Halo 2 Vista was a disappointing botched release for Halo fans, but things only got worse from there. The year before Microsoft had announced Halo Wars, an RTS from PC development house Ensemble Studios. Outside of Command & Conquer and Warcraft, there may be no more beloved real time strategy series than Age of Empires.

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First, different screens of areas of New and Old Mombasa come on screen, followed by HEV pods entering the atmosphere. Here you can see the Prophet of Regret's carrier on the right, and then it moves behind buildings. The pods come into view as a large explosion (Caused by the Prophet of Regret's carrier entering slipspace) appears, sending the pods off-course. Then, the Superintendent appears, and shows warning signs and then reboots. All the screens from earlier flash onto the screen, but heavily damaged from the blast. Then, a single HEV pod falls through the sky, when the Halo 3 Logo appears. The pod then crashes into the camera and goes black, followed by the words 'Prepare to Drop'.


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Keyships are geometric and angular, sharing many aesthetic features with other Forerunner constructs. Generally, they have a tetrahedral shape, with a forward triangular prow, and attached to it at equidistant points are three similarly shaped struts, to help ground the ship. Visually, their hulls are gray or silver in color. Keyships are estimated to be about 14 kilometers (8/699 miles) tall and is far heavier than leisure craft, but outweighed by a variety of transport and military vessels.

The reasons the larger MACs are not built in bulk are many. For one, these are massive weapons, and as we've seen are very, very tempting targets. Why waste that many resources on something that's going to be out of the battle in the first or second exchange? There is also the time constraints to building so many. Sgt Johnsons said that when he shipped out for basic, some 25 odd years before the events of Halo 2, the platforms had not even begun to be built. This means that it takes a very, very long time to make even 1 of them, let alone sufficient numbers to compete against the numbers the Covenant could throw.


On November 16, 2021, it was announced that Halo (go to the website) Wars Online Stat Tracking would no longer be supported. Along with the act, 343 Industries and Halo Waypoint planned to release one final Title Update to fix a cutscene bug in Theater from Title Update 4, and to disconnect the game from the site, moving the forums to Halo (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=2616) Waypoint's. This change was to occur on December 15, 2021.

If our more technical pages start becoming someone's platform to share their views to win arguments, we will be locking these pages to prevent anonymous editing. This isn't intended to be a warning or anything, just a notice to keep in mind (this is irrespective of whether the information put up is valid or not - in this instance, most here is good). I'd just rather not have it become a standard. As stated before, I'd highly encourage you to join our Discord so massive changes like this can be discussed with the rest of the team.

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In terms of the weapons and vehicles, like the rest of the game in fact, you could easily point out that there are better examples of each in a variety of other games. All the weapons are flimsy and unconvincing and one or two next to useless (the grenade launcher being a perfect example). Unlike much of the game, the weapons don’t seem to follow the same C&C rules; in that you can’t take out a tank with a pistol for example. Fair enough, but neither is a rocket launcher particularly effective against a human.

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In 2517, Jacob Keyes was assigned to the Magellan as his first assignment prior to graduating Luna OCS Academy. Those orders were rescinded when he was sent to help Dr. Catherine Halsey study the candidates for the SPARTAN-II Program. He would have those orders reinstated after helping Dr. Halsey.


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The campaign is about the creation of these super soldiers that Havoc is trying to put a stop to. In order to do this, he heads all over the world trying to stop it from happening. It is like something out of an action movie and while it is not going to win any awards for the writing, it is a decent enough story and it certainly kept me interested.

In addition to its pre-existing upgrades, during the ship's 28-year slower-than-light interstellar journey, Serina made a series of modifications and repairs across the ship; yet more were implemented by Isabel after her arrival on board, along with updated security and safety protocols. Following her arrival, Isabel scheduled 32,810 Critical System Updates and 1,201,924 Optional System Updates for implementation, expecting to complete them within 16 hours.


On July 17, 2552, the Gettysburg, along with the frigate UNSC Allegiance, responded to a distress signal sent by Commander Jacob Keyes from the Sigma Octanus System. The vessel later fought in the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV with Battle Group Leviathan.

Command and Conquer Renegade is one of the most original takes on a first person shooter to come along in quite a while. The game's clever blend of shooter and real time strategy almost warrant dubbing CCR a Real Time Shooter Strategy.


The game developers at Bungie were entering unfamiliar territory, making the largest environment they ever created as the freely-explorable level of New Mombasa. It also says the differences and similarities of the ODSTs and the SPARTAN-II soldiers, such as jumping height and the fact that no motion tracker is present in ODST.

In the next few days the Spirit of Fire's ground teams conducted multiple offensives against the Banished, including disrupting their salvage operations and crippling their portal network, while the Spirit of Fire provided cover from orbit. As the new shipboard AI, Isabel also provided battlefield support to the crew during ground engagements with the Banished. However, as the battle escalated and the crew took out his second-in-command Decimus, Atriox decided to use his flagship, the CAS-class assault carrier Enduring Conviction to attack and destroy the Spirit of Fire directly. An eighty-five year old Phoenix-class support vessel could not hold too long against the powerful assault carrier, so the crew proceeded with a plan developed by Isabel. Ultimately they managed to destroy the Enduring Conviction, leaving the Banished without slipspace-worthy vessels.


Halo 4: Limited Edition

Also, what's the source for the claim that ship-mounted MAC cannons have a yield of 5 megatons? Someone on the discussion page said the cannons more properly have a yield of 70 kilotons, significantly lower.

Firstly, I would encourage separating the bulk of this edit as a note at the bottom of the page. Secondly, we don't know that the UNSC hasn't simply found found some way to offset the effect.


The M68 is an extremely accurate weapon, useful against most enemy infantry and vehicle units. Unsurprisingly it has proven to be devastating against light-armored vehicles; it can take out a Type-32 Ghost or a Banshee in one or two shots (depending on shot placement). The weapon is rather effective against Wraiths as well, provided the driver can out-flank the Wraith and fire upon its unprotected backside before it brings its plasma mortar to bear. Firing at the vehicle's armored front is less effective, but the rate at which the weapon cycles can compensate for this. The M68 is also very deadly if used against infantry, however users should aim at the most dangerous units like Sangheili, Jiralhanae and Mgalekgolo in order to make full use of the weapon before moving onto smaller, less dangerous targets. Its relatively high rate of fire, when compared to other electromagnetic accelerator weapons, makes it a devastating precision weapon on any battlefield. Its anti-armor capabilities are second only to those of the SP42 Cobra's mounted M66 light rail gun, and static defense platforms, such as the Onager, and its portability more than makes up for this.

Romeo jokingly remarks how the UNSC Navy managed to put up a fight during the Invasion of Earth, but still allowed a Covenant carrier to slip by the Orbital Defense Platforms surrounding the planet. Dutch criticizes Romeo, stating that the Navy left the lone ship for the Marines to infiltrate. The ODSTs are soon put on alert when their team leader, Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, enters the room with an attractive ONI operative named Veronica Dare. Romeo utters "Hello, beautiful" in response to Dare's appearance, catching Buck's attention and prompting him to order the ODSTs to their drop pods.


Two, none of the tech displayed by the UNSC would allow us to logically infer that they can somehow ignore hypervelocity physics. You can't offset the effect; this would require them to be literally magic, with the ability to alter the laws of physics on the spot, a la the prime Flood. Either that or UNSC coilguns actually use eezo from Mass Effect and encase each slug in a mass effect field of blue space magic, which is also never suggested anywhere; we know how MACs work, they're just coilguns which fire tungsten slugs. Even if they could somehow make their slugs behave like non-hypervelocity projectiles, which they can't, all that would do is decrease effectiveness, not increase it; a squash, vaporization, and "explosion" causes more damage than a clean penetration.

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Actually, you are wrong, and I daresay, talking out of your ass. How can you make "calculations" about technology which we have no theoretical concept about? Predict what happens through objects travelling through IMAGINARY dimensions using IMAGINARY technology that nobody really understands.


As the Rookie travels throughout the city, he finds clues regarding the fate of his squadmates. When the Rookie finds a clue, the game's perspective shifts to that of the relevant ODST.

Following Whitcomb's instructions, the Spartans traveled to the far side of a nearby moon where they found the Gettysburg waiting for them alone. Sergeant Johnson explained that while they were gone, the crew had placed Ascendant Justice's slipspace drive into the Gettysburg. Using a spy drone, the crew watched as Whitcomb and Lieutenant Elias Haverson lured the Covenant fleet in close to the exploding station with Ascendant Justice and a hologram of the Forerunner crystal, sacrificing themselves to destroy all but about a dozen Covenant vessels. Afterwards, the Gettysburg made a random slipspace jump per the Cole Protocol before finally resuming the journey back to Earth.


Certain characters belonging to both the Covenant and the UNSC are leaders, which are sub-factions with unique units and bonuses. All of the Covenant leaders appear on the battlefield and have unique in-game abilities. The UNSC leaders on the other hand do not appear on the battlefield, unless on certain campaign missions. They instead have economic bonuses and "super units" (upgrades of normal units). Leaders include Captain James Cutter, Sergeant John Forge, Professor Ellen Anders, Ripa 'Moramee, an unknown Jiralhanae Army Commander and the Prophet of Regret.

Spirit of Fire, lacking an FTL drive, is left adrift in space. On February 10, 2534, the UNSC declares the vessel "lost with all hands". At the end of the credits, Serina is be heard saying, "Captain.


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UNSC Canberra (hull classification symbol CA-70) was a Marathon-class heavy cruiser in the UNSC Navy. Canberra served as the flagship for the Fifth Fleet and was commanded by Fleet Admiral Harper. It participated in the Battle of Earth on October 20, 2552.

We are always striving to give you nothing but the best! Our goal is your digital freedom while browsing the Internet!


A closeup of a gauss cannon's projectile in the air. Note that the contrail starts out blue but fades to yellow.

It could be useful if someone with the books or whatever could find the reference where it gives the muzzle speed of the 'standard' MAC (currently 0/1 c in the article). If the SMAC is 0/04 c then some very interesting things start happening once one plugs in the numbers.


Halo Wars / Game O.S.T

At the combat bridge, Serina improved the fire control matrix and trunk lines, providing 50% additional bandwidth. The ship's sensors remained operational following its arrival at the Ark, but the Ark's sentinels would register every use of active wide-range scans as an act of aggression, limiting effective visibility to a three light-second radius. In the observation deck, previously appropriated by Professor Anders as her onboard laboratory, Serina constructed new laboratory equipment and facilities, the function of most of which remained elusive to much of the crew apart from Anders. Berthing facilities remained limited at this time, with three out of four of the atmosphere scrubbers in berthing compartments one to five inoperable. The Naval crew moved out of these facilities, only for the 45th Marine Regiment to appropriate them for their own use, maintaining even they were an improvement to their previous accommodations.

The overly angular terrain in particular stands out as a sore point, as does the fact that Westwood has yet to grasp the concept that human beings need to move their feet in order to turn on the spot. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Renegade was using the Quake II engine, such are the few graphical features that make any positive impression. On the plus side, there is always plenty going on and even our rapidly ageing Pentium 733s managed to keep up with the pace.


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I know they call it the minimac in the game but its not a coilgun its a rail gun which operates on completely different principals. Just my opinion —This unsigned comment was made by Spartan Matt (talk • contribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Command and Conquer: Renegade Download

To promote the release of the game, Bungie and Microsoft started an "ODST Tour", showcasing the game's Firefight mode to fans all across the United States. Beginning August 22 in Redmond, Washington, this tour lasted for nearly a month, coinciding with the release of the game.


In Multiplay you fight for either NOD or the GDI. Like in the original game, both groups have totally different looking units with essentially equal abilities. Unlike most shooters, CCR isn't about killing lots o' people. Instead you have to destroy the enemy's base, as in all of their buildings, before they destroy yours. The biggest difference between CCR and other shooters is that this game makes the buildings a very important part of the game.

The Call to Battle is a collection of already known cinematics, but it also shows some campaign maps. The video also shows a higher population limit compared to the final game.


Since when did the standard MAC go from 1/17 gigatons to 1/17 teratons? That 1000 times stronger and about enough energy to kill every living thing on this planet.

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One nuclear detonation on the scale of 30 megatons, the yield of the mines, will drop, or come close to dropping, the ships' shields. Now, maybe the EMP effect of nuclear detonations has an effect here, but I can't see it being so huge that a MAC would need teratons of energy to compensate for the lack of the EMP effect. Thus, based on the common occurence of two to three MAC shells to break a shield, and the fact that a nuke in space won't direct anywhere near all its energy upon a single ship, I conclude that the likely yield of a MAC is somewhere in the mid to high kiloton range. But as you said, it's an unsolved mystery. Quakeomaniac 03:18, January 8, 2021 (UTC)After reading your response above, a new theory came to mind. Since a MAC round is purely kinetic, that force could easily be sustained, absorbed, or dispersed, at least somewhat. So my hypothesis is that Covenant shields are able to absorb a significant degree of kinetic energy, but they can only sustain so much. If a MAC round were to possess teratons of kinetic energy, perhaps teratons were absorbed, but a few kilo- or gigatons were leftover, and these penetrated the shields, making a few MAC rounds comparable to NOVA bombs, HORNET mines, and such. This explains why the UNSC would need a weapon with such a high yield, but leaves the question of how unanswered. ΘяɪɸɴF22 Me Talk Contributions CAG 05:32, January 8, 2021 (UTC)Ok.


Command and Conquer: Renegade PC Screenshot

The ODSTs endure multiple Covenant attacks while waiting for Mickey to arrive. When Mickey and the rest of the squad reach their position, the group boards their captured Phantom, narrowly avoiding a Covenant carrier's glassing beam. They escape the city as more and more Covenant ships arrive to excavate the portal.

It would be so easy to overlook this as a mistake in the franchise. I feel that is a bit harsh as there is a lot of fun to be had with Command and Conquer Renegade. Sure, it is very rough around the edges in comparison to what we have today. However, being able to play a standard shooter in this universe was something that I thought was really cool. I do not think the game took off as spinoff games have not been something, they have been keen to do. If you like this franchise I highly recommend you have a go at this as it is very interesting.


The tech tree is different for the two playable factions. When playing as the UNSC, the player advances by building and upgrading reactors. The Covenant moves through the tech-tree in Ages by purchasing upgrades at the leader temple; players can advance to the Age of Doubt and the Age of Reclamation respectively. Both factions can also advance by capturing Forerunner secondary reactors.

Please, don't delete that stuff. Change it, instead, or we lose a lot of work, regardless of whether it's right or wrong, that someone put effort into.


This is probably the most effective team-based shooter I've ever played, forcing gamers to actually think about their actions instead of just running around shooting stuff. As if that weren't enough Westwood seems truly dedicated to making the multiplay experience something that will be around awhile and still loads of fun. They've already had at least one patch to fix some multiplay issues and are currently working on adding flying vehicles to the game.

In March 2558 the freighter Pilgrims' Pride was carrying several AC-220 Vultures and AV-22 Sparrowhawks that were previously attached to the Spirit of Fire. The Pilgrims' Pride launched a surprise attack on the UNSC Infinity and attempted to self-destruct inside the Infinity's bay. The Spartans managed to eject the freighter out of the bay. They also saved the Pilgrims' Pride from total destruction by removing its exploding core. After recovering the remains of the attacking Vultures and Sparrowhawks, the crew used the ID numbers on the hulls to identify the ships as belonging to the Spirit of Fire. Confusing matters, the crew discovered that Pilgrims Pride had been constructed only five years earlier. While Commander Palmer speculated that the assault craft may have been stolen from the Spirit of Fire before the ship was lost, Roland pointed out that the assault craft were in fairly good condition for their age. Roland also determined that the freighter itself had been launched from Oth Lodon, a gas giant deep inside Jiralhanae-controlled space.


Outlines of scenery and objects that will block weapons-fire have a thinner yellow outline. The VISR can also be used to manage waypoints, mission objectives, and information which will help the player. The squad has two new weapons, the M7S Submachine Gun and the M6C/SOCOM, which the protagonist and most of his comrades land with in Mombasa during the initial drop. Also, the grenade limit has been increased to 3 per grenade type.

Mendicant Bias would find his way onboard a Keyship to the San'Shyuum homeworld. No Keyships were to be left on indexed worlds according to the Forerunners' plan, leaving this particular instance a curious anomaly. By 2552, that particular vessel, referred to by the Covenant as the Forerunner Dreadnought, was most probably one of, if not the last surviving Forerunner Keyship in existence, used by the Covenant as an unusual source of power for their holy city, High Charity.


Due to the fact the player is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, the motion tracker and shielding featured in the MJOLNIR battle armor suit are not available and the player must instead rely on a more traditional health bar/medkit system. The shielding is replaced with stamina through breathing intervals but it can still take damage from falling down from heights naturally. On some levels, the player is able to receive energy shielding on top of their stamina and health bar if they are close enough to the Huragok Vergil, similar to Halo: Reach where Huragok provide the Sangheili extra shielding aside from their own energy shield. The Rookie and his squadmates are not able to dual-wield weapons, such as the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun and the Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle. They also cannot use the deployable equipment featured in Halo 3.

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A team's selection of upgrades can be severely hampered by destroying a building. Take out a barracks and no more special characters; wipe out a weapons factory and no more vehicles. The other buildings affect Tiberium intake and can also wreak havoc on an enemy team if destroyed. Because the buildings are so important in the game it ends up forcing players to play as a team, assigning some to repair or guard the base while others carry-out attacks.

Command and Conquer Renegade isn't for those interested in realistic battle or high-end graphics. But if you're looking to have a lot of fun and hoping to try a different approach to first person shooters, this is your game. Let's hope the sequel concentrates a bit more on sound and graphics while maintaining the same gameplay elements.


The energy projector was first encountered by the UNSC during the Second Battle of Harvest, where it was used by a Covenant super-destroyer. It was more frequently seen in later years, such as during the Harvest campaign and Operation: TORPEDO. Throughout the course of the Covenant invasion of Reach, the population centers suffered tremendous structural damage due to the Covenant's glassing of the planet. Similarly, several frigates fell prey to the energy projectors during the engagement.

ALMOST NOTHING IN STAR TREK IS SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE. This is the show that has blacks holes with cracked event horizons, Super Nova that can wipe out a large area of the galaxy, and were half an ounce of Anti-Matter can blow half the atmosphere off an M-class planet. Only a very few things in ST are possible, hell the book “The Physics of Star Trek” evens says most of the stuff is impossible.


I actually think, rather than force, what you may be looking for here is pressure, or how much force the MAC round exerts over a given area of the shield, and the shield thus may have a limit to how much any small portion can withstand, which would make sense. The APFSDS round fired by the SRS99C sniper rifle has a very small frontal area and very high velocity, thus it is able to punch through several enemies at once. In the same way, in the novels, we see MAC rounds leave holes in the hulls of covenant ships (in TFoR this is prominent) but it doesn't do much to disable the vessel, due to their build quality. Thus, the shields may be unable to withstand such a huge force on a comparatively tiny area, just as the hull is. The force exerted is a matter of how quickly the shield can stop the shell, based impulse-momentum. I can see what you're getting at, but consider pressure. The shields also obviously must protect against force, or rather exert a counter force to stop the projectile.

Despite the measures imposed by the Chief Medical Officer O'Neil, at least one pod infector managed to infiltrate the ship at some point. Six years later in 2537, the Pod infector came into contact with one of the ship's technicians, infecting her and spreading the Flood infection to other crew members in cryo-sleep. In response, the now-rampant Serina imposed a quarantine on the ship's cryo bays in an effort to study the parasite, inadvertently allowing the Flood to mature further from within. The Flood sought to escape confinement, forcing Jerome-092 to exterminate all infected crew and with the aid of Professor Anders went on to erase all remaining traces of the Flood parasite aboard the Spirit of Fire.


Buck led the group to Kikowani Station, planning to use the tram system to escape the city, stabilizing Romeo with biofoam along the way. Upon arrival, however, the group discovered that the tram tunnels had been flooded. They proceeded to hijack a Phantom and escape the city, fighting their way past enemy Banshees and even a Scarab in the process. Along the way, they noticed several CCS-class battlecruisers moving toward the crater left by the assault carrier's slipspace jump. After escaping the city proper, Buck realized where Dare was, and ordered Mickey to turn back and set him down.

I didn't notice the fact that it was already in the notes, I just read through the edit comparison, so I do apologise. And I have to reiterate, while your explanation makes perfect sense, this is a fictional universe set in the future, created largely by people who are not experts in these fields. I would ask for clarification on this point from an official source - GrimBrother, or Catalogue, for example - Qura 'Morhek The Autocrat of Morheka 23:32, 19 December 2021 (EST)Actually, Eric Nylund has a master's degree in chemical physics, so he actually does know what he's saying. You could just write it off as an error, but again this shows up in four separate books (TFOR, GoO, First Strike, and Evolutions) written years apart by a guy who probably knows what a hypervelocity impact looks like, and it's supported by other comments in those books such as MAC slugs being referred to as "supersonic".


With no ammunition on the Gettysburg and Ascendant Justice's magnetic coils overloaded, John came up with the plan to use the magnetic coils for Gettysburg's MAC gun to shape and aim the plasma for Ascendant Justice's turret while using two of the ship's three Clarion spy drones to be able to see the cruiser coming. The Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice succeeded in destroying the cruiser, but the magnetic pulse knocked out the Gettysburg's reactor and engines but Jiles had his fleet give the ship a tow back to the asteroid base for repairs.

The "using Onager early" glitch can be exploited so that a player can reach the driver before the scripted cutscene. This glitch can provide a player with an easy killing spree by shooting down Banshees, or avoiding enemy lances by shooting the Phantoms carrying them.


Spirit of Fire Command

If you're going to buy Renegade, then make sure it's for the multiplayer game. As a team game it works extremely well and its already massive fanbase guarantees an abundance of servers all day long. Don't expect to be enthralled, but do expect to be entertained.

Buck directs the Captain to her pod, where Romeo asks about her; obviously angry about the mission, Buck confronts the curious Lance Corporal, replying that she is their "new boss". He gives a short speech to his men to motivate them for the drop, and hands an SRS99D Sniper Rifle to Romeo, drawing questions from the squad, who were anticipating a close range battle inside the Covenant assault carrier. While en route to his own drop pod, Romeo rudely awakens the Rookie, hitting him with the butt of his rifle (at which point the camera changes to a first-person view) while the Rookie lies asleep in his pod. Dutch pushes Romeo out of the way and hands the Rookie a silenced SMG, telling the ODST to relax despite Romeo's obnoxious behavior; the Rookie's pod is then closed, spun around, and lowered into the launch bay to begin drop preparations along with the rest of the squad.


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I was off by an order of magnitude, I should have typed 18 billion newtons of force. Also, the destroyer is 8,000 tons, not 4,000, meaning the 3rd law of motion recoil from a MAC shell must be 2,250 meters per second backwards acceleration (Assuming they do fire at one-tenth the speed of light, which could be in error). So that is a serious problem, in terms of both still having forward acceleration (these details) (particularly when destroyers are mentioned as having two MAC guns firing simultaneously), and how the ship's crew survives the instantaneous acceleration (read full article).

While it may be stretching it to say this patch turns Renegade into a must-have game, it certainly improves its already broad online appeal. While the single-player game is beyond help, the multiplayer game is gaining momentum. If Westwood can see its way to including real-time base-buildingwe may finally have cause for celebration. But for now Westwood deserves no more than a pat on the back.


Despite the diplomatic risks, Lord Hood, who felt guilty over his role in the Spirit of Fire's disappearance, ordered the Infinity to investigate. When they arrived at the coordinates, they found not the Spirit but Shipmaster Vata 'Gajat's ship, which was docked to a massive glassing cannon. Captain Daniel Clayton contacted the Infinity, revealing himself to be aligned with the New Colonial Alliance. Intending to exact revenge on Lord Hood, Clayton fired three massive energy beams at the Infinity. However, five Spartan-IVs managed to enter the station, stop Clayton and used the cannon to destroy 'Gajat's flagship.

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However, several sites still have the video. The music from the trailer has been confirmed to be "Optimus vs. Megatron", a soundtrack from the Transformers movie.


When Cortana first appropriates the Gettysburg, its stated that the Gettysburg's thrusters are off-line and the ship won't ever be moving on its own again. However, later chapters make it clear that the makeshift crew is primarily using the Gettysburg's engines to move the hybrid ship around with Cortana telling the Master Chief when he awakens on the Gettysburg that Ascendant Justice's engines are crippled.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 is an integrated (onboard) graphic chip on Mobile Intel 945GM chipset. It is a faster clocked version of the GMA 900 and supports no hardware T&L (Transform & Lightning) accelleration (which is required for some games).


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In Standard mode, players start off with a tech level of 0 and 800 resources. All units must be upgraded including turrets and leader abilities. The population limit starts at 30 for the UNSC and 40 for the Covenant. In Deathmatch, players start with 15,000 resources and a tech level of 4 for the UNSC, and 3 for the Covenant (Building a Temple increases the tech level to six, but more importantly give the player the leader). All the player's units, buildings and leader abilities are already fully upgraded. The player's population starts at 15 and they gain 10 population for taking over a base, up to 99. When they lose a base, the population limit goes down by 10. In Keepaway mode, players capture the flag from their opponent and bring it back to their base. In Tug of War mode, the objective is who can field and maintain the strongest army who wins. In Reinforcements mode, the player needs to adapt their tactics as they are granted waves of troops, much like an endurance battle.

Multiplayer maps are mostly based on the locations introduced in campaign. There are fourteen maps in the original release, and the number rose to eighteen after the release of downloadable contents.


Renegade is certainly one of the most popular new online FPSs for a wile, and its class-based similarities to TFC is obviously capturing the imagination of fraggers the world over. And after a few minutes it's easy to see why. Choosing one of two sides (NOD or GDI), you must defend your base while trying to take out the enemy's. However, rather than a basic CTF principle, you actually have to take out key buildings (Runways, Weapon Factories etc), just like in a C&C RTS.

The Doritos snack food held a sweepstakes where the winner got a voice role in the game. Unfortunately, it is not known who won the contest or which character they play.


During each round you earn credits for kills, which can then be cashed in for a multitude of character upgrades (engineer, heavy gunner, sniper etc) or used to buy vehicles which you can hop into and drive (including Mammoth Tanks). Sadly, though, many of these are infuriatingly hard to manoeuvre. Things aren't helped by some atrocious lag (even with an ADSL connection) and severe clipping problems.

The release of Halo Wars fulfilled the original concept that Halo: Combat Evolved was supposed to be a real-time strategy game before being turned into a third-person shooter, and then a first-person-shooter. A sequel, Halo Wars 2, was released on February 21, 2021. Players who pre-ordered Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition received early access to Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the game, on December 20, 2021.


Throughout the campaign and in Skirmishes, the player must advance their technology in order to increase their army's power. When technology is increased, more units, upgrades, and buildings become available. For instance, infantry units can receive additional members or stronger weaponry. Field Armories or Temples (and the upgrades within them) can become available with increased technology as well.

Development of Halo Wars

On release, ODST became the top-selling Xbox 360 game worldwide. The title received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the atmosphere, music, and story approach. Critics were divided on whether the relatively short campaign and included extras were enough to justify the full-game price tag.


A Spartan-IV charging up the Arclight. Note the uniquely colored glowing lights from the weapon.

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During this time it was discovered that the Ark's Foundry had created a new replacement for Installation 04. Eventually, the Spirit of Fire crew got the upper hand and in the final battle over Halo's Control Room and they eliminated all Banished forces on the ring. The UNSC forces managed to evacuate from Halo just before it entered slipspace for the Soell system; however, Professor Ellen Anders became stranded inside the Control Room and left the Ark with the Halo which was intercepted in slipspace by one of the Created's Guardians. On the Ark, both Cutter and Atriox began planning their next moves against each other, not willing to leave the Ark to one another.


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In Campaign, the abilities "Transport", and "Heal and Repair" are available, while other bombs vary between levels. In Skirmish, all of the UNSC leaders have the aforementioned abilities, along with the "Disruption Bomb" ability as well as a bomb depending on the leader.

According to Frederic-104, "Only the big ships have them". ORS-class heavy cruisers, assault carriers, CSO-class supercarriers, CPV-class heavy destroyers, CCS-class battlecruisers, and an unidentified class are known to be equipped with energy projectors. Assault carriers are armed with one energy projector underneath the bow, one on their dorsal sides, and one near the gravity lift. CCS-class battlecruisers feature one under the bow and one on the underside of the gravity lift platform.


Please don't take this as an insult, but I'd just like to point out that Newton's second law doesn't mean anything. The physical constant C is a velocity, approximately 3*10^8 meters per second, not an acceleration (recommended reading). The formula you are looking for is that for kinetic energy, E=(1/2)MV^2. By the work-kinetic energy theorem, this formula will account for the forces imparted by the slug anyway. Force and energy (kilotons, megatons, so on are units of energy) are not the same thing, so you can't convert them directly. Just trying to steer you in the right direction.

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As is the case in film, to enjoy a game, especially one such as this, it is imperative that you can either relate to or sympathise with the character you are playing. For all his inane musings and constant gurning, Max Payne at least had motivations above that of iust dealina death to anyone who got in his way. Here you’d get the feeling that even John Rambo would be a bit embarrassed to know Mr Havoc. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save prisoners, sabotaging Nod buildings or killing hundreds of enemy soldiers of course, that’s what soldiers do after all, it’s just that in this case Havoc has so little else to his character that it won’t be long until you wish you could just join the other side. Unfortunately you can’t, you’re stuck with him and it helps things considerably that it’s only during the game’s cut-scenes that you’ll have the opportunity to want to put your fist through the screen, so relentless is the game in terms of pace. One minute you'll be running across open land gunning down Nod soldiers, another you’ll be hopping into a tank taking helicopters out of the sky. Though the game is far from cerebral, there is at least enough to do to keep you entertained, albeit at a very basic level. Be prepared to leave your brain in the jar on the mantelpiece and you’ll be happily dribbling onto your keyboard, that’s all I'm saying.


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I've been thinking about this recently and to be honest, I can't recall a single source where distances of the naval engagements are mentioned. Perhaps this was intentional so that the distances (in headcanon) could be scaled with whatever speed was determined to be accurate in universe. Perhaps someone can shed light on this.

The vessel then returned to the orbital space dock of Reach, where it was heavily damaged in the Fall of Reach. The Gettysburg suffered a strike from an energy projector that "gutted it stem to stern" and obliterated the bridge and life support, killing the crew. However, the ship remained relatively intact, including having intact fusion reactors.


Low End Graphics Cards - Only older games can be played fluently with these graphics chips (if they were not too demanding). Shared memory graphic cores in this category got the advantage of less heat production and longer battery runtimes. For office, internet, image correction, and video cutting tasks these graphics chips are still useable without any restrictions.

Meanwhile, the Rookie, having made his way to the Superintendent's Data Center, finds Captain Dare locked in on sub-level nine. She reveals that her orders were to fight her way to the AI's data center and retrieve the information that had recently been discovered about what lay beneath the city, and deny access to the Covenant. The data center, however, had been infested with an entire hive of Drones, which in turn were supported by numerous other Covenant forces. She explains that this was why she requisitioned a whole squad for her mission: it would have been suicide to fight these forces alone.


It was also put up for retail as a digital download over iTunes and Sumthing Digital. The response to the score was almost universally enthusiastic, with most critics praising Stephen Rippy's taking the series into new stylistic territory while still paying homage to and reworking classic themes and ideas.

Throughout the game your team's harvester will be making regular trips to pick up Tiberium. Once the Tiberium is deposited in the refinery it is doled out equally to that side's players. The players can then run into a building and buy vehicles or character upgrades. Character upgrades change the types of weapons, amount of health and armor a player has, so you can become a sniper or a chemical warrior or even an engineer. The engineer, a weak almost unarmed character, is essential to the game because it can heal other players, buildings and units.


Railgun and Coilgun are two different mechanics/operation of fire. For basic info to others about the differences between coilgun and railgun, see this - 5əb'7aŋk(7alk) 15:29, August 16, 2021 (UTC)I also think creating a railgun article would be prudent. Like Jugus said, the UNSC use railguns quite extensively. Yeah, there's the Cobra and the automated turret. However, if a mere frigate has five pairs of twin-linked railgun turrets, larger vessels would likely have more. Although they obviously aren't the kind mounted on frigates, the Spirit of Fire's deck guns look much more like huge railguns than MACs.

Category:Images of point-defense guns

Q: At my site the java script popup menu works fine with the frame on the home page but hides behind a new flash form I created. You can access this in "Marketing Tools" and click on "What's your Project". I noticed that it seems to work fine in IE but not in Firefox.


When the survivors of the Battle of Installation 04 returned to Reach, Cortana began searching for a wrecked ship that had an intact reactor she could use to give the captured Covenant flagship Ascendant Justice more power. Cortana located the Gettysburg which had an intact power plant and an apparently functional MAC as well and hooked it up to the Ascendant Justice. With the additional power from the Gettysburg, now acting as the second part of a human-Covenant hybrid ship, Cortana was able to make slipspace jumps far quicker. During the battle in the anomalous slipspace field, Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb had Gettysburg's hanger bay pressurized and the explosively decompressed as part of a successful tactic in battle against a Covenant fleet.

During the Forerunner-Flood war, the Forerunners extensively used a fleet of Keyships. A number of Keyships were given to the Librarian, and combined with her ability to build slipspace portals to the Ark, the Librarian was able to transport herself back to the Ark with her Keyships if the situation required. The Librarian, however, destroyed her Keyships to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Flood, who with them, would be able to instantaneously travel to the Ark, rendering the Halo Array useless.


On February 10, 2534, the Spirit of Fire, previously designated as "missing", was declared "lost with all hands" by the UNSC. The reason for this change was kept top secret. A memorial service was held for the people aboard the vessel, but many of the crew's family members chose not to attend, holding out hope that their loved ones were still alive. However, the families of the crew never truly believed the ship to be lost and continued to consider it missing until proof was found showing otherwise. The things that John Forge's father managed to learn through his military contacts suggested that the ship was declared lost simply because the brass decided that the crew's family needed closure.

Upon following the Covenant to Arcadia, Spirit of Fire's crew find that most of the orbital defense ships have been either destroyed or damaged in battle with the Covenant. Sergeant Forge and his forces are deployed on the ground in order to assist the Spartans of Red Team in the effort to evacuate civilians from Pirth City. Afterward, the UNSC forces withdraw to a defensible area on the city outskirts, holding off Covenant attacks long enough for Spartan Team Omega to arrive and assist in the destruction of local Covenant forces.


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During the Fall of Reach, a group of UNSC Marines installed an Onager on top of one of the planet's ship-breaking facilities in Asźod to protect the drydocked UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Emile-A239 manned the mass driver to fend off incoming Covenant Banshees and Phantoms before the Autumn could take off. However, the Spartan was killed by a Sangheili Zealot, prompting SPARTAN-B312 to commandeer the cannon and successfully delay the Covenant assault on the Autumn by crippling an incoming CCS-class battlecruiser with a shot to its ventral energy projector.

Because human operators lack the reflexive responses necessary to operate the point-defense guns to maximum effect, the autocannons are computer controlled and, if an AI is available, control is diverted to it. "Smart" AIs seem better able to operate the point-defense guns than standard computers and also lesser "dumb" AIs. Nonetheless, in times of need, human operators are capable of manning the turrets when an AI is unable to.


For faster travel between sections of the ship, at least one tram is installed. Additionally, at least 42 cryo bays are installed to enable the crew to enter cryosleep during long interstellar journeys.

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See the little video clip at the top of the MAC article. That's the principle at work here. As for energy dissipation, some of it can be dispersed through vents in the gun's path, much the same as gases are dispersed in modern day weapons. However, some energy will inevitably come out of the barrel, and this could produce a flash depending on the chemical structure of what exactly is exiting the barrel. If it's just pure energy (like electricity for example), then it will more than likely remain invisible to the naked eye. A Gauss has a flash because it operates in an atmosphere, thus the chemicals and effects at work in coil/railguns are visible. In space, the 'rippling' effect generated by a Gauss cannon may be be visible, but may not, depending on what exactly generates it. My guess is that the heat and energy generated by firing creates this appearance. As such, it would be visible in space, but the flash more than likely would not.


The beam is functionally similar to the infantry-issued Type-50 particle beam rifle, albeit on a vastly larger scale. It is also speculated that the beam can be focused to varying degrees. In space, the beam can be focused to a smaller, more concentrated, and thus more powerful beam generally used to decimate enemy fleets from afar. It also seems to drain all or most of the energy in a Covenant ship for a brief period, unless the ship is big enough to supply the power without too much of a drain.

If it uses magnets, then why is there always a large blast coming out of the top of cairo station when it fires. I think the stations may use a shell w/ propelant.


On February 12, 2009, the third Halo Wars ViDoc was released. It describes the controls featured and what expectation there are of the game. Like the previous ViDocs, this one also featured cinematic scenes.

Deploying ground forces to search for Anders, the UNSC and Covenant forces come under attack from a previously undiscovered alien organism - the Flood. Managing to regroup and hold a defensible location, the UNSC forces manage to locate the source of the signal - an apparent body of water.


While walking to the nearby armory, Buck is stopped by Dare, who remarks that the members of his squad are replacements. Buck acknowledges the problem, but notes that after 27 years of war with the Covenant, very few veterans are left in the UNSC. Conflicted about what she likely told him prior to entering the room, Buck confronts Dare about the objective of his team, stating the assault carrier (carrying the Prophet of Regret) is a more vital concern than her covert mission. Dare reminds him that they have orders to follow, and that she should be referred to as "Captain", in keeping with military regulations.

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A series of personal logs, crew reports, and incident reports centered around the staff of the Spirit of Fire were written in the months prior to the release of the game on lead writer Graeme Devine's personal website. These are admitted by the writer to be "basically fanfiction" and are not considered canon, though some elements have made it into the canon proper.


Arclight: The Arclight is an advanced variant that fires armor-piercing high-explosive rounds capable of piercing through multiple targets at once. While it takes longer to charge the weapon, the charge can be held indefinitely.

[email protected] I can agre that some things in ST are possible, but we have thngs like their ships having 64 MT torps, and yet in DS9 and yet we are told The Die is Cast that in 6 hours they would have stripped a planet down to the core. Voy we have the cracked EH, an FTL super nova etc.


Though there isn’t much in the way of commanding or conquering to be done, Renegade is cloaked head to toe in the trademark Command & Conquer uniform. For one thing, you play as one of the GDI’s specialist commando units, so devastating in the strategy game that they could complete some missions unaided. Here of course you control one such commando, looking upon the world through his own eyes rather than from above. Captain 'Havoc’ Parker is his name and despite the switch to 3D, he’s about as onedimensional as they get.

Halo 5: Guardians Skulls

Simple and intuitive, connect with just one click. Even as a new user, you will quickly understand how to use Hola.


Again: conservation of momentum. The method used to accelerate the mass is irrelevant.

An energy projector, also known as a cleansing beam,plasma lance, or ventral beam due to its most common placement on warships, is a Covenant weapon used exclusively by large capital ships. It fires a thin beam of the energized matter known as plasma, capable of destroying ships effortlessly at long range and "glassing" planets, systematically rendering them sterile and incapable of sustaining life.


One more thing that needs to be added to the supermac section is that the Punic Class Super Carriers are armed with Supermacs as well two of them to be precise and also does anyone know which is more powerful the series 8 macs of The infinity or Super Mac platforms. I believe its the series 8 Macs as they seemed to be the only mac guns that did damage to mantles approach but I could be wrong.

The Encyclopaedia had it at 1/17 teratons, Halo: FoR had it at 1/17 gigatons and user calculations had it at 58 kilotons. Teratons is far too unrealistic, whereas gigatons is far more acceptable and the user calculation is questionable.


Depleted uranium is ~19,000 kg per cubic meter. That means one cubic meter of depleted uranium could supply over six MAC shells. Forgive me, but I believe the proper argument is the shells were made too big, not too small.

I've re-read Fall of Reach and the 30 km figure comes for a Frigate. No where else does it say a MAC fires at 30 km for Cruisers or Destroyers (though they are likely the same). We know the length of a Frigate MAC, and if the Halcyon-MAC is considerably bigger and longer than the Frigate's.


The two ODSTs worked with the officer and several Marines to defend the ONI complex. Dutch and Mickey used explosives to destroy the bridge leading to the base, but the Covenant easily countered by using Phantoms to land troops past the broken bridge. The courtyard was quickly overrun by Covenant forces, prompting the besieged humans to retreat to the structure's interior. The humans are eventually forced to retreat from the building using a police Pelican. As they fled, they destroyed the base using remotely-detonated explosives, preventing the Covenant from using the structure and its contained information. While in flight, Dutch and Mickey managed to re-establish communication with Buck; they headed to the NMPD Headquarters to pick him up.

In the aftermath of the incident, Serina initiated her retirement from service and after composing a final status report that was to be left to Captain Cutter, finally self-terminated. Around the same time, the Spirit of Fire had reached an unknown multiple star system and was drifting near a terrestrial planet.


One thing I have always enjoyed about this series is the lore and one of the aspects I thought was cool about Command and Conquer Renegade was how it was set in a part of the Command and Conquer lore that most of us know. The game takes place during the Tiberium War and you play as Nick Parker, better known by the badass name of Havoc!

I really loved this game, but I have to say it was quite frustrating that the instruction book had so little information on mulitplayer weapons and vehicles. Instead you have to just try them all out to figure out who does what and why it's better to have one person over another when attacking a tank. It's really quite irritating, and frankly bizarre that Westwood wouldn't bother to better explain the best feature of their game, multiplay.


Originally intended as an 'Extra' for people who played through the game, the ViDoc was posted on the Bungie website and on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It introduces the viewer to the cast behind ODST and Sadie's Story and explains how the voice actors helped to bring life to their characters in the game.

The MAC gun's aiming is quite simple, in reality. Every human ship before the reverse engineering of Covenant technology would have microthrusters mounted everywhere along the hull, very similar to what current spacecraft use in that they use compressed air to push on that area of the ship. Mostly, these would be called maneuvering thrusters, and nowhere near the power of the emergency thrusters, or the main thrusters which power the ship. The size of the MAC basically makes the entire ship into one massive gun, which means the entire ship will have to turn on a direct line toward the target area. I say 'target area', because in most instances both the human ship and its intended target will be moving, and at the ranges these weapons are mostly used, this would mean you would have to lead the target enough to place each round on target. As for the round travelling the length of the ship, this is unknown, as the actual length of the MAC's barrel has never been defined for any ship. You would need a long barrel to propel the round at the speeds it reaches, but until actual figures are given, there is no real information about barrel length.


More Covenant ships enter the city, and the fleet begins to glass the area in an attempt to uncover the buried Forerunner Portal to the Ark. Buck, having witnessed glassing during the Battle of Reach, is particularly disturbed by the sight. A Scarab manages to score a direct hit on the Oliphant, damaging it severely and forcing the ODSTs to abandon their vehicles and take cover inside the building entrance to Uplift Wildlife Reserve. Buck orders Mickey to provide extraction instead of waiting for them to arrive.

Six hours earlier, Buck had landed somewhat safely (if uncomfortably) and made radio contact with Dare, who told him that she had been trapped in her drop pod. With the assistance of Marines in the area, Buck fought his way to her position. Along the way, he noticed a "family feud" within the Covenant, as many Sangheili were found dead and seemed to have been killed by the Brutes. By the time Buck got to Dare's pod, she was nowhere to be found. Buck noticed a Huragok, and saw that it was holding Dare's helmet in one of its tentacles. Curious, the alien began to examine Buck. Having mistaken its curiosity for hostility, Romeo sniped the inquisitive alien, inadvertently triggering the bomb mounted on its back. The resulting explosion threw the helmet out of sight, although the Superintendent recorded a video showing where it landed. Romeo and Buck regrouped, the former stating his belief that Dare was dead. The Rookie later finds the helmet.


Changes from Halo 3 and Halo 3:ODST to Halo 4

Ironically, the game that took Halo (blog) back to its RTS roots wasn’t meant to be a Halo (index) spin-off at all. Microsoft bought Ensemble in 2001.

Each playable character has their own default loadout which cannot be progressed through different level, with exception of the Rookie. For their default loadout, the Rookie has an M7S SMG and a magnum, Buck has an assault rifle and a magnum, Romeo has a sniper rifle and a magnum, Mickey has a rocket launcher and an M7S SMG, and Dutch has a Spartan laser and an M7S SMG.


Okay, I did my math wrong, the yield with the given numbers is correct, BUT I've read that the speed for MAC cannons is 30,000 meters per second, or 30 km/s, not 260 km/s. What's the source for the 960,000 kmph number?

ΘяɪɸɴF22 Me Talk Contributions CAG 18:41, January 7, 2021 (UTC)I am familiar with the Romulan ship, presumably you refer to the D'deridex class warbirds, which are, at least based on the designer's intentions, approximately 1300 meters long, larger than most any UNSC ship, slightly smaller than a Covenant destroyer. Fifty-two terawatts is nowhere even CLOSE to 1/17 teratons, as the Tsar Bomba was 5/4 YOTTAWATTS in power output (for reference, tera is 10^12, yotta is 10^24). So there we have it, technology in Trek is far more advanced, yet somehow the halo weapons are tremendously more powerful? I think we can conclude that the MAC yield is improbable. Quakeomaniac 18:54, January 7, 2021 (UTC)Also, your idea about chemistry is rather interesting. I always looked at energy shields in any universe as just an energy vs energy concept. In halo though, we see plasma weapons doing more damage to shields, and your reasoning of chemistry (could be physics too), makes sense to account for the difference. If you have any more thoughts on chemistry and shields, please toss them out there. I don't know that chemistry can account for a huge huge difference in nuclear and MAC yield, but it could be helpful nonetheless. Quakeomaniac 19:06, January 7, 2021 (UTC)I used to see shielding as energy vs. energy, or rather a form of energy that was 'solidified' to withstand/absorb other forms of energy on impact.


Halo: Combat Evolved came to PC two years after the Xbox, but in that time gaming technology wasn’t radically changing. Halo 2, on the other hand, arrived on the Xbox in 2004, only a year before the launch of the Xbox 360, and took another two and a half years to make it to PC. There were three new consoles by then. Crysis arrived on PC shortly after Halo 2, making the port of an Xbox shooter look practically ancient by comparison.

A month later, Admiral Terrence Hood has given Sergeant Major Avery Johnson clearance to interrogate Vergil on an ONI orbital facility. Dare warns Johnson to be careful. As the two enter the room, they see Vergil toying with the optics of a drone fighter. The squad is clustered around the Huragok, with the Rookie asleep in a corner. Johnson casually tosses his lighter to the delicate (and flammable) creature, much to Dare's alarm, which Johnson ignores. Johnson expresses the mutual loathing that humans and the Huragok share towards the Brutes, and appeals to Vergil to help the human cause, stating that "You're (Vergil) gonna tell me exactly what they're looking for.