The songs "Crack" and "Dope Peddler" are the only songs that demand any sort of attention whatsoever. The rest of the album, more specifically the second half of the album just blends together and gets somewhat boring. What makes this debut even less impressive is the fact that 2 Chainz produced absolutely no songs on the album. He just did some mediocre rapping to all of the songs and called it his own.

  • In the end, “It’s a Vibe” isn’t exactly 2 Chainz’s finest lyrical work, but rather. it’s a vibe
  • Me and Chainz go way back, we don’t talk shit, we just state facts
  • DOWNLOAD: 2 Chainz “Pretty Girls Love Trap Music” (CLEAN
  • K Camp – Black Card Flow Intro – Clean iAmTheGENIUS feat
  • I talk about current events, 2 Chainz told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway
  • A$AP ROCKY - F**kin' Problems ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar
  • Appropriately capped off with a verse from 2 Chainz affiliate, Cap
  • Cover The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It 2 Chainz
  • Cover Hot Wings Are A Girl’s Best Friend 2 Chainz
  • Rick Ross - Buy Back the Block ft. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane
  • Buy album Rap Or Go To The League 2 Chainz

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All week, we'll be looking at the most exciting things to look forward to this year, from A-Z, 26 in all. From Ariana Grande and Beyonce to Lady Gaga, One Direction, Rick Ross and Zendaya, we've got everything you need to know on the music (find out more) you'll need to own.

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1 Well, believe it or not folks, PRETTY GIRLS LIKE TRAP MUSIC is good 76%
2 Chainz - Rolls Royce Weather Every Day ft. Lil Wayne 88%
3 Chainz - Feel A Way ft. Kanye West, Brent Faiyaz 26%
4 Travi$ Scott - Upper Echelon ft. T.I, 2 Chainz 92%
5 Nicki Minaj - Beez In The Trap ft. 2 Chainz 98%
6 Chainz - 100 Joints 96%

It’s no secret that 6ix9ine loves to troll Lil Reese, but it looks like the Chicago rapper was able to give Tekashi a taste of his own medicine. On Monday (June 28), Reese jumped on Twitter to taunt 6ix9ine after reports surfaced online that the Brooklyn rapper's father is homeless. In the Page Six article, published on June 25, the elder Daniel Hernandez Sr. claimed that his famous son won’t help him out.

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This is often the case after an artist blows up and signs a new record deal. Obviously Epps was a veteran of the industry, but he was still honing his sound as an independent artist with a newly-realized moniker.


PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The Maricopa County Attorney's Office says it has filed a motion to dismiss the case against the man who hit and killed a Salt River police officer. Prosecutors made the announcement on Friday, saying the case against Jerry Sanstead will be dropped without prejudice, meaning they can file charges again. County Attorney Allister said in a statement two "crucial pieces of evidence" played into the decision. She said a key witness wasn't unavailable for trial and a medical opinion explained that the crash wasn't criminal.

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The word: "You don't want to have the whole album about one thing, but I definitely show growth on there. I talk about gaining friends, losing friends; reality rap man.


A GERMAN mother accused of killing five of her six children by drugging their breakfast and then drowning them in a bathtub has appeared in court. Christiane K, 28, is facing trial over the murder of her children aged between one and eight, after feeding them with large doses of drugs in Solingen last September.

But 2 Chainz is hardly a cranky old man. If anything is clear, on Pretty Girls he’s having as much fun as anyone.


Labor Day is essentially a closing ceremony for the greatest season of the year, leaving us with little to look forward to including, dwindling daylight hours, plummeting temperatures and school looming closer. So what better time to look ahead to see what our favorite artists have in store for the rest of the year?

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One thing he does do is step up the quality to distinguish his album from his multiple mixtapes. It also doesn't hurt that he has A list of guest appearances to call upon. Kanye West, Drake, John Legend & Scarface clearly believe in this guy and they bring their A game to prove it.

The criticism against 2 Chainz isn’t about his preoccupation with excess, but how that focus could be easily replicated by any rapper. Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, though, is an album that could only have been made by him.

  • Chainz Makes A Huge Claim About The Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd
  • The song closes with Chainz shouting out his collaborators, saying: “Ayy, Mike Dean
  • Chainz ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, Jhené Aiko - It's A Vibe
  • While the song finds 2 Chainz once again boasting about making money
  • Buy album Hot Wings Are A Girl’s Best Friend 2 Chainz
  • Juicy J - Bandz A Make Her Dance ft. Lil' Wayne & 2 Chainz
  • Dancing Stars Selection The Music

Pretty Girls is devoid of the frills and gimmicks of some of the more popular trap releases of late. It is a record grounded in the mid-2000’s trap sound.


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One day, a father realized that his 8-year-old daughter was stealing from home. He decided to follow her and what he saw shocked him. Met arrives home from work, and all he wants to do is drink a cup of warm milk and relax a bit. He opens the fridge and the carton of milk he opened in the morning isn’t there.