NEVER DELETE THE FOLLOWING:Launcher 2/0.08 - This is the home launcher. You can download better launchers from the Play Store; However, you should never delete this. If one day you decide to "Factory Reset" your phone, as soon as the phone wakes, you will not have a home launcher, thus you will be stuck. This launcher is the default launcher, If you delete it, you will not have a default launcher when you factory reset. You will endlessly receive a force close message.

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Create your smartphone ellegant, cool and amazing!
Cool 3D Effects Themes for AndroidInstall Chameleon Launcher – Themes & 3D Live Wallpapers special 3D gravity, parallax effects wallpapers, live wallpapers and themes on your smartphone. Shake your smartphone and have fun cool 3D gravity effects.


Update: Even though the registration page mentions Kickstarter, according to our commenters it seems not all, if any, Kickstarter pre-registrations have been added to the pool yet. We've reached out to Teknision for a clarification.

No built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and my two USB Bluetooth dongles did not work with the box. So you may need to purchase the company’s Wi-Fi/BT USB dongle to get these features.


One of the major functionality of Blackberry Z10 Launcher Android is, it will change your every icon, every background and will totally change the look of your home screen and dock settings. You can customize them as you want. Dock setting are mostly used for shortcuts like you can set them as your flash light, contacts, camera, voice recording, or connect to any app which you use mostly. You don’t need to search for app each time you can just add them to dock setting and use by only one tap on home screen.

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Screen – Adjust the scale of the display, and select the output resolution: 1080p 24/25/30/50/60Hz, 720p 50/60, 720x576p-50 or 720x480p-60. If you have a 4K TV, 2160p options should show up there too.


Open Hour Chameleon is yet another Rockchip RK3288 based Android TV box, but it comes with aluminum enclosure, and boots from SD card instead of internal storage like all other devices I’ve seen on the market so far. Cloud Media (previously Syabas) also have a long history of making Linux based media players based on Sigma Designs processor, and when I worked on IPTV products, we used their PopCorn Hour has comparison platforms. So we should probably expect some interesting customization and features from the company. I’ve already posted pictures of Chameleon box and its board, so today, I’ll focus on reporting my experience with Android 4/4, and later I may also try their Lubuntu image.

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Before the update, however, it was clear that the Chameleon (web) team hasn't yet optimized the launcher (my site) for new higher-resolution Android tablets, as the background of the app tray (which is hideous, by the way) was far too small. Again, that's something I feel like is worth a mention but should still be taken with a grain of salt since this is still a very limited beta. I'm sure the Chameleon team is well aware of these sorts of issues and is actively working to fix them before the launcher sheds the beta tag.


If you've been chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Chameleon update that Kickstarter backers saw earlier this month, the wait is finally over. Released just a little while ago, v2 is now available to the public.

You can set up your own Morning Home Screen for your tablet based on a time range that you specify. During that time, your tablet can be set to display your favorite news, social feeds, weather, schedule and email.

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The box is also one of the few Android media player supporting EXT-4 file systems, the other one being M-195 media player. So FAT32, NTFS, and EXT-4 partitions in my USB 3/0 hard drive were support, and only BTRFS was not supported. However, I had to root the device in order to support writing to EXT-4 with ES File Explorer.


Download Chamelephon v1.0 for android

The wallpaper not change it in the background. See "GLOBALS" and select "Pick Image"!

The device does not come with Bluetooth, but the firmware supports Bluetooth, and the company sells a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth USB dongle for the device. I’ve tried two of my own USB Bluetooth but neither worked. I did try one of them successfully in ODROID-XU3 Lite in Android a few weeks ago, so in theory Chameleon should support it too if the firmware is updated with the right drivers.


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The “About device” reports the model number as simply “rk3288”, with the system running Android 4/4.2 on top of Linux 3/10/0 kernel. The firmware is not rooted by default, but I used E3288 EZ-Root-Tool to do the job easily with a micro SD card.

Chamelephon 1.0 safe verified

We have only sent out innovations to a select group of people in order to test our verification system and assess server load. We will be staggering the invitations over the next week in order to gauge and manage server load. Our beta release list has about 7000+ people on it to give you an idea of why we are being cautious.


XBMC / Kodi / SPMC is not pre-installed in the firmware, but the company recommended me to install SPMC 13/3.4 apk apparently modified and optimized by RockChip and the SPMC team. I’m not sure how much different it is from SPMC found on Google Play or on SPMC website. Nevertheless, I downloaded and installed SPMC from that link into the box.

When Chameleon is first launched, you're greeted by a completely blank homescreen with a customizable scrolling dock at the bottom, context editor (more on that in a bit) on the bottom-left, and app tray on the bottom-right. A long-press on the homescreen brings up the customization menu, which keeps it simple and offers but two options: widgets and wallpaper.


I’ve inserted the 8GB class 10 SD card with Android 4/4 into the SD card slot of the device, and connect a bunch of cables and accessories: HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, the power adapter, one extra micro SD card, my USB hard drive, and a USB hub with two RF dongles for air mouse and gamepad, a USB flash drive and a webcam. I’ve then turned the device with the mechanical ON/OFF switch on the rear panel. Boot time is bearable (1m20s), but significantly slower than on other RK3288 device with fast eMMC that can boot in 20 seconds. It can probably been brought down by using a faster SD card.

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Chameleon is a camera based application. It adapts color on any place you moved.

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Candy Crush Saga, and Beach Buggy Blitz played extremely smoothly on this platform, Riptide GP2 had a decent frame rate with high quality graphics. I played Candy Crush with Mele F10 airm ouse, and the two other games with Tronsmart Mars G01 wireless gamepad. I played Riptide GP2 for about twenty minutes (5 races) to test stability and temperature. As mentioned above, the enclosure temperature never exceeded 40 °C.

For those who only want the phone version of Chameleon, the team decided to release a more affordable version ($2/91) which provides just that. This version will not work on tablets, so if you want the additional functionality you'll have to shell out a buck more for the full version.

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Skeld.net Among Us Mods for Android official Trailer

The email that is sent out to people are unique emails with encoded headers. People who don't get the email directly from us mean they have not been added to our database yet and have not been notified. That page is auto-populated based on the encoded header, this is for distribution security reasons.


We are also looking at how well our Chameleon HTML5 widget platform works. Included in the Chameleon (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=2753) Beta are 5 different HTML5 widgets. We are looking for problems related to our caching system, integrated oAuth multi service system, as well as general widget and service errors.

Either Rockchip RK3288 SD interface is slow, or Cloud Media provided a cheap Class 10 SD card, as it delivers one of the weakest internal storage performance on record, and compared to devices with high speed eMMC, Chameleon (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=2442) is in another (lower) league. There’s even a large difference compared to ODROID-XU3 Lite with SD card (ADATA Class 10 – 16 GB) just next to OHC on the right of the chart, which doubles the read/write performance. The SD card reads at 15/65 MB/s, and writes at 5/54 MB/s, so I’m surprised I haven’t experienced much slowdowns during use, apart from the slow boot time.


I could install various apps such as ES File Explorer, Antutu, Beach Buggy Blitz, CPU-Z, etc, as well as one paid app (Sixaxis Controller). I also downloaded and installed Amazon AppStore without issues.

The following apps are safe to remove

Audio – For audio output selection: Default Output, S/PDIF Pass-through, or HDMI Bitstream. It also listed my USB webcam as “Venus USB 2/0 Camera”, probably since it was detected as an audio device because of its microphone.