The third season of Serial is being turned into a TV series. HBO is adapting the nine-episode run, which examined multiple cases handled by the Cleveland justice system. According to Deadline, writer and director Shola Amoo (The Last Tree) is involved, with Serial host Sarah Koenig, NBA superstar LeBron James and former HBO miniseries chief Kary Antholis as executive producers. The currently untitled drama will reportedly follow a young police officer and a man that he’s accused of beating. The case will be a lens for the court system and everything it touches, including lawyers and citizens that have been accused of and victimized by crimes.

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Model CV-2000D Deck-An economical approach to video tape recording. This compact unit is housed in a sturdy, handsome walnut-finish cabinet.


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All homebrew listed below is compatible with Atmosphère. Note that a lot of the apps listed below can be installed via the Homebrew App Store.


Most homebrew games are ports of open source games or game engines. Game engines will typically require files from the original game, or game packs, for full functionality.

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The Videocorder is not to be used to record copyrighted material. Sony and Videocorder are registered trademarks of the Sony Corp.

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Economy of operation is another important feature of the Videocorder, These decks employ the ingenious Sony alternate-field scan and repeat-field playback system making it possible to operate the tape at a slow 71/2 ips speed, An hour of program material can be recorded on a 7-inch reel at a cost of less than $40. And the tape can be erased and used again and again.

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The Special-Effects Generator may be used as part of a surveillance system or any other closed circuit television application. When the SYNC SELECT switch 14 is set to INT on internal 2: 1 interlace sync generator will synchronize all cameras.

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