Posting those sites ( YES, Google included. If you know how to use the internet, you know why :) ) i got a few people mad. Like it or not, this sites exists, and people are cracking apps, and people are using cracked apps.

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Installing all these three mods (K1R, BoS:SR and Yavin IV) together seems to be unproductive regardless the installation method used (TSLPatcher or manual install) and the platform the game is running on (Windows or IOS). I have tried running them together and there are game crashing bugs both on the PC and iDevice. It is stated by its creators though that K1R is compatible with BoS:SR, with the condition that K1R is installed last.

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Just like the name implies, the built-in Voice Memos app lets you record any audio you want to save right to your iPhone. It could be a lecture at school, voice-over for a video, an interview for a project, or anything at all.


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At that moment, after the module loads, a few seconds after successfully loading and the player takes a few steps on the map, the game suddenly crashes! Tried multiple times, the same result occurs, the game exits back to IOS.

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The Tatooine module now works perfect, the game does not crash anymore. The player can go into the cantina on Tatooine and talk to the Bith Captain of the Orion to start the mission.


After the save game loading screen the game crashes every time, like the module was missing or corrupted! When the mod was installed using the manual method, the module would load every time, but with some missing assets (doors, enemies, some of the characters). Now the game just crashes immediately after the save game loading screen. I have re-checked with iFile, and the module files for the mod are installed and in their proper folders.

On an non-jail-broken device the filesystem is locked, preventing users to access the core filesystem in order to add / modify the game files. On an un-jail-broken device the user only has access to the "Photos" folder from a PC / Mac, but in a limited read-only mode, and very limited acces is provided to other folders (Music, Video, Apps) via iTunes.


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After this portion I have stopped play-testing this mod on IOS. I have used a smart Windows application that allows multiple files renaming, to change all the file names of all files of the mod to lowercase letters (this was done to circumvent the IOS case letters capitalization roadblock that affected the save game files).

Tap the trim button on the upper right of the recording. It's a blue box with lines and dots.


How to delete voice memos

IMPORTANT: Keep a save game prior to traveling to the Star Forge (Rakata Planet)! This will be needed in order to play the other mods. If not, the save game included with the BoS:SR archive can be used.

Details: The whole premise behind cracked applications is if you would like to test an application before purchasing it from the Apple App Store. It is expected that after you download cracked apps to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 6 firmware that you either delete the app after testing it or purchase it from the App Store.


Once you tap anywhere else, the name will stick. You can rename any recording, just like this, any time.

How to record Voice Memos for iPhone

After the movie ends the game crashes. The crash did not occur when the mod was installed using the manual method.


When entering the elevator to the upper level (that has been added by the mod where the armory is located in the unmodded game), the game crashed after the loading screen. This was easily fixed by renaming the module, by changing all uppercase characters to lowercase characters!

Uninstall and perform a clean reinstall of KOTOR (mandatory on an IOS device, on a PC the KOTOR game folder can be backed up before installing the K1R mod and the un-modded copy can be used afterwards). Install either the Yavin IV or the BoS:SR mod on this clean install and enjoy! I chose to play Yavin IV first as BoS:SR brings an entirely new story line.


Now the mod launches properly when accessing the Yavin IV space station door, the level loads smoothly and all assets, items and cut-scenes load and work perfectly! I will keep "beta-testing" the entire mod content and post a detailed report with pictures soon.

I have used the method described below. I have written this tutorial to help anyone else who is uncertain about how to exactly install mods on IOS using the TSL Patcher, since there are many steps that must be carefully respected, although the process itself is not very complicated.

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