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Amumu’s Bandage Toss (Q) – wonderful long range engage tool which demands good aim. Quick cast can be used when you will be confident in your Amumu plays.


These days Renekton’s looking more like his old lane-dominant self than a pair of shoes, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t use some polish around the edges. We’re increasing the usability of Ruthless Predator both as basic-attack reset and a powerful CC tool (read what he said) so his trades can feel as weighty as they should without going too far in either direction.

NEW We’ve added a new feature, “Attack Move on Cursor,” that will attempt to attack move the target nearest your cursor if you target the ground near them. If no target is found, you will attack the nearest target as normal (or move to the targeted area if no targets are nearby at all).

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Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q) – this ability has a big cooldown, demands precision and can turn a game into your side. Thus it’s better to focus on aim. However, if you are experienced Blitzcrank player with fast reaction, it’s better to choose quick cast.

Quick casts in LoL turning up

Incognito will remove the serial from prodinfo. Newer atmos will blank it, or even allow you to write to it if you turn those features on.


Though often seen as a high-damage diver, we’re beefing up Xin’s crowd control to boost his potency when functioning as a team’s initiator. He’ll still need additional follow-up from his team to not splat immediately afterwards, but at least he’ll hit with all the force of a great typhoon before going down.

Quick cast can be used on all champions and most their abilities because they speed up your ingame performance significantly but hiding ranger indicator. We will list situation where you can implement smart casts in LoL.


Pantheon’s Grand Skyfall (R) – the same reasons as for Ziggs ultimate. Precision matter more than speed.

Custom quick cast layount in LoL

TIMELINE Tracks champion and objective kills by time interval. Hovering over an interval breaks down who took what during that time.


Quick cast or Smart cast in LoL

Functionally this means if you’re Vayne trying to use attack move to hit an enemy Caitlyn with two stacks of silver bolts, but you miss her model by 3 pixels and click the ground, you won’t take your frustrations out on that nearby minion hugging your left kidney. Or if you’re being chased by two baddies side by side, this change allows you to clarify your targeting intentions quickly while still tapping into the speed of attack move ground click kiting (say that three times fast).

Smart cast is especially useful on champions with cooldown renewal mechanics. Very likely you already noticed how Irelia can clean a minion wave using Bladesurge in a few seconds. There is a better example: Katarina.


Applying Frost Shot grants Focus for 4 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Activating Ranger’s Focus consumes all Focus stacks, granting 20/25/30/35/40% Attack Speed and boosting Frost Shot’s slow by an additional 20% for 4 seconds.

For a fighter so hyped as the ultimate Tank-Buster, Trundle’s been pretty underwhelming in the age of Cinderhulk. Much of this isn’t even due to his stat-stealing nature – his presence in fights simply isn’t there when compared to his peers. To power-up the truly unique clubbing experience Trundle provides, we’re giving him some oomph on his most iconic spell so he can put any lopsided skirmishes (or mispositioned marksmen) on ice.


EVENT MAP Interactive map of champion and objective kills for both teams. Hovering over the gold graph or timeline causes the event map to reflect the state of the game at that point in time.

That’s usual type of ability cast when you see a targeting graphic and then have to left-click to confirm ability cast. This type of ability cast provides you with possibility to better aim since you will see range indicator. Also it’s very useful when you don’t know exact range of your spell and just started to learn champion. After you will learn range, projectile speed and other necessary characteristics of champion ability you can swap to quick cast.


Not much to see for the Rogue Mage in this patch besides some changes to a pretty goofy interaction between Muramana and his opponents’ melting faces. We’re still evaluating what kind of love Ryze will need (if any) post-update as people learn what builds and skill orders work best, but he’s right at the top of our radar for emergency rations if need be.

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Champion damage over time and multi-hit abilities now display a ‘combined’ total damage number, as well as the normal tick damage. This will only display the ‘combined’ total damage on minions.

Mark/Dash still deals 20 (+10 per champion level) true damage. If you’re wondering why we’re reiterating something, see below.


When we first shipped Skirmisher’s Sabre, we made that debuff duration long to really emphasize its extended combat use. Plonk it on an invading Lee Sin, smack him around a few times, and suddenly he’s reconsidering his decisions in life. That said, we’re now seeing this thing really pick up in popularity (particularly in top lane), and we’ve realized that 6 seconds is probably too long. Particularly when there are focused summoner spells (Ignite and Exhaust) that Challenging Smite straight up outclasses with its breadth of uses.