The application HushSMS was launched in the tech world to solve the issue of the Google Verification lock related to the Android devices. It was meant to help the users bypass the FRP lock and re-gain access to their smartphones. We will be providing a detailed guide covering every aspect of the HushSMS APK, along with introducing two great HushSMS alternative applications to it.

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  • Following are the key features of HushSMS
  • After installing the Hush SMS APK open it and select “WPA PUSH SL” button
  • 10 install frp unlock apk or frp account login apk
  • 05 open youtube via pushsms apk in locked mobile
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  • Panzoid APK will get you all the features that you need
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You have to follow Full Remove FRP lock G975U without a Combination to remove the FRP account

Silent SMS: when this type of SMS is sent, the receiver doesn’t get any notification. This is used to know the information records of the sender.

There is also a feature of safe mode. You can set the timings of 5 to 15 minutes during which your messages will be deleted automatically once read by the receiver. This will increase the privacy of your data being shared and on the other hand, a user would never keep the record even if he wants to do so.


Hushsms apk free download

Click on the generate button, and then click ok to download the google account manager. Install the google account manager on Samsung Galaxy model.

Your stories will be visible to your friends only and will be removed right after 24 hours. Your friends will not be allowed you to save your story they will only watch the story no matter how many times they want to.


The main principle of working is that it bypasses the Google account verification lock on different android devices. It sends a message to the device you want to locate.

It’s also recommended that you use the latest version of HushSMS Apk
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  • Hush SMS APK 2.0.2
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HushSMS is an application designed exclusively for Android software. This app aims to bypass the Google account verification process. Not only this, but you will also be able to unlock the FPR verification process.


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Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) is the second application that we suggest to you for using as an alternative to the HushSMS APK. The method to use it is very straightforward and easy. Also, you don’t have to worry about any red flags with the app.

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HushSMS APK is an ideal choice for Samsung users as FRP unlock tool. Ethical hackers like this tool for the advanced features it comes with. We hope that now you can use HushSMS (check it out) APK from your Android device. However, we recommend you to use this tool with caution.


Assessing the HushSMS software

WAP PUSH SL: These kinds of push SMS are sent from providers to customers for better user interaction. The limit ranged up to 140 characters.

This app is designed to unlock Android smartphones’ FRP. It works best with all new and old versions of Samsung devices with ease.


Once that is done, activate the Recovery mode on the locked device. The firmware will get detected immediately, and the lock will be gotten rid of in the next ten minutes.

Flash SMS: A flash SMS having a max limit of 160 characters just pops up on the notification bar. It can be read but neither saved nor forwarded.


Samsung s5 neo frp bypass

Sending Wap Push SI: Sending Wap Push SI features is accessible for all devices. While SI expresses the Service Indication, this feature is generally used by the Service providers to let the customers know the credit balance or any software updates. Like Wap Push SL, this kind of message can be sent within 40 characters.

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Bypass FRP Samsung S5 Neo Remove FRP LOCK all methods

Sending Wap Push SL: HushSMS app can also send Wap Push SL where SL Stands to mean Service Load. This kind of message is generally pushed to us, the subscribers by the service providers. However, it is not possible to write 40+ characters for this type of message.

BypassFrp Bypass FRP Samsung S5 Neo Remove FRP LOCK all methods Comments Feed

The software has a very simple to use method. You can remove the Google locks from various Samsung phone models and can even re-gain access to the other Android devices like tablets or mobiles.


Hit the button Start for proceeding further. Select the name of the connected device and then hit the button Next.

Many Samsung smartphone users also use it to disable their FRP (Factory Reset Protection), present on all Android 5/0 and newer devices, associating them to an email address. Nevertheless, it only works on smartphones with Android 6 or 7.


Easy FRP Bypass HushSMS

You can remove the Samsung S10 Plus G975U FRP lock with the combination file or without combination firmware. You have to follow Full Remove FRP lock G975U without a Combination to remove the FRP account.

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Now it is time to check the locked Samsung Galaxy model phone. After click on the “Send WPA Push SL” you will receive a message Push notification on the locked Samsung Galaxy model mobile.


Verified Remove FRP lock G960D without a Combination

Again go to URL and search FRP account login tool. You will find this link on the top of the google.

It is here that you would reconsider your decision and might even need to look out for better alternatives. You have nothing to worry about as we are going to introduce two HushSMS alternative apps in this article itself. Read on through the next section.


How to Remove FRP lock G950F without a CombinationFile

Full Remove FRP lock G975U without a Combination is a process to remove previously synced google account Samsung S10 Plus G975U is an easy process. You have to follow the above process.

HushSMS Short Message Services

Now that we have discussed everything about the software. Let’s get down to discussing the major motive if the app is workable or not? No matter the success rate it possesses, it is very evident from the usage method of the app that it is going to take a lot of your time.


This application is used to remove FRP lock in Samsung mobile phones this is the latest version method of unlocking. We have tried this method in Samsung Note 9, Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus S9 plus and also Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Click the button Bypass FRP on the main interface of the Bypass app. Tap on the 3 dot icon at the screen top and then select the option of Browser Sign In from the list.


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Connect the locked Android device to the PC. Once the information about the device is detected by the software, confirm the process. Now you just have to follow the easy instructions that appear on the screen to set up the device. You will have to select the correct info about the country, carrier, and PDA and confirm them.


You can set a password over the content you want to post. And only those users will get access to that content with whom you have shared the password. Once you have done so they can watch content by entering the password.