Power Hour VX is the Ultimate Beer Drinking Game. It combines Power Hour, Century Club, and an unlimited minute game option into an interactive and entertaining game.

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General Alexis Alexander: Alexander’s strategy is focused on super weapons. Alexander can create a very stable economy and build up a large amount of special weapons and defensive structures quicker than most generals (https://vgtdecor.ru/content/uploads/files/download/cc-generals-zero-hour-patch-102-adobe.zip). The price of the particle cannon is slashed in half for her, $2500 instead of the usual $5000.

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Tree models use Westwood 3D file format (W3D). Textures are provided in TGA/DDS/PSD formats.


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In the Chinese campaign, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army enters Europe after the United States withdrew its forces, intending to destroy the GLA once and for all. In order to prevent the GLA from making use of advanced United States weapons, China launches a nuclear missile at the military base, destroying it. The GLA retaliates by mounting a massive assault against a nuclear reactor in mainland China, but the attack is repelled. The PLA forces then advance into Germany, where the GLA invaders are concentrated. After a series of Chinese victories, the nearly defeated GLA takes control of an evacuated USA military base and uses its weaponry against the Chinese. China succeeds in recapturing this base, and finally completely drives the GLA out of Europe. Following the war, the Eurasian Unity League is established between China and the newly liberated Europe, the world looks forward to a new era of Chinese leadership while America adopts a policy of isolationism.


General (click over here) Malcolm “Ace” Granger: Granger’s strategy is focused on more powerful aircraft. His aircraft are a slightly cheaper and feature a laser defense system (this includes all aircraft barring the Comanche). One possible strategy is to attack the enemy’s base with an onslaught of fully-upgraded King Raptors. However, his air forces are vulnerable to anti-air defenses. When countering this general be sure to build a large group of anti-air units and build anti-air defense to pinned down his flying machines from rushing their opponents.

In the GLA campaign, the GLA, though disappointed by the death of Dr. Thrax and the American victory, receives a boost in morale with the successful appointment of their new supreme commander, General (check out the post right here) Mohmar “Deathstrike”, who escapes American pursuit. The GLA first attempts to reunite its splintered factions under Deathstrike’s command, which it succeeds in doing after eliminating Prince Kassad’s forces in Egypt, who betrayed the GLA and would not assist Deathstrike’s forces, and then begins a fervent mission to drive the Americans out of Europe. Despite their inferior weapons and equipment, the GLA succeeds in inflicting tremendous harm against the USA. They successfully capture an American Particle Uplink Cannon before using it to destroy the USS Ronald Reagan (cutting it in half from starboard to port, as shown in the game’s cover) and infiltrating the US West Coast to steal toxins from a chemical storage facility. The GLA campaign reaches its climax when the GLA overruns the US Army’s European central command base in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, partially with the use of captured Chinese weaponry and later US technology from a UN outpost. Finally, the GLA manages to drive American forces out of Europe completely.


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Under Grave Conditions: African-American Signs of Life & Death in North Florida

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The original rendering scenes with correct settings were provided by -Apollo- in max file format. These scenes are not provided here due to legal reasons.