After the classics, some newcomers like Model Hacks only serve to spice up things a bit, or in this case A BOAT, with Chams and Wallhack, not to mention that Lambert models will appear more brightly. On with the classics, Removals (like No Recoil and No Spread), Auto (that will warm your weapon with the Auto-Fire and Triggerbot hacks) and my favorite Warnings (that lets you see with your own configuration who’s in your vicinity or if someone’s aiming at you), allied with all of the above, will turn your game skill into a pure pro extravaganza.

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S&W M&P9 Shield EZ: The Easiest Smith & Wesson 9mm To Operate

The bike arrived in the midst of our season change. Spring time often delivers fantastically dry weather followed by a good dollop of the wet stuff, and the first ride on the Superfoxy was on nicely damp trails littered with rocks and roots that demand the most of a bike to maintain speed and hold lines. This really highlighted the need for grippier, wider and thicker tires. I’m sure the light Minion and Aggressor combo will work for some people, but a bike like this, especially one designed for enduro race usage, should have been spec'd with burlier tires.


The tradesman round channel vise is designed to handle the most demanding clamping applications. Unlike most vises that have a fixed center nut The tradesman round channel vise nut is anchored at the rear which provides straight line pull and even pressure resulting in greater durability. The round channel design also allows for a completely enclosed spindle and nut assembly keeping debris out and lubrication in for a lifetime of smooth operation. For ultimate versatility, the tradesman vise is equipped with main jaws, pipe jaws and a machined anvil work surface.

With the layout of the Superfoxy the shock sits right in the firing line of debris, and the frame shapes around the shock and lower link collect dirt and mud constantly. So, it's best to keep an eye on it to not have the important working of the bike cycling through mud and grit. There is enough space on the uprights to fashion a mud guard though, and protect your investment.


Jumping on the Superfoxy to go ride, it straight away felt long when I was sitting on the saddle. Even with the short 30mm stem the bike feels very stretched out during seated climbing, a feeling that comes from the slack seat angle. Shunting the saddle all the way forwards in the rails helped reduce the 'kid on their Dad’s bike' feeling, but it’s still there and means you find your way onto the nose of the saddle as soon as the terrain starts to really point upwards.

Prior detection systems repurpose classifiers or localizers to perform detection. They apply the model to an image at multiple locations and scales. High scoring regions of the image are considered detections.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative 1.0.2

There's a brilliant user manual that provides you with exploded views and full part numbers for all the pieces should you need replacements, with lots of the pivots having a kit for all the bearings and hardware associated with them. It also states all the bearing sizes you need for the bike. The upper link bearings for the trunnion mount and seat tube pivot use C-clips to keep the bearings from wandering on their seats, so do make service a little fiddlier. The rear triangle to upper link connection also uses a double row of bearings separated by a washer too.

There are more neat features, like the chunky-velcroed on mudguard that uses the chain stay and seat stay bridges as mount points and extends to completely cover the shock and protect it from flying debris and stops mud build up in the space between the mainframe and rear triangle. In that space, the shock is actually mounted at 90° to usual via a small shock extender. This enabled Antidote to package the shock as they wanted and also opened it up to easier access to the adjusters.


The M&P9 has excellent ergonomics with a 1911A1-inspired grip angle for comfortable handling. Swappable palmswells allow you to tailor the grip. The base model has a passive trigger safety system. The base model has a 4/25-inch barrel, and holds 17+1 of 9mm.

Mondraker Superfoxy RR Suspension Squish

The S&W M&P Shield 9mm M2/0 takes everything that's great about the Shield and adds a few improvements. While the M&P series as a whole is excellent, there are some known bits that could always be improved. A mushy or gritty trigger, for instance, is a common complaint.


It's a classic pistol, and it works well as a duty gun or as a CCW. However, you need to pick the right one. Of the originals, look for the 39-2 models; these were revised to feed hollow points as well as for greater reliability. Second and third generation models - with three- and four-digit model numbers like the Model 3903 and 3913 - were made into the early 2000s, which will have less wear and tear and were known for being much more reliable.

All climbs are possible on both bikes, but the Nukeproof’s much more upright seated position helps out a lot for comfort and balance on really steep climbs, where the Mondraker needs much more body language to keep load over the front of the bike. With the softer 400lb spring fitted, the Superfoxy has more of a spongy feeling when climbing compared to the Nukeproog, especially when out of the saddle.


US bomb 500-lb AN-M64A1, Brengun #BRL48102

All the pivots are easily accessible and can easily be whipped through when checking. The lower shock bolt is a bit hidden away, but removing the rear wheel and chunky velcroed on fender give better access. That fender doing a great job of stopping mud collecting around the shock area of the bike. It’s an easy bike to clean too with only the nooks and crannies around the shock being an area to keep an eye on, but like mentioned, that fender does a stellar job.

We use a totally different approach. We apply a single neural network to the full image. This network divides the image into regions and predicts bounding boxes and probabilities for each region. These bounding boxes are weighted by the predicted probabilities.

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Seat tube angles are quoted for effective horizontal to the top of the head tube and effective at a certain seat height. The angles do differ ever so slightly with the sizes, but in general are quite slack, especially when considering that these are only effective. The actual seat tube angle is pretty damn slack and its offset to the BB is quite big on the Carbonjack 29, likely coming from the suspension layout. Our size L had a 470 mm seat tube length, which is a bit on the long side for modern bikes and their appetite for long droppers. So, it’s good to check your preferred seat height and dropper post combination.


Want to know why this rule gets top billing? Because I’m the guy who borrows your tools and doesn’t return them or uses them improperly. I don’t care if your wife, brother, a Spanish General or Supreme Court Justice begs to borrow your new parallel punch set.

BUY ONCE, CRY ONCE: Invest In The Best Gunsmithing Tools Available

Standard colours are glossy carbon with grey, yellow or matt black logos. For 150 EUR extra you can have orange logos, for 200 EUR more it’s a custom colour and custom logos, for 250 EUR more two colours frame and for 300 EUR more a full custom colour and logos.


The Carbonjack is a wonderful, made in Europe, mountain bike with a high level of personalisation available from Antidote. It's going to turn heads when you pull it out of the van and be a hoot to ride on all the trails that a modern mountain bike will ever see.

Having both bikes in the garage for the same period, I often grabbed the Mega over the Superfoxy. I always kept giving the Mondraker another chance but, despite a lot of tinkering, just couldn’t get it to feel like the bike it should have been.


MisBits It Is a Full And Complete Game

The Superfoxy comes in four sizes from S to XL ranging from a 450mm reach to a 510mm reach, still following the Forward geometry idea with the reach numbers being between 10mm to 30mm longer than some other brands depending on size. People on the S size should be conscious of this, as it’s quite a big bike for the smaller riders.

S&W Performance Center SW1911 Pro Series 9mm: Smith & Wesson 9mm Excellence

The head tube is also very short for a bike with such aggressive intentions. For riders living in steep terrain, or aggressive riders preferring a high bar, the on-paper reach is reduced with all the stem spacers you need. Although our test bike could only allow 10mm of stem spacers to be fitted on the short fork steerer.


The frame design is very low slung and uses a very strong design line from head tube to dropout, flowing along the top tube and seat stay. Showing the bike to friends, their first reaction was always that of appreciation for the looks of the bike. It’s easy to see why many bike designers chase this design line, as it does make a good-looking bike.

I just dug up a pair of channel locks that had been buried (lost) on my range for three years. That’s no way to treat nice things. Wipe your tools down with a light coat of oil to prevent rust and corrosion. Obviously, be careful with electronics and precision instruments.


How to conceal weapons in your vehicle

On the way down, the Nukeproof flies past the Superfoxy with more ease to ride at speeds and move around more instinctively. Despite the shorter reach, your hand position on the Nukeproof is not far off the longer reach but shorter stem of the Superfoxy, and the longer stem is more to my taste with it bringing a bit more calmness when climbing and descending.

The top link is a three-piece affair that needs unbolting before it can be removed. The lower link is a bit fiddlier to get out of the bike but you don’t need a degree and it is by no means a regular thing to be doing.


The foil works for the last bit of dissipated current that may pass through

As the name suggests, the majority of the Superfoxy is made from carbon fiber composite. The front and rear triangles and upper link are all composite while the lower link is aluminum.

This post will guide you through detecting objects with the YOLO system using a pre-trained model. If you don't already have Darknet installed, you should do that first.


That directness does make for a nice climbing bike when the terrain turns more technical, although its tautness does tend to translate to a bit more feedback from the trail to rider. It does, however, make it a bit sportier for getting up a technical climb littered with steps that require more body language to negotiate them. It never really stalls and gets caught up in the travel when you hit a step or larger obstacle.

I am the biggest violator of this rule. Why stop what you’re doing to find a pry bar, just use the end of the hex wrench. Or how about a hammer/pliers combo? Also, even if you use the right tool, see rule one for additional guidance.


After a few minutes, this script will generate all of the requisite files. Mostly it generates a lot of label files in VOCdevkit/VOC2007/labels/ and VOCdevkit/VOC2012/labels/.

Antidote also quotes useful numbers for recommended seat post lengths and drops for a couple of brands, along with using the spread measurement. That is from the centre of the BB to the top centre of the head tube. It’s one lever in the “bunny hop ratio” as a friend coined it and is an addition to the reach and stack measurements that we already use to describe the hands to feet distance.


8 or 16 bit per channel

The upper aluminum link is 3 pieces and uses long titanium screws and some locking keyways to turn it into a single rigid part. The lower link houses the bottom bracket and so is concentric to the crank axle. It uses a wedge style axle arrangement to mount it to the mainframe.

Dead Cells is an excellent game. It’s technically a roguevania, but it also has heavy hack (clicking here)-and-slash mechanics. You move your way through the interconnected game world while you avoid death as much as possible. The game features permadeath, various weapons, and tons of places to explore and secrets to uncover. Players can explore as they will and progress in a nonlinear fashion. It’s a bit (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4364) expensive, but totally worth it.


During the whole test period the Carbonjack 29 never missed a beat, with zero issues or niggling problems that needed special attention. It was a case of just grab it and ride every time I headed out. The attention to detail on the Carbonjack extends to the assembly of the bike, with grease and Loctite present and correct in all the necessary places out of the box.

Gee whiz can you be anymore jerky with him? He was just offering what he has. If it sucks to you, it doesn't mean it sucks to others, so why not be a bit (a fantastic read) more pleasant with the posts about the work others are doing for you and everyone else. If it works for everyone else, it is quite possible that you have a bad install issue with your game. As for why they don't work with the mods, is because the weapons and vehicles are different and therefore have different addresses to be used. Which in turn require the hack (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=7403)/cheats to be recoded with those new addresses and if the creators of the cheats never play the mods they can't get those addresses to code for.


Knipex Tools offers the only pipe and connector pliers in the market that offer 25 easy adjustment positions at the push of a button. Once this tool is set it stays in that position without movement until you change it, making it the ideal tool for repetitive work. Model # 81 11 250 has replaceable plastic jaws for soft surfaces with diameters up to 3″. Knipex Pipe and Connector Pliers are available with serrated gripping jaws or soft jaws for sensitive surfaces.

It’s a direct feeling bike, one that gives you the feedback to dart around the forest and hillside with some sprite. It might not have that absolute steadfast and planted stance and character that a full on enduro race bike exhibits, but it isn’t going to stop you from tackling the trails that make the aforementioned enduro race bikes come truly alive, while still bringing you a lot of fun on the trails where those bikes would feel a bit duller.


On the way down that tight character continues, and this might be where I found that enduro race bike tag to be not exactly spot on. While any bike can be an enduro race bike once it’s in between the tape, the Carbonjack just doesn’t exude that unflustered and steadfast feel that the big enduro race bikes often have in buckets. There’s more of a spring in its step that tends you towards picking the bike up and moving it around rather than charging down a trail safe in the knowledge that you can run over almost everything with your eyes closed.

Both the mainframe and rear triangle are constructed from carbon fiber composite and made in Poland. Holding the two together are two aluminum links and some titanium screws. Our test bike was finished in a high gloss lacquer showing off the woven carbon fiber material underneath, although Antidote offers an array of finishes including the option of a fully customisable paint job if you’re willing to pay.


Fox DHX2 Shock: Firstly, I have never been singing the praises of the previous generation X2 shocks, as many of you might have commented. And there isn’t much praise for the MY20 unit on the Superfoxy. The bike has an overall very linear feeling to the suspension with the shock's support often lacking in many situations, but I'm not going to attribute all of this linearity to solely the shock. Again, the MY21 X2 shocks are a big step up in performance and would really help the bike out, but unfortunately can't fit on the Superfoxy, with the piggy back hitting the frame at bottom out. Neither too can an Öhlins TTX22M, which I tried to fit as a remedy to the bike's issues.

Set includes forty precision machined insert bits and fourteen sockets

For the bigger days out in the saddle, covering lots of varied terrain, the Carbonjack feels right at home. Big days in Pila were taken completely in the bike’s stride, and anyone that's ridden Pila will know that the days can be huge, as well as the peak to valley 2200m descents that take in everything from narrow exposed alpine trails to winding ribbons of forest goodness.


All sizes do come specced with a 30mm stem, also following the principle of the Forward Geometry, combining an extended reach with a shorter stem. There are no growing chain stays with size, but the ability to adjust them means that the balance of the bike and wheel grip can be adjusted somewhat as the bikes change size.

S&W M&P9 Compact M2.0: A Smith and Wesson 9mm That Makes The Glock 19 Nervous

I swapped out to the softer 400lb spring and maxed out the high-speed compression in an attempt to dynamically lower the bike when riding, hoping that the hydraulic support would help me out with the softer spring. To some degree it worked out on the trail, with the bike sitting more into its travel and bringing some added composure to match the long front end that wanted you to let off the brakes.


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Tool does not have to be ‘turned down’ after use, providing convenience. The length also provides the needed reach for those-hard-to-get-at places.

If we were to put the Carbonjack up against some of the other enduro race bikes out there, like the latest Nukeproof Mega, it’s a bit like taking a knife to a gunfight. A very sharp, very dangerous knife, but still a knife. It doesn’t have that absolute steadfastness to its ride, especially in the roughest and most demanding terrain. The kind of terrain that an enduro race bike feels so unflustered in and sometimes allows you to just throw caution to the wind and plough on through. It’s also a little short on travel if we compare it to them too.


Descending on the stock setup, especially with the low bar did make for some interesting moments. The L and XL sizes come with a 150mm dropper post, which with the feet up hands down position constantly gave a not-so-reassuring pat on the undercarriage when the going got rough. For my seat height, and lower, it wouldn't be possible to fit a 175mm drop post on the Superfoxy, which in today’s norm of big drop posts is a limiting factor.

Another point to mention, and one where I pick up Mike Kazimer’s megaphone, is the seat angle. Virtual seat angle is 75/5° for all sizes and the actual seat angle is much slacker at 70/5°. The same effective angle on all sizes and the generally slack angles hints that as rider size and seat height increase you would actually have a much slacker real-world angle.


Shimano XTR Drivetrain: Shifting is flawless and stays crisp and consistent with use and in all conditions. The 32T chainring and 175mm cranks gave a great feel for pedalling, and the high BB did allow the use of slightly longer cranks. S and M size come specced with 170mm cranks to reflect the shorter rider height. Maybe a blind test would really show the difference between the top tier XTR and XT, but the feel of shifting and the individual components is brilliant, and looks set to remain like that for a very long working life.

The other major revision is to the trigger. The actual trigger is the same; it's the same hinged trigger and passive safety system. However, the trigger stop was moved higher for less overtravel and a shorter reset, and a slightly better spring kit added.


Performance Center Model 986 2.5: A Smith & Wesson 9mm Revolver

The Fox 36 was easy to set up, not just because I already knew my settings, but also for the first-time user using the recommended settings printed on the lowers as a starting point. I started at 80psi, 2 volume spacers, 5 clicks of low-speed and high-speed rebound, 7 clicks of low-speed and 12 clicks of high-speed compression, all measured from fully closed.

The Superfoxy Carbon RR is the top tier bike in the Superfoxy line. It is almost indistinguishable from the Foxy in terms of looks and layout, but adds 10mm of travel to either end to have 160mm rear travel and 170mm fork travel, putting it in a Super Enduro class. That might not mean much to anyone outside of Europe, and might be seen as yet another category. But the Italian Super Enduro series is well known on this side of the pond and gives a good indication of the bike’s intentions.


The gameplay of Alice: Madness Returns is a classic hack (your domain name) and slash reminds me a bit of Lollipop chainsaw but without the humour element to it and focusing more on the horror aspect in this game. As it dives into the madness of Alice through the game, you fight different enemies like the Lost Souls’ and the Drowned Sailor. If the name of the enemies doesn’t tell that this game isn’t a horror game and your main weapon (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4303) is a kitchen knife. That’s probably one of the scariest things in the kitchen people! Even the shrinking potion has been used from the film, making it into a mechanic which grants you an ability to sneak. The game takes everything from the cartoon movie and turns into something dark and mad.

That's X-Piratez's features in a nutshell. The mod uses features because they are available. I like it, because it's a one-stop shop for modding examples. X-Piratez plus the ruleset reference (fantastic work on the OXCE documentation btw) will get you enough info to type up almost any mod features short of scripts.


The PB dead-blow mallets are extremely robust and unique in construction. The tough polyamide heads are anchored securely and can be easily replaced. The heavy duty mallet features both a plastic and steel head.

Suspension setup out of the box seemed straightforward with the Superfoxy, with there being an online guide going through both the fork and shock, although some of the recommended settings are a little different to what Fox suggest and what I measured in the real world. Mondraker also measures damper clicks from fully open, as opposed to the normal from fully closed position, so it’s good to be aware of this.


The Superfoxy is long and slack, but unfortunately there's more to the modern geometry equation than those two numbers. Add in the high price tag and a few less-than-ideal component choices and the Mondraker's gorgeous looks become a little less appealing.

Review: 2021 Mondraker SuperFoxy RR

They both have a wonderful blend of suppleness and support, along with a usable range of adjustment that can take even the best suspension systems and make them feel just that little bit better. Playing around with the fork’s ramp chamber is a nice tool depending on the terrain and demands and the coil shock’s ability to absorb impacts of all sizes while leaving you with just the right amount of information coming back to you is addictive.


There’s 16% of leverage ratio progression, starting at 2/86 and ending at 2/4. In a familiar short link trait, the first half of travel changes relatively smoothly, followed by a sharp drop in the leverage ratios. This means that most of the feeling of progression in the bike is towards the end of travel with the first half perhaps riding a little more linear than the overall progression amount would suggest.

If you don’t want stripped out screw heads, make sure to use the correct size wrench for your application. It may take longer, but if you don’t know the size of a hex bolt, check the part manufacturer’s site. Lastly, you can always use a micrometer or digital calipers (these probably should be on the list) to precisely measure edge to edge inside the head.


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The link itself is pretty wide, and while I experienced only a few issues when riding from the width, it is in your calf and knee real estate and might cause more problems if you’ve got bigger legs than my bean poles. The shock runs on 22/2 x 10mm hardware and the lower shock bolt is a little soft and started to slowly round out the hex head over the course of the test, needing some careful torquing so as not to completely destroy it while still having it tight enough.

Mondraker Superfoxy RR Photo Kifcat Shaperideshoot

Odin Sphere’s gameplay primarily consists of unique hack (visit this site right here)-and-slash combat sequences with story bits between levels and before boss fights. The combat is similar to many 2D fighting games, and while it can be played with lots of button mashing, some finesse is required for advanced play. Some of the battles, especially the boss fights, can be very challenging and require the player to use precision control to progress. The player also has a spell system and damage items to supplement the big combo attacks with a melee weapon.


Brengun No. BRL48102 1:48

The base model pistol is more comfortable than many other striker guns, and you get far more factory options as well. If you're after a modern full-size gun, this is the Smith and Wesson 9mm to get.

The Mayhew 67003 Brass Drift Punch Set, 5 piece comes in a new anti slip pouch. This set contains a 1/4 Inch drift punch, 3/8- drift punch, 1/2 Inch drift punch, 5/8 drift punch, 3/4 Inch drift punch. Mayhew stands for quality, dependability, and confidence. When the caliber of the tools is just as important as the skills of the professionals employed, businesses trust Mayhew to get the job done. Since 1856, our punches, chisels, and pry bars have been the go-to tools for OEMs and professional mechanics throughout the country. And while our company has grown to meet the needs of the professional market, as well as those of the do-it-yourself automotive enthusiast, our focus has never changed – leveraging our strength to build your business.


Antidote have been making bikes for the past decade in southern Poland. Started by two friends, the inspiration came from the abundance of limitations and issues they found in downhill bikes available at the time. What spawned was their Lifeline bike, and soon after their patented FDS, or Floating Damping System, suspension layout.

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The Carbonjack has an astoundingly high level of attention to detail to it whereas the 141 can be a touch rough around the edges in some of its details. Yes, the price difference is considerable and you might expect that level of fit and finish from the Carbonjack. But it does deliver it very well along with many options for personalisation in the buying process.

S&W M&P9: An All-Purpose Smith & Wesson 9mm

Unfortunately, the 400lb spring made it possible to bottom out the bike in the car park with just a good heel kick, and this was also present on the trails with bigger hits and compressions finding the end of travel all too often. I'm really not sure how Mondraker suggests 30 - 35% sag when the 400lbs spring was so easy to bottom out with relatively low sag.


Rtcwcoop 1.0.2 win x64 Statistics

The adjustment possibilities on the Superfoxy are a nice touch, but the head angle comes already slackened out and I’m not sure many people would want to be steepening it by 1° or 2°. Many bikes are already pushing even slacker. While the longer chainstays could bring a touch of added stability, they’re not going to fix the inherent issues I found with the bike. In fact, a longer chain stay would up the leverage on the shock, making it even feel even softer and easier to bottom out.

The Superfoxy uses a 157mm rear hub and Super Boost spacing to bring some more space around the critical tire/chainstay/chain ring overlap area in development. It does mean that the back of the bike is a touch wider than a traditional Boost spaced bike, though, with more potential for heel or tight terrain contact.


A brilliant user manual accompanies the Carbonjack with exploded diagrams and descriptions that cover the bearing codes, o-ring sizes, bolt thread and length specs and also all the torque ratings for all pivots and bolts. Also included is a full and detailed setup and checking procedure with information on how to mount the shocks through to setting up the suspension to Antidote’s recommendations, all with detailed descriptions and pictures or illustrations to help.

Antidote Carbonjack 29 Review Photo Kifcat Shaperideshoot

Part is also down to some of the geometry details. The 65° head angle brings a touch more manoeuvrability into the equation and with a 450 mm chainstay it means that there was never the feeling of faint grip on the front end, even with swapping out the Candy Ray bar for something with more rise to get my hands in my preferred position for the steeper terrains.


Besides the speed of Shotgun and Sniper weapons to be two times faster than usual

The shock came with a 457 lbs spring, which gave 25% sag and is, I’ve found, to be a good starting point when I get a new and unfamiliar bike. It did find myself however running the rebound pretty closed in most situations. Our bike also came with Cushcore inserts front and rear.

The main defining characteristic of the bike is the bottom bracket height. Up at 357mm, it dominated the riding experience for me and made the bike harder to corner, both at lower speeds with more bar turn or at higher speeds with more leaning. It really gives the bike an on-its-toes nervousness, and despite me adjusting my cockpit to raise my hands it left me searching how to lower it to bring more stability and confidence to really open the speed up.


Weapon replacement time is 50% faster than other players

What are the Smith & Wesson 9mm pistols to get? These 7 S&W pistols are the best places to start.

Tachyon Project is an action packed dual-stick shooter driven by a story. Through the story mode you'll progressively unlock all the weapons (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=2871), secondary weapons and perks available to configure your ship. You'll need them to face the increasingly hard enemies you'll find with over 30 different types (including 4 bosses). In Tachyon Project you take control of Ada, a software program that has taken conscience and that was designed to hack (i thought about this) into the most secure servers on Earth. After some rather misterious events, Ada is thrown out of the test server where it was living and out into the Internet, but when she tries to go back there she finds she's unable to. She'll then start a journey to uncover the truth behind what happened to her creators, which she considers her parents. In the process she'll find out that things were a bit more complex than she initially thought.

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Head angle is 65° out of the box with the angled headset installed, and can go as steep as 67°, but I doubt there are many people who would want to go that steep on such a bike. Compared to a few other bikes in the same category, the Superfoxy isn’t quite the slackest bike, with others going as low as 63°, and many a trail bike now having 65°.


I aired the fork up to 110 psi in the main chamber and between 210 and 225 psi in the ramp chamber. Knowing that the bike would be ridden all over the place, that gave options to run a touch more forgiving on the tighter, more natural trails and a bit firmer for taking it into the hard-hitting bike parks. Rebound was 9 from fully closed with that being sped up a click when out on those more natural trails in the hills.

Instead, it might be fairer to compare it to some of the longer legged trail bikes out there, like the Privateer 141. Now the Privateer does have 10mm less travel front and rear, but it sure does make up for that out on the trail with a demeanor that takes it way beyond any of the on-paper figures would suggest. Both bikes have 29" wheels and somewhat similar geometry.


The Carbonjack 29 is their latest bike offering, a bigger wheeled version of the Carbonjack that has been around for a few years, and is dubbed as a “full enduro racing weapon”. More on that later, and why it might be selling the bike a little short.