Another new patch for Blitzkrieg mod! After a long wait, finally some balancing changes and bugfixes for you!

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Just for an extra datapoint for others, I edited the config and changed the resolution from 1600x1200x32 to 2560x1600x32, saved, then started the game and it did not take that and reverted it to 640x480 as per the post above mine. I exited the game, changed the resolution to 1920x1200x32 in the config and saved, tried again -> that worked. I exited and edited it again and changed it to 2560x1600x32 one more time and this time it worked.

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In the Blitzkrieg games there is just the campaign and that is it. No replay value at all after you complete them, which is very sad due to how awesome the combat and battle mechanics are. A custom game mode would have increased the greatness of the games by 100%.

The Mission Editor allows you to generate and add your own missions, chapters and campaigns according to the options you want most, from level of difficulty to type of action. The Resource Editor gives you total license to redesign the game, add or modify units, characteristics, colors, textures, sounds and more – unlimited freedom to play the game on your terms.

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Promote and assign commanders to combat units to expand your tactical advantage with over 50 unique skills and real-life abilities. Order engineers to plant TNT charge and blast passing enemy units, use linked grenades for extra damage, suppress infantry with flak fire and master other combat techniques introduced in Blitzkrieg II.

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In terms of packing, it had only one tiny sheet of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap was not even enough to wrap half way around the game.


Blitzkrieg anthology patch 1.3

Motherland Calls got 2 big addons as well that adds more gameplay. Those are Buzuluk To Prague and Motherland Calls - The Other Side. Other Side allows you to play as Germany during the Russian campaign.

First of all, the packaging was the worst I had ever seen! I was very lucky that it did not break open during transit.


Second message is our usual business, we are always trying to improve your game experience by balancing the game and fixing known bugs. For that, 4/9.8 Patch (read the full info here) that is being released now.

Note: With the release of game version 1/2.2XPLAY (A), the game installation is slightly different from retail version and older gog.com releases. All stuff that used to be under the "Run" folder is now in the base "Blitzkrieg" folder. And the "data" folder is located under the "*\Blitzkrieg\data" folder. Keep this in mind for when you install mods.


Blitzkrieg Anthology contains all the 3 expansions The GOG.com and Steam versions have working multiplayer. GameSpy multiplayer services for the retail release have been shut down, and the Mac App Store version does not include any multiplayer.