Carly Rae Jepsen vs. PSY - Call Me Gangnam. Michael Simmons created this fantastic mashup of Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe, and we decided to mashup some of the video content from PSY and Carly Rae Japsen.

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Creating high-quality viral content may not be for everyone. It's a difficult task, especially when you're just starting out.

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Gas Chamber: What Rhue's hometown of Raijutsu turned into while he was out delivering scrolls. Several other villages were as well, and have no survivors.


Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Ballos, of course. However, he's not where you'd expect.

Gangnam Style by Alien Maricabo Official

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Amy does this a few times. Save the game the first time, I dare you.


I require help with a character whose sprites are 16x16 and who is an antagonist. Should her hair be in front of one of her eyes or not? And what colour eyes and hair should she have?

Serenity finds herself in a virtual world, with no way to get out of the place. It is up to her, and some new friends, to get out of there alive. This mod contains a surprising amount of changed weaponry, such as the Twinblades. This mod is connected to Shane's Cave Story, and Curly Brace from the original Cave Story will be a boss in this mod as well, with her Machinegun. The most recent version is version 0/2.


Psy - Latest Gangnam Style

I also got a detention for staying at home on a school sports day. There was no school work to do, and I don't go to school on such days, but since then, I went to school every schoolday, even after the final exams of the year.

Several characters from other games and anime appear in this mod. It's easier to not make a list of them.


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Uh, yeah, yet another mod I'm working on as of 22 January 2021. It's basically a single Cave Story mod, with FOUR versions. I really am a person with attention deficit creator disorder.

Ret-Gone: Not the correct trope? But anyway, all my mods were deleted by my father (along with all my other video games) before 3 March, and someone hacked my MediaFire and 4Shared (https://vgtdecor.ru/content/uploads/files/download/crackin-gangnam-style-4shared.zip) accounts, deleting the mods from there. Thankfully averted thanks to someone uploading the mods again, though.


At the moment, the author is still busy writing it, having finished only the prologue and the first two chapters. Currently they can't be read yet, because the author wishes to finish the court case chapters first.

As of 1 April, it has been renamed. As such, someone gets to make a character for the story.


Since late November 2021, someone hacked my e-mail account and since then, I was unable to use it. until he made a mistake on 2 September 2021. It is this impostor that was a member of many forums, using my e-mail account. As of 2 September 2021, I spend my time modding Cave Story, working on a few fan fictions, and being the admin of three forums, with a few forum-based RPGs. For some reason, I'm a protagonist in many of those RPGs, mods and fan fics. I still don't know how or why, though.

At the moment, there isn't a plot - this is mainly so that I can get used to modding again. Version 0/1 has been released on 25 December.


Tropes will appear here in the future, and the characters? Well, maybe in the future as well.

Tropers / S Bane N

Beyond the Impossible: Not technically by me, but by my impostor. Somehow, he managed to say something so random that it even got Hopey to feel his own wackiness being comparable to an individual with a normal societal functioning. It also counts as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.


Oxygen Meter: Appears whenever Shane goes underwater / inside poisonous gas. Until Kim gives him the Airmulet.

PSY Brings Gangnam Style to France and Beyond

If this gets a page, please notify me as well (as I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give my own Cave Story mods a page, even if Works Pages Are A Free Launch - better safe than sorry, I always say). And no matter how minor help is, I credit those who help me out. Let's hope it won't literally go Up to Eleven and reach eleven different versions!


Disproportionate Retribution: If you cheat to obtain Life Capsules, your max life decreases. It's possible to have 0 maximum HP. which could end up in a Self-Imposed Challenge.

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This is a spin-off interquel to Dragon Riders 0. The story follows the new defense attorney, Serena Trevors as she takes on her first case. However, things take an unexpected turn as cold cases from the past, even from her childhood, are linked to the most recent murder.


Kay Engiabo is on the moon, trying to prove to her younger sister Nicole that the moon isn't made of cheese. However, when the moon explodes, she finds herself on a floating island, trying to stop a powerful evil monster. This mod wasn't named by me, it was named by a member of the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums, Randolf.

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Conlang: the creator of the Draconian language, technically. Translations are direct and grammar remains the same.

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Conlang: The language Draconian appears in this work. Notable in that Shaun understands it instantly without knowing what it is, but Kimberley takes a while before she understands it. However, everyone can speak Past Draconian without knowing it. Past Draconian is English, with the words spelled backwards.


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Recurring Boss: Obviously, Balrog. One boss fight with him is cancelled, merely by anger because he was called a toaster.

Deadly Gas: Inside Il'andri'iel's castle, of all places. It works in the same way as water, however.


Do Not Call Me "Paul": Do not call Shane "Wayne Jakobus Michael". Unless you want him to get angry and obliterate you.

Anyway, I've got more than 30 fears (trust me when I say most of them are perplexing), my favourite colours are green, red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, black and white. I also remember random days, like the day I got my first (and only) detention, and a few more. I also memorized 756 in June 2021, because I was bored in mathematics class. One could think of myself as a weird, crazy and random person - and they'd be right. As of 3 March 2021, I'm a high-school dropout. I refuse to get a detention for something that five other students did, and the entire class got one.


Inside a Computer System: Hence the name. The three protagonists are inside one.

Sufficiently Advanced Alien / Sufficiently Advanced Bamboo Technology: The planet of Irova is a cybernetic planet where Inhumans live on. However, sometimes glitches appear inside areas called Glitch Rifts. Seeing Glitch Rifts are, however, a gift that is very rare.


Free eBook: Pentatonix Discography 2021 2021 Flac

Gas Mask Maids: In the prologue, Shaun gets kidnapped by them. Henry Black's sister pretends to be one, in order to stop them from killing Shaun.

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Wilde Starr Discography 2021 FLAC

Shout-Out: Several to Ace Attorney. After all, there is a courtroom.

Super Not-Drowning Skills: Kim's Airmulet allows her to breathe underwater. She gives it to Shane after they destroy the Core in the Labyrinth.


Naming of three Pokémon Trainers. One specializes in Poison-type Pokémon, one specializes in Dark-types, and one specializes in Grass-types.

Cave Story is definitely one of them, and also the only game I have ever modded. You can see my mods in some folders below.


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Purposely Overpowered: The Ice Ball and the Frozenken weapons. Justified in that Shane's attribute is ice, and that one of the Sand Zone bosses are ridiculously powerful (19200 HP). After beating said boss, the Ice Ball is taken back, however, but the Frozenken weapon remains as long as Shane remains in Super Inhuman form.

Emii Dances Gangnam Style W/ Lil Cee 92.3NOW

Think about it, she uses a gun that fires ice cubes that disappear into nothingness, and a giant key. There is a possibility that version γ (Gamma) will have yet another improbable weapon known as a Core.


PainGate\\ The Big Mistake Whipped Women.avi

Ember version is still unknown, along with Spark and Toxin. Ember can be chosen by members of the Dragon Riders Planning Forums, Spark can be chosen by Tropers of TV Tropes, and Toxin can be chosen by those at the Cave Story forums.

Finally, you'll cover a few ways to monetize your viral blog to increase your profits. You'll focus on a two-part strategy using indirect and direct advertising, and you'll even learn how to install content delivery on your site.


I only helped with this Cave Story mod. When it is released, I'll probably tropify it here, rather than on its own page.

IFPI Digital Music Report

Cloudcuckoolander: The judge of Serena's first trial in court. Either that or the laws of Seretou are really horrible.


What Could Have Been: Due to Dragon Riders (see below, in another folder), the mod is cancelled. This is because the size of Dragon Riders Episode 2 (this mod) would be too large for the Cave Story engine to handle.