For those who may have or have not already been informed, Mod The Sims Member Sims MX, has found that the patch contains files regarding Pets. You can check there for how they found the file as I will not be releasing that info here.

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If a mesh has a large number of these then your computer has to work harder to display the mesh, it has to make many more calculations to know where every 'wire' is and what it should display where. A simple object (one with smaller numbers of faces and vertices = a lower poly count) will require much less processing than a complex object (with a lot of faces and vertices = a higher poly count).

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Don't worry, these caches are just a bunch of backup files of all the package files ever used in the game which you obviously don't need. Plus they will regenerate when you start the game.



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Locate the item on your Purchase History page and click install**. This will launch the game and install your item.


The Sims 2 Pets CD/DVD Patch

Here too there's quite a lot of difference of opinion between different creators. There are creators who will simply design one high quality mesh, and use it for all 4. Others will design two, a high quality visible version and a shadow version, others may expend the time and effort to make all 4 meshes individually. Which is the best approach will depend a great deal on the design of the object. Sometimes a really simple object is already as 'economical' as it can be, so there's really no possible option to make lower poly versions without losing it's essential shape. Conversely a very detailed object may require a more detailed shadow mesh and therefore a simplified version might ruin the end result in game.

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This unfortunately means that it isn't completely quick and easy to update a file you already have installed without the game 'remembering' the old one! To fix this issue you need to delete the old object (as detailed above), then clean out some of the storage files the game has created, before installing the new one.

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Sims (https://vgtdecor.ru/content/uploads/files/download/the-sims-3-pets-patch-126.zip) Series producer and developer, Electronic Arts (AKA as EA) has launched an update for The Sims (discover more here) 3 and some of its expansions. In 1 day (4 days for EU) from releasing the most wanted expansion pack - The Sims 3: Pets (click over here), a patch just popped out of nowhere with few release notes of what was actually fixed/change. Read more to find out what was fixed/changed.

PS: I don't visit this place often so you're kind of lucky that i saw this thread. No one has ever complained about the trainer btw, my 2 testers had it working fine as well, not to mention a couple of other customers who purchased it. Also, note that bringing the thread here was pretty much useless since the trainer is NOT cheathappens work and they can't assist you. Their sister site cheatscapes is just a marketplace for different authors and so the respective author whose trainer is in question should be contacted.


I applied the update and I must admit it «sounded» serious. The patch is nothing more, nothing less than around 330MB and it took its sweet time to complete the update process. Players have been reporting a series of bugs that the game features, especially caused by The Sims (this hyperlink) 3: Generations Expansion Pack and hopefully this update took care of them. Upon a couple of hours (NA) or days (EU) from release, we can only pray The Sims 3: Pets is what we hoped for and bug free.

Forest City Recently Sold

Not to mention how long it took it to start. I tried many things and mods to speed up my game until I found out that the problem was caches holding all the items used in game for easier access. So I deleted them and my game played a lot better and faster.


This mod requires the Sims 3 PETS Expansion Pack. Using it without PETS (read what he said) should not have any effect on your game, but it will be a totally useless waste of space.

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This object has been updated to add previously missing dirty state textures. This means when the object needs cleaning, you'll be able to see it in game.

The no-so-great looking glassware has been removed and replaced with extra placement slots so you can choose your own decorations. This has improved the appearance and reduced the poly count.


Now find the updated file for the object you are replacing, put the sims3pack file in your Downloads folder and install it with the Launcher as normal. Next time you start your game you should find that the object you see in game is now the updated version without any remnants of the old version.

The pop up link will not make any mention of the Limited Edition content, but rest assure it will show up in your Purchase History page. You do not need to take any further action to obtain your exclusive items.


As a reminder, object poly counts are extremely unlikely to make any impact on your game performance by themselves. World and population size, number of lots, number of spawners, world effects, complexity of memories and relationships between Sims, and even what your Sims are wearing, all makes a far bigger impression on how well your game runs than a high poly object.

This mod makes it easier to complete the Racing and Jumping challenges for Horses. All requirements for the challenges (3 for racing, 3 for jumping) have been halved.