Adjusting the front-side bus (FSB) allowed us to boot the system at over 3GHz without a voltage increase. However, at 3GHz the system behaved erratically and performance results didn't improve. We expect retail systems to clock over 3GHz flawlessly, but because of limited time, we couldn't investigate the problem further. Core 2 Duo systems are fantastic overclockers, but the QX6700 requires more cooling so won't be quite so successful. The machine houses two Sata (serial ATA) hard disks. A fast 150GB 10,000rpm disk is loaded with Windows and main applications, which allows for games and programs to run at speed, while a 500GB 7,200rpm disk provides acres of space for photos, music and videos. The Ultis Tachyon QX6700 is no slouch when it comes to games thanks to an SLI-based Nvidia Geforce 7950GX2 graphics card. It produced a 3Dmark05 score of 14,169; although hugely impressive, it's nowhere near the king-of-the-hill 3GHz Chillblast Fusion Hardcore X1900XTX Crossfire, which set a lab record of 17,388, but it is comparable to other systems with the Geforce 7950GX2. Quad-core architecture can cause problems with some applications. As a result, we couldn't run our usual Far Cry benchmark, and it was a similar story with Call of Duty 2. Once game developers get their hands on the new processors, patches will no doubt follow to allow compatibility.

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  • The second is that the Crossfire II is a larger and heavier scope
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Thread: Need to update Crossfire patch fast

The new Carrera line-up is the first major revamp of Halford's best selling range of bicycles in seven years. Twenty six bikes including five new road bikes, eight hybrids and thirteen mountain bikes have each been given a completely fresh new update.


The Diamondback® is another Vortex scope that comes with similar properties, but the overall finish is different. This is a lighter model and is made from a machine one-piece aluminum alloy tube with an anodized finish. The optics are also multi-coated, and there is a V-Plex reticle suitable for all-purpose hunting.

Crossfire error patch file


So you are unsure which model to choose? The Vortex Crossfire II or the Vortex Diamondback.

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Halford's in-house Carrera brand has long been popular for its range of no-nonsense, sensibly priced bicycles that cover all styles of cycling. The range has however been long overdue an complete overhaul as cycle technology has moved on quickly in the seven years since its last significant change.

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Now, when comparing models from the same fabricator, life becomes harder, since I cannot compare production lines and materials, the products come from the same umbilical cord. As such, when comparing two different models from the same manufacturer, it all comes down to performance.

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The Crossfire (published here) II is a 4 to 12x magnification scope that provides a long eye relief through a fast (go to website)-focus eyepiece with lenses that are fully multi-coated. There are resettable MOA turrets, and the model is made from aluminum alloy, machined and anodized. The internal spaces are nitrogen purged and sealed with O-rings from a waterproof and fog proof performance, and the overall structure is shockproof as well.