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No internet since 10/5 in Bexhill east Sussex. Talktalk not saying what the problem is.


Excellent signal and connected however it says there is no Internet connection. East Midlands Derbyshire Chesterfield area.

Down in London, E1 0AL, Shadwell im the last 2 hours. Was slow for a few and after i restarted the router few times disappeared totally. And that’sbthe most expencive package!


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Internet connection via Talktalk has been dropping off and working very slowly for past 2 weeks in Stoke on Trent. This is a repeat of how it was not performing over the Christmas break.


Worst service provider there is. Save youselves, cancel, leave, don’t join! And believe me, the last thing they care about is their customers.

Broadband cutting out intermittently in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Had this problem for the past 2 weeks on and off.

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TalkTalk internet service has been diabolical now for over 2 weeks. It is impossible to speak to anyone by phone so i I contacted TalkTalk by letter. Their reply was not very reassuring!


St Anne’s Lancashire no internet or phone line since 13/3/17. Rang talk talk they didn’t have any idea and have booked me an engineer for the 15/3/17. They said if it’s my fault there will be a charge!

Set up with Talk Talk a month ago. Since then, whilst working online, often in the midst of transactions, suddenly I am disconnected, but within seconds get reconnected again. Have contacted Talk Talk and get similar responses as to the ones in this discussion. Told it’s my fault, it’s my laptop, and I should go do something I cannot even understand. This disconnecting happens about 4 to 6 times an hour.


Mailbird email client on Windows

Trying to get a answer off talk talk is a waste of time. No details of my account according to them but taking payment every month.

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M29: Not had internet connection for nearly 24hrs. Phoned Talk Talk and on the phone for ages – still not any different. I’m giving them until tomorrow and if it’s not up and running I’m swapping to BT.

I have been told that the problem is with the exchange. An open reach engineer will try to fix it tomorrow between 12-3pm and they said I should be able to watch my subscribed channels by 6pm tomorrow. So I have no phone line since Monday and looks like I will need to call back tomorrow! Tech help do not listen when on the phone. I was on for over an hour there and no further forward.


Thinking of cancelling my contract. Not going to keep paying for a service that I don’t get.

It includes six SATA ports with RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 support, and can accommodate up to 128 GB of DDR4-5000 memory which is impressive for a budget model. When used with Intel's Rocket Lake processors, it offers support for PCIe 4/0 devices, including one full-length PCIe 4/0 x16 slot, with one full-length PCIe 3/0 x4 and three PCIe 3/0 x1 slots allowing for various types of expansion cards to be installed.


No internet north shields been intermittent for a while now lost completely since yesterday. Rang up but their tests show no fault!

TalkTalk’s techniques helpdesk say they have a major systems fault, and they can’t help any customers, but it should be fixed by 8am tomorrow. They insist that this has no connection with my complete lack of internet connection for the last hour and a half, but I am suspicious. We have almost the slowest speed in the UK in our corner of Renfrewshire, only half an hour from Glasgow city centre, but it hasn’t gone completely for a couple of years.


Says on the phone no updates we will let you know when it’s on. That’s some help right there talk talk! At least sky let there customers know and I’m not even with them.

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I am creating a free membership site for my students. My host site runs 5/0.51a-community, PHP 5/2.5 and phpMyAdmin - 2/11/6. The webhost uses the Cpanel interface.


When it comes to buying a motherboard, there are a wide variety of models to choose from. On Intel's current Rocket Lake desktop series, the main options include Z590, B560, H570, H510, although the previous Z490, Q470, and H470 chipsets also can accommodate 11th Gen chips. With that in mind, it still doesn't narrow down the options, with a large selection of models based on different markets. Z590 is geared towards performance, B560 is more of a mid-range solution, and H510 is the budget end of the spectrum. With many variables to consider, we give our picks for June in our latest Intel motherboard buyers guide.

Just phoned helpline, told they are having problems and the will text me updates. Blamed it on DNS - Irvine Ayrshire.


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Up and down more than a whore’s drawers in the last week in W London. Dumb TT community support page said it was a phone issue. It wasn’t for me. It was no internet access – red light on the router and just after midnight again – last time they said it was planned upgrades. I said if it was planned they should tell affected customers and not have me trying to diagnose faults when I’ve planned to go to bed and watch some internet TV. Most likely to have been more planned maintenance with engineers causing faults on other customer’s fibre access in the same exchange.

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For testing, please access from your browser. Log in with your Zimbra account. If it works, you can see the output as below.

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Internet down again in NW10 London. Sick to death of this talk talk.


This only happened 2 weeks ago as well. Talktalk denied that there was a problem though. Stating that it was everyone elses equipment and nothing to do with them.

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East Surrey – no emails for 3 days. Conversation with Talktalk confirmed there were “maintenance tasks” going on, Was assured it would be resolved by yesterday morning. Pull your socks up, TT. I’m still paying.

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Yes having the same issues and ridiculous ‘service; cant wait to change them I have demanded compensation and offered one month free more like 10 months. Engineer came didnt even seem that interested.


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There is also enough PCIe slot support to make it usable including one full-length PCIe 4/0 x16 slot, one full-length PCIe 3/0 x4 slot, and two PCIe 3/0 x1 slots. Memory support consists of four memory slots, with official support for up to DDR4-5133 and a total combined capacity of 128 GB.

Here are our choices in the motherboard market for Intel. For AMD recommendations, head on over to our AMD guide. This is usually updated monthly.


No Internet for 7 day in Wrexham. Talktalk say a cable is broken and bt openreach is fixing it yet bt show no problem in the area.

The MSI MEG Z590 Godlike has official support for DDR4-5333 memory with Rocket Lake which is an improvement over the last generation, with a total capacity of up to 128 GB available across four memory slots. Rear panel connectivity is also impressive with Intel's latest Thunderbolt 4 controller providing two Type-C and two mini-DisplayPort inputs, as well as two USB 3/2 G2 Type-A, and six USB 3/2 G1 Type-A ports. The Z590 Godlike also offers dual Ethernet with one Aquantia AQC107 10 Gb and an Intel I225-V 2/5 Gb controller pairing, as well as Intel's newest AX210 Wi-Fi 6E CNVi for access to the 6 GHz Wi-Fi band and BT 5/2 connectivity. It is also using Realtek's ALC1220 HD audio codec which adds support for 7/1 surround sound via five 3/5 mm audio jacks and one S/PDIF optical output.


Had an engineer out who said my equipment is fine, talktalk call center said there is no issue at their end. I’m this close to cancelling it and going with sky.

The ASUS TUF Z590-Plus WIFI represents its entry-level gaming range, but there's enough in the specifications and feature set to make this a solid mid-level solution for gamers and content creators. It is currently available for $260 at Amazon, and at the slightly cheaper price of $251 at Newegg. There's plenty of options at this price point, but perhaps not as many as well-equipped with such a reasonable price tag, and this alone makes the TUF Gaming Z590-PLUS WIFI our pick for gamers.


Something very odd with my e mail connection, some people sent me e mails but I have not received them, also I sent some e mails but they did not receive them. I chatted online today with TalkTalk, so much lip service but no real solutions. Lost in cyber space without e mails for work right now.

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Don’t know for how many days now the internet has kept dropping off for up to hours on end constantly throughout the day. I wish this company be closed down.


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Talk Talk reputation is dwindling and soon there will be a massive cusmer exodus to other internet providers. It’s a very competitive world out there and survival is to this fittest and the customer focussed.

Been like this for about 4 days now and am looking into other broadband providers because TalkTalk just keep letting us down. Ive been with them for about 6 years now!


Suddenly went down in Cheltenham. No info as to why or for how long.

If you want to do more you might even help out with some of the server costs or support with some of your spare hardware resources you have by donating. Participating in the community is our preferred way of contributing to make eFa the greatest product around.

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Had no internet for three days beginning of last week. Went away Thursday came back today still no internet!


My upload speed is always pathetically low at under or just around 1mbps, but download speed is 2mbps on and off the last few days. There is never a credit for this half-arsed service.

Having problems on the internet. Home page not displaying properly. No mail menus, no account menus. It keeps showing error ‘your connection is not private’ when I try to access another page. Have checked all set ups which seem OK Been waiting 2 days for Customer services to respond. I am getting cheesed off and will be looking for another provider.


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Can log into account so know my user name and password okay, but when try to look at anything in my account like Bill details, account package, tries to log into page and then says server is down. Find this is problem with Talktalk when they have a problem with their system they just keep quiet and not admit it.

Suddenly went down in Cheltenham a short while ago. No news as to why or for how long.


Our recommendations for motherboards are based entirely on personal and professional opinion. There are notably many different motherboards across the Intel chipsets including B460, Z490, the latest (take a look at the site here) Z590/B560 chipsets, and the workstation-focused W480 chipset. Some of our choices and options here are also limited by what stock is available.

Our internet connection has been dropping on and off for past month or so. Prior to this it would only happen late at night/early hours of morning, but now it is happening throughout the day. It looks like it is a nationwide problem from what others are saying on this forum and talktalk are ignoring it. It’s not good enough talktalk.


No internet in Belfast for two days. Engineer seemly coming out on Friday.

Intenet down for almost five days now in High Wycombe. Despite repeatedly reporting the problem and after being told they are checking the line, still no internet!


I had no internet access tonight for a long time in conjunction with no telephone service. I think I made a huge mistake having both with TalkTalk. I have to start researching alternative services.

This version introduces some improvements and fixes several bugs. See also "Significant changes" below.


What sort of “communications” firm is this. They don’t communicate with Customers.

Service has been down here – Fife – since I tried to access email on Friday 26 May – causing all sorts of issues due to lack of access to e-mail for me and family. Please can someone post up what is happening – this is the longest we’ve been without it. Very frustrating – think this might be the final straw!


Galashiels, Scottish Borders Internet down for 9 hours now. Realy frustrating and no sign of reasons why.

Internet keeps dropping off and has been since 5pm this evening. Tried talking to helpline on my mobile (using my own mobile data) but was left holding as apparently they were dealing with other customers.


There are just six Z490 mini-ITX models to select from for small form factor enthusiasts and gamers, and just six for Intel's Z590 chipset, but one of our favorites is from ASRock. These models are generally popular with enthusiasts looking for a solid balance of features, good quality components, and pricing. The ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 is an update over the previous Z390 model, with a similar feature set, but designed for Intel's LGA1200 socket.

No internet in Stamford hill yet again! What are we paying for talk talk?


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You say my password is incorrect yet I can get into my account using the same email address and password. Need my email, have had a stroke and husband in his eighties.

Thunderbird – Open Source Email App for Windows

Now been down with no emails for 11 days – what’s going on? Just being told it’s outage and will be sorted in 48hours.


Best Intel Motherboard For Gaming/Performance

We are told by Talktalk that they are making aotomated improvements on the line and it takes two weeks. We were not informed of this and spent ages trying to find out.

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Same here broadband sucks major for the past 3weeks. It was so so before but now it’s Oh my god I want to get the sledge hammer and smash the router bad. As soon as my contract ends I’m ending with them too.


The ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 is a solid motherboard for enthusiasts to overclock on with its 8+2 phase power delivery, as well as the potential foundation for a monstrous single graphics card gaming system. The Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 has an MSRP of $280 and is currently available at Amazon with a very attractive price tag of $200, and $269 at Newegg. In regards to the competition, we reviewed the MSI Z490I Unify ($270) with a similar feature set and a 10-layer PCB, as well as the GIGABYTE Z490I Aorus Ultra ($270). The ASUS ROG Strix Z490-I Gaming is slightly more expensive with an MSRP of $300, and we've yet to review any mini-ITX Z590 models as of yet.

The knowledge base resource covers any quick troubleshooting queries. Mailbird offers support in 17 different languages and a two-week money back guarantee to test out the product.


Lost internet connection from 1/50am to 16/00pm Sun and was told nothing on 4 occasions I phoned to find out what the problem was. By effectively lying to customers by pleading ignorance these people can cause customers a lot of undue stress which is totally unacceptable.

Live on Hayling island hamphire. Had no emails in and carnt send out.


Why Mailbird Is the Best Alternative to Windows 10 Mail in %%currentyear%%

Xavier Bachelot has been working to add Sympa to Fedora and EPEL (Extras packages for Enterprise Linux) for years. From now on, sympa RPMs will be provided through these repositories.

Had no internet since around 4pm yesterday afternoon in Stocksfield Just west of Newcastle. Is it just me or are others in the area affected?


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Internet off in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. This is not the first issue we’ve had with Talktalk and we’ve only been with them since February! Never had problems like this with BT. We changed purely because of the financial side of things.

Can’t send or receive emails, it’s been 3 days now. Extremely frustrating as this is not the first time. If it’s not wi fi dropping out it’s something else!


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The Micro-ATX form factor has trade-offs with its larger ATX sized options, albeit with less PCIe slot real estate due to the size limitations, but it does offer extra room for features compared to the small form factor mini-ITX models. Given that the vast majority of micro-ATX models look to cut back on certain features, our pick is based on a balance of price versus features, and we feel there's no better model to fit these criteria than the ASRock B560M Steel Legend.

Exchange ActiveSync for Zimbra Open Source Edition

A Free Hosting Control Panel for Linux intended to replace the need for expensive software such as Ensim, CPanel & Plesk. It uses Apache, Postfix, MySQL & other projects like AWStats and phpMyAdmin.


Problems and Outages TalkTalk internet down, service status problems Comments Feed

Spent 40 minutes ‘Chatting’ this evening because I cant log into my account – zilch happening. I was told that Tiscali accounts are no longer supported blah even though can access Tiscal webmail (click here to read) no problem!

Highlight of this version

Talk talk admitted problems but very vague. Will be leaving at end if contract!


Lots of problems with Talk Talk down for many users at the moment. Anyone else having issues this evening?

It is currently available at both Amazon and Newegg for MSRP at $280, although we've seen this price lowered over recent months, so pricing is fluctuating regularly. Regarding LGA1200 mini-ITX, it's very difficult to find a small board that's as feature-packed. If you need a small LGA1200 board with support for both Comet Lake and Rocket Lake, this is what we recommend while stocks last.


Have to keep connection my mobile this has been going on from friday morning! Been on the phone nonstop to ” TalkTalk ” nothing seems to get done!

Same here in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Speeds below 18 most of the time.

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The latest version, Thunderbird 78, comes with many minor improvements

No internet connection in Worcester today. Trying to do my tax returns here!