After becoming familiar with all aspects of Calculus Made Easy© and practicing how to use the interface, I was able to become so familiar with the fundamentals of Calculus, that I was able to improve my understanding to the point where I achieved an A in the course (D was my previous grade). Calculus Made Easy© is the tool that made this improvement possible. It is one of the most helpful, user friendly, and most efficient applications dealing with a particular subject matter in the area of Mathematics. I am looking forward for the same success in Calculus II as a result of the program. I wholeheartedly recommend the application to any student of Calculus in order to improve understanding of the subject matter or grade average.

  • TI-89 graphing calculator program, helps with memorization of pi
  • TI-89 graphing calculator program. Performs calculations on parallel and perpendicular lines
  • TI-89 graphing calculator program contains formulas for distance, midpoint and slope
  • TI-89 graphing calculator conics program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator tax calculation program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator currency exchange program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator finance program for calculating car payments

Algebra Made Easy CX

The expansion slots are very cool, but so expensive (for the good ones, anyway). I just can't justify spending $200 on a calculus package, or $300 on an engineering pack. I mean, shouldn't an expansion card be cheaper than the piece of equipment into which you are placing it?


I used to love those HP calculators. I got whatever the nicest one was in 1995, it had 32k which I thought was great because it was half as much as my old commodore.

This program gives you a graphical representation of the "fnint(" function, which allows you to calculate definite integrals. It is extremely similar to the functionality MathPrint provides, minus the extreme bloat that slows your calculator down to a crawl.


This program will graph fint(y1,x,a,x) and y1 together in the same viewing window simultaneously. The area between the curve and the x-axis will be shaded and a point plotted for the value of the integral at the same value of x. Great way to visualize the integral as accumulator concept on the 83/84!

methods of factorising equasions

Obtain the nth Tribonacci number without simply recursively calling itself upon smaller and smaller numbers. This program is much faster and can generate exact values for up to about the 60th term.


Slope and y-intercept equation worksheet, math tests for ninth grade, Algebra 2 an integrated approach equations, 7. Chapter Test A. For use after Chapter 7. Geometry Copyright © McDougal Littell Inc. All rights reserved, free christmas maths powerpoints,how to change into vertex form.

Your product is so good it almost got me into trouble. I needed the edge in college after 15 years of academic lapse and found your program. I take online courses so I was solving problems so fast the system questioned the time between problems as pure genius. Funny but now I must work slower to keep off the instructors radar screen.


This program finds on the basis of pre-set conditions the functions of return R(x) as well as costs C(x) and calculates characteristic properties concerning both of them and their difference P(x) (profit). Graphs of the functions are depicted on pages 1/3 and 1/4, description on page 1/1.

This program takes a given function, evaluates it over the interval, with the set number of intervals, and evaluates at either the left, middle, right, or trapezoidal integration points, and returns the value. Less work than the fnInt function, and also easier to use.


I haven't used a real HP-49, I had a HP-48G. It usually ran circles around the TI 85, and TI 82, and TI 92s that people had back in 1998. I've heard good things about the TI 89, but after RPN I couldn't just go back to Algebraic. I've used the HP49 emulator on my iPAQ and the thing is slow as all get out and seems like a regression compared to my HP 48. So I typically use the HP 48GX emulator on my iPAQ. Too bad the bleeps at HP didn't release the ARM builds of the Xpander software.

This program runs Cantrell's algorithm for computing the Lambert W Function (sometimes referred to the inverse to the gamma function). Please read accompanying documentation for more details.


I don't think you understand what I'm talking about. I don't care how the calculator actually does math, but when I enter a function into a calculator, I want to be able to understand it in a way that is most efficient for me.

TI-89 graphing calculator program, display the derivatives of the trigonometric functions

Graph a line using only it's derivatives. Length refers to length of each line segment, interval refers to how often they are graphed. X refers to the starting point to take the derivative.


The function analyzes the stability of a transfer function calculating poles signs. The function returns the Routh table of a polynomial expression also with parameters.

The final given result is actually a matrix, due to a lack of programming capability on the NSpire. The matrix gives you the summary of what you need to know about the function. Zeros, Derivative, Limits, Variations. Note: The program should work with most common functions.


This program does the Trapezoidal Rule for you. It estimates areas under curves using this method. It's nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus. In the future I will make a program that also shows all steps.

I created this program for my Pre-Calculus class in High School. Now that my math teacher hates me for creating a program for her students to compute math at ease, she advised me to submit it for the use of other Pre-Calculus students.


This program is a pre-calculus program that will cover all your algebra 2 review and all the trigonometry funcions including sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent. It even graphs these trig funtions also, and it does basically everything you'll ever need for your precal class. The file is a group, and you'll need to ungroup it after sending it to your calculator and then run the program called "aaap" to begin using the program.

TI-89 graphing calculator Zeta function program

APNFINTY (AP Infinity) allows the user to find the limit of a function as X approaches infinity. It can also work with indeterminate (0/0) functions, and find vertical and horizontal asymptotes.


This program uses Riemann sums to approximate the area under a function between two X coordinates with your choice of six methods: upper, lower, left, right, and midpoint rectangles and using the trapezoidal rule, with regard to the specified N subintervals. Additionally, the program graphs the function and visually demonstrates the rectangles or trapezoids in a performance with comparable splendor to a fireworks show.

This file will compute the elasticity of demand and the revenue function from a given demand function. It can output values in a table, determine the demand, elasticity of the demand and the revenue for a specific value and plot the demand, elasticity of demand, and revenue curves.


TI-89 graphing calculator program, displays the arc functions

Of the 4 TI-Nspire CX Calculators the TI-Nspire CX II CAS Calculator is the best: It is newer than the other two CX (which means more memory [64MB], significant faster processing speed (396 MHz vs 132MHz), better battery duration. Not to mentionnew built-in functionality such as Laplace and Fourier Transforms, Python scripting (in addition to LUA and TiBasic) and more.

No-Calc is a revolutionary new training program for the TI-Nspire! It helps you train your calculating skills without using your calculator. You can train addition, substraction multiplication, division and even more with the included patch 1!


This is the same great A+ Calc application that is so popular on ticalc for helping students in their Calculus classes. The application offers the exact same functionality as the original, but has been fixed so that certain functions, namely the Taylor function, can be run without the theta_w_theta programs loaded in the user's RAM. Thus, this app should be free of this bug, allowing it to be run without any basic programs loaded and unarchived on the calculator, making it entirely portable. I thank the original author of the program, Chip Hurst. ORIGINAL FILE DESCRIPTION FOR CHIP'S UPLOAD: This is a must download.

Portfolio & Stocks Made Easy

It's a very powerful program that allows an advanced analysis in Bode diagram of a transfer function and of a user entered control network. You can try different solutions and analyze their fundamental parameters: 0 decibel frequency, phase margin, gain margin and eventually peaks. You can also chose and trace different types of drawing: real and asymptotic TF graph and phase graph.


Nah, HP's getting spanked due to piss-poor management. But you're right that a CE based calculator would be teh win.

Made Easy Apps at Texas Instruments

The function randwalk(start,lenght,trials) simulates the random walk of a particle on the intervall of integers {0,1,2,3 ,length} with absorbing borders. This model is equivalent to a gambling situation with two gamblers tossing a fair coin to win or lose a dollar until one of them is broke.


show me the easiest way to do algebra

The program determines the set of divisors of a given natural number. Make sure that the calculator is in AUTO or EXACT mode. The program is in German, but certainly will be understood also by people who don't know German. Das Programm berechnet die Menge aller Teiler einer gegebenen natürlichen Zahl. Bitte vor Programmaufruf den AUTO- oder EXACT-Modus einstellen!

  • TI-89 graphing calculator harmonic conjugate program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator half life decay formula program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator Fourier Analysis program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator fast exponentiation algorithms program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator Dirichlet Eta program
  • Portfolio & Stocks Made Easy App for the TiNspire calculator

This program computes the moments and the center of mass for a region between two x-values and between two curves. The user inputs the bounds and the functions and the program produces the mass, the moments and the center of mass for the region.

Flatland is a simple cross-platform object-oriented 2D collision library. It presents a C++ interface to the Open Dynamics Engine Physics SDK. Flatland does not handle graphics, but two sample programs are.


This TI-Nspire CX 3/0.2 BASIC program contains a calculator file with variable programs you can run by pressing "var". There are currently 4 logic gates: AND, OR, XOR, and NOT. Run them and enter the expressions. The program will return a Boolean result.

Matrices Made Easy v4.0-

Programa que efectúa la linealización de un sistema de ecuaciones. Sirve para problemas de regulación automática-control.


Business Statistics Made Easy v7.0- Download

This is a simple program that lets you find derivatives symbolically by interfacing with the d( function in Symbolic. With this you don't have to mess around with quotes. Requires Symbolic and optional PrettyPrint.

TI-89 graphing calculator linear interpolation program

This program is designed to compute moving averages when information is in discrete form, not in continuous form as my previous program does. Enter in the information and the spread for the interval. The program will store the averages in L3 and ask you what information you'd like plotted. Be aware that if you start your lists with a zero instead of a one, you'll have to adjust the program a little.


B) Incorrect Entries – see above - yield the error message: “Invalid Entry”. Press ENTER and correct expression.

If the limit doesn't exist it will tell you. Also, it compensates for irrational numbers the calculator may give. Essentially, you will get the right numerical answer if there is one.


Complex Analysis Made Easy App for the TiNspire calculator

This program will compute values for modified Bessel functions for non-negative order. The user inputs the order and value and the program returns the value, accurate to at least 8 decimal places.

TI-89 graphing calculator statistics program for calculating the area under a curve

This folder contains two files, one for ideal projectile motion and one for projectile motion when drag is considered. Great for physics or multivariate calculus students.


It is for doing sums: LEFTHAND-SUM, RIGHTHAND-SUM, TRAPEZ, MIDPOINT and SIMPSONS. Enter function in Y1 and start the program. Enter lower limit, upperlimit and the sub-divisions. Then pres enter and you will see LEFTHAND-SUM, RIGHTHAND-SUM and the TRAPEZ-sum. Pres enter again and you will see MIDPOINT and SIMPSONS-sum.

Accounting Made Easy App for the TiNspire calculator

INTEGRAL: This program lets you integrate a function from A to B with the fnInt(-function. You use X for the variable, and get the numerical value. Then you get an estimate with Simpson's method for 100 intervals.


This program allows the user to show the graph and point estimations of a function given the formula of its derivative, a starting point, and the number of iterations to calculate. This program can be used in conjunction with my "Slope Field Creator for Calculus" to plot the estimated graph of the function on a slope field plot. It is used in high school to college level calculus classes such as calculus AB, BC, or others.

This program will compute the slope and y-intercept of a secant line as well as graph it. The user inputs the function, the left endpoint (A) and the right endpoint (B) and the program will do the rest. Great for Pre-calculus and calculus students.


This program will generate a graph of the average rate of change for a data set as well as an average rate of change for the average rate of change of a data set. The user just enters in the data and the program will graph these average rates of change graphs. Great for precalculus or physics courses.

Given three points in 3D space, this program returns the equation of the plane that passes through all three points. After all, any three noncollinear points determine a unique plane!


key generator for Algebra and Trigonometry

Uses the Runge-Kutta 4-slope method to numerically approximate the solutions of first-order differential equations (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=606). Also stores data from intermediate steps in lists to aid in showing work.

This program will save you a ton of time when taking derivatives of polar functions. Be warned, although the function will be essentially right, it cannot simplify using trigonometric identities. You must have Symbolic and Prettyprint installed to use this program.


Finds the inverse function (as a power series) of almost any given function. For example: given sin(x), returns arcsin(x) as a power series.

Problem Solving Workbook, Teacher's Edition texas geometry, SATS algebra -rearranging formulas, How is doing operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with rational expressions similar to or different from doing operations with fractions? Can understanding how to work with one kind of problem help understand how to work another type? When might you use this skill in real life ,prentice hall mathematics algebra 1.


polar conversion key ti 83

Formula management software with categories and search functions. It's possible to manage self made functions and easily exchange them. Programm zur Formelverwaltung auf dem Taschenrechner. Dieses Programm für den TI 89 und den TI Voyage 200 ermöglicht einen flexiblen Umgang mit Formeln, Funktionen und Voreinstellungen. Direkt aus Home kann übersichtlich nach kommentierten Formeleinträgen gesucht werden. Das gewählte Thema ist dann im Menü verfügbar. Fast alle Formeln, die man im Mikrotechnik-Studium bis zum 3. Semester benötigt, sind enthalten. Installation: Damit das Programm Platz hat, muss eventuell eine der grossen Anwendungen auf dem Rechner gelöscht werden, zum Beispiel CabriGeometrie. Alles im Ordner f muss in einen neuen Ordner auf den Rechner der ebenfalls f heisst kopiert werden, die "kbdprgm" müssen in den Ordner main.

Slope Field v1/2 simplifies the process of creating and analyzing slope fields in calculus. This program provides a variety of tools for slope fields: you can enter a differential equation, render the resultant field, edit the window settings, find the slope value at a specific (x,y) point, and trace an antiderivative over the field to verify that it is correct.


This program draws the slope field for a given differential equation of the form y' = f(x,y). It will also superimpose user-specified solution curves of the form y = F(x) on the slope field.

Here's the third of the Notes programs. The two others was more general, but this one is only on the differential and integral calculus. It is very useful for those who are studying these courses. It contains just the formulas useful for the two mathematics disciplines. There are derivative formulas, integration formulas, identities and some others.


how to solve linear equasions

I used to have a TI-30 in high school. My fingers were going numb because of the stiffness opf the keys, so I poked a hole in the body and stuck there a DB-15 connector. Then I found a surplus full-size calculator keyboard, relabeled the keys, rewired the thing and attached it to the port. Given that everybody had a TI-30 at the time, mine was pretty interesting.

Why does everyone you know use TIs? They've got the education market locked up. Even down to elementary school, all the classrooms have TIs. In middle school, when the supply list gets sent home, it says "scientific calculator (TI-30 SX Hyper Alpha Turbo)" or whatever they've named their latest model. By the time the kids get to high school, TI has high name recognition -and most of the teachers there are also teaching to the TI-82/83/83+.


Can find the volume of a tetrahedron from its edge length OR its coordinates on the three-dimensional plane. The program can also obtain various properties of a regular tetrahedron given its side length. Using an undefined variable also works to obtain the formulas, themselves, used in determining these formulas.

Solving by substitution or elimination worksheet with answer key, multiplying dividing integers worksheets, junior high fractional equations (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=8104), mcdougal littel taks practice, algebra with pizzazz! CREATIVE PUBLICATIONS, math formula percent,WHAT DOES EQUATION (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=5913) IN +MATHIMATICS LOOK LIKE.


Posted: Friday 05th of Jan 10:29 Sure, why not! You can grab a copy of the software from You are bound to get addicted to it. Best of Luck.

Vector Calculus Made Easy App for the TiNspire calculator


This program will perform Romberg integration on a function. Please read the description of the program. Great for numerical methods students.


A library of functions for the TI-Nspire CAS for use in complex analysis. Includes functions for finding poles, calculating residues (including the residue at infinity), computing contour integrals, and (last but not least) Laplace and Inverse Laplace transforms.


printable fun sheets on 3rd grade measurements

ASI: Advanced Symbolic Integration is a fast program that can integrate by use of special-functions and integrate expressions containing special-functions. ASI is equipped with a library of highly flexible special-functions, and it is easy (you can try here) to use all of it.

The program finds the curl and the divergence of a vector field and/or the gradient of a scalar field. The coordinates may be Cartesian u,f(x,y,z), spherical u,f(r,theta,phi) or cylindrical u,f(r,phi,z) and are selected automatically by the program depending on the input variables. Both general and numerical solutions for a given point P(x0,y0,z0) as well as combinations like div grad u ( = Laplacian operator ) are provided.


Differential Equations Made Easy v10.0-

This program is capable of finding the area under and between curves. You can choose from numerous methods of finding the area including left, right and middle, trapezoidal, solids of revolution and standard integration. The program is easy (image source) to use, and understand, if you know the terminology. Can find definite integrals, regardless if equation is unknown, as long as co-ordinates are given. Definitely worth having this integration program, as this program accounts for ANYTHING that there could be on the exam.

A library of some sorting algorithms. Currently includes mergesort, bubblesort, quicksort, heapsort, shellsort, insertion sort, and radix sorting.


This updated program will help solve the area/volume problem on the AP Exam. It revolves one or two functions around any vertical or horizontal axis and will not only give the numerical answer, but the setup as well. It will also find surface area, and area between two functions. This program was written by the same mathematician who owns MathNerdShirts.com.

Download Physics 101 SE

This program takes and inputted number and finds its "Palindrome". A "Palindrome" is a something that can be read in the same way backwards as it can forwards.


This program is for computing double integrals by Composite Simpson Rule. Please read the documentation about the details of entering f(x,y) as the integrand.

This program offers a simple tool to finding the extremum of a target ("objective") function subject to up to four constraints g(x,y), h(x,y), k(x,y and l(x,y). OS 4/3 obligatory because of the new graph-funtion "relation"!


Conceptual Physics 10th Edition! Includes Workbook, matlab second order nonlinear, algebra calculators logarithmic, Algebra 2/Trigonometry online, printable quizzes for pre-algebra, finding the sum and product of the roots of a quadratic equation,dividing radicals solvers.

The program also has L' Hopital's rule: Input F(A)=G(A)=0, you'll see. ADERIV1: This program is a bit more advanced than ADERIV. It has a subroutine, ADERSUB that you also need to install. It is an attempt to give you support by chopping up your expression bit by bit, giving you the formulas involved. It is also more forgiving than ADERIV. Just remember not to use implicit multiplication where you want the program to give you a formula: if you type sin(x)cos(x) the program will just give you, sin(x)'=cos(x) and cos(x)'=-sin(x), but not the multiplication formula, (F(X)*G(X))'= F'(X)*G(X)+F(X)G'(X). You have to type, sin(x)*cos(x).


This program uses the Romberg algorithm to find area under a curve. I have tested other programs for speed and accuracy but found mine to be superior in both. The user can set accuracy to a set number a decimal places. It also shows an estimate of the answer as it zeros in on the exact answer. As far time goes, here are some times for the 84 silver editon and 9 decimal place accuracy in radian mode.

The program provides some tools for the calculation of straight lines, such as: line defined by two points, point and line, line and line. The problem of plane and line is handled in the file "Vector Algebra for Planes" in the same archive. Documentation on page 1/1 of the file.


TI-89 graphing calculator numerical integration program

This program will compute the curvature and provide information about the circle of curvature, the center and radius. The program will consider rectangular, parametric and polar forms in 2-D.

I like the portability and power of your products. Your product is definitely superior to larger companies and will take a significant market share away from many larger competitors such as Mathematica, Maple, Scientific Notebook.


TI-89 graphing calculator Pythagorean theorem program

Much easier handling than other Statistics packages: Choose to enter Data or Statistic values. Select Significant/Confidence Levels easily.

Math Made Easy v1.0-Download

The program returns the Lagrange interpolating polynomial of minimum degree for a set of pairs of values (xi,yi). A graph of the calculated function plus the entered values is included.


Business Statistics Made Easy

Standard form equations to vertex form, RULES OF VENN'S DIAGRAM, sample algebra problems with answers, free adding integers puzzle, PRE-ALGEBRA WITH PIZZAZZ! EXAMPLES,help with doing math factor trees.

This program calculates the definite integral under any curve from a lower to upper limit. It also can calculate the average value for that area. Depending on the function and limits, the answer given may be exact or a very close decimal approximation.


Engineering Mathematics Made Easy

Quote: I own a HP 16C Computer Scientist Calculator. It's the form factor of the 11/12/15 series, but with functions oriented to the programmer (base conversions, bit arithmetic, etc).

This is a compilation of all my programs from my year studying precalculus. It helped me a lot, and I hope that it can help you too! The program itself includes Series (arithmetic and geometric), Sigma, Pascals triangle, Trig helps, Conic sections, everything having to do with the law of sines and cosines, and to top it all off, a quadratic solver program.


Forget how to integrate or derive a trig function? Hate calculating area with the trapezoidal method by hand? Do you wish you had a program to make math a little easier. This program has 7 different programs including the Laws of cosine and sine and other to help you shave your pre-calc and calculus tedious work in half. Please download it and check it out, be sure to read the readme file before you use it for helpful information on how to use some of the options.

TI-89 graphing calculator vector calculus program, calculates divergence, gradient and curl

This is a simple basic program for the ti-83 plus. Includes the option of having the calc find the bounds for you!


This program simplifies a radical to any degree. Read the description in the program for more information.

Accounting & Business Finance & Loans Made Easy v4.0- Download

This program calculates Left, Right, Trapezoidal, Midpoint, and Simpsons Riemann sums using coordinates of points (x,y). It will calculate the sums *even if the subintervals defined by consecutive points are not of equal length*! The program can graph a StatPlot with each of the rectangles, trapezoids, or parabolas used to calculate the respective sum. This program is great for AP Calculus AB & BC where students need to calculate Riemann sums and ***use MVT, IVT, or BOTH, or Rolle's Theorem based on a table***. If MVT, IVT, or both need to be used to find a value of f, f-prime, or demonstrate that f-double prime is negative, zero, or positive, the program will display the set of points that need to be used with the theorems along with which theorems to use. Please read the included documentation in the zip file for formal proof/reasoning. The program also calculates the slopes between consecutive points, and the sign of the second derivative using calculated slopes. All information is stored into lists X,Y, SLOPE, CONCV, LRECT, RRECT, TRAP, and MIDPT for the user to view after the program ends by going to the Stat -> Edit. If AP Calculus AB/BC table exercises involving Riemann Sums, MVT, and IVT are giving you a hard time, you should download this program.


free worksheet on ordering decimals least to greatest- 3rd grade

Complex quadratic equations", solve system with substitution calculator, free slope calculator, Pre-Algebra With Pizzazz! Series, biology the dynamics of life chapter 8 answers for worksheet,examples of arithmetic and algebraic simplification.

Numerical Analysis Made Easy v1.0

All of these are arranged into just six step-by-step functions, many of which use a convenient and intuitive mathprint format. Three animated screenshots and a readme file included. Check them out; you'll be amazed.


This program prompts the user for "A" (The lower limit of integration), "B" (The upper limit of integration), "N" (The given number of subintervals), and "Function" (The function for which the program will use Simpson's Rule to approximate the integral. The program stores the answer in the variable "X" for reference by the user after the program is finished. Remember the Simpson's Rule is only valid when n is even. The program will stop if n is odd.

  • TI-89 graphing calculator annuities, life insurance, and pensions calculator program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator range formula program
  • Finite Math Made Easy App for the TiNspire calculator
  • TI-89 graphing calculator polynomial interpolation program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator polynomial Euclidean divisions program
  • TI-89 graphing calculator partial fraction expansion program

The program solves the classical Time/Value/Money equations. It presents data in a spreadsheet like format using the Dialog and Request functions of the TI-92 Plus/TI-89/TI Voyage 200 family of calculators.

TI-89 graphing calculator trapezoidal rule program for approximating finite integrals

Using the TI Device Explorer of the TI-Connect software (downloadable at ), simply drag the saved APP onto your TI Device Explorer window. Watch a How-To-Video here (1/1MB -needs Flash Player). Alternatively, right mouse click the app and select SEND to TI Device.


Posted: Thursday 04th of Jan 11:03 Can a software really help me learn my math? Guys I don’t want something that will solve problems for me, instead I want something that will help me understand the concepts as well.

I was showing that off to people in '96 on my HP 48G to people in order to get them to switch. The geeks in our Calc class switched, while the others stayed with their TI 82s and TI 85s.


APNEWTN2 estimates zeroes on a function f(x) given the original function, the derivative, and a guess. All steps (iterations) are shown on the screen.

TI-89 graphing calculator unit circle program

Formulum is one of my most important achievements, an open-source program that calculates areas and volumes of geometric figures and solids given values like the radium or the height. So, the user gets a fast response of what the volume of a sphere is, simply by entering the radium. I try to optimize my scripts as much as I can so that programs run fastly and smoothly, just like every computer user wants. Since Formulum is open source, everyone can edit it and make new versions. However, official versions are released by me only.


Rolles's Theorem states this: If f(x) is a function whose derivatives exist between the limits x = a, and x = b. Suppose also that f(a) = 0 and f(b) = 0. Then there exists at least one point c between a and b where the derivative is zero. This program finds that/those point(s).

This document contains a function which generates elementary symmetric polynomials. This document also contains a program which decomposes a symmetric polynomial into a polynomial of the elementary symmetric polynomials.


TI-89 graphing calculator Glasser function program

It shows you Derivatives for Trig Functions, Inverse Trig Functions, Hyperbolic Trig Functions, Hyperbolic Inverse Trig Functions, Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain Rule, Sum and Difference Rule, Derivative of Logarithms, Derivative of Natural Logarithms, Derivative of e, and the Derivative of a^x. It has all of the derivative formulas you'll need.

A collection of applets used to demonstrate Physics and math principles. The applets include: a ray diagram drawing applet, a collision of disks applet, an electromagnetic field mapper and a 3d hydrogen.


I don't remember even needing a calculator for that class other than maybe arithmetic. Just be clever and study until you figure it out.

Given three of any elements in the triangle (choosing from the 3 angles and the 3 sides), calculate the rest of the sides & angle measures, the lengths of the altitudes, the lengths of the medians, the lengths of the angle bisectors, the lengths of the inradii and circumradii, the area, and the the perimeter. Works for SSA (two triangles) and even if there are no solutions, the program will continue to run so that it gives at least partial results for the benefit of the user. Note: It still indicates, though, if there truly are no real solutions.


LimitMan to the rescue to save the day from evil limits! Read the readme for more details.

Physics Cheat Sheet is an interactive Physics package that helps students solve and visualize numerous Physics Equations. By checking their homework problems with Physics Cheat Sheet, students will better.


Numerical solution for differential equations. Same as Improved Euler's method, but more accurate. Table and graph option included.

Differential Equations Made Easy v7.0- Download

This program generates the graph of a Weirstrass function to show that a continuous function need not be differentiable. The user enters the number of iterations to use and then waits for a graph to be generated. See the accompanying pic to get an idea.


The way I figure it, my 86 is getting a little tired and I'm going to have to get a new one or the other. Prolly that HP if it seems cool enough or the TI-89. Do the HPs do symbolic manipulation, exact summations, and those open ended integrals that the 89 does?

Differential Equations Made Easy - Testimonial

This program uses Runge Kutta methods to solve a second order differential equation (find here). The user WILL HAVE TO ALTER CODE for each differential equation since multiple inputs into a function are done. PLEASE READ DOC to describe how to enter data and alter code to solve your differential equation. Great for Numerical Analysts or for Differential equations.


This program computes different types of user-defined Line Integrals. I have tested everything and it works! Watch out on the 3-d one tho, the z(t) function needs to be put in as a function of X2t under parametric!

free calculus made easy ti89

This is my first tutorial (hopefully of an expanding series) to demonstrate how to easily perform some intro DSP math on the TI-NSPIRE series of calculators. This tutorial will cover the DFT. I will use a similar approach to Richard G. Lyons from the excellent book Understanding Digital Signal Processing, to explain on how to do this on your TI-NSPIRE!


TI-89 graphing calculator least squares regression line program

This program computes left, right, midpoint, and trapezoidal sums for a given function over a given interval. It also draws the rectangular or trapezoidal regions under the graph. Also included is the definite integral over the region. This program was written by the same mathematician who owns MathNerdShirts.com.

Install it on your computer and grab your GraphLink Connection cable to plug in your calculator

Euler's Method allows you to input an expression for dy/dx, start of interval, end of interval, initial value, and a number of steps. If you are given step size (h) instead of number of steps, just enter 0, then enter the step size. The program will then print out a 3 row matrix containing the x, y, and delta y values rounded to three decimal places. It will also print out the answer in the form of a (x,y) coordinate. Finally it will store into a variable called "fulle" a matrix containing all the exact values without rounding. Example: Problem: Find the value of y when x=0/7 for dy/dx=y+x starting at (0,3) and using 5 steps.


Give it an equation and it will tell you lower, middle, upper, trapazoidal, and the real area. Also has stellar graphing options at the end.

TI-89 graphing calculator bisection – specific tolerance program

Calculates the coefficients of the sine and cosine terms of the Fourier series for an arbitrary function over the interval [-pi,pi]. Results in a series of sine/cosine waves that when added closely resemble the original function.


TI-89 graphing calculator program, adds absolute coordinate system graphing to the calculator

This program estimates roots using Newton's method of approximation. If you convert a root into a function, then it's only a matter of finding the zeroes. Again, iterations are displayed on the home screen.

Displays several formulae relevant to finding particular solutions to nonhomogeneous second-order linear differential equations (find more info). Includes formulae for the undetermined coefficients and variation of parameters methods for finding particular solutions. Also includes relevant formulae for finding the particular (steady state) solutions to driven, damped spring-mass systems.


Euler's Method allows you to approximate the integral of a given function. This program allows you to control all the parameters for Euler's Method, including the x start, x stop, step size, and initial y-value. In-program options also allow you to adjust the window and turn the axes on and off. Great for calculus and compatible with MirageOS.

This program will compute nodes, weights and the approximate integral using Gauss-Legendre quadrature method. Just enter in the left endpoint, the right endpoint and the number of nodes (>1) and the algorithm will do the rest. Please read accompanying documentation for more details.


TI-89 graphing calculator statistics and probability program for simulating flipping coins and rolling dice

Here's a short algorithm based on Lancoz approximation series for the gamma function. Does NOT handle complex arguments though.

Quick program to speed along Calculus homework. Often mentioned in Calculus books in the chapter containing the Trapezoidal Rule.


Performs 128 points FFT on edited (built-in editor) or CBL collected data. Choose Fe, window and plot mode, etc.

This program uses Newton's Method to find roots of a given function. After inputing an initial guess and error, it finds a sequence of estimates and stops when the difference between estimates is less than the given error.


This program will find the area under the curve. It has five different methods of solving for you to choose from. Please see the text file on how to use this program.

TI-89 graphing calculator program, simplifies calculus answers for homework, tests and exams

Procedure for determining convergence: Tells you what test to use and if the series converges or diverges. Includes the nth-Term, geometric series, p-Series, integral test, ratio test, comparison, nth-Root, and the alternating series test.


key generator mathematica 5

This program allows you to enter an equation with no limit to the number of parts in it or power values of x and then solve anti-differentitation on them. It also lets you solve the area bound by the curve. All this has full working out in a very good text format so you can just read it right off. Also the program simplifies all fractions and everything so you won't even have to think at all! Just check it out and you'll how superior its working out is!

Statistics & Probability Made Easy User Guide

Features ten different programs, including slope fields, average value, Riemann Sums, line analysis, and triangle analysis. As a bonus, all of this is integrated into a nice GUI.


TI-89 graphing calculator program, estimates area under a curve using Simpson’s rule

This program is for the bisection method. It also makes a graph available of the iterates.

Normal v1/01 is a TI-83,84 style command-line distribution function package. Running normcdf(-infinity,36,35,2) returns 0/691462461274, full 12 decimal accuracy.


Engineering Economics Made Easy App for the TiNspire calculator

This program will integrate a function between two limits using the Romberg Integration technique. It outputs a 6x6 triangular table with the resluts in lists L1 through L6.

This program demonstrates the limit operation of the secant line to the tangent line. The user may need to adjust the window on the program before running it so that tangent lines come in clearly. The user inputs the function, the starting point, A and the initial step size, H. The program generates four secant lines and stores the slopes in L1. This program is meant to demonstrate the beginnings of the limit process to enhance understanding of the definition of derivative.


graphing linear inequalities 8th grade algebra worksheets

This TI 83+ program is an adaptation of the algorithm used by the TI 85, TI 86, and TI 89 calculators for graphing solutions to differential equations. The underlying algorithm is an adaptive third-order Runge-Kutta algorithm using coefficients due to Bogacki and Shampine.

To use, just enter the given coordinates that you see from left to right. This program also shows its work.


TI-89 graphing calculator program, determines which formula should be used to solve a given triangle

This program will uses the principle's of Mohr's Circle to give the user back a normal stress max, min, and average; shear stress maximum; angle of rotation to reach principle planes and max shearing; and the resulting normal and shear stresses for any rotation. Users input the given x normal stress, y normal stress, shear stress, and desired rotation.

This is a set of functions for the TI-Nspire CX CAS to complement a textbook on Game Theory. The functions wrap game theory definitions with header labels and automate some of the more arduous calculations. The functions support two-person, zero-sum games only. Supported functions include - Computing strategies for both players - Determining strict and mixed games - Computing and eliminating dominated strategies - Computing equivalent linear programming definitions with solutions - Computing optimal solutions for both players. The package includes documentation and source code and is free to use and distribute.