As it happened one recent forum conversation led me to our very own Airsimmer guru Flex1978 who kindly offered to log into my PC on Teamviewer and install my copy of the Airsimmer A320 properly, with the latest extended team updates. This we did and Rob spent a good while patiently running through the process until finally there it was, the Airsimmer A320 was sat in my virtual hangar. With a bit of guidance on how to avoid CTDs (most of which are well documented now) Rob wished me well and left me to get to grips with the Renault of the skies.

  • When you fire up the systems on the A320-X, there’s an eerie sense of life behind those six LCDU’s
  • The A320-X is now compatible with Prepar3D v5/v5.1/v5.2
  • Q: What is the scope behind your Airbus A320? What are you hoping to recreate and to what degree
  • The A320 is the first part of FSLabs’ “A3xx Master Series” line of products for desktop flight simulators
  • The other thing you need to fly the A320 properly is all the information that comes from TOPCAT
  • The result is a simulation of an A320 that is very much like the real thing
  • Now however another issue, which is my CH pedals don't seem to like the A320
  • Livery for Airbus A320 Air Moldova ER-AXP Dirty Aerosoft Airbus v.1.30
  • NavDataPro do not support AirSimmer in their database, whilst Navigraph continue to do so
  • More details on this will follow after release of the initial A320-X product

REX for FS9 Released

I do, and It's only you and Flex1978 providing most of the work. If I wanted to talk to a dev like Vasilius I have a better chance finding him in the Russian Avsim forums.


The descent however into IBZ was very unstable and rushed, as I got myself into a panic over the Airbus's many descent modes and ended up very hot into the final approach. After the event I spent some time googling my plight and the best resource I found was from a Cathay Pacific Captain about the black art of landing an A340, a virtually identical aircraft from a pilot's point of view.

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No, if you want the basic version, you pay 40. If you want the advanced version when it's released, you have to pay another 90. And I don't know how many bugs it has. The ones I've heard about seem pretty minor to me, but they very well could be deal breakers for others. Personally, if I buy it, it will only be the advanced. I'm saddened at having to wait longer, but it's really not a big deal. I just wish there was an upgrade-type system in place for those that purchase the basic version now then the advanced later.

It's designed to speed up the development of mobile applications and contains a set of highly demandable controls including Chart, Gauge, Planner and others. The highlighted features are: Charts Gauges Calendar and Planner and other nice-looking.


Downloads like Myaccountinglab may often include a crack (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=531), keygen, serial number or activation code to make it the full version. If it does then it will be found in the download file itself.

But these are all minor niggles to be honest. If you're prepared to jump through a few hoops then you'll be entering into the world of the Airbus and all its sights, sounds and weird foibles. Flying it like a Boeing is not an option and the learning curve is steep.


So, in summary, it's been a few days since the second coming of the Airsimmer A320, after it was sent off to the virtual Mojave of my hard drive a couple of years back. Clearly there's still work to do as the annoying CTDs, although largely isolated to specific instances, are still present, and despite containing detail like not being able to select auto brake whilst the nose gear is disconnected, there is still stuff like ground air selectable in the menu but not modelled. The brakes are still an issue as although they work, for some reason when you apply full toe brake they actually stop working altogether so you have to judge around 75% travel on the pedals to stop the thing. It's annoying as any braking that's little harder on one pedal than the other leaves you yawing all over the place or when you pull onto stand and realise you're going a bit fast you panic, stomp on the pedals and of course keep going straight through the terminal, like that scene from Airplane. In all my other aircraft they work fine, so it's an Airsimmer issue as far as I can see.

Well essentially you can fly the descent in managed mode but there are several Airbus gotchas that you need to understand before attempting this and for the brave hearted the Airsimmer actually models all these modes pretty well. There are a multitude of different modes that come into play depending on where along the descent profile you are and which mode you select on the FCU. Getting these muddled up is a recipe for an approach that will end in a go-around, or tears, or both. You can use the old fashioned VS modes and control the speed yourself but bear in mind you'll miss the one thing unfortunately not modelled on the A320 which is 'level off' indication, where a blue arrow pointing up (climb) or pointing down (descent) give you the point on the ND at which the aircraft will level off at the altitude that is selected. This is the 'Bus equivalent of the useful descent arc or 'green banana' you find in a Boeing. You don't know how much you miss this until it's gone. In the Boeing you just dial in the vertical speed until the arc hits where you need to be and down you go. In the Airbus, you need to do the required arithmetic in your head or you'll miss the level off point by miles and potentially find yourself too high or low on the approach. It's better in many ways to leave this to aircraft and descend in managed mode so that the aircraft does the sums but RTFM first!


I recon that's a quote for truth. The dust will settle eventually.

Powerrip Screenprint 8.0 Torrent

I don't think calling them 'Airscammer' is entirely fair. They ran into development problems, possibly by setting their goals too high and maybe biting off more than they could chew.


I'm very familiar with how an A320 cockpit should look and sound and Airsimmer has hit that nail on the head

Today I made my first request for refund ever after more than twenty years of simming. Three days of mixed feelings really. In general the plane is a nice experience.

Airbus X throttle doesnt work

How many FS9 simmers have been begging and drooling for a proper B777, B767 or B757, CRJ, etc? Well, we'll never know because no one will listen and instead release 3 A320s and a MD11. If you told me that a PMDG FS9 737-NGX didn't sell well, then I'd say, yep, the FS9 community is totally dead. If you tell me that an MD11 didn't sell well, than I'd say, really?


I like that oi,oi,oi-thing, so I decided to leave it in the quote :( In terms of the PMDG MD11: This was one of the best releases I have seen for years. The bugs were so extremely minor, that many magazines for flight-simulation called the MD11 completely bug-free. Same thing about their Jetstream release.

Four Winds 2.01 Patch Beta

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  • AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition
  • It was a real testament to the way we’ve modeled the A320-X
  • It's important to load the default Cessna first and then the A320
  • I think people are going to really enjoy flying our A320-X
  • Airsimmer A320 Basic version
  • Flight Attendant Announcements Rossiya Airlines A320 JARDesign Version 2.0
  • AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition Press Release

I am a first day purchaser of the AirSimmer (continue reading this) and, like Rafal at least last time I checked, am currently running the Basic version, the only one on sale. Updated to V1/4 via the TabletPC. Many good quality liveries are available, both 'official' and through the popular download libraries. I am a returnee having been distracted by 777, 767, 757, 747 and the iFly 737 series, not to mention the Embraers and the MD11.

Once I was on final at CDG with my md 11, then suddenly there was this AI plane in front of me out of the blue, I wasn't in a good mood to Go Around, so I turned off the AI level to zero, and back to 95%, the intercepting AI was gone, so was my 2/5 hour flight. I never had such ctd ever since. However, by entering the Sid and Star and never editing flight plan during airborne, do they mean we have to insert all the waypoints/vor manually? I do not have the latest Airac, will it cause problems?


JD320 Airliner ver 3.2 r1,r2 WIN/MAC 64 bit

My first flight was from Menorca LEMH to Ibiza LEIB in the Iberia A320. Programming the FMGS was nice and easy using all the information from TOPCAT and before long we've got a route planned, V speeds in, doors closed (you can do this from the FMGS menu) and I'm running through the checklist for engine start as AES starts pushing us back using the AES config file Rafal kindly uploaded onto Aerosoft's site. The first issue then occurred as all I could hear during the pushback was a horrid graunching, grinding noise and 'G LOAD' appeared on the ECAM, along with clouds of smoke from under the cockpit. I wondered whether this was an issue with the AES config but knowing Rafal as a stickler for detail I couldn't see how. One to investigate after the flight, that one. Engine start in an A320 is a cinch - simply flick the engine mode switch to 'ignition/start', hang on until you hear the packs die (not sure you need to do this but I did) and then hit the master switch for each engine in turn and soon enough there was that wonderful dog barking sound of the PTU in progress. At this point I hit the Takeoff Config button on the pedestal which gives a run down of items that must be taken care of before departure (auto brake max, spoilers armed, signs on etc), set the flaps, the THS (take off trim, done manually with the trim wheel) and finally set the taxi light, which also has a brighter setting for 'takeoff'.

I'm technically CTD free as well, but you have to be careful when adding/changing STARs and manually editing the route because it may freeze FS9. My biggest worry is about the autopilot because it seemed to have a 'suicidal' mind of its own.


FSX-MS Airbus X throttle doesnt work

I think AS could come out of this in a very positive way if they keep up the development. I like their product, but there were issues that rendered it more of a burden than "fun". I like the fact that they are continuing development despite the flak they have taken in recent months. They could have run with their tail between there legs but instead kept working on their aircraft. While their bus was no doubt released in a state that was not ready for prime time, I do appreciate their continued efforts and respect them for driving on.

Hopefully Rex has specific serial numbers for each purchase so we can track the pirates. I'm sick of hearing how FS9 is pirated more than FSX add-ons. We need to start tracking the guys that are giving this stuff away for free and furthering the push by some developers to abandon FS9.


FS9 Imaginesim Singapore Airsimmer A320 Jetstar Asia livery REX 2004 :cool

Many downloads like Airsimmer A320 Edition Basic may also include a serial number, cd key or keygen. If this is the case then it's usually included in the full crack (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=906) download archive itself.


Autopilot needs a lot of work This airbus banks very strangely as is. SIDS and STARS can go very screwy. Getting direct clearance is a nightmare. The IAE is troublesome, although on my system it does everything right until I try and land with autothrust. But thats a problem easily got around.

The 'if' is a mute point in my book. For the most part this thing works now (if flown in the VC from start to finish). I've done many successful flights not doing anything fancy with (click this) the FMC just standard route entries (I don't bother with SID/STAR info in the FMC as I let default ATC handle my vectors for the most part). I will enter in my takeoff and landing runways so I can see the active runway on the ND screen.


Everything fine apart from losing the pointy hand thing over the control switches half way through the flight. Had to click around the switches to hit the right spot.

Many downloads like Airsimmer A320 may also include a crack (next page), serial number, unlock code, cd key or keygen (key generator). If this is the case it is usually found in the full download archive itself.


The first thing I noticed on the takeoff roll was how slowly the A320 seems to accelerate compared to the iFly 737. It seemed to take an age to get to 100 knots and the end of the runway was looming but eventually V1 came and a moment later I rotated and we were climbing away. This was a SID departure so there was little to do but point it wherever the FD told me and bring the gear up. I found the handling in the air very wobbly. A tiny bit of movement on the stick sent me wobbling all over the sky. There was work to do on the joystick axis too, unless it was meant to do this! Once on autopilot though it was very smooth.

I was curious about this also, since it apparently doesn't use FSUIPC to configure control axes. I had also written this product off prior to reading this thread; now I'm not so sure.


So you'll know that on these forums I've been pretty scathing of the Airsimmer A320 debacle and have perhaps been guilty of wading in to forum discussions with (click) a 'it doesn't work/it crashes/it's not finished/they robbed our money' type vibe. I think what made me most peed off was that the A320 (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=7171) felt so 'nearly' there. It was so good in many areas but in the end trying to make it work just felt like pushing water uphill and in the end I resigned myself to the fact that we were never going to have a decent 'Bus for FS9, and that made me a bit grumpy. Whenever I flew in real life on an Airbus it almost wound me up that unlike the Boeings that we've been chewing on in FS9 for years, I was rather in the dark on how to fly one. Certainly unlike the level-D 737-400 sim I flew a couple of years back there was no way I could hop in, start the APU and engines, program the FMC and fly a couple of decent circuits because frankly, I didn't have a clue what to do with the mythical Airbus and the lack of a really good one for FS9 wasn't going to change that.