I have reinstalled the game, and reinstalled Steam and the same happens. Exactly the same happens for 'Supremem Commander: Forged Alliance'. My windows desktop uses dual monitor and has no problems, so it seems like a problem with the way these games utilise dual monitors? Has ayone managed to make SC2 work with dual screens (or SC:FA)?

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Have tried many different combinations of settings but anything involving both monitors and the game won't start (it starts to load, screen goes blank and then nothing happens). Deleting the game pref file resets to default again.

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That's not a true statement, never had a crash on SupCom or FA since I got the Steam versions. Back when SupCom was new though, that was a mess. Lots of stability and performance updates were done and it couldn't run well on even high-end common hardware back in the day.

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As for the game slowing down, on large maps with loads of units, it still does even with top of the range i7's, core maximizer wont help that, its just a dated engine. Having a cpu with a good single core performance is a must.

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