Zafehouse 2 has had a rocky development path. I started on a sequel over two years ago. Called Deadshed, it had a quasi-X-COM feel and like the original game, focused on strategy over tactics. It had a neat event logging system which could be filtered depending on what you clicked, so it was easy to see at a glance the entire history of a person or building.

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Zafehouse: Diaries is alive

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User Manual 6 Quiz Express PDF

Although the iPad version is a port of Rebuild 2 Flash, I added some new content to the game as a thank you for fans of Rebuild 2 who buy it. There are two new buildings, and one is linked to a new branch of tech. Some fresh events spattered about, and an entirely new story arc and ending written by my husband Colin. You can discover it for yourself (assuming you have an iPad 2) later this month.

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Yes, it is have innocuous, they are not stolen, they are purchased comprehensively licit from authorized retailers. You can slog these products in your own manipulate or apple id, without any problems. Its 100% innocuous, since these are NOT stolen goods.

Without a firewall if any do execute a backdoor, it may be possible for hackers to tinker - so in other words, do NOT use this on a system critical machine or a system that it's data doesn't have a backup. I never made any of the games or cracks, only the packaging.


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It contains a list of requirements. Before you start posting that you can’t get it working, make sure you’ve installed all the necessary software and are running the correct operating system. It should go without saying I can’t provide support for anyone running the game under emulation (WINE, VMWare, Mono, etc).

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Apple removed their web-based system for uploading binaries around the same time 3rd party compilers made it possible to build from Windows or Linux. Now, you can only upload using Apple software running in Mac OS. Sigh.


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It’s not meant to be a whole game. I desperately wanted to let people know that yes, the game is still in development. The demo is also a platform to deliver feedback on the general feel and direction. Try not to nitpick, but don’t hesitate to offer a comment or two.


Will be posting more images soon, but wanted to show off the dynamic note system. This is just one type, the post-it. Others include typewritten pages and, well, make suggestions if you like!

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Survivors will report in as they return from their adventures, meaning you must rely entirely on them for information. Figure out who to trust, and you’ll do fine. Piss everyone off, and you’re all doomed.

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The greatest failing of the official 4e Character Builder from Wizards is its weak support for homebrew and custom content. For such a powerful and mature tool, it’s an incredible shortcoming. In addition, the recent (and second) delay to the September refresh of the CB highlighted the fact that players are at the mercy of Wizards for rules updates. Without WotC’s regular software support, the CB quickly falls out-of-sync with new books and Dragon/Dungeon magazines. For those on the cutting edge of the game, it’s fairly crippling.

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In essence, it allows you to update the CB yourself, or put in proper custom rules fully supported by the application. With colours and bonuses and all.

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The best way to download this is to add the above torrent/link to your client and pause it once it has the contents list loaded, then un-select any folders inside the "\ppGamesInstalls" folder you do not wish to download. You will need to use ssWPI's (Re)Scan for Items if you are not downloading all the games as the Database of games will still show the missing ones.

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I closing in on the tail end of the combat demo and there are no major features going in for the moment. As such, it feels odd doing posts on the blog when Twitter would serve as a much better medium for quick, small updates.

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Staying up-to-date on Zafehouse

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