NFS Creative Director Rod Chong during an extensive Q&A session at speedhunters blog revealed the supported steering wheels for EA’s ambitious racing simulator Shift 2: Unleashed. Among other details on the subject are the animations inside the helmet cam when you steer and how the game manages a whole 900 degrees of steering. Below is all he had to say about NFS Shift 2: Unleashed Supported Steering Wheels and the complete list of steering wheels you can use.

  • Once the two laps are over, the player enters the NFS live world series
  • Logitech G27 Racing Wheel – full support for all buttons
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Yes the steering wheel in game animations are matched up to the steering wheel angle settings. Personally I like racing sim games with low steering angles, but if you want 900 degrees of rotation, you can do it.

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Absolutely yes and it works beautifully. The in-cockpit animations are perfectly sync’d to what the player is doing, so when using 900 degrees you’ll see the animated hands properly shifting position on the wheel to turn it beyond the standard angles.

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