It is the second part of the most popular drag racing game on Android devices. The great physics and beautiful graphics of the game will surprise you and the stunning race environments. You will get unlimited money to play and also get unlimited power and unlimited boost while playing CSR Racing 2 Apk.

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Download and install the NoxPlayer

Playing the game without upgrading your car makes the game more difficult than before. So, it is important to upgrade your car before every race. You can easily upgrade your cars by the money you have earned in big tournaments or bets. You can also tune gear ratios, tyre pressure, nitro timing and much more. If the game becomes really competitive, you can fuse the different parts of different cars together into your prime vehicles. Choose the paint, brake calipers, and interior trims as you want with the help of the best car configurator. You are also allowed to customize your license plate for personalizing your ride.

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The CSR Racing 2 game is built around the players of the live online community

The game will offer free crates loaded with fusion parts, which could be added to your upgrades in order to make your car more powerful. You’ll have a chance to open one every four hours, but bear in mind that you wont always get a part that corresponds to the makes of cars that you own.

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The first three levels (or Stages) of upgrades can be installed immediately. Stages four and five are imported parts (in the game’s world, anyway) and take time to be delivered unless you spend gold to skip the wait.

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CSR Racing 2 takes the graphics of the game to the next level. The graphics used in the game will redefine your thoughts on the graphics of the game on the mobile. You can play in 2k resolution using bleeding-edge rendering techniques. While playing the game, you will feel like you are playing in real track with a real opponent due to the graphics of this game. The game is made by taking extra care of every aspect of the game.


At the starting line, tap on the gas pedal to rev your engine. Keep a perfect balance of light tapping to stay in the green as you rev. If you are in the green when the countdown ends, you will earn a Perfect Start reward.

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At the start of a race (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=7527), you’ll have to rev the motor so that the needle falls in the green zone when the countdown hits zero for a perfect launch, or pretty darn close for a good launch. Then when you are in the heat of the race (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3719), you’ll need to shift when the needle finds its way back into the green again.

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The car used in the game is so real that you will feel that they are physically present in front of you. The bigthank you to the superb graphics and precision used in the game by the developer of this game.


You will need to restart your computer to make the changes effective. Even after uninstalling the patch, Windows might want to install it again. Remember to check for future updates carefully or to turn off the system automatic update patch. Uninstalling system patches might be subject to unknown risks. Please decide for yourself whether you uninstall it or not. Therefore, Nox is not responsible or liable for any damage that may be caused.

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After updated the system patch KB41000347 on Windows 10, it caused the emulator lag on some user’s computer. The following steps will detail how to uninstall this patch for the Emulator to run smoother again. We have run some tests before this operation and the result was obvious, CPU performance has increased by 12% after uninstalling the patch compared to before.

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CSR Racing 2 game allows you to play against real players around the globe in real-time. You can choose the opponent from the lobby with which you want to race and also you can accept the live challenges made by other players who want to race with you. You are also allowed to raise the stake by placing the bets in every race. You can also make crew by teaming up with your friends and race together to get the best ranks in the leaderboard and win exclusive vehicles.

Gone is waiting for the green light to appear in your dashboard when launching and waiting for the right time to shift gears. Instead, your new buddy when it comes to going fast is an area of green on your tachometer.