Certain liquids suitable as protection against insects or as insect repellents, and having certain physical and chemical characteristics, have, so far, been used in lotions and creams. It has been found that the repellent action of these liquids could be increased and prolonged by combining them with an alcohol. In accordance with the present invention, these liquid insect repellents are incorporated as an active ingredient in a solid alcoholic gel, and in a manner to form a stick having the desirable properties above referred to.

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Gray discovered freshdiggings that tipped off the Manchus to an abandoned enemy camp, and was giventhe honor of exploring the first tunnel. Withno flashlight handy, Gray borrowed a trick from old ghost movies by wrapping apiece of cloth around a stick (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4464), soaking it with insect repellent (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=5016) and setting itafire.

If you’re looking for an insect repellent that’s easy to apply, the Sportsmen Stick is another good option from Repel. Unlike the traditional spray pumps, this 30 percent DEET formula is concentrated into a deodorant-shaped stick. You just run it over your exposed skin to create a cross-body barrier that will keep mosquitoes away for eight to ten hours.

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Pyrethrum oils are another natural insect repellent with a history. Derived from the seed coating of the pyrethrum daisys, genus Chrysanthemum, found in both Persia and the dalmation coast, it is thought that these plants proliferated along the caravan routes of the ancient world into Asia. Popularlised through its inclusion in incense sticks, pyrethrum is now used not only for Hindu or Buddhist ceremony but also as day to day insect repellent (resource).

Like I stated at the top of this page it works as well as any other DEET product. It doesn’t keep you from getting buzzed by insects and ticks can still land on you as you walk through grass but they don’t seem to stick around. Also with regards to ticks typical precautions should still be taken in how you dress. I also wipe down my shoes, backpack anywhere it gets near skin. I even stick the used wipes to my gear and hat like insect repellent flags lol.