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  • I would personally wait for the speaker to go on sale before considering purchasing the UE Boom 2
  • I did have several annoying problems with some of the Boom 2 features but never with audio quality
  • So, whether the beat gets dropped or the tempo amplifies, with BOOM you don’t have to worry
  • You can stream your favorite tracks from Spotify and Tidal to enjoy Boom effects for all your music
  • Then Properly Install It on your Android phone
  • When it is charging however, you can’t stand the Boom 2 in its default upright position
  • I do not think A.R.I.S.E. Sound Mod is a good alternative to Boom
  • Q: QuestionCan the UE - BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker be paired with the Samsung 8 phone

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM APPS iOS App

The build quality of the Idol 4 is top notch. You get a sleak silver metal trim around the edge of the phone as well as metal buttons.


Boom Live Android French

You can use DimType to control the dim degree when showing the sub buttons. You may notice that in the demo, when you click the floating action button, the background would not be dim. But, when you click the BMB in the action bar, the background would be dim.

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Good music is indispensable, but what good is it if you have poor quality audio devices? Ultimate Ears (UE) which is owned by Logitech released its Boom speaker in 2021 to rave reviews. UE has updated the Boom to the UE Boom 2 and I requested it to review. I found that the Boom (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=2648) 2 was an awesome sounding speaker for its size though it lacks bass. It has an app to go along with it to add additional functionality like an alarm and the Block Party feature that allows up to three devices to connect to the speaker to share music. I did have several annoying problems with some of the Boom 2 features but never with audio quality.


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Waterproof: IPX7 rated – UE BOOM 2 can be immersed in liquid up to 1m deep for up to 30 minutes

The Idol 4's speaker system delivers super sound quality. You get twin 3/6W stereo speakers on the front and back of the phone, both of them delivering high-fidelity audio. You get dual band WiFi as well as WiFi Direct which allows easy connection to WiFi-enabled devices without the need of entering passphrases.


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UE BOOM 2 Android Google Play

Ultimate Ears is transforming the way people experience music, together, out in the world. UE first revolutionized the way artists interact with their concert audiences by reinventing the on-stage monitor, turning it into a custom-fitted earphone. Today, Ultimate Ears continues stronger than ever with its award-winning family of wireless speakers that are designed for people, their friends and wherever life takes them. And with new features and experiences regularly released through free software updates, UE speakers just keep getting better.


There are many intangibles besides its incredible sound that make this something to consider. The Boom 2 is both waterproof after a few dips in pools and sinks and rugged after surviving a few falls from 4-5 feet. Its wireless range is far improved but nowhere near the 100 feet advertised. I would lose connection at around 50 feet with both an iPhone 6 and a Moto X. Like almost all Bluetooth speaker manufacturers, they’ve also embellished on the battery capacity a little bit. I’d give this about 10 hours of loud play – which is still extremely solid. I didn’t play too much with the tap control feature but it worked in limited reps I gave it.

The new Boom ups the toughness, able to now withstand being submerged in water for 30 minutes or dropped from up to 5 feet without harm. In my testing, the speaker worked fine after being in a sink full of water for five minutes, though once submerged, it lost the signal from my phone. As soon as I removed it from the water, the sound resumed. It also survived a drop onto hardwood floor from about 5 feet without any effect or blemish.


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Audio Quality: In general the audio quality is fantastic. All frequencies seemed wonderfully clean and clear. I found that listening to electronic music like “Digitalis” by Samples and “International” (Radio Edit) by JETFIRE & Happy Enemies sounds excellent. All frequencies seemed well balanced and the audio was very clear. I did not hear any volume dampening in the mid to upper frequencies when the bass was playing which is something that happens with my Logitech x300 speaker. I find I still crave the lower frequencies, but the speaker is so portable, it’s a worthy sacrifice. Other types of music were also enjoyable to listen to. When listening to “Mission to the Unknown” by Audiomachine (symphonic movie score type music), I cranked up the volume and heard a small amount of distortion. Again the frequencies seem well balanced. The song “Love is Here to Stay” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sounded marvelous. The vocals and trumpet sounded as though you were sitting in the audience listening to them sing in person.

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That’s pretty much the beginning and end of the gripes, however. The package is much improved over the previous edition, which was a great piece of equipment. I can verify that the sound is noticeably improved over the original UE Boom and more into the Bose Soundlink Mini 2 territory. The bass wasn’t all the way there but it is as close as you’ll get in a speaker of this size and weight.

What does the EXC stand for? Is this a newer version or enhanced version of the Boom 2

There is at least ONE inexpensive add-on BT Transmitter that you can add to virtually ANY TV that has one or more audio outputs. It's made by AVANTREE and its the model BTT-418. It's small, works very well (with APTXLL supported headphones or speakers) and it also has the ability to send to two separate BT stereo devices!


Frequency Range: The specifications indicate that the speaker has a frequency range of 90Hz-20,000Hz. I used my trusty Audio Test Tone Generator Android app to determine the frequency response of the speaker. I found that I could pick up as low as 65Hz with the speaker, but it was very quiet and was able to go as high as 17,500Hz. So as you can see this is not the kind of speaker that has strong bass performance.

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  • Ultimate Ears which is owned by Logitech released its Boom speaker in 2021 to rave reviews
  • With Boom, you can now play almost all the music you love – no matter from where
  • The UE BOOM 2 Apple iOS APP
  • 16 thoughts on “UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker review”
  • Then came the MEGABOOM, a damn-near double sized BOOM
  • I think A.R.I.S.E. Sound Mod is a good alternative to Boom 2

The party never actually stops – you just fall asleep. Your Ultimate Ears portable speaker wakes you up with your favorite songs, Spotify playlists, Pandora stations and more.

UE offers new colors for the Boom 2: BrainFreeze, Cherrybomb, GreenMachine, Phantom, Tropical and Yeti — all of which are bright and bold. You don't have to worry about this speaker blending into the background.


Alarm feature: The UE Boom 2 speaker has an alarm feature. Just setting the time using my Nexus 6 phone was a little less than straightforward. To set the time, you need to tap on the hour (or minutes or PM/AM), select your desired time, then tap on it again before moving on to other time settings – this was not intuitive so initially it was a tad bit frustrating. This may vary depending on your device.

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Bluetooth speakers are extremely commonplace these days, but one of the more popular brands is Ultimate Ears, aka UE. The cross-shaped volume buttons have become somewhat iconic, as well as instantly recognizable. Though a few years old, UE's Boom 2 is still a solid choice for some portable beats and you can pick up a factory refurbished one up for yourself on Woot for $59/99.


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Het geluid van de ingebouwde speakers in een Mac gaat er echt beter door klinken. Na eenmalig instellen heb je geen omkijken meer naar de app.

When I get a new speaker in the mail to test, one of my go-to devices for comparison is the UE Boom 2. Looks, features, sound – this speaker checks off all the boxes. Today, it even checks the box next to great price. Right now you can pick one up at Verizon for just $99, which is half the normal retail price and a full $30 less than the discounted price that everyone else is offering, including T-Mobile (better get on that Mr. Legere, can't let big red beat ya, it'll ruin your sterling reputation).


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Do your ears desire 3D Surround Sound feel coming out of the headphones? Are you looking for a finer Equalizer? Do you want to boost your Spotify and Tidal streaming with incredible 3D Surround Sound? Here’s Boom, an app worthy of being your Default Music Player!

Super-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker built for adventure. With balanced 360° sound, deep bass and serious waterproof, drop proof and dust proof, Now with one-touch music controls, it's the ultimate go-anywhere speaker.


When click other place except the sub buttons, the BMB will hide all the sub buttons. You can use setCancelable(cancelable) to set the value to false. But remember to set one button to perform the cancelable job, otherwise the BMB will be uncancelable.

Ultimate Ears makes some of the best Bluetooth portable speakers around, and though they're a little on the expensive side, we usually think they're a good buy for anyone looking for a portable speaker that's capable of putting out some very respectable sound. One of those speakers is the UE BOOM 2, which sounded great when it first came out and can still hold its own against others on the market, despite having been launched a tad over 2 years ago now.


UE addressed one key issue with the Boom 2: you can now control playback by tapping the top. Tap the top once to play or pause; tap it twice to skip ahead. You have to be holding the speaker to make this work — it can't be sitting on a table. I found the tap control to be a bit finicky, but it's still a welcome addition; you no longer need to be near your mobile device to control the music.

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The Boom (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3397) 2 paired quickly with Android and iOS devices. The speaker has a wireless range of 100 feet, up from the standard 30 feet on the Boom (recommended you read). I found the signal to be very strong even at the max distance.

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Equalizer: The UE Boom app has a nice equalizer setting for the speaker. You may use the default settings or customize your own (custom settings are shown in the right screenshot). Since my Nexus 6 phone does not allow me to use third-party equalizers, I found this to be a very nice addition.


The testing of the Boom (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=6444) 2 was sometimes an arduous task – I encountered several problems, but thankfully several of the issues were resolved with the latest UE Boom Android (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=335) app update. My problems with the remote “Power On” feature, calling feature, and app crashes were fixed with the update.

The Power Button (the recessed LED illuminated slit in the center) and the Bluetooth button (the LED illuminated raised dot) are located on the top of the speaker. The Power Button LED will turn red when the speaker is low on battery.


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An issue popped up a couple of times when reconnecting my phone to the speaker. The Bluetooth settings indicated that I was connected, however, the speaker was not connected within the app. Sometimes turning off all other connections to the speaker helped, but a couple of times I needed to reset the speaker by holding the Volume Down button with the Power button simultaneously until I heard a sound, then paired the speaker to my phone again (which solved the problem).

With the Alcatel Idol 4, you also get a 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera. The rear camera photo quality can be adjusted down from 13 megapixels to 8 megapixels, which is nice.


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Unlock more features through regular Speaker and App updates. Accessing new features with your speaker is a single tap away in the app!

For instance, if the delay is 0, then all the sub buttons will boom out at the same time

When recording video, you can choose from several video modes including slo-mo, micro-video and fyuse. Both camera and video mode can be performed in manual mode or auto mode. There is also pano (panoramic) mode for 360 degree pictures.


If you happen to have a device that has NFC-enabled, you can pair the speaker by passing your device over the area of the speaker containing the volume controls after turning on your device’s Bluetooth and putting the speaker in Bluetooth mode. When pairing with my Nexus 6 phone, iPod Touch 5G, and HTC One X phone I had no problems regardless of whether I was using NFC or going into the Bluetooth settings.

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  • The color of the boom menu button, only work in floating action button
  • I do not think Sound Booster is a good alternative to Boom
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Basically, this allows up to three devices to connect to the speaker at the same time and take turns playing music. Everything is controlled by the "host" (the person who started the Block Party), which allows them to play/pause music on any of the connected devices, as well as change the volume of the speaker and boot users who don't want to play nicely.

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You can set the degree to rotate the sub button. But only for circle types, I forbade applying rotation animation to hamburger types button because the shadow or a rolling rectangle is hard to display. The default rotation degree is 720.

  • The latest Ultimate Ears BOOM app update removes Alexa and other features, and people are pissed
  • I think SoundSource is a good alternative to Boom 2
  • Can the UE - BOOM 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker be paired with the Samsung 8 phone
  • Naturally, this builds on what UE started with the BOOM and makes it better
  • Ultimate Ears Releases 'Block Party Mode' Update For The MEGABOOM, BOOM 2, And ROLL
  • Amazon is currently offering the BOOM 2 for just $74.99
  • Grab a factory refurbished UE Boom 2 for $57 from Woot
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