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  • At some point, I was going to add more dirt, so I even created a custom brush alpha

Polypainting can be difficult at times, especially when you're first learning the ropes. One method I personally prefer and which works well with stylised characters is painting 'dark to light'. It's an old traditional method used by the masters in oil painting that also works well in texturing: it helps simulate cavity painting without the pain of setting adjustments.

Marat has been working in the games industry for more than 12 years. Since 2021 he's been working in a company that creates mobile and social games.


For baking, I usually use the following settings. Antialiasing 8x8 only for Normal, W_normal, Curvature and Position maps. Antialiasing for AO and Thickness – none, because calculating will take too much time. For the AO settings, I increase the number of Rays to 256.

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On the ends of the neck, I have this little bit of a wavy ribbon that I'll have to address somehow within the model. As well as the mouth and I know for a fact I'm going to wait until the polish stage of the modeling after everything has been sculpted before I carve the mouth in. So I won't be doing that in this lesson. Also at the very top of the head there is a slight pinching of the fabric where the different parts of the bag are kind of overlapping one another. Just to give a little bit of a dimension. So to get started with, this is the general shape that I'm working with, and first thing of course, I want to increase my divisions. So I'll bring my division level up. I'll probably start off at somewhere around a five.

Keep in mind that Substance Painter works in sRGB colour space, and that the colour you have chosen may be not as bright. After that I adjust Specular and Glossiness for each piece. I try to keep my materials list organised and straightforward.

I'll use my four crack brush for that and bring my brush size down
1 For polypaint I use Pen A or create my own brushes – it depends on the purpose 45%
2 ZBrush - IMM Rope Brushes 60%
3 With this course I'm providing a few of my own custom brushes for free 42%
4 Orb-brushes Pack for Zbrush 88%
5 Stylized Hair – ZBrush Curves and IMM Brushes By Alchemic Iron Games 93%
6 SciFi Stamps Tool – Brushes and Substances By Alchemic Iron Games 86%
7 Screws Tool – Brushes and Substances By Alchemic Iron Games 52%

For metallic parts I also use Anisotropy. But here it's much easier: just activate Anisotropy in material in Marmoset Toolbag and play with the settings.


This method is similar to ZBrush's new DynaMesh tool but with more control over the topology

I rigged in 3ds Max using Biped and I created some additional bones for the hair and clothes. The weapons also had their own bones. I don't want to offend anyone who uses 3ds Max, but this was my last rig and last animation made in this program.

Pixologic Zbrush Crack Free Download with an arsenal of features developed with usability in mind, ZBrush creates an incredibly natural user experience while inspiring the artist. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, ZBrush allows you to create that limited only by your imagination. Leave technical obstacles and steep learning curves when sculpting and painting with familiar brushes and tools. Aren’t these wrinkles sculpturally deep enough? Want to improve the details of these fish scales for a 3D print? The contrast slider allows you to globally enhance all sculptural details, while the contrast brushes allow you to focus on specific areas to enhance your sculptural details.


To finalise my character, I added some tattoos on her skin. It's a mixture of sci-fi and stick n' poke. At some point, I was going to add more dirt, so I even created a custom brush alpha.

There are tons of colours on the human body and skin. In the skin tone I'm using there's orange tan, pink hands, darker elbows, yellowish bones that you can sometimes see through the skin, bluish areas under the eyes, rosy cheeks, and red lips and nose. So, you have to keep all that in mind.


Here I use Mask Lasso and Extract. You can adjust shapes using the Move brush (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3370). At this point, I use ZRemesher to make edges lie correctly on the form.

Glove seams and stitches

At the very beginning I just fill everything with a flat colour, and then I try to find more interesting colours for my character. There is tons of information about palettes and colour theory on the internet.


You can use Marvelous Designer as a starting point, but I prefer to use Orb_Cracks, to make the folds exactly how I want them. Remember, our character is stylised, so don't make it too realistic by adding too many folds.

Stylized Eyes – ZBrush IMM Brush By Alchemic Iron Games


So the first thing we're going to do is bring up Lightbox and let's grab our demo head. And then let me bring him a little bit further up front. And then let's go into the tools, so if you don't have the tool menu anywhere here, you can click directly on the tool menu here and then go to deformations, but I prefer having it on the side while we're working with this particular menu. So you scroll down until you see deformation, like so, and let's explore a few of them. So before we do the polish, I'm going to explore the other ones. All of these features are actually transforming your sub tool orb model that you're currently in. So for example, I have the whole face here. The eyes and the teeth are actually different, so let's remove them so we don't have anything that will distract us. So I'm going to hide these guys so we.

Reallusion Character Creator 3.3.3122.1 + Pipeline Extension

You should always remember anatomy. Keep in mind where bones and muscles should be, and how it all works. This is important even when you are creating a cartoonish stylised character. All main shapes and proportions are based on real anatomy, and when you do it right, you can then move on and play with proportions. For example, you can increase the character's head and eye size, or make their legs longer.


Soften the strokes you've made using the Smooth brush (look at here) and then switch to the MAHcut Mech A brush. Holding down Alt, outline the shape of each hair tuft first to establish the main individual shapes, then on a second pass come back through each strand's centre to enhance the primary curvature.

Getting the stitching pattern to step and repeat smoothly and flow along the model's contour can take some trial and error - especially when pulling a seam around a mesh that needs to be turned in order to finish the stroke. One method that works best is to gently smooth the last stitch of the stroke so you can continue pulling the stitches to the end. At the end of the stitches, slowing down will give more control when ending the stroke.


Working on the sword texture incorporates many of the same Polypaint techniques but with stronger colour shifts and highlight effects. Begin by colouring the entire object with black, followed by a spray pattern with dark olive green. I use olive because it's a neutral earth tone shade that works well with many materials, from worn leather to shiny brass.

Next you'll want to navigate on your hard drive to where ZBrush program files are stored

I like the Baked Lighting filter. By using it, you can adjust basic lights and shadows just like in hand-painted textures!


To give a unique look and feel on some parts of the character, I recommend sculpting some stitches directly rather than using a Stitch brush or alpha map. In the video I demonstrate how easy it can be to create a simple stitch with rivet and clothing stress pull. Paying special attention to little details like this will set your work apart from others.

Overview of the Deformation tools

I did base meshes in 3ds Max and finalised them in ZBrush. Bumps, cracks, scratches – but you have to know when to stop.


I'll then do a final build-up of highlight tints - lighter flesh, pale yellow and finally a warm, off-white colour. I also change my alpha pattern to a scratched texture, which gives the appearance of burnished surfaces and hints of skin reflection.