A previous installation of Fleet Operations or Armada II is NOT required. An incremental patch from earlier versions of Fleet Operations is not available.

  • Star Trek Continuum is one of the high profile teams that we share assets with
  • Star Trek - Federation Dawn v1.5 War-Aftermath
  • Both Star Trek Armada 1&2 are individually sold no less than, & upwards of, $99aud EACH
  • Star Trek Future Tense Trailer
  • Star Trek Future Tense
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The star trek Alliance

The Dominion War mod was released back in March. Since then some polishing of the mod has taken place. New Features - Each race now has new avatars and.


No brainer, would buy in a heartbeat. Still have my old CD but who has an optical drive anymore?

Please heavens remake this game! It is impossible to find, not only would so many people appreciate a working digital copy, not even to worry about a remake, just being able to replay this game would be a godsend for strategy lovers and trekies.


A Total Convergence MOD for Star Trek Armada (1). Sees a grim look at a possible future, 30 Years after Star Trek Nemesis, in which Vice-Admiral Riker.

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The Romulans got two brand new models, the Norexan and the Generix class. Starfleet Command's warp in support got tweaked further and now has a third tactical option with a new ship available - the Teutoburg class strategic cruiser. For the Borg Collective new modules for the Scout Cube and the Adaptor were introduced, while the Adaptor doesn't rely on mixed tech requirements anymore. Additionally ten new community created maps have been added to Fleet Operations - Stardust, NeroDan, Boggz and Tryptic - Thank you!

You may remember that we integrated a new sound engine in Version 3/1.4. The new version now makes use of the modern sound formats supported by the engine which will result in an overall improved audio quality for you, as we don't rely on en- and decoding the sound content to save space in the installer anymore. Please remember to grab the new Multimedia Pack 3 from the download section, as previous versions won't work with 3/2.0.

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I've played a bit of the Stellaris mod. Not too fond of Stellaris since it seems to like a lot of micromanagement.


So you see, Stellar Parallax is far from beaten. We’re still working, and we’re still dedicated to bringing you some of the best mods available. We appreciate your support, and hope you’ll stick with us.

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This full version has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest full version.

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Babylon 5 Armada II

The BORG: Incursion series has gone through many changes since its first incarnation around 4 years ago. This latest offering gives much in the way of.

Star Trek: Armada II v1.1 Patch

It's 100% Activision and licensing. Same as Heretic 2 and Wolfenstein 2009, or Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 1 and 2. Activision, for whatever reason, is always unable or unwilling to come to agreements for releases of old licensed titles.


The problem is that people often talk about Steam and GOG, but forget that there's also MyAbandonware. And that it can be seamlessly integrated in both libraries.

Armada 2526 Gold Edition

I would love to be able to play the old Armada again. I was overwhelemed how you fixed the Problems with Warcraft II, and would love too see Star trek Armada (go) again.

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