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Another factor which may be playing a role (as pointed out above) is the high level of audio compression used today on some stations to make them sound "loud" compared to other stations on the dial. This may be pushing the FM demodulators in some antique radios beyond their regime of good linearity. It also sounds to me as if some stations put in some additional bass boost to maximize the "boom" that seems to be a major objective of certain segments of the American population as they drive around with their car audio systems running at high volume.


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Meine Arbeit wird eine gewisse Zeit dauern. Deshalb moechte Herr Erb diese Diskussion nun abschließen. Dafür bitte ich Euch um Verstaendnis.


I myself think that it could be a mixture of 2 and 3, that means an overmodulation of the amplifier plus distortion from the loudspeaker/s in case you hear your special kind of music (additional info) very loud. What is about classical music with similar intensity? In principle there should be the same result.

You’ll need audio inputs to bring in external sounds, so pick out an input module then choose some FX. Modulation is often key to creating something engaging and unique. So while filling a case with FX modules might be fun, it will be even better with some modulation.


Works with old school hip-hop beats. Please note: The gap at the end belongs to the loop! Play it in your DAW or in Audacity and you will see. Please let me know if you need variations, breaks or different chord progressions.

You’ll want a low-pass gate (LPG) to control the high-end frequencies and amplitude in your signal. Patch your gates and triggers into the LPG to open the sound and let the vactrol ring in with its natural sounding decay.


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No doubt in our lifetime AM / FM will completely go away, perhaps only existing as emergency frequency. But everyone: consumers, advertisers, artists and personalities win by embracing digital. You’re fighting the future to ignore this and that’s never a way to succeed.

It’s easy to understand FM’s core principle when you can see and hear it in action for yourself. To demonstrate this we’re going to use Native Instruments’ FM8 – if you don’t own this instrument you can download a demo version here. Load the synth up in your DAW, and click the Expert button on the left to bring up the modulation matrix.


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Don't patch the output of a module into the output of another module. This is the only ‘rule’ you absolutely need to stick to. You don't want to break your new toys before you've even made any noise with them, after all.

Once you have a case, power and a way to control your modules, you’re no doubt going to be in a world of excitement dying to create your own sonic playground. There are copious options for different styles and sounds even within the same type of synthesis. Say you want to build a Moog replica, there’s more than one set of modules that will get you close. The same applies for a Serge voice replica or Buchla-style system - it’s pretty much endless.


When the Yamaha DX7 arrived in the mid 80s, producers were beguiled by its crystal clear digital tones, and its electric piano, bass and bell presets have become pop and dance staples. More recently, Native Instruments’ FM8 – loosely based on the Yamaha DX – has become the instrument of choice for conjuring up cutting-edge bass growls by the likes of Skrillex, and Logic’s EFM1 can be heard providing the bass tones for dozens of deep house tracks.

So, the pitch of operator E controls the harmonic content of operator F. In FM jargon, we’d describe operator F as the carrier, and operator E as the modulator. All we’ve managed to create with our carrier and modulator thus far are some fairly unpleasant screeching noises. The key to making usable sounds with FM is volume modulation. If we change the volume level of the modulator over time, the timbre of the carrier will change along with it. This creates something akin to the filter movement in a virtual analogue patch.


Chords in the Key of C Flat

We’re still only hearing the output of operator F, but it’s being modulated by operator E, which is changing its timbre. The Ratio parameters on the left-hand side of the interface control the pitch of each operator. Drag down on operator E’s Ratio, and you’ll hear the harmonic content of operator F’s output change, and as you near 0/000 you’ll hear the effect of the modulation slow until it becomes vibrato. Increase the ratio above 1/0000 and you’ll hear more and more high frequency harmonics introduced into the signal. You can see this reflected in the harmonic content display at the top right-hand corner of the interface.

Simple: ease of entry and the vast range of options it gives you to build an instrument/device to suit your exact needs. The format has been expanded not only by Doepfer, but also a huge range of companies releasing modules ranging from cheap and cheerful to esoteric and unique. Eurorack offers a platform that can pull ideas from not just Moog and Buchla but also Serge and EMS, a range of digital synthesis methods, modern DSP technologies and more.


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Made in Japan Yamaha Music Craft 2001
1 How to Scrobble Spotify Music to Last.FM 30%
2 Category: Free Soundscapes Loops Samples & Sounds 26%
3 Free Audacity Loops Samples Sounds 16%
4 But, as he later admitted, Naples has been making music since his teens, mainly mixing his friends’ rap demos 49%
5 And that is with 75% of 18-34s having some sort of access to non-AM/FM music players 43%

If you can’t reach a dealer you can try sending Mercedes-Benz cusomer service an email using this contact form. Make sure to provide your name, contact info, and VIN number of your car.

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Thank you Jeff for this detailed explanation! This has been an enigma that I even brought to the attention of our respected master engineer, emeritus, Hans Knoll, a year ago and I was not able to get a solution to this problem!

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It shows an idealized curve showing a increasing trend for the high frequencies and an (apparently) absolutely flat low frequency response. A better chart would show end to end (overall) frequency response of the combined transmitter and receiver combination.


Once you remove your radio or Comand look on the side or back of the radio for the serial code. Call back your dealer and give them the serial code.

A flat major / F minor key signature

Patch up something familiar to get started. Look at your favourite soft synth/hardware synth and follow the signal path. Chances are it’ll have oscillators going into filters and VCAs, and LFOs and envelopes used to control them all. Try to remake both its both audio and modulation signal paths on your modular.


In principle I agree to Robert's statements. And, no doubt, the time constant for deemphasis should be corrected in the considered cases. But we should be cautious with statements like "certain radios were designed for special kinds of music (get more info)" or "intended for the taste in music of an audience in 1950" or similar.

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Description: A not-very-modern sounding beat loop with vinyl sounds. Useful for D&B, Jungle, Breakbeat and that kinda stuff.


It’s been a long time since we heard from Anthony Naples. In the four years since his debut album appeared on Four Tet’s Text label, the once-hyped house producer has barely breathed a word to a journalist. In those four years he moved to Berlin, “flopped” as a superstar DJ and got pulled into the city’s party undertow, before returning to New York to rediscover his purpose and his community. None of which would be quite such an intriguing narrative were it not for Fog FM: his exquisite new LP which could well be the year’s best house-slash-techno album.

The correct adjustment of the amplitude-frequency response of the audio signal is essential for a high-quality faithful reproduction of audio signals by electro-acoustic equipment. As a result of the frequency and volume dependent aural sensitivity, this requires boosting of the bass tones and, to a small extent, the treble tones relative to the mid-range, the degree of boosting being higher as the reproduction volume decreases.


Move forward 32 years and we see Eurorack brought to life by Doepfer in 1995 with the release of ten modules and a system that defined the Eurorack standards. Eurorack modules are 3U high (U being the units also used to measure rack-based synths and studio outboard) and their widths are measured in HP (horizontal pitch).

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First take a look at your owners manual booklet. The code may be written down on a small business card size letter. Also, look at the front few pages and the back pages of the manual. It is possible the code may have been written there. If you can’t find the code proceed to the next step.


With a frequency response (relative to the pre-emphasis) from 2 Hz t 15 KHz. This will put a much higher spectral content in the low frequency ranges than what the receivers at the time were designed (and compensated) for.

Currently one operator, F, is active. When you play a note you’ll hear that it emits a straightforward sine tone.


But is this really still a discussion? Does anyone not realize that AM / FM radio is already over (and has been for a long time).

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The carrier and modulator relationship we’ve explored in this walkthough is simple, but once you’ve understood it you’re well on your way to grasping the potential of FM synthesis. No matter which FM synth you have access to, understanding these basic principles is the key to unlocking the power of FM synthesis. By experimenting with different operator ratios, envelope shapes and modulation routings, it’s possible to create much more complex, exciting sounds. We’ll be returning to FM synthesis soon to explore some more complex sounds in greater depth. Until then, don’t be scared to jump in and have a go at FM synthesis – it’s not as scary as some people might make out!


You can download music at Audiomack without needing a user account. Most if not all of the songs are in the MP3 format.

We recommend avoiding a very specific pre-planned route and instead thinking in simpler terms. You’ll need a sound source, a processor and a modifier. That could be an oscillator, filter and envelope. Or it could be a sampler, FX and LFOs.


Play the sound back, and turn the Ratio up – you’ll hear how the character of the sound changes as you do so. Set the Ratio to 2/0000. When played on a lower octave, this gives a raw version of that punchy, smooth FM bass that appears in so many deep house tracks.


Upward modulations are easier to manage than downward ones, because downward modulations can sap the energy of a song. Moving down by a 4th (key of C down to G, for example) can be seen also as moving up by a 5th (key of C up to G), so that’s fine. But moving down a semitone or a whole tone is tricky and should be avoided.


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Lynn and Carol Jenkinson, who own and run New Home Farm in Pembrokeshire and supply Clarence Court Eggs, carried out the experiment in their chicken sheds. They played Classic FM to chickens in one shed, and no music to the other chicken sheds. Lo and behold, the chickens listening to classical music (find) produced more Burford Brown eggs as a result.

Left-click operator E in the modulation matrix to bring up all its parameters. Set the operator’s Ratio back to 1/0000, then turn your attention to the envelope at the bottom of the panel. Drag the white square at the top right and corner of the envelope down to the bottom, creating a curve.


Classic FM 7 egg box

Moog Co (on the east coast of the US) and Buchla (on the west coast) in 1963. Who made ‘the first’ modular synth is a debated topic, with both Bob Moog and Don Buchla often citing the other as the first to get there. It’s likely we’ll never have a definitive answer but both Moog and Buchla were developing their own modular systems at the same time.

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I am planning to issue a comprehensive report "Famous sound of German Radios" in RMorg in due time. It will take some time and will hopefully include all aspects.


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That means e. g. trying to improve the sound of bad or old LPs. The result could be "a better sound", but also degradation might be possible if used excessively in combination with the faithful reproductions of nowadays – this depends on us!

So there’s no doubt, back in March YouTube was close. Did YouTube pass radio in just the last few months? In the new Music Biz report, it shows for the first time YouTube overtaking radio for music discovery among the general population. When asked how they typically discover new music, 34% of all respondents cited YouTube, while only 32% cited AM/FM radio. This was even more prevalent among 15 to 19-year-olds, 56% of whom cited YouTube and 23% of whom cited AM/FM radio. However, recommendations from friends remains the #1 source for music discovery, cited by 46% of the general population.


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Musopen has sheet music and recordings that are completely free, legal, and copyright-free. You can listen online or download the music for whatever purpose. There's even an online radio you can listen to from a computer or through their mobile app.

Many have attempted to recone Grundig speakers, thinking that the coil is sticking. Others have gone to experimenting with capacitors and resistors in the amplifier section, but to no avail!

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Additionally I would like to bring various German publications about "gehörrichtige Lautstärkeregelung" – "aurally compensated loudness control" to your attention. This is necessary to improve the reproduced sound at low loudness intensity, e. g. descripted in the Funkschau 2/1941 (The title "Bassanhebung" is a little bit misleading).


Description: A build up with Christmas bells from my previous drum loop and with a monster's voice (audacity) saying 'Merry Christmas' as to end the build up and then bring the drop. Made drums using Sytrus in FL Studio.