If you have considerable experience on the battlefields of Travian: Legends, then it's time to rise to the challenge. Pick your strongest allies, enter the tournament and write history together.

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Rush a second village, or coast. This is going to completely depend on the raiding potential of your area, how active you are, and how much you are dominating your area. Either way, level your MB up to 5 and start a residence. Even if you aren’t rushing for a village, you don’t want to be last.


In the early part of the game – if you see a Teuton in the area that might be raiding, check their BP. If you can stomach it, try raiding them. It may help you in the long run to get rid of them early, or at least set them back. Just be careful – if you set yourself back, they’ll recover faster. It’s a chancy thing, but some times it’ll pay off. Their troops will suck defending – 1 of yours will account for 2 of theirs. Which is almost equal in resources. Early aggressive Teutons seem to completely rely on their raiding, so if you can put a stop to it early, you’ll see the benefits in the long run.

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NOTE: IF you’re going to buy gold, do it NOW. The 25% bonus to production will not hinder you at all – it will help. Don’t worry about auto building your fields, its pointless this early in the game, just get the bonus production.

The whole reason you have this village is to increase your base production. It’s cheaper to build up low level fields than increase your home fields from 7.


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So your rat arrived, and now you’re ready to move on. Visit the ugly fellow to get your reward for waiting for the rat. Then read the report to get your supplies. Finish upgrading the rest of your fields, if you don’t have enough resources just yet you didn’t wait long enough and need to come back later.

There are only so many oasis to go around. Build a few squares out to take advantage of new oasis that will help your 2nd village with production.


Continue to follow the quest line. Yes, even build that cranny, its cheap and you get as much back in reward as you spend on it. When you start the cranny, start upgrade 1 of each resource field to level 2. You’re a roman, use that Double Build to your advantage. When the Cranny finishes, upgrade your MB to level 3 – same reason.

It may seem unfair, it may even seem like you got the short end of the stick, but thats just how the game works. I’ve been told repeatedly, Romans are team players, they aren’t made to stand out, they’re made to make their alliance stand out.


I can’t recommend a specific day to ‘start’ the server. It depends on how close to the center you want to be placed. I have started on day 1, day 3, day 6 and day 30 – I’ve discovered that the closer to the start of the server you begin, the harder your life is going to be. Mostly because by day 3 when all the really aggressive Teutons have been waiting to start if you spawn at the same time they do, you really won’t have much chance.

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If the reason you did this was because of teutons you were worried about, pick up scouts on your way to EI’s. You won’t need more than 3, and they’re cheap. Start scouting your threats as soon as possible, send all 3 scouts for the first trip to make sure they don’t have 1 of their own ready to kill yours.


Keep up your raiding, it’s still your lifeline. Keep everyone out of your village at all times, and try to make sure they aren’t coming back empty handed. Start building EI’s and keep building EI’s. You want to hit a 1 hour EI barrier quickly, and it won’t take long.

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There is no reason you should not have your rat incoming within your first few hours of the game. When the quest Master is telling you to wait for the rat before doing anything else, ignore him. Continue upgrading all your resource fields to level 1. The sooner you have all your resource fields up, the sooner you will be getting income from them. This is a small income, and it will not be on par with what you can get raiding, but at the moment it’s the best you’ve got.


Your first goal should be resource fields to level 5. Then academy to level 10, then start building a second residence. This village is a crutial part of your infrastructure. The fast you get it producing, the faster the game will move from this point forward. Any resources not coming to this village should be used to build EI’s and expand your raiding radius.

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Check what you have for oasis, start thinking long term – yes, start thinking long term right out of the box. It’ll help you, trust me. Which oasis are good? Which are you going after first? Who is going to be competing with you for those oasis?


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You are not a good target for a farm. You’re sitting at mid 60 population or higher and have 20 legos. They are actually defensive troops, you’re only using them to raid cause you’re stuck with them.

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If you thought this was going to be fun, you’re in for a big surprise. Your second village’s usefulness is in the fact that it has 18 more resource fields. Constant shipments from your main village will see this little beauty grow -very- quickly.


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Your fledgling can survive on it’s own for a bit, throw parties. Throw parties as soon as you can and as often as you can. If you have spare resources from throwing parties, send them to your little village.

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Therefore, do not neglect military buildings in this game because they improve weapons and armors, troop stats such as the stamina, unlocking and training of stronger troop types and more. One of the most important buildings is the Academy because it is responsible for researching and unlocking almost all unit types which will then be available for training in the Stable (for cavalry) and Workshop (for rams and catapults).


A different feel to Ultima Online. We offer 1200/0 skillcap, and a 300 point stat cap. We feature multiple quests and plenty of custom monsters. Currently patch 7/0.5/0 and in open beta.

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At 8 iron/hour it’ll take 11 hours to get that extra 85 for your second troop. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. NOW ask yourself if you can wait 1 day and get in a better position, and have potentially more people out of BP for you to raid.


Because you aren’t going to be building them in every village, at most you’ll be building them in one or two villages. Every time you want to build them you need to research them, look at the resource cost, then come back and tell me it’s worth doing that 5 times at the beginning of a server. Pick a village to build them from, then build them there.

Start your MB upgrading to level 2. Yes, your MB. As surprising as it may sound, as a Roman you do have an option of what road to take at the very beginning of a server. Unlike your Teuton friends, you cannot start raiding within 2 hours, but you CAN start raiding within your first 13 hours. The MB is a key component, you’ll need it for everything, it takes time, and will let your resources stock while you do the next step.


Think of this like an investment in your future. The ROI will come, just not immediately.

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NOTE: Once you have all fields at level 8 for a particular resource, built one to 9, then build that same one to 10. Build a bonus building immediately. The increase you get from it is much higher than if you built all fields to 9 then one to 10. It’s also much cheaper, your ROI will be seen immediately.


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If they’re behind you, and you’re building troops and they aren’t, when do you think they’ll become a big threat? The more they grow, the more resources they will eventually furnish you with. Never Zero pop someone unless they are using catapults on you, or are in an alliance that is using catapults on you.

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I’m going to stop indicating how many days it’ll take for you to arrive at these next steps. It’ll vary, everyone has different placement and different requirements. The 1 hour barrier refers to the 7 squares (on regular server) in any direction around your village. Your legos move at spd 6, 7 squares is just over 1 hour one way. The 1 hour barrier is when you have enough legos to effectively clean out every village inside the 1 hour barrier every time you log into the game.


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Chose the -Military- path, don’t be an idiot and go the other route, you don’t need that stuff yet as much as you need to start raiding. You’re still in BP so don’t get stressed that you aren’t raiding and don’t have troops yet, they’ll come.


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Resource buildings are responsible for processing the raw resources required for everything in the game (from units to buildings). Basically the Iron Foundry is the place where iron is melted, Grain Mill turns grain into flour, Bakery to take the flour and make it into bread, Brickyard to process clay into bricks. Upgrading the level of these buildings improves their production.

This is where things can branch off. If you are having trouble finding farms, or if there are Teutons in your area bleeding everyone dry, you should start thinking about rushing for EI’s. If you’re not having any trouble, you can keep doing what you’re doing. Personally, I rush for EI’s as soon as possible to stop people from becoming a threat, and to increase my ‘1 hour barrier’ to 14 squares. If you’re in good position, your farms are ok, and you aren’t troubled by anyone starting to look like a threat in your area, keep building legos. Move to a ‘2 hour barrier’ – as described above.


So you’ve just started a new village, you’ve got resources just sitting there waiting to be used, and you’re not sure what to do first/second/third or afterward. Perfect, you’re a clean slate and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

You need 440 resources for a new lego. That is 4 trips (if you can npc your resources). If you aren’t using gold, it’ll be 9 trips before you can build another lego (from scratch). Either way, as soon as you can build another one, build it. This may sound like common sense, but PAY ATTENTION. Your troops, while being expensive take A LONG TIME TO BUILD.


Have a plan in mind, if there is a 15C you want nearby, build somewhere between your current village, and that spot. One day it’ll be yours, just not today.

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If you’re on enough, start expanding your barrier to 1 1/2 hours with your legos. Don’t build more, just raid further out to make sure they are at full carrying capacity.