call them a habit. Not that I like the word 'supernatural'; I find these happenings natural enough, though superlatively unscientific.

Q650 cannot provide sufficient current to switch CR650 to its high voltage state. Q652, however, can provide sufficient current to bias CR652 into its high voltage state; when Q652 next conducts triggering signal current, the anode of CR652 steps positive to an approximately +0/5 volt level. Since only approximately 1 milliamp of current is required to maintain CR652 in its high voltage state, this makes approximately 3 milliamp of current additionally available with which to switch CR650 to its high voltage state. Thus, the next time Q650 con ducts a signal current, CR650 steps to its high voltage state, sending a positive pulse to the logic circuit to initiate sweep action. A Trigger Sensitivity adjustment R655 adjusts the tunnel diode bias to proper level that will not allow CR650 to be switched to its high voltage state until CR652 has been switched to its high voitage state. At the end of the sweep time and during holdoff, a negative level is applied to the anode of CR652, thereby resetting both CR650 and CR852 to their low voitage states. The reset level remains during holdoff time to ensure that a sweep gating signal will not be generated until the sweep circuit has returned to its quiescent state. A AND B SWEEP GENERATORS introduction The A and B Sweep Generators produce sawtooth voltages which are amplified by the Horizontal Amplifier circuit to provide horizontal deflection on the crt. These sawtooth voltages are produced on command (trigger pulses) from the Trigger Generator circuits. The Sweep Generator circuits also produce gate waveforms that are used by the Z Axis Logic circuitto unbtank the CRT during sweep time, and by the Sweep Logic circuit to terminate sweep generation.


After you have logged into your user profile, click on "Course Library" at the top of the page. From there you can search or browse through the topics to find a course. Click “Enroll” to take the course.

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Yes, you will see infographics and other downloadable resources throughout the course. In many cases these will be PDF documents that open up in a new browser window. Once the PDF has opened up in your browser or external PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, you may save that document to your computer. To download Adobe Reader, please go to this website -.


Yes, the job guarantee is part of the Gymternship™ program. Click here to access the Job Guarantee Request Document and send the completed form to [email protected].

Includes coaching, advising, and customer support. Includes free upgrades to the digital content.


Aum is said to be the essence of all mantras, the highest of all matras or divine word (shabda), brahman (ultimate reality) itself. Aum is said to be the essence of the Vedas.

Though variations of the stories similar to the Judeo-Christian narrative of the tower of babel exist within Islamic traditions, the central theme of Allah separating humankind on the basis of language is alien to Islam according to author Yahya Emmerick. In Islamic belief Allah created nations to know each other and not to be separated.


While engaged on my Argonaut book, I found the White Goddess of Pelion growing daily more important to the narrative. Now, I had in my work-room several small West African brass objects-bought from a London dealer-gold-dust weights, mostly in the shape of animals, among them a humpback playing a flute. I also had a small brass-box, with a lid, intended (so the dealer told me) to contain gold dust. I kept the humpback seated on the box.

NASM-CPTs are required to complete 2/0 CEUs (20 contact hours) every two year certification period. This includes 0/1 CEUs from the mandatory CPR/AED certification.


In the seventh century, Hindu scholars introduced Islam to the Indian number scene, and the ideas of zero / Page 216 ( omitted) and place value spread rapidly throughout the Arabic world. Six centuries later, Fibonacci was so impressed with the ease of the Hindu-Arabic numerals that he wanted to make Pisan merchants aware of them. In 1202, he wrote Liber abaci (Book of the Abacus), which, despite the title had little to do with the Abacus and a lot to do with liberating computations from the yoke of Roman numerals.

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Echo can be caused by many things, such as a participant connected to the meeting audio on multiple devices, or two participants joined in from the same local. Learn about common causes of audio echo here.


At a hundred consecrate seats at once - Of a certainty, that he can. He is as air, bodiless, ubiquitous, not subject to distinctions of here and there. He it is that says: 'All the bells were ringing'; and, in con-sequence, it is he who rings them. So spiritual is this spirit and so abstract that grammatically he can be talked of only in the third person and simply referred to as 'It is he'.

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At the time of your exam, you are required to show proof of a valid, current government-issued Photo ID and current and valid Cardiopulminary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification*. Both credentials will be verified by the proctor before you are permitted to begin the exam. Please reference the NASM Candidate handbook for additional testing information.


We recommend for you to have your resources from your course available. Remember to wear comfortable fitness clothing and have water handy for your participation.

This provides a measure of intensification forthe B Sweep portion of an A INTEN or MIX display, in the B DLY'D position of the HORIZ DfSPLAY switch, — 8 volts is applied to the cathode of CR1347 and the anode of CR1326. This reverse biases both CR1345 and CR1326, which allows the full B Sweep unblanking signal to pass through CR1344. The A Sweep Z-Axis Gate output diode CR1342 is held reverse biased and the only unblanking signal present at the input to the X-Axis Amplifier will be the B Sweep signal. A4- Gate and B+ Gate Emitter Followers 01314 and Q1334 are emitter followers providing the A+ GATE and the B4 GATE output signals available at the instrument rear panel. The output signals are positive- going rectangular waveforms, approximately 5/5 volts in amplitude. The amplitude is set in the collectors of Q13Q4 and G1324. For example, when Q1304 is conducting the baseof G1314can go no more negative than approximate- ly —0/7 volt (limited by CR1304). When Q1304 is not conducting, the base of Q1314 rises to the decoupled +5 volts power supply level through R1304. Diodes CR1315, CHI 316, CR1335, and CR1366 provide protection against accidental application of damaging voltage levels to the A + GATE and 84 GATE output connectors. HORIZONTAL AMPLIFIER Introduction The Horizontal Amplifier circuit provides the output signals to the ert horizontal deflection plates.


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Your Enrollment ID is an unique identification number used to locate your testing record with PSI. Please have your Enrollment ID number ready when contacting PSI to schedule your CPT exam.

Many a poor man going home in the dark had been enticed by these malevolent things into quicksands and mud pools. When the Moon was away and the night was black, these vile creatures had their will.


You have 6 months to complete the NASM-CPT final exam, and 1 year to complete your NASM-CES and CNC final exam. Each course is typically completed in just 8-12 weeks, and the NASM-CPT course is completed in as few as 4 weeks.

Which is spoken by Apollo, the God of poetry, who by Virgil's time was also recognized as the Sun-god. The line means 'On my return I shall lead the Muses down from the top of Mount Helicon'.


An idea such as could be expected from the Invisible and the spiritual one, him to whom the world belonged, him who, though he had chosen those down below as his people, was yet the Lord of all the earth. It was an idea also which was eminently fitting to the next and most pressing purpose for which and out of which it was created: the text of the tables, the binding briefed text. This text was to be coined first and specifically for the tribe which Moses had led out of Egypt because God and he were inclined towards them. But just as with a handful of these signs all the words of all the languages of all the people could, if need be, be written, just as Jahwe was the God of all the world, so was what Moses meant to brief and write of such a nature that it could serve as fundamental precept, as the rock of human decency, to all the peoples of the earth.

The building of the Tower was meant to bid defiance not only to God, but also to Abraham, who exhorted the builders to reverence. The passage mentions that the builders spoke sharp words against God, not cited in the Bible, saying that once every 1,656 years, heaven tottered so that the water poured down upon the earth, therefore they would support it by columns that there might not be another deluge (Gen.


In some instances, we may be able to adjust your payment due date. Please contact Member Services at 1-800-460-6276 option 5.

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The name Horeb first occurs at Exodus 3:1, with the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. According to Exodus 3:5, the ground of the mountain was considered holy, and Moses was commanded by God to remove his shoes.


It has always been in use within Judaism and Islam. It has been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding formula for prayers and hymns. In Islam, it is the standard ending to suras. Common English translations of the word amen include: "Verily", "Truly", "So be it", and "Let it be".

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Detailed block diagram of the Calibrator circuit. When the SEAM FINDER pushbutton is pressed, two things occur: First, +15 volts is applied to the anode of CR1465 which lifts the emitter of 01466 sufficiently positive to ensure there will be no conduction through Q1466. Secondly, R1470 becomes connected to — 8 volts through R1477 which establishes a fixed predetermined unbfanking level at the output of the amplifier. Thus, the INTENSITY control and all of the input unbianking signals have no control over the intensity fevei of the crt display when the BEAM FINDER pushbutton is pressed. DC Restorer Circuit Cl 488, C1487, CR1483, CR1487, CR1488, and R1486 form a dc restorer circuit, AM dc levels in this circuit are referenced to the negative potential of the crt cathode. The voltage difference across R1486 approximately equals the voltage swing present at the junction of CR1482 and CR1483. The control grid end of R1486 is more negative than the end connected to CR1488. The amplitude of the voltage swings present at the junction of CR1482 and CR1483 is determined by the voltage levels estabiished by the Z-Axis Amplifier and the CRT Bias adjust circuit. CALIBRATOR Introduction The Calibrator circuit produces a square-wave output signal with accurate voltage and current amplitudes. This output is available as a voltage or current at the CALIBRATOR current loop on the instrument front panel.


Before Ed became passionate about fitness, he spent most of his early life being overweight. He decided to take control and found a love for boxing. That, combined with a major change in his diet enabled him to lose over 80 pounds. His accomplishment created a passion for fitness and a desire to help others who had similar struggles in their lives. He received his personal trainer certification from the World Instructor Training School and has been training clients for over 4 years. Complementing his technique by working side-by-side with physical therapists, Ed has been able to address specific injuries and incorporate appropriate correctives into his personal training. His focus is not only to help his clients get in shape, but also educate them on proper techniques and have them understand the importance of quality movement. His personal and professional experiences have provided him with a unique way of connecting with his clients and he is able to relate to anyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

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Certainly, the theory has a number of supporters. Among them is Dr Susan Redford, an Egyptologist from Pennsylvania State University, who points out that an ancient papyrus scroll details a plot by Tiy to dethrone Rameses III in favour of their son, even though he was not the nominated heir.


Currently, we do not automatically send out tracking information for shippable products. However, please feel free to contact NASM Member Services by phone at 1-800-460-6276 or email at [email protected] to obtain this information. Please allow 1-2 business days from your order date for this information to be received by our team.

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And they would also share a knowledge of the basic particles and forces that govern our universe. Their habitat may be very different (and the biosphere even more different) from ours here on Earth; but they, and their planet, would be made of atoms just like those on Earth. For them, as for us, the most important particles would be protons and electrons: one electron orbiting a proton makes a hydrogen atom, and electric currents and radio transmitters involve streams of electrons. A proton is 1,836 times heavier than an electron, and the number 1,836 would have the same connotations to any 'intelligence' able and motivated to transmit radio signals. All the basic forces and natural laws would be the same.

In the three highest sefiroth - Kether, Hokhmah and Binah - when, as it were, En Sof has only just 'decided' to express himself, the divine reality is called 'he'. As 'he' descends through the middle sefiroth - Hesed, Din, Tifereth, Netsah, Hod and Yesod - 'he' becomes 'you'. Finally, when God becomes present in the world in the Shekinah, 'he' calls himself 'I'. It is at this point, where God has, as it were, become an individual and his self-expression is complete, that man can begin his mystical journey. Once the mystic has acquired an understanding of his own deepest self, he becomes aware of the Presence of God within him and can then ascend to the more impersonal higher spheres, transcending the limits of / Page 285 / personality and egotism. It is a return to the unimaginable Source of our being and the hidden world of uncreated reality.


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In The Number 23, Jim Carrey plays a dog-catcher named Walter Sparrow. The film was released in the US on February 23, 2007.

He is too great to be called by the name 'Atum'. He is hidden, yet obvious everywhere.


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The copy of my order history does not show the payment type or method. How can I receive a copy of my purchase with this information included?

Its wall, made of baked brick cemented with pitch, is fifty cubits wide, two hundred high, and four hundred and seventy stades in circumference. A stade contains five agripennes. Twenty-five gates are situated on each side, which make in all one hundred. The doors of these gates, which are of wonderful size, are cast in bronze.


Frequency components below about 60 hertz are attenuated when AC or HF REJ coupled and below about 50 kilohertz when LF REJ coupled. The higher frequency components of the trigger signal are passed without attenuation. In the HF REJ position, the high frequency components of the trigger signal (above about 50 kilohertz) are attenuated, while the lower fre- quency components are passed without attenuation. The dc position passes all signals from dc to at least 100 MHz. Input Source Follower transistor Q622 is a FET source follower, it provides a high input impedance (set primarily by R616) for the trigger signal and also provides isolation between the Trigger Generator circuit and the trigger signal source. Diode GR617 provides input protection for Q622 if ex- cessively high-amplitude negative-going inputsignaisare present. Q624 is a high-impedance, relatively constant, current source for Q622, and provides a measure of temperature compensation for Q622. Paraphase Amplifier U640 is a paraphase amplifier stage that converts the singie-ended input from Source Follower Q622 into a push-pull output applied to the tunnel diode driver stage. T rigger Levef Centering adjustment R635 sets the ievet at pins 14 and 15 of U640 so that the display is correctly triggered when the LEVEL control is centered. The LEVEL control varies the ievet at pins 14 and 15 of U640 to select the point on a trigger signal where triggering occurs.

You can manage your installment plan by contacting Member Services at 1-800-460-6276. They can assist with updating payment information, paying off your balance and bringing accounts current.


Renewal of the Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) is required every two years through completion of the CNC Renewal Exam. The CNC Renewal Exam will offer three exam attempts and will have an enrollment duration of 365 days. The CNC Renewal Exam will recertify the credential for another two years from the new completion date.

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On your date of purchase, you will receive a Welcome email that will provide you with your general log-in and course access information. If you do not receive your email confirmations within 1 business day, please contact the Member Services team for additional assistance at 1-800-460-6276 option 2.


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The book of Revelations, in the Christian Bible, tells of the revelation which appeared to St John, a disciple of Christ. It prophesies a future apocalypse and global destruction.

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They were evolving a new type of Judaism, however, as a response to Muslim developments. Just as the Jewish Faylasufs had attempted to explain the God of the Bible philosophiclly, other Jews tried to give their God a mystical, symbolic interpretation. At first these mystics constituted only a tiny minority. Theirs was an esoteric discipline, handed on from master to disciple: they called it Kabbalah or inherited tradition.


Your study material is available as long as your course stays active. Your course may become inactive if you fall behind on a payment plan or your enrollment duration has come to an end. The enrollment duration will be explained at the time of purchase and you can see when your course will expire on the course home page.

The Common Base Amplifier composed of Q42 and Q44 converts the input signal currents into output voltage signals across load resistors R44and R45. Correct vertical deflection factors are obtained by using a combination of attenuation in the input Attenuator and changing the gain of the first Cascode Amplifier. In all VOLTS/DIV switch positions that are decade multiples of 10 m ill ivo Its/divi- sion, R46 is switched in parallel with the collector load resistors R44 and R45, which reduces the load resistance and hence the stage gain by a factor of two. C47 and R47 provide adjustable high frequency compensation. In all VOLTS/DIV switch positions that are decade multiples of 20 millivolts/'division, R49 is switched in parade) with the collector load resistors R44 and R45, which reduces the load resistance and hence the stage gain by a factor of four. C48 and R48 provide adjustable high frequency compensation. Second Cascode Amplifier T ransistors G1Q2-Q122 and Q104-G124 constitute the Second Cascode Amplifier of the Channel 1 vertical preamplifier. Gain adjust R1 18 sets the overall gain of the Channel 1 Vertical Preamplifier by adjusting the signal current into the emitters of Q122 and G124. The VAR control R112, when rotated out of the calibrated detent position, also adjusts the signal current into Q122 and G124 to provide uncalibrated deflection factors between the calibrated settings of the VOLTS/DIV switch. Variable balance adjustment R120 adjusts for no baseline shift of a crt display when rotating the VAR control.


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NASM recommends the following organizations-American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, St. John Ambulance, Emergency Care & Safety Institute or Emergency Medical Technician. NASM will only accept the CPR/AED course if a hands-on assessment was completed. Online courses will not be accepted unless a hands-on component is included.

U - Stands for Preservation and atmosphere. It represents cosmo hemisphere inhabiting all deities, gandharvas, rakshas and pichasas and beyond our mind and thought and is creation of Vishnu. In other words, it is our dreaming state of mind.


All courses are free and unlimited! You can enroll in as many courses as you would like.

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You will be eligible to schedule your exam once you have received your Measure Registration email. This is typically no more than 1-2 business days after signing up with NASM. You can schedule your remote exam online by logging into the testing platform with your established login credentials at Note: You will be required to schedule your exam appointment at least 24 hours in advance.


Arrive at the scheduled start time to connect to the proctor. You will have 15-minutes to connect until the exam is marked as a no show and will be required to potentially book a new time slot, if this is available.

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IMPORTANT COVID-19 NOTICE: NASM recognizes that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is very limited availability of hands on skills assessments for CPR/AED certifications. NASM will be temporarily waiving the hands on skills assessment requirement and accepting online only CPR/AED courses. This waiver applies to exam candidates and professionals recertifying their credentials.


You can view your course progress in two methods. First, you can view the course dashboard by clicking on the dashboard icon located at the top-right of our screen. Second, you can click on the MENU icon located at the top-left of your screen. Once you have clicked on the MENU icon, all chapters and lesson available will be listed with a percentage number and graphical representation.

Mount Sinai displays a ring complex that consists of alkaline granites intruded into diverse rock types, including volcanics. The granites range in composition from syenogranite to alkali feldspar granite. The volcanic rocks are alkaline to peralkaline and they are represented by subaerial flows and eruptions and subvolcanic porphyry.

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We recognize him at a distance, by the little beard he assumed 'while sitting at the " bad" Russian table. Like all the others, he is wet through and glowing. He is running, his feet heavy with mould, the bayonet swinging in his, hand.


Grounding this terminal enables auto sweep operation. Pin 20. Input terminal for positive voltage supply. Hoidoff Timing A resistor and capacitor network connects to pin 8 of U870. Various resistor and capacitor combinations switch into the circuit depending on the setting of the A TIME/OIV switch. At sweep end, pin 8 of U870 is released and starts charging. When the charge on Cm> causes pin 8 to reach about +4 volts, pin 17 goes HI and pin 8 steps back to LO. R1155 allows lengthening the time constant which increases hoidoff time. A Sweep Hoidoff Amplifier Q854 is the A Sweep Hoidoff Amplifier. The hoidoff gate waveform is applied to the base of Q854 through R858 and C858 from pin 17 of U870. When Q854 is turned off (during hoidoff time), its collector is LO and CR851 is forward biased, which resets both the Arm and Fire Trigger tunnel diodes in the A Trigger Generator. When Q854 is turned on (any time other than hoidoff time), its collector level is HI and CR851 is reversed biased.

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If the courses are not on the Approved Provider lists, you can petition the courses for approval. For more information, please reference the NASM CPT or AFAA GFI Recertification pages.


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Yes, you can get CPR/AED certified online with NASM. The standard requirement for a CPR/AED course requires that the training include a hands-on assessment; Hybrid courses are accepted.

The Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. It looked good-natured, she thought: still it had very long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt that it ought to be treated with respect.


On returning to Majorca soon after the War, I worked again at The Roebuck in the Thicket, now called The White Goddess, and wrote more particularly about the Sacred King as the Moon-goddess's divine victim; holding that every Muse-poet must, in a sense, die for the Goddess whom he adores, just as the King died. Old Georg Schwarz, a German-Jewish collector, had bequeathed me five or six more Akan gold-weights, among them a mummy-like figurine with one large eye. It has since been identified by experts on West African art as the Akan King's okrafo priest. I had suggested in my book that, in early Mediterranean society, the King fell a sacrifice at the end of his term. But later (to judge from Greek and Latin myths) he won executive power as the Queen's chief minister and the privilege of sacrificing a surrogate. The same governmental change, I have since learned, took place after the matriarchal Akan arrived at the Gold Coast. In Bono, Asante, and other near-by states, the King's surrogate victim was called the 'okrafo priest'. Kjers-meier, the famous Danish (expert on African art, who has handled ten thousand of these gold-weights, tells me that he never saw another like mine. Dismiss it as a coincidence, if you please, that the okrafo figurine lay beside the herald on the gold box, while I wrote about the Goddess's victims.

A series of eFootball competition a cup tour will be organized as part of promotion of UEFA Euro 2021. An Azerbaijani team of football fans will also compete in the UEFA eEURO 2021 tournament.


When the CHOP pushbut- ton is pressed, the Switching Multivibrator free-runs at about a 250 k ilohertz rate. The emitters of Q364 and Q374 are connected to —8 volts through R368, R378, and the primary of transformer T354. At the time of turn-on, one of the transistors begins to conduct; for example, Q374. The negative level at the collector of Q374 forward-biases CR305 and CR307 and back-biases CR304 and CR308 preventing the Channel 1 signal from reaching the Delay- Line Driver, Meanwhile, the Channel 2 Diode Gate passes the Channel 2 signal to the Delay-Line Driver. The frequency-determining components in the CHOP mode are C368, R368, R370, and R378. The switching ac- tion occurs as follows: when G374 is on, C388 attempts to ■ charge to —8 volts through R368, The emitter of Q364 slowly goes toward — 8 volts as C368 charges. The base of Q364 is held between — 8 volts and the collector level of G374 by voltage divider R365-R374. When the emitter voltage of Q364 reaches a level slightly more negative than its base, G364 conducts. Its collector ievel goes negative and pulls the base of Q374 negative through divider R364-R375 to cut Q374 off. Th is switches the Diode Gate to connect the opposite channel to the Delay-Line Driver.

The nine planets that orbit the sun are (in order from the sun): Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (a dwarf planet). A belt of asteroids (minor planets made of rock and metal) lies between Mars and Jupiter. These objects all orbit the sun in roughly circular orbits that lie in the same plane, the ecliptic (Pluto is an exception; it has an elliptical orbit tilted over 17° from the ecliptic).


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An extracting tool should be used to remove the 14, 16, and 20 pin integrated circuits to prevent damage to the pins. This tool is available from Tektronix, Inc. Order Tektronix Part Number 003-0619-00. If an extracting tool is not available when removing one of these integrated circuits, pull slowly and evenly on both ends on the device. Try to avoid having one end of the integrated circuit disengage from the socket before the other, sincethis may damage the pins. Handle silicone grease with care. Avoid getting silicone grease in the eyes. Wash hands throroughly after use. WARNING 1 Voltages are present on the exterior surface of the chassis-mounted power supply transistors if the power is applied to the instrument and the POWER switch is on. The chassis-mounted power supply transistors and their mounting bolts are insulated from the chassis. In addition, silicone grease is used to increase heat transfer capabilities.

After The White Goddess had been published, a Barcelona antiquary read my Claudius novels and invited me to choose myself a stone for a seal-ring from a collection of Roman gems recently bought. Among them was a stranger, a banded carnelian seal of the Argonaut period, engraved with a royal stag galloping towards a thicket, and a crescent moon on its flank! Dismiss that as a coincidence, too, if you please.


This waiver will be in effect until the CDC and government recommendations for social distancing have been lifted in the United States. Once the social distancing orders have been lifted, there will be a 60 day window before the hands on requirement will be reinstated.

It represents Consciousness that illuminates the three above stages and pervades them all and is independent of each of them. It is Eternal, Supreme and Imperishable.


From his inner consciousness God directed him to hew two tablets from the rock and to write upon them his dictate, five words on the one and five words on the other, together ten words. It was no easy task to build the two tablets, to smooth them and to shape them into fit receptacles of eternal brevity. For a lone man, even if he had drunk the milk of a mason's daughter, even if he had broad wrists, it was a piece of work subject to many a mishap. Of the forty days it took a quarter. But the actual writing down was a problem the solution of which could well have prolonged the number of Moses's moun-tain days far over forty.

Robert Graves, in his White Goddess, Is intrigued by the seemingly recurring quality of the number 72 in early myth and ritual. Graves tells his reader that 72 is always connected with the number 5, which reflects, among other things, the five Celtic dialects that he was investigating. Of course, 5 x 72= 360, 360 x 72= 25,920. Five is also the number of the planets known to the ancient world, that is, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus Mercury.


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Once you review the content and pass the test, you can print your certificate of completion. The certificate has the provider number you will need to submit to your agency.


I am no mystic: I avoid participation in witchcraft, spiritualism, yoga, fortune-telling, automatic writing, and the like. I live a simple, normal, rustic life with my family and a wide circle of sane and intelligent friends. I belong to no religious cult, no secret society, no philosophical sect; I belong to no secret society, no philosophical sect; nor do I trust my historical intuition any further than it can be factually checked.


C33, C34 and CR34 optimize high frequen- cy response through the amplifier stage. R37 and R38 provide thermal balance for the amplifier, C37 and C38 minimize Miller effect through Q32 and Q36. Step Attenuator Balance adjustment R25 adjusts for no baseline shift of a crt display when switching between adjacent positions of the VOLTS/DIV switch, The frequency response of an amplifier falls off as temperature increases due to the f t of the transistors involved. In parallel with CSS, which provides adjustable high frequency peaking, is the series combination of C34- CR34. CR34 is a varicap, RT39 controls the reverse bias and hence the capacitance of CR34. The field effect diode, CR39, supplies a constant current to RT39. With a constant current through RT39 its resistance and hence the voltage across it decreases as temperature increases. This decreases the reverse bias on CR34 which increases its capacitance. The increased capacitance of CR34 adds to the capacitance of the high frequency peaking capacitor C33. This action provides temperature sensitive peaking which partially offsets the high frequency loss due to increased ambient temperature.

In the X-Y mode however, the sweeps aredisabfed and thesignal applied to Q1224 comes from the Channel 1 Preamp via the X-Axis Amplifier. This stage includes Q1214, G1218 and their associated circuitry. Q1214 is connected as a feedback ampiifierwithR1214 as the feedback element. The input resistance is made up of R 1 2 1 1 and the gain-setting adjustment of R1215. When not operating in the X-Y mode, the base of G1214 rises toward the 415 volt supply but is clamped at approximate- ly 45/7 volts by CRi2i8and R1210. This reverse biasesthe base-emitter junction of G1214. The base of Q1218 also rises to approximately 45/7 volts. With the junction of R1202-R1219 at approximately 0 volt, Q 121 8 is also biased off. When the TIME/DIV switches are set to the X-Y position (fully counterclockwise), — 8 volts is applied to the junction of R1212 and R1217, Also, 45 volts is applied to the emitter circuit of G1218 through CR1202. This biases the Z-Axis Amplifier circuit into conduction.


Your course will update on occasion. The updates will range from simple content fixes to new tools and functionalities to help improve your overall experience in the course. Whenever an update is made you will be able to see the changes made in the Release Notes section of the Help function.

You may request an exchange if you contact the Member Services department at least seven (7) days before the date of the scheduled workshop (excluding the date of the workshop). If you are within the (7) days you must pay a Workshop Transfer fee of $35. If an exchange is approved, you will be required to schedule a replacement workshop within 1 year of the original request date. For in-person workshops, please refer to the NASM Workshop registration email to enroll in a different workshop. If you do not have the original Workshop registration email, please contact us at: [email protected] for assistance.


The NASM Connected membership is renewed on the annual basis. However, you can pay for the annual fee in full or with monthly installments.

Yes, your work will be synced across all devices as long as you only have the course open on one device at a time. If you start your course on a desktop and close the window when finished as instructed, you will then be able to see your progress on another device.


He is the root and source of all. Everything has a source, except this source itself, which springs from nothing.

NASM offers a 90-day grace period, beyond your CPT Certificate expiration date, to earn CEUs. If CEUs have been completed within your 90-day grace period, you have one-year to submit your recertification through the portal. Failure to complete the required CEUs within the grace period will require re-examination.


R335 and R336 provide reverse termination for the delay line. The TRIG VIEW switch S338B connects the outputof the T rigger View Amplifier to the input of the Delay Line in place of the Delay Line Driver. This allows viewing the trigger signal present in the A Trigger Generator circuit. Reference Feedback Amplifier Reference Feedback Amplifier Q332 provides common mode voltage feedback from the Delay-Line Driver to allow the diode gates to be switched with a minimum amplitude switching signal. The emitter level of G332 is connected to the junction of the Switching Multivibrator collector resistors, R371 and R361 through CR372 or CR362. The collector levef of the "on" Switching Multivibrator transistor is negative and either CR362 or CR372 is forward biased. This clamps the cathode level of the forward biased shunt diodes in the applicable Diode Gate about 0/5 volt more negative than the emitter level of Q332. The level at the emitter of Q332 follows the average voltage level at the emitters of the Delay-Line Driver. The shunt diodes are clamped near their switching level and therefore, can be switched very fast with a minimum amplitude switching signal. This maintains about the same current through the Diode Gateshuntdiodesso they can be switched with a minimum amplitude switching signal regardless of the deflection signal at the anodes of the shunt diodes.

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The exam prep guarantee is an extra offered within the Guided Study course that can provide a re-test if the required items outlined are met. These items are as follows: complete all items within the course, receive an 80% or better on the midterm, an 80% or better on the Final Practice Exam, and complete the CPT certification exam within 4 weeks following the 10-week course timeline. Please reference the Candidate Handbook for more information.


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Course content is accessible for 1 year from date of purchase. Please contact Member Services at 1-800-460-6276 option 3 to confirm expiration and/or extension options. Please note: additional fees may be applied for extensions.

True poetic practice implies a mind so miraculously attuned and illuminated that it can form words, by a chain of more-than-coincidences, into a living entity-a poem that goes about on its own (for centuries after the author's, death, perhaps) affecting readers with its stored magic. Since the source of poetry's creative power is not scientific intelligence, but inspiration-however this may be explained by scientists-one may surely attribute inspiration to the Lunar Muse, the oldest and most convenient European term for this source? By ancient tradition, the White Goddess becomes one with her human representative-a priestess, a prophetess, a queen-mother. No Muse-poet grows conscious of the Muse except by experience of a woman in whom the Goddess is to some degree resident; just as no Apollonian poet can perform his proper function unless he lives under a monarchy or a quasi-monarchy.

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Next, she is courted by the Thunder-god (a rebellious Star-son infected by Eastern patriarchalism) and has twins by him, a male and a female-in Welsh poetry called Merddin and Olwen. She remains the Goddess of Incantation, but forfeits part of her sovereignty to the Thunder-god, particularly law-making and the witnessing of oaths.


If your workshop is already scheduled, you may request an exchange if you contact the Member Services department at least seven (7) days before the date of the scheduled workshop (excluding the date of the workshop) and you pay the Workshop Transfer fee of $35. You can choose any workshop for which you meet the prerequisites. If the then current price of the workshop you choose is greater than the original purchase price you paid, you will be charged the difference. You will not be entitled to a refund if you exchange for a workshop that has a lower price than the original purchase price. If you would like to switch the workshop type, please contact Member Services at 1-800-460-6276.

Pin 10. This is the Holdoff output terminal The gate ievel present here is LO during sweep holdoff time and HI otherwise. Pin 11. The output of this terminal lights the READY light when operating in the single sweep mode. Pin 12. This is the single sweep mode terminal. When +6 volts is applied to this terminal the sweep operates in the single sweep mode; when the terminal Is left open or grounded the sweep operates in the repetitive mode. Pin 13. Not used in this application. REV A, JAN 1975 3-13 Circuit Description — 465 Service (SN B250000 & up) Pins 14 & 15, Single sweep reset terminals. Pushing the SINGL SWP button prepares the single sweep circuitry to respond to the next one triggering event. Also causes the READY light to come on. Pin 16. t his is the hoidoff start input terminal. The HI sweep reset gate pulse from the sweep generators is applied here to initiate sweep hoidoff. Pin 17. This is the sweep disable output terminal.


The 1881 discovery of the tombs, in the Deir El Bahri valley, 300 miles south of Cairo, had been astonishing and plentiful. Hidden from the world for centuries were some of the great Egyptian pharaohs - Rameses the Great, Seti I and Tuthmosis III. Yet this body, buried alongside them, was different, entombed inside a plain, undecorated coffin that offered no clues to the deceased's identity.

Proteus, the oracular Old Man of the Sea, who was King of Pharos and lived in a cave - where Menelaus consulted him - had the power of /Page 276/ changing his shape, like Merddin, Dionysus, Atabyrius, Llew Llaw, Periclymenus and all Sun-heroes of the same sort. Evidently Pharos was his Isle of Avalon.


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Or that Ngame herself was a Moon-goddess, and that the White Goddess of Greece and Western Europe shared her attributes. I knew only that Herodotus recognized the Libyan Neith as Athene.

In my old Granny's days, long, long - oh, so long ago, Carland was just a collection of bogs. Pools of black water lay in the hollows, and little green rivulets scurried away here and there like long lizards trying to escape from their tails, while every tuft that you trod upon would squirt up at you like anything.


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You have your government-issued photo identification ready to show the proctor. The identification must be valid (not expired) and include your signature. Examples include a driver’s license or a passport.

The in-person workshop is 8 hours long with a lunch break of 1-hour. The virtual live workshop Is around 6 hours long with a lunch break of 1/2 hour.


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If you cannot locate the provider, you will need to submit a petition. The portal will guide you where to submit your petition once you attempt to add your course.

Proteus, according to Virgil, had another sacred island, Carpathus, between Crete and Rhodes; but that was the Thessalian Proteus. Another Proteus, spelt Proetus, was an Arcadian.


The longer and shallower route, Siket El Bashait, takes about 2/5 hours on foot, though camels can be used. The steeper, more direct route (Siket Sayidna Musa) is up the 3,750 "steps of penitence" in the ravine behind the monastery.

Twelve men are arrested for refusing to bring bricks, including Abraham, Lot, Nahor, and several sons of Joktan. However, Joktan finally saves the twelve from the wrath of the other two princes.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your in-person exam appointment, call PSI at least 24 hours before the exam start time to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee. If you do not show for an exam appointment and you do not cancel, it will void your exam eligibility and you will not be entitled to a refund.

In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements. Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries, primarily Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet bloc. In many regions, the day lost its political flavour, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day. In other regions, however, the original political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.


Failure to provide proof of your valid CPR/AED certification at the time of your test will result in a mandatory rescheduling of your exam. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to NASM Member Services department at 1-800-460-6276.

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He wrote that it was Nimrod who had the tower built and that Nimrod was a tyrant who tried to turn the people away from God. In this account, God confused the people rather than destroying them because destroying people with a Flood hadn't taught them to be godly.

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A schematic ot this circuit is shown on diagram 10 at the rear of this manual. High-Voltage Oscillator Q1418 and associated circuitry compose the high- voltage oscillator that produces the drive for high-voltage transformer T1420. When the instrument is turned on, current through Q1416 provides forward bias for Q1418. Transistor Q1418 conducts and its collector current increases, which develops a voltage across the collector winding of T1420. This produces a corresponding voltage increase in the feedback winding of T1420, which is connected to the base ofQ1418,and Q1 41 8 conducts even harder. Eventually the rate of collector current increase in 01418 becomes less than that required to maintain the voltage across the collector winding, and the output voltage drops. This turns off Q141 8 by way of the feedback voltage to the base. The voltage waveform atthecofiector of Q1418 is a sine wave of the resonant frequency of T 1420. G1418 remains off while the field collapses in the primary of T1420. When the field is collapsed sufficiently, the base of Q 141 8 becomes forward biased into conduc- tion again and the cycle begins anew.


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If you missed your deadline or failed your initial exam attempt, a retest for the exam can be purchased. Requirements and limitations for retesting are described in the Candidate Handbook. Please contact the Member Services team for additional details regarding pricing and limitations.

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NASM complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. In order to ensure the opportunity for all qualified persons, NASM will make reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities that might affect their NASM-certification exam taking. Please click here for the Special Accommodation Application.


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The course is broken down into chapters just like a textbook. Each chapter is further broken down into individual lessons that pertain to the chapter’s content. A lesson is considered complete when you have viewed all its pages and completed the lesson’s “Knowledge Check” at the end of the lesson.

Apollo, though the God of Poetry and the leader of the Muses, did not yet, however, claim to inspire poems: the inspiration was still held to come to the poet from the Muse or Muses. He had originally been a mere Demon­ whom his Muse mother had inspired with poetic frenzy; now he required that, as the Ninefold Muse, she should inspire individual poets in his honour-though not to the point of ecstasy. These poets, if they proved to be his faithful and industrious servants, he rewarded with a garland of laurel-in Greek, daphne. The connexion of poetry With laurel is not merely that laurel is an evergreen and thus an emblem of immortality: it is. also an intoxicant.