Apart from adding the above-mentioned changes, FinalWire has also announced that a new edition for business customers is available. AIDA64 Network Audit is designed to help system administrators in making an automatic inventory of all the machines they control and track hardware and software changes.

  • 7 best alternatives to SpeedFan that work in
  • To date the six AIDA64 mobile apps registered a combined download count of 6 million
  • AIDA64 Extreme Edition Beta 6.30.5523
  • Mar 28, 2021 - AIDA64 Extreme Edition 是一款硬件信息检测工具软件,它支持详细的
  • 2080 Ti Super Potentially Spotted in AIDA64
  • The serial number for AIDA64 is available
  • AIDA64 4.0 Available for Download
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Open Hardware Monitor program is the best among SpeedFan alternatives. The software is a core temperature and fan speed manager application to check what is going on in your system. It is a multipurpose and multifunctional temperature and fan speed control. The best thing about Open Hardware Monitor is that it is highly compatible with all modern hardware that’s why it can control the activities of all types of system hardware.


The RTX 2080 TI SUPER could be an unlocked TU102 GPU with the full bus interface and 12 GB of GDDR6 VRAM. We can also expect higher cores and clocks. Another thing would be the use of the full 16 Gbps GDDR6 dies instead of the 15/5 Gbps which were used on the RTX 2080 SUPER.

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It supports more than 250 different sensor devices to measure temperature, voltages, fan speed, and gravity. Estimated values can be displayed on System Tray icons, OSD panel, Desktop Gadget, Logitech G15 / G19 Gaming Keyboard LCD, and Razer SwitchBlade LCD.


Weird code name, also weird to draw such an assumption from such a small bit of info but that is wccftech for you. I won't be shocked if they do a 2080 Ti Super, NV seems to only care about releasing new sku's not if those sku's make any sense or not.

Looks like Nvidia have figured out that AMD are about to launch an assault on their high-end cards. They have realized that Navi poses a serious threat to the 2080ti, just looking at basic numbers shows it.


I personally doubt it, nVidia only bothers releasing stuff when they need to, the 2080 Super and 2070 Super came because the Radeon 7 and 5700XT. AMD still hasn't a card to challenge the 2080 Ti therefore refreshing it into 2080 Ti Super wouldn't increase the sales on it.

The existing LCD module has been extended to support wireless remote monitoring of sensor values on smartphones and tablets via two new interfaces: RemoteSensor and Logitech Arx Control. CPU and memory utilization, network traffic, temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and power draw measurement can now all be monitored on mobile device LCD screens, inside a WiFi network or even over the internet. Logitech Arx Control supports Android and iOS devices; while the new web server based RemoteSensor supports virtually any mobile devices, including but not limited to Amazon, Android, BlackBerry OS, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, iOS, MeeGo, Windows Phone, and Windows RT.


IMentality Best speedfan alternatives for controlling computer fans 2021 Comments Feed

They underestimated AMD, it seems. It looks like they got the numbers wrong with Turing.

System Stabilization uses a 64-thread stress test module to drive the computer to its full limits. Hard disk, SSD, and OpenCL GPGPU for video adapter compression testing are available.


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The company has added OpenCL GPGPU benchmark suite, improved the tests for AMD “Kaveri” and “Bald Eagle” APUs and for Intel “Bay Trail” SoC. Now, the products support SwitchBlade LCD and for VirtualBox v4/3 and VMWare Workstation v10.


Argus Monitor comes in handy when monitoring and analyzing the temperature and the health status of the hardware parts of the system. The best quality about it is that it keeps an eye on the overall hardware components of the system including the fan.

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Nvidia knew they had no competition, we also thought the same. That's why they shot for only around 35%-ish above the 1080ti. But what they didn't see coming is AMD changing their approach to release schedules, being extremely (try this site) aggressive, changing architecture to RDNA. All they thought was that they'd get 10-15% more than the Radeon VII, meaning it'd have been 10-15% worse than the 2080ti.

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AIDA64 (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=5483) implements a set of 64-bit benchmarks to measure how fast the computer performs various data processing tasks and mathematical calculations. Memory and cache benchmarks are available to analyze system RAM bandwidth and latency. Processor benchmarks utilize MMX, 3DNow, SSE, XOP, FMA, and AVX instructions, and scale up to 32 processor cores. For legacy processors all benchmarks are available in 32-bit version as well. AIDA64 Disk Benchmark determines the data transfer speed of hard disk drives, solid-state drives, optical drives, and flash memory based devices.

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  • AIDA64 for iOS Device
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  • AIDA64 for Sailfish CPU
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BUT if the RTX 2080 Ti does get released (in the same price bracket as the original), then I may consider it if the specs justify the price. Otherwise the RTX 2080 Ti will do nicely.

I needed the upgrade so i'm not complaining but ouch if true all the same. Not that i've got the card in my system, started getting artifacting and had to RMA it this week. Got a feeling it might have been a dud all along but something about how i was using it didn't expose it, (got it so i could run some newer games at non-cruddy settings then got into my retro games in a huge way for the next several months, go figure, so it;s only recently i started really hammering it).


To mark the 20th anniversary of AIDA64, FinalWire rolled out 3 new mobile apps in 2021, for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Later on 3 more mobile apps joined the ever growing AIDA64 family: AIDA64 for Sailfish, Tizen and Ubuntu Touch. With the new apps, users of smartphones, tablets, TV devices and smartwatches, running Android, iOS, Sailfish OS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch or Windows Phone can learn everything about both the hardware and the software under the hood. AIDA64 mobile apps have clean user interfaces, optimized for the supported device categories, which makes them easy to handle even for users unfamiliar with the PC editions of the AIDA64 system information tool. To date the six AIDA64 mobile apps registered a combined download count of 6 million.