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Now if Russia invades, it will be much harder going. And if Russia wants to do the job properly, the Nazi coup regime and its puppet Zelensky's so called government will need to be destroyed. And then the resulting wreck will have to be taken over by Russia at least in the interim because unlike 2021 there is nobody else.


I’ll take your first question first. As we noted for Ambassador Khalilzad, he actually wrapped up in his time meeting in Doha. He’s actually currently in Kabul at the moment, continuing his ongoing meetings with Afghan leaders as well as civil society on accelerating progress for peace in the region.

But Africans need everything and therefore Industrial goods are specially sought after by them. Under the influence of China, Africa is forging ahead and within 20 tears could be the fastest growing market in the World.


Isn't this simply what one wouldn't expect from the viewpoint of Realpolitik? For a range of reasons (financial and military, but foremost psychological and spiritual), the EU is never going to tell their benefactors where Uncle Sam can shove it; on top of that, they're so far giving the Biden gang an undeserved honeymoon. So they try to have it both ways by showing their lord that they're good poodles, precisely in order to protect the economic interests they see as vital.

Their geopolitic strategy is clear. Prevent the Eurasia from developing economic integration between it's east and western parts.


Look at two of the allies of the Tau, to see how they weaken their Empire through diplomacy

Thanks, I agree completely with this summary. Therefore, the EU must be dissolved.

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By moving its heavy equipment up to the front, the Ukraine Army is making it very vulnerable to blitzkrieg. A lot of military analysts think in terms of deep battle when it comes to the Red/Russian army but the Red Army was also capable of blitzkrieg operation as demonstrated in the 1945 Manchurian strategic offensive operation (aka August Storm). Is the Ukrainian army capable of resisting Russian blitzkrieg? I doubt it. The relative strengths of the Ukrainian and Russian armies probably mirror that between the Japanese/Manchukuo and the Red Army.


It is official on Agence France Presse. There will be no offensive starting from Kiev. [email protected], perhaps it is Komchak in charge. Hardly matters who picks up the phone.

On the other hand, it will remain like that now forever. You over-estimate the importance of the USA in my opinion. Yes, the USA is the all-mighty protector of Ukraine right now. But even when the US retreats from Europe in a few years the Ukrainians resolve to recover their land won't cease. Whenever somebody in the world will have a problem with Moscow Ukraine will be the lever to apply some pressure. Eventually the Ukrainians will attack, at a time of their choosing, in a century or so.


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On weather - I took a peek at the satellite forecast for next week and it is not good for even drying clothes. Some wet days, some fine, some cloudy and later week - snow in western Ukraine.

I have personally observed military Bell helicopters flying low in pairs on 2 occasions lately. Not sure what to make of it, but it is not a common sight.


Aside from the development of ionic weapons, the Demiurg appear to remodel a lot of their weaponry from technology already developed for use in resource gathering and manufacturing. Two examples of this on board their spacecraft are the Cutting Beam, which appears to have been adapted from high powered lasers used to mine asteroids, and automated mining machines, which, once reconfigured, are launched as attack craft against enemy ships.

This may have shaken the US military in their boots -they're not used to being targets. They're used to walking around stirring mischief all the while feeling they have a get-out-of-jail-free card and would never suffer anything more than a minor inconvenience. Big fucking difference having a superpower say it will be hunting you.


And that is the activity of the past, and the structure of the present. Nothing else exists here except what remains now to be written into the present and the future of this story, and it can only be written by Russia, and by no one else. And the whole world, including the US military, knows this.

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People forget that while the western part of Ukraine is Catholic they are Uniate Catholic which means they follow the Julian Calendar. Ukraine will not go to war before Easter is over. That means neither nationalist Uniate or Orthodox Ukrainians will go to war. They will especially not follow the orders of a Jewish actor President into war during the holy days. That's not anti-Semitic, it's factual. In the West we pretend these things don't matter in the rest of the world tribalism is still alive and healthy, and must be considered.


The big elephant in the room rarely being discussed, is that CRIMEA is RUNNING OUT OF WATER, badly. Since the Canal from the Diniepr River was cut off, they have big problems, and the solutions are expensive and many years away from being implemented, let alone resolved.

I would like to please b. and other german barflies. We need to know/understand about Germany.


Then again - the neo-conservatives in the Biden administration, like Victoria Nuland who is nominated as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, are not known for long term strategic thinking but for ruthless activism. They might want to create chaos in Europe without giving much thought to the aftermath.

The US tribalists want a festering sore on a Russian border that they can switch on and off as needed to hinder Russian economic development. Their interest is not to lose this worthless country as a festering sore by being ground into the ground by the Russian Military, thus they are unlikely to push all the way into war.


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I tend tothink no, and his administration is pretty much neocon and Eastern European Jewish controlled. Is there some old revenge- retribution business that a war would satisfy? The Trotsky ones just want bloodshed for the fun of it, as would Sec Defense Ratheon. What about the likes of Blinken? I really don't know much about him other than no one on the international stage seems impressed with him.

For another example, the Romanian missile batteries were called "unacceptable", and Vlad himself intoned "Soon the Romanians will find out what it means to be in Russia's crosshairs". Suffice it to say that "soon" hasn't happened yet; those missile batteries are the new normal, and more are apparently on the way on Poland.


Poking the Bear a bit is simply the path of least resistance: China has an economic fist and uses it. This is not just a matter of size, but also of the degree of state control. The "alternative" media are always quick to call the Eurocritters stupid, but they are yet to pay any price for their anti-Russian policies. Europe still gets its energy; Russians still hunger for European technology and luxury goods; you can slander Putin today with your Novichok theater, and tomorrow he'll be only too happy to pick up the phone for Merkel or Macron and have his existence validated. Now if, say, Germany were to be flooded by a couple million Ukie refugees, that calculus would change in a hurry -who is mama Merkel going to blame for that?

As a cautionary conclusion, I don't expect the Empire (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=6843) to work towards another sharp iron curtain demarcation on its eastern end. What it has in mind is more of broad swathe of fire.


This behaviour doesn't inspire confidence in the minds of other states. I haven't seen a great rush by the european states to bolster their armies or monetary contributions to NATO as a result of RU's supposed aggression towards the UE or its previous operations in Georgia.

Everyone on Paradis Island had his or her worldview changed when the reality of the Marley Empire (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=1390) and the larger world came upon them, and while everyone among the Scouts wants to defend Paradis Island from the conquest-minded Marley Empire, Eren Yeager is taking this to an extreme. He practically views himself as the Eldians' savior, along with his half-brother Zeke, and he is certain that with the Attack Titan and Founding Titan's powers, the oppressive Marleyans will be toppled and the Eldians will restore the old empire that is their birthright. Eren has a "we're taking back what's ours" perspective on things, and his fellow Paradis Island natives are somewhat sympathetic to this, even aiding Eren during his daring raid on Marley's capital during Willy Tybur's dramatic speech.


Running a blitzkrieg towards Kiev but without capturing it would leave Russia in control of a major part of the country, probably enough to negotiate the resolution it wants. Does Russia have the capacity to support Abkhazia and South Ossetia if the Georgians decide to settle some scores? Unless Japan, China or US invade far eastern Russia, it does and even then with two railways tracks and one road, any invasion won't go far until it runs into a tactical nuke or two.

First, is there an update on the ongoing peace talks in Doha? Do you have a readout on anything that Ambassador Khalilzad is doing?


I like how people from all sides of barricade are getting convinced to partition of Ukraine. That's how one wins a war in people's mind.

And I agree with those who think that Russia is free, if she deems it productive, to move forward on her own scheme and to shrug off as irrelevant any "consequences" from Europe or the greater West. But what she deems productive, remains to be seen.


Fortunately the US empire has been weakening, and other countries developing and strengthening and working together under an ostensibly fairer paradigm. The worm has been turning against the empire (click over here now). This is something to be happy and hopeful about.

Germany can connect with Eurasia even through the Baltic Sea, which has had its moment of glory for three centuries. German industry work a lot with China, Pakistan.


Africa is comprised of many countries with various levels of development and acquisitive power. The continent is growing economically all over, maybe not so much in the ex french colonies which are still being bled down by France.

Not if the Usastani can impoverish them with endless escalated violence and uncertainty. This Intercept report of February 2021 sets out the map and 'rationale' behind the continuous Usastani occupation of Africa.


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The bully has become domineering and vengeful so european and asian nations will be busy escaping their dependence just to have scope to assert or defend their national interests. USA is also exporting, via Steve Bannon, a form of fascism that is anathema to many and yet his team brazenly build political parties and resources them in many countries.

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It's a suicide mission on Russia's borders, not even the most stupid retarded prostitutes there are, the Polish would be prepared to die for the Nazi junta much less the Eurofag NATO countries. US will not endure a day on Russia's borders. Who are you trying to fool here?

Don't focuse too much on value in $, and $ as reserve currency. Just have a look at PRODUCTION and Real Value (aka quality).


I certainly don't believe we're out of the woods yet, because the neocon faction and CIA faction and DNC faction still have non-rational, overwhelming hatred for Russia and everything it stands for, as well as a desire to fulfill their wet dream of completing the rape of the Ukraine. This sudden concern for human life from the Ukies may simply be one last stab at polishing their image while they're waiting for the ground to dry, before unleashing war. But at least now there appear to be some in the West who are not looking at this as a good idea any more.

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If there is war it will be over in 6 hours or less. Russia will not have to cross the border their missile can reach Kiev with out any problems. I read were the Russians haven't even brought to the border the latest in weapons. We know Amerika and puppets will do what they did in Georgia Nothing. That didn't end will for Georgia and it won't end will for the people of the ukraine and I'm sure unlike their co-parts Russia will try and only go for ukraine forces.

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I think this is absorbing the insanity from Atlanticists. In a normal world, an organization like NATO coordinates this or that, but it is does not have an emperor to which vassals pledge allegiance. And it does not regulate where the members buy and sell. EU is a trade organization so it does regulate that but with consensus.


OTOH, NATO and wider Atlanticism is a cult of sorts, and indeed, people may have an allegiance to a cult. Germans (and other) could switch to something tad more rational.

The EU governments are tardy and their passionate war hawk, Stoltenberg is a fool. Yes a rowdy and nasty fool and happy to fight to the death of the last Uke Galician SS trooper but then I see the rest of the EU having the same attitude. Disposable fascist brigades are handy kit when you seek to demonise Russia. This is likely to stagger to an inconclusive but perpetual stalemate AFTER the Galicians lynch Zelensky.


However it is only a short time before the perfidious Turk supplies his killers with the same kit. The Idlib head choppers have considerable drone skill already but the Russian and Syrian side have fair defenses. I still don't rule out a western Syrian advance to restore Syrian borders and perhaps that is what the Usastanis are desperate to deflect.

As you can see, Loremasters, this cooperation has only yielded advanced technology and a defense against a weakness the Tau, as a species possesses. That hardly teaches then to be self reliant and will no doubt be the cause of their inevitable downfall–assuming the lasguns of the Guard don’t get the job done first!


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As I have offered before, patience is an activity, not a passive state. It requires continual action, every moment, to remain patient for an outcome.

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But does any of that matter: even more so than in the West, power in Kiev does not reside with voters, laws, and institutions, where it's supposed to be on paper. A lot of power in Banderistan is exercised on the streets by masked men with big guns, which those men are always itching to use. And those men answer not to Ze the Clown but to people like Arsen Avakov.


Eren's mission statement is clear enough, but that doesn't make that mission any easier to accomplish. It is true that Eren has many assets on his side, from the element of surprise to the Attack Titan's power and even Zeke's cooperation, but all this is straining Eren's relationship with his fellow Scouts, even his longtime friend and adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and the no-nonsense Levi Ackerman. Eren has become a radical who cries out for Eldia's restoration, and he no longer cares how many lives are spent to achieve that dream. In earlier seasons, Eren swore that he wouldn't let any more of his friends and countrymen die at the hands of the Titans, but now, Eren sees the struggle as a game of chess. He will sacrifice any number of Scout pawns to capture the enemy king, and the Scouts soon picked up on this.

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Maybe you're not looking close enough. Syria continues to be occupied and starved of resources. NATO is replacing USA in Iraq to ease tensions but continue a military presence. USA has remained in Afghanistan for 18 years while pretending every few years that it will leave. Trump conducted a stealth arms build-up while anti-China and anti-Russia propaganda rages on. Last week I warned that USA is more confident now that it has fieldable hypersonic missiles.


We already know that, as the world's financial superpower, the USA is destined to deindustrialize (because that's the price of keeping the USD as the standard fiat currency without incurring the danger of hyperinflation). As it deindustrializes, another part of the world must industrialize - in this case, Asia (China in particular).

Crimea is lost for eternity to the Zionists, who lusted for it for a hundred years - this was the first conclusive defeat that the Zionist movement had ever experienced. The Donbass is Russian, and cannot be conquered, but serves honorably and gladly to protect the border of Russia - Minsk guarantees this in its freeze.


Notice I said, a normal person would have these self-doubts. This would create too much chaos in their minds to accidentally come up with such a Machiavellian strategy but if you are a Neocon, you are only asking a shark to swim, kill, and eat.

I have very little confidence in the Putinist regime's willingness to "protect the people of Donetsk and Lugansk" if the Ukranazis have the basic intelligence to attack when NATOstani forces are in the country for "exercises" this summer. In effect the NATOstanis will serve as human shields for the Ukranazis against Russia.

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Initial results seem to show that there are TWO series of Converted Gew98 rifles to the "03" stock format, the First series, 1937-39, and a second series, 1940 to 49. We will ignore the ATF series of the 1950s. The cross over from the 37/39 series to the 40/49 series is shown by only two examples with serials which would demonstrate this break in series; without these, the series seems to run right through, without a break. I would appreciate more examples of Converted Gew98s from the 39 and 40 years, to prove or disprove this hypothesis.


Zelensky’s trip to the front line with Donbass on the day of the memory of the Holocaust. Was in an inadequate state, which indicates the level of stress and pressure from the Western partners.

Why The U.S. Might Want War In Ukraine

Russia is making such noise to deter Zelensky from any stupid moves. It is however not clear if this will deter Washington DC from ordering Zelensky to attack. The Ukrainian president recently was in Qatar to ask for money. He will soon (again) be in Istanbul to request more drones and likely also 'Syrian rebels' to be used as cannon fodder in the opening of a war.


For example, he was one of the leads in Al Gore's fight to get the Florida vote recounted in 2000. Klain also played a part in the confirmation hearings of two Supreme Court justices: Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (via The Associated Press).

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That is going to be worse by far. West Ukraine is a liability, not an asset. There is already couple million Ukrainian gastarbaiters in Poland. Wonder what they would do if the border did not exist?


There has been lots of discussions on Nord Stream II. The political juggling is just that, it is fleeting. Bottom line is Europe/Germany would welcome Russian gas. If geopolitics makes it hard to consummate for now, then parties can wait. What has already been completed will not vanish into thin air. A few years later it will be completed. Ukraine will lose, now or later. Again, it only has itself to blame.

Martyanov's analysis of a US strategic motive for war in Ukraine is certainly on the right track. It does fall a bit short however at the suggestion that the principal impetus for war is the fear of losing customers. If this were the case, there are actions America could take, win-win actions, that would preserve a healthy state of trade.