Note 2: For all [Mistake] and [Bug] tags: If the game version listed in the tag is older than the current version, that does not necessarily mean the mistake/bug does not exist in the most current version; it simply means I have not done any testing to confirm that it still exists. If a tagged item is fixed in a patch and confirmed by testing, I will make a note of it.

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Yeah, I got everything except the damage formula through testing. Basically me attacking one group of underleveled red templars over and over.


Google said offline support is rolling out to Android users first, and will eventually be available to iOS users. Google Maps is free to download from the Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Just added a section on autoattacks. Interestingly, Bioware's formula for calculating weapon DPS seems to be incorrect, making in-game DPS numbers more or less worthless.


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In this case, hitting a knocked down enemy results in a 44/4% increase in damage vs. a standing enemy without the upgrade (not a 100% or even 200% increase as the description implies). With the upgrade, that number increases to 66/7%, not 300% (in fact I have no idea where Bioware came up with the 300% number).

This is GREAT WORK by the Save Wizard team! It’s AMAZING they have all these codes available in less than 1 WEEK!


Below is a summary of my findings; hopefully it clarifies things and answers some common questions people have. I've included descriptions of mechanics that aren't explained in-game and clarifications where in-game descriptions are incomplete, misleading or incorrect. I've also made note of bugs where I was able to find and confirm them.

WoW Hotfixes – Updated July

Pornhub Premium Gifting Service TV Ad (SFW) - This holiday season, give the most touching gift of all! Pornhub Premium's new gifting service allows you to spread the love to family and friends with specially customizable gift cards.


Make Any Glove Work With a Touchscreen - Need a quick last minute gift idea? Make any glove work with a touchscreen! This will work with Android phones, iPhones, Tablets etc. All you need are a few basic items and you can turn your favorite pair of gloves into a touchscreen reactive set. You can obtain metallic thread in any arts/crafts section at large store.

Ads Using Inaudible Sound To Link Your Phone, TV, Tablet, And PC - Privacy advocates are warning federal authorities of a new threat that uses inaudible, high-frequency sounds to surreptitiously track a person's online behavior across a range of devices, including phones, TVs, tablets, and computers. The ultrasonic pitches are embedded into TV commercials or are played when a user encounters an ad displayed in a computer browser. While the sound can't be heard by the human ear, nearby tablets and smartphones can detect it. When they do, browser cookies can now pair a single user to multiple devices and keep track of what TV commercials the person sees, how long the person watches the ads, and whether the person acts on the ads by doing a Web search or buying a product.


Return to Dragon Age

Volvo's Futuristic Concept for Autonomous Vehicles - What do you guys think of Volvo's autonomous vehicle concept? The way the tray pops out of the door is kinda funny in a weird sort of way.

The ability for classes like Paladins to purge a buff, and generate a HP, in a singular global is very strong. Imagine that off the GCD and it becomes even stronger.


Dragon Age: Origins + Expansions

Verizon Allowing Customers to Send Data as a Gift - Verizon Wireless today made it possible for subscribers to send one another the gift of data access. Verizon customers can send 1GB of LTE 4G data to family/friends for $10. Gifted data will be billed directly to the sender's account. The data can be purchased through the Verizon Messages app or Verizon's web site. Verizon said an update to the Verizon Messages app for Android, being pushed out today, adds the data-gifting feature.

New 'Star Trek' TV Series in the Works - Prolific producer Alex Kurtzman is developing a new take on the beloved sci-fi classic for TV, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The new Star Trek has been picked up straight to series at CBS, with the premiere slated for the network in January 2021. Subsequent episodes will air on its digital and VOD platform, CBS All Access.


Patch 2 hotfix dragon age inquisition

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Extraction - Official Trailer - A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorist. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.


As promised, AMD has released a new update of his Radeon Software Crimson Edition program. This new update fixes the infamous fan issue that was reported by some AMD users a couple of days ago.

Its looks don't excite me, but it feels solid. I'm sure Windows 10 Mobile will get better. But I think the iris scanner was a mistake-Microsoft should have gone with a fingerprint reader-and the lack of all-carrier CDMA support hurts. And while Continuum is interesting and fascinates me in some ways, as things stand right now with limited availability both of Universal Windows Apps and hardware to use Continuum with, it's not a reason to buy a Windows phone.


Windows Live Mail 2021 requires an update to keep using it - The Microsoft Essentials pack, consisting of Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Live Writer (which is now available as an open source project) and Live Mail, has been in a state of limbo for quite a while now. The latest major update for the pack dates back to 2021 and still uses the Live branding that Microsoft abandoned in the same year.

Also, all results reported here are the results of empirical testing, so there is always the possibility of mistakes in the formulas and values I've derived. If you have reasonable suspicion that I've made a mistake somewhere, let me know and I will fix it once I get a chance to confirm.


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Descriptions for the Monk Sun, Wind, Earth, and Water stances have been rewritten for clarity. They now detail the effects of these stances at each level and how they are upgraded.

New auto-rooting Android malware infects more than 20,000 apps - Researchers have discovered a new type of Android malware that often masquerades as a popular application such as Facebook and Twitter. This so-called "trojanized adware" can root a device and install itself as a system application, making removing it almost impossible as the malicious code is designed to survive even a "factory data reset" wipe.


Intel 2021 CPU Roadmap Leaked - The latest Intel CPU roadmap for 2021 has leaked and it features information on several upcoming CPU models including Broadwell-E, Apollo Lake, and Kaby Lake-S. Broadwell-E is the next entry in the "high-end" CPU market and will have four different models with the lowest level CPU sporting six cores at 3/4GHz. Kaby Lake-S will replace the recently released Skylake processors though it should be noted that its release was only enabled by the delay to Cannonlake. It will add support for USB 3/1, HDCP 2/2, and increase PCIe 3/0 lanes from 20 to 24. Apollo Lake will take the place of Braswell, a low power chip designed for mobile devices.

Popularity of Apple devices prompts surge of new threats - A growing number of attackers have begun to target Apple operating systems, with the amount of infections and new malware threats increasing over the past two years. The number of new Mac OS X threats rose by 15 percent in 2021, while the number of iOS threats discovered this year has more than doubled, from three in 2021 to seven so far in 2021. Jailbroken devices are the focus of the majority of threats and, of the 13 iOS threats documented by Symantec to date, nine can only infect jailbroken devices. While the total number of threats targeting Apple devices remains quite low compared to Windows in the desktop space and Android in the mobile sector, Apple users cannot be complacent.


Combined figures are very interesting to compare – 24GB GDDR5 and 480GB/s bandwidth should be replaced with 32GB HBM2 and 2TB/s bandwidth, mutually connected through NVLink rather than PCIe. The NVLink will enable up to 80GB/s, which should replace PLX PCIe Gen3 bridge chips that can only support 16GB/s (8GB/s per GPU).

Borderlands 3 Save Wizard User Guide

Hackers Identifying With Anonymous To Isis: We Will Never Let Up - Last week the war against ISIS was brought back into focus when several terrorists bombed, took hostages and killed numerous civilians in several locations of the French capital, Paris. In a new video announcing the new campaign, an unidentified man donning the iconic mask said "These attacks cannot go unpunished. That's why Anonymous activists from all over the world will hunt you down. Yes, you, the vermin who kill innocent victims - we will hunt you down like we did to those who carried out the attacks on Charlie Hebdo.


ASUS Announces 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980 Ti - ASUS is releasing the GTX 980 Ti version for the 20th Anniversary Golden Edition to celebrate 20 years of making graphics cards. This will be the last chance to get the limited edition gold card. It is not just a GTX 980 Ti in gold, this is the fastest GTX 980 Ti on the planet - even without liquid cooling! Yes, you can buy it, with the GPU base clock set to a whopping 1,266MHz, and 1,367Mhz for GPU boosted clock! To put that in perspective, that is even higher than the mighty ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti with a base clock of of 1,216 MHz and boosted clock of 1,317Mhz!

Module 1: Dragon's Vault

ICE AGE 5 COLLISION COURSE Teaser TRAILER (2021) - If you were eight when the first movie in this series came out, well, now you're old enough to vote, drink, and buy porn. Which begs the questions: who the hell is this movie for?


NVIDIA released its latest GeForce software suite, version 359/00 WHQL. These drivers come "Game Ready" for Assassins Creed Syndicate and Overwatch Beta, which includes game-specific optimization, SLI profiles (on games which support it), and GeForce Experience optimal settings.

With 806 HP and 610 lb/ft of torque, the Huracan now has enough power to scare you, thrill you, and get you in loads of trouble with the law. Or, in this case, trouble with the log.


There's even an option for parents to upload and share the conversations online. Security researcher Matt Jakubowski discovered that when connected to a Wi-Fi network the doll was vulnerable to hackers.

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This weapon is imbued with unfathomable arcane energies. On an attack roll of 20 which is confirmed as a critical hit this energy will be released, inflicting 15d6 force damage to the target and all other enemies near it. A successful Reflex save (DC 39) reduces this damage by half.

The free streaming video program is called Binge On and works in much the same way. The service is compatible with 24 video services at launch, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go/Now, Showtime, Vevo, and others. T-Mobile said video will be optimized via proprietary technology to reduce how much data it consumes as it transits the network. T-Mobile said the service is open to any video service that meets its technical requirements. Video is streamed at DVD quality, which means 480p, not 720p or 1080p high definition.

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Twin fangs is a special case in that its damage formula is so obtuse and unlike anything else I've encountered in my testing. However, a lot of abilities have behavior (damage calculation included) that is not 100% consistent with in-game descriptions. I have a lot of entries for abilities in my guide and if it's listed there, it means I found at least one aspect of the ability's in-game description to be mistaken, incomplete, or misleading.


Borderlands 3 Save Wizard

The AMD Radeon R9 Fury X took it further and was faster than the AMD Radeon R9 Nano. Though we were already experiencing a high level of gameplay, the Fury X added more performance to the mix and did allow some higher settings. Even better still the GeForce GTX 980 Ti had the best performance, and allowed the highest overall settings. In pure terms of an enjoyable 1440p gameplay experience, the Fury X and GTX 980 Ti are faster, but the Nano did deliver an enjoyable experience, it did not suffer.

Half-Orc Raging Crush now gives the three uses per day it says it does. Note that you may need to reset your Half-Orc enhancements and take the ability again to get the correct number of uses.


There will also be Crossfire support, however AMD has not released yet its optimized driver for this game. In other news, he also has revealed that the PC version will feature 100% dedicated servers for public matches and arena, and "Listen Server" hosts for Custom Games.

Netflix launches Universal app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets - As part of its announcement that it has received over 2/5 billion visits to the Windows Store, Microsoft has revealed that a new Netflix Universal app is now available for Windows 10 PCs and tablets. The Netflix Universal app introduces an enhanced interface that is optimized for various screen orientations, resolutions and sizes. As shown in the screenshot above, the new app also includes a visually rich presentation where artwork, instead of titles, represent the content displayed within the interface.


Google Maps Now Available Offline - Google today said Maps can now be used without an active internet connection. People can download maps for cities, counties, and even entire countries so routing and basic navigation tools will function when there's a poor connection or no connection at all.

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Banned "Throw Your Phone" Game Knows if You're Cheating - Like many successful smartphone games, the goal of Send Me to Heaven is easily communicated. Unlike other games, the goal is to throw your phone as high as you can, then catch it.


Slayer Count Boost potions will now correctly add the new longer duration of 1 hour if you drink one while already having one active. Since U20, they were giving 1 hour on first use but only 30 minutes if used while already having one active.

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The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer - The fantastical world of Snow White and the Huntsman expands to reveal how the fates of The Huntsman Eric and Queen Ravenna are deeply and dangerously intertwined. Chris Hemsworth and Oscar® winner Charlize Theron return to their roles in The Huntsman Winter's War, an epic action-adventure in which they are joined by Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain, as well as director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. Producer Joe Roth (Maleficent, Alice in Wonderland) once again leads the team in a breathtaking new tale nested in the legendary saga.


Take the GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X battle at 1080p for example. Under DX11 the 980 Ti is 15% faster while it is just 2% faster when using DX12. The exact same thing was seen when comparing the GTX 980 and R9 390X.

Reply #9 - Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition nosTEAM

Macaulay Culkin Is Reliving His 'Home Alone' Nightmares - Here's the first episode of the new comedy web series :DRYVRS, created and written by musician, actor and producer Jack Dishel. The series stars Jack as an on-demand car service passenger and chronicles the strange drivers he encounters.


Alice Through The Looking Glass Official TRAILER #1 (2021) - Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to fight alongside her friends including The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) against the horrors of the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Stars: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, Martin Sheen, Alan Rickman, Toby Jones, Rhys Ifans.

Armor: armor value of the defender. Armor reduction only applies to physical damage. This value can be found under the Attributes tab of the character menu. For player-controlled characters, if damage is taken from the front, the value listed as "Armor: Front" used, otherwise the value listed as "Armor" is used instead (NPCs only have one armor value, which you can view in tactical mode).


Castlevania Anniversary Collection Torrent Download

So for example, let's say you have both main and off-hand damage of 50 and a flanking bonus of 30%. For simplicity assume that there are no critical hits and you are attacking an enemy with 0 armor and no other damage mitigation.

Documentation for Combat Mechanics - Go to last page

Samsung says this allows it to keep the size of the chip much smaller than if each component were to be used separately. The Bio-Processor has a total of five AFEs to take different measurements, including body fat, skeletal muscle mass, heart rate/rhythm, skin temperature, and stress level.

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For non-players, the value comes from a table and is level-dependent. The base values vary from 56 at level 1 to 254 at level 23, but there are comments in the file that suggest they should be reduced somewhere down the line (stat_compute_armorpenetration_script).


Yes, it's Rupture, the same as stun + precision. It's the fourth from the bottom in the combo section.

Documentation for Combat Mechanics: post

Brain scans from nearly 200 adolescent boys provide evidence that the brains of compulsive video game players are wired differently. Chronic video game play is associated with hyperconnectivity between several pairs of brain networks.

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In those two countries, the Snapdragon 820 SoC will be driving the phone. The graphics processor on the Exynos 8890 is the Mali-T880 with 12 cores. A second version of the Exynos 8890 for the Galaxy S7 Special Edition, reportedly comes with a version of the Mali-T880 with 14 cores. ARM has said that the graphics processor is scalable from 1 to as many as 16 cores, so this is not science fiction. The source of this rumor is a posting on a Weibo page. This means, as tasty a dish as such a phone would be, you need to take this rumor with a grain of salt.


Selena Gomez in Hands to Myself featuring Beats Pill+ - Selena Gomez can't keep her hands off the #NewBeatsPill. Watch her #GetBeats in the sneak peek of "Hands To Myself" video.

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The final boss in the Brothers of the Forge quest now shoots his rune arm properly. His melee attacks are also now imbued with a small amount of force damage from his runearm.


How do hard drives work - The next time someone asks you "how does a hard drive work," send them a link to this video. Actually, the first 25 seconds of the video explains things quite nicely.

Sony Hoping to Boost Battery Capacity By 40% - Sony is looking at sulfur to help improve the performance of rechargeable batteries. Sony says using sulfur as an electrode material can increase the energy density from today's limit of 700Wh/L to 1,000Wh/L. This boost would give a lithium-sulfur battery 40% more capacity when compared to a lithium-ion battery of the same volume. Sony would use sulfur for the positive electrode and lithium for the negative electrode. Sulfur has low voltage, but much greater capacity potential. The company is also investigating magnesium-sulfur batteries. Sony hopes to commercialize the Li-S batteries in smartphones by 2021.


Did some testing on block and slash, and looks like the arc for the counterattack is actually quite large (I was sometimes able to hit enemies that were standing almost directly behind the caster) but asymmetrical. The ability also consumes a lot more stamina than the in-game description implies. Updated the OP with the new info (along with some other stuff).

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Spectre - Ultimate 007 Trailer - A cryptic message from Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.