After a long search on how to unlock my Huawei E5220s-2 Pocket WiFi so I can use other sim rather than globe. Then I found on a Symbianize Forum a method that can unlock my device without having to reflashed it, we only needs the New Algorithm Code to unlock it. It is also applicable for the Huawei Broadband E357 and E359 tried and tested.

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To enjoy 1GB of data per day for YouTube, you can subscribe to HomeSURF promos like the HomeSURF199. The HomeSURF15 is an exclusive add-on for the GoSURF50 promo so you can’t register it on its own.


The Globe at Home app allows you to easily check your balance or subscribe to promos with a few taps on your phone. Read this article to learn how to use the Globe (find more info) at Home app and connect it to your account.

The GoSURF50 promo is the cheapest Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi promo as it only costs ₱50 and is good for 3 days. You will get 1GB of open access Internet but the downside is that you don’t have additional data for videos unlike it’s competitor, the Smart Bro GigaSURF50.


HPI is the config document utilized by HTTP Intermediary Injector for PC which is required for the application to work. HTTP Intermediary Injector is an extremely prominent VPN like programming utilized with the expectation of complimentary web in the Philippines (Globe, TM, Savvy, dynamite and Sun). HTTP ProxyInjector by co2thunderboy is an instrument to set custom HTTP header. This PC application bolsters SSH/Intermediary which can unblock sites that are separated by your system supplier's firewall.

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You can subscribe to as many GoBooster add-ons as you want, and they can be stacked as long as they are of the same type (for example, GoLISTEN10 can only be stacked by GoLISTEN10). Unused GoBooster GBs will stack to the booster with the longest expiry.

Go to and pick an intermediary that directions with your picked SSH Server. In our case, we utilized USA SSH Server so we should pick USA Intermediary too.


You would now be able to utilize this HPI config record everytime you will associate your picked modem. Appreciate and surf the web for nothing!

You can register to Globe Go promos as many times as you want. There’s no maintaining balance required and you can avail of this promo as long as you have load. You can also subscribe to Go promos alongside other data promos such as GoSurf and GoSakto (except for SuperSurf promos). Globe Go promo GBs can be stacked with other promos and the unused GBs will follow the promo with the longest expiry.

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Globe Go promos also come with free GoWiFi access so you can easily connect to the Internet at Globe (check it out)’s GoWiFi public hotspot stations all over the Philippines. Furthermore, you can customize your Globe Go promo by subscribing to a GoBooster add-on depending on your need or preference. Whether you are a mobile gamer, a video streaming addict or a social media fanatic, there’s a GoBooster add-on for you that will help you get the most out of your subscription.


Subscribe to Globe Go promo

We have 162/243/207/236 IP and 80,81,8080,8000,3128 Ports. Take after this organization, Proxy:Port, in the Port it is prescribed to utilize 80 dependably.

There are several ways to subscribe to Globe (hop over to these guys) at Home Prepaid WiFi promos. We recommend using the Globe at Home app for this purpose since it’s convenient and you don’t have to type any keywords, but if you don’t have the app, you can try other ways like dialing *143# or using the Share-a-Promo feature.

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To begin with, pick your coveted server (Asia, Europe, America or Africa). In this case, US Server was picked.