Description: Here's a small update for the FIBA 2K13 mod to keep us busy while waiting for NBA 2K14. The newest patch fixes certain things from the previous release. It also includes a new roster file with updated player ratings and attributes.

  • Guides for MLB 2K13 on Xbox
  • Each position on the diamond requires a player with a unique play style and attitude towards the game
  • From the monthly schedule, you can see when the next training exercise is scheduled for your player
  • Legend and every player has got his own amazing skill that you can use during the match
  • Permanent link to MLB 2K13 Walkthrough
  • Become the #1 ranked player in your My Player organization
  • For example, your player can be a catcher and have a secondary position of first base
  • Player editing will allow you to change your look as many times as you want
  • Like the varying player roles, there are different training games for fielders and pitchers
  • Forget Mike Trout and Bryce Harper; your player is going to outshine them all
  • Adjust the skin tone of your player to make tattoos visible and save changes
  • How to edit a player almost created
  • Almost impossible to complete with any position player that isn’t a Speedster
  • But the difference is that you will control cars and not players
  • Accomplish a Team Season Goal in My Player Mode
  • The most important of My Player menus is My Career menu
  • Win 100+ games in a season in My Player Mode

Like the fielders, pitchers also have nine classes to choose from. You will be glad to know that unlike the fielder classes, most of the pitcher classes have far more functionality and practicality on the field.

Each and every at-bat will have a particular goal for your player based on the game situation

Regardless of which of the positions you’re playing on the field, all of your skill points are awarded in specific categories. While that may sound disadvantageous, it actually works in your favor fairly well in regards to meeting your goals. Plus, with everything cordoned off into individual areas, you’re less likely to waste skill points on an unnecessary attribute. Fielders will have stats broken down into Batting, Fielding, and Baserunning. Pitchers will have those three plus Pitching.


To accommodate for this, there are extra skill points a pitcher has an opportunity to earn. For example, if you don’t get hit in an innings, you get some bonus skill points.

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Speedster: This class offers up the speed. Sadly, it is the only thing it offers.


All Around: This class is for the jack of all trades. This isn’t really good at something nor is it really bad at something.

Slugger: Similar to the ‘Contact’ class but it offers more power. Expect to hit homeruns or nothing at all. This is the ‘go big or go home’ type of class.


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As a fielder, you’ll also have the advantage during creation to choose a secondary position. Make sure it’s a position your created persona will be able to play easily (second base and shortstop, catcher and first base, third base and outfield) as MLB 2K13 (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3075) will automatically place you into this second position in the Majors if a higher-rated player is holding your primary spot. Even if the player (extra resources) at the second position is rated higher than your created one, you will get the starting nod.

Utility: Below average in almost all categories. Under no circumstances should you ever pick this role.


Fortunately, there aren’t any negative penalties placed on players for underachieving. The penalty is not getting enough skill points to progress any attributes. Keep striking out or making poor contact, and your overall attributes will decrease over time, but there are no immediate ramifications for not meeting expectations. The same can be said in the field. You don’t have goals to meet as a fielder, but throwing out runners will earn you skill points. Not throwing them because of an error out won’t diminish your point totals, but you miss out on valuable skill points as a result.

Lead Off and Jump [both]: Teaches base stealing timing. Unless you only want to steal bases, this is a worthless exercise.


It should also be noted the youngest you’ll be able to make your player is 19. That means no birthdates later than 1994. It’s not really that big a deal, as you’re only missing out on one more possible year of eligibility. However, when you finish creating your player and picking your team, you jump ahead to June 2021 in the schedule. You lose some valuable playing months as MLB 2K13 won’t let you in the league until after the Amateur Player Draft.

The best thing about My Player (basics) mode is its replay-ability value. Each position on the diamond requires a player (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=7420) with a unique play style and attitude towards the game. Of course, your own choices in this regard matter too. In other words, My Player mode is thoroughly addictive, and once you are hooked on it; you will never be able to get enough.


Additionally, there is thing called ‘Tendency’ too which you can tweak after you pick your three pitches. However, its effect on the game is non-existent.

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates the 12 cyberface files for the players (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=9639) of the Phoenix Suns. The pack includes new face for Channing Frye, Goran Dragic, Hamed Haddadi, Jared Dudley, Jermaine O'neal, Luis Scola, Marcin Gortat, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Michael Beasley, Shannon Brown, and Wesley Johnson.

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Pitchers too will receive one goal to meet per at-bat. They run the gamut from “Throw a first pitch strike” to “Get a ground ball out,” and everything in between. You won’t be graded pitch-to-pitch, but your player’s individual pitch ratings can increase or decrease based on how well you’re throwing it. For example, if no batters are making contact with your fastball and you’re throwing it for strikes, it will get a nice bump for that game only.


MLB 2K13 My Player

Remember the skill points you earn are awarded in specific categories. This will prevent you from wasting your skill points on useless attributes. For fielders, these categories are into Batting, Fielding, and Baserunning Pitchers have the same three and also a ‘Pitching’ category.

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Major league baseball 2k13

Strike Out: Better at preventing contact by right- and left-handed batters, but lower stamina. High velocity and decent movement for pitches.

Goals are given to you right as you step into the batter’s box, and they’ll range from “Get ahead in the count” to “Get a base hit,” and everything in between. Completing a goal will earn you 20 skill points. They can be a little unfair at times (the only way to get ahead in the count is to take pitches, and the pitcher may only throw you strikes), but you can still earn experience even you don’t complete the goal. Again taking the “ahead in the count” goal, if the first pitch is right down the middle, you can swing away. Getting a base hit (or more) is vastly more valuable than just sitting and waiting for a ball to be thrown. If there are men on base, the odds are even more in your favor to swing away.


The clear out of this lot is the ‘All Around’ class. However, if you still want to change some things up a bit, then go for the ‘Slugger’ or ‘Contact’ class. If you pick something else you are in for a bad time.

The pitcher roles are a little bit different, and thus offer slightly more customizability than the fielder roles. Even though the pitcher has a bit more to work with in regards to strengths and weaknesses between roles, there are also only a handful of the nine available that we would recommend using. It should also be noted, the categories here will impact your individual pitches as well.


That said, the first and most basic tip for building a great My Player is to simply play the game .a lot

Keep in mind that training sessions vary for pitchers and fielders. There are five types of training sessions available to the fielders and six types of the training session available to the pitchers.

Now for fielders it is advised that they take the two hitting training sessions. Leave the base running and fielding training sessions alone, you can earn skill pints for them through playing the actual matches.


In MLB 2K13 (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=8005) you can enjoy the authentic baseball environment of MLB Today featuring real life commentary and statistics, and develop winning players (read the article) and teams in My Player, Franchise & Postseason modes. Available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For pitchers, it is mandatory that they only take the two exclusive pitching sessions. Even when they reach the big leagues, the pitching training sessions should take priority over any other type.