It is hard to picture Travis as an innocent tyke abandoned in the battlefield years ago during the war outbreak of December 2033. Adopted, raised and trained among mercenaries in their underground command posts, Travis proved to be an elite feared for his deadly speed in the field, and now leads the squad into combat. Save your pity for this once orphaned young lad, because you can be sure he won’t give you any.

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The objective of this mode is simple – capture your opponent’s flag to win. Work together with your team mates and slug it out on the battle field to snatch your opponent’s flag from their base to your own. Each successful capture earns you 5 points while every successful kill earns you 1 point. The team who earns the designated number of points first or the most points before time runs out wins!

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Defend your fortress against the never-ending onslaught of enemies in this Player Vs Environment (PVE) mode. Play alone or combine your effort with up to 3 other players to take down terrorists and attackers before they breach the defense!


Here’s a tip if you want to carry on living – don’t be fooled by this lady’s sweet demeanour and youth. Ever since her parents were killed by loose nuclear missiles unleashed during the December 2033 war, Vanessa has long learnt to shed her lacy frocks for combat gear and is now one of the leading mercenaries in the battle field.

A long-time war veteran, there is nothing Adam has not seen or heard. World even has it that he once fought off armies of human clone soldiers during battles of the past decade, making him one of the most respected mercenary in the field. Ruthless and fearless, this seasoned fighter is an unstoppable force. Now you’d better pray you don’t cross his path.

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There are several different versions of this game for different regions of the world. The game is a militaristic first-person shooter with weapons, characters and gritty environments. It takes place in urban environments ranging from deserted cities to Arabian desert tribe lands.