Launch the Native Instruments Service Center. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password that make up your Native Instruments account, or will be given an option to create an Native Instruments account if you don't already have one.

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  • We believe that the next NI Access (new service Center) is developed due to this problem
  • Native Instruments KOMPLETE 12 Instruments & Effects March 19, 2021
  • They could call it “Legacy Service Center” and users could use it to get the products authorized
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To sign up for our educational discount program, just send us an email here. A valid student or faculty ID or other proof of enrollment status is required. Please Email Us for details, terms and conditions.


I get great instruments and service from Arturia, AAS, Puremagnetik & G-Media

Most of our products include standard pcm wav format audio files. Most of our products are recorded in stereo at 24 bit / 48kHz, although some of our original libraries were captured at 16 bit and/or 44/1 kHz. Nearly every modern professional audio program in the world can load wav files, so even if you're not a Kontakt user, you can still enjoy our outstanding instrument and vocal sample content in an environment that works for you.

Soundiron does not offer refunds, returns or exchanges. Once a product file has been accessed on the server or by any other means, the order cannot be cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded.


Search only Hardware Registration Problem

On the other hand, specially encoded "Powered-By-Kontakt Player" libraries have been specifically encoded and encrypted by Native Instruments (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4799) to run in their more limited free Kontakt Player. The Kontakt Player is essentially a locked demo version of Kontakt. It can only read certain specially-formatted products that require activation with a serial number and the Service Center (navigate to these guys). It cannot import wav files, does not support instrument (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=8158) editing, cannot read any instrument presets in the open format and has several other functionality limitations. From a feature standpoint, the open format has all of the same capabilities as the Player format, with the added benefit of user access and customization support. There is also an added licensing fee, longer production time and minimum MSRP requirement for all products encoded in the Kontakt Player format. Therefore, we have found that the Player format is not as suitable for many products as the classic open format tends to be.

But I am unable to figure out the way to navigate from splash screen to login screen

And of course, you'll need a VST, AU, RTAS or AAX compatible host sequencer, such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Reaper, Logic, Acid, Presonus One, FL Studio, Ableton Live, or Protools. Kontakt runs as a virtual instrument (find here) plugin engine in most major host sequencers. Our libraries are loaded as instruments into Kontakt.


If all else fails, have you tried Native Access? It seems it's replacing the Service Center (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=8432), as it has most of its functions. You should be able to update Kontakt using Access.

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I recently bought a Komplete Kontrol keyboard too. The serial number on the card was for the hardware. After registering the hardware, I was emailed a serial number for the Komplete Select software that includes Komplete Kontrol.

Solution to error The serial number does not belong to a known product

Soundiron retains copyright ownership of all recorded sounds, instrument programming, documentation and musical performances included within this product. All past and future versions of any Soundiron product, including any versions previously published or sold through any other entity are fully bound and covered by this agreement. The licensed User shall own the copyright to any music, sound design or other audio/video content they create through the authorized use of licensed Soundiron product(s).


We do not recommend attempting to download any of our products with a dial-up or DSL internet connection capable of less than 1/5Mbit downstream. We also do not recommend downloading over a mobile or satellite connection with a data limit, as you may hit your cap quickly with some of our larger products.

Zipped native service activator


After that copy NativeAccess.xml to C: Program files Common files Native Instruments Service Center

The standard license you receive when purchasing items directly through our store only allows for a single user. You can install the library on each computer you own, but you may not in any way share our products with your peers, classmates, coworkers, partners or anyone else.

Please note: This process only applies to Kontakt Player libraries. Be aware that standard open-format Kontakt libraries do not require Service Center activation and cannot be added to the Libraries rack. They can only be loaded in the full version of Kontakt, using the normal Files, Database or Quickload browser areas.


You may be required to Log into Native Instruments' account area

This course is packed with real-world examples, exercises and best practices. Not only will you learn how to use Xamarin Forms, you’ll also learn first-class tips to make your code cleaner and more maintainable.

I recommend all the developers to watch the video courses of Mosh, you will not regret! He’s a very enthusiastic instructor who can teach you difficult concept as if they were easy. The video content includes many great exercises which will challenge yourself.


C:\Program Files \Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center\Traktor 2.xml

Our server will deliver your download email to the same email address that you used to place your order, so please make sure that your email address is accurate and that you don't have spam filter settings that might block the delivery email sent by our automated download server. Paypal users, please make sure that the email address associated to your Paypal account is current and accessible to you.

With an iLok I don’t have to depend on online authorizations of a lot of products. I can just install them, insert the iLok and fly. But if you absolutely want some kind of online authorization, then have a look at the Native Instruments’ Service Center. I severely love the way NI’s Service Center keeps track of updates for me.


Most of our Kontakt libraries require the full retail version of Kontakt 4/2.4 or later. However, some of our older products are compatible with Kontakt 3/5 and many of our more recent libraries require Kontakt 5/1 or later. We also have 4 specially encoded and licensed "Powered-By-Kontakt Player" libraries that are compatible with the Kontakt Player engine and Libraries browser tab. You can see which version of Kontakt is required in the information listed in the description on each product's page, as well as the helpful info icons at the top of each page. Our Kontakt Player compatible libraries also have "Player Edition" in their title.

Native Instruments Service Center

You can browse through our instrument categories through the Catalog tab in the main navigation bar. When you find an instrument you like and click the “Add To Cart” button on its product page, you'll be taken to our shopping cart page. You can proceed to check out or press the “Continue Shopping” button to continue browsing our website. You'll still see your cart total displayed at the top of each page. When you're ready to check out, just click on that cart link you see at the top of the page to begin the checkout process.


It is the software you used to initially register the NI products. The same one you entered your serial numbers into.

All sounds, samples, programming, images, scripting, designs and text contained in this product are copyrights of Soundiron LLC. This software is licensed, but not sold, to the licensed user by Soundiron, for commercial and non-commercial use in the production of music, sound effects, audio/video multimedia productions, live performance, broadcast, video game audio development or similar finished content-creation and production use. Examples of such productions include, but are not limited to, motion pictures, television programs, streaming audio and video, interactive games and software, radio broadcasts, advertisements and motion graphics.

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If you have a Soundiron discount code that you would like to use during the checkout process, you'll find our Discount Code box near the top of the page when you get to "Step 2" of the checkout process. Then press the "Apply" button to activate your discount. That's also the page where you'll enter your payment information and decide whether to join our mailing list to receive Soundiron news, deals and stay up to date with any future updates and upgrade options for your purchase.


U.S. Customs Records for Native Instruments Japan K.k

Really well presented and easy to follow along. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get up an running with Xamarin. I have apps up on my Android device and the whole experience has been super.

I had to reinstall maschine twice now before it gets stuck finding plugins and stalling. Why the f*** would it look at adobe dlls?


You can also use the main File dropdown menu to load the instrument presets, or use the Kontakt Database tab and import the library's directory into your Kontakt database and Quickload Utility for faster loading and customizable preset organization. You cannot load open format libraries into the Kontakt Player or special "Libraries" rack tab, as those features are only accessible to encrypted "Powered-By-Kontakt Player" libraries. The Files tab, Database tab and the Quickload interface are the easiest ways to browse and load instrument presets that have been programmed for the open format.

After successfully installing the software, open the Service Center. You can find this in the Native Instruments folder in your Applications folder on Mac or from your Start Menu on Windows.


How does one remove products from Service Center

Well i did create a support ticket. But I heard about ni's classic e-mail responses. I wish they had online/live support, because it will take too long i guess.

For the large majority of Maschine users all you need to do is plugin your hardware, launch your software and that’s it. But for the unlucky few out there who continue to struggle with the missing plugin error messages, this lesson can be considered priceless. The issue seems to lie in the fact that there is a discrepancy in the file path for the plugin(s) in Maschine and where it actually is located on your computer. Luckily, Native Instruments Service Center program keeps a handle on where every program it manages is installed on your system. This makes it very easy to solve this problem. Just copy the file paths of each plugin you wish to use, such as NI Massive in Maschine, and then copy them into the plugin file path field within Maschine’s preferences.


The "Easy Edit █ █ Page" offers a clearly designed interface with simple █ █ controls that adjust more complex parameters █ █ automatically, allowing you to take a far more █ █ musical approach to FM synthesis. The more detailed █ █ editing pages have been improved for easier handling █ █ and are all accessible with just one click. FM8 lets █ █ you play straight away! Beyond Frequency Modulation █ █ The FM8 offers an unprecedented range of features and █ █ effects. The classic metallic leads, crystalline █ █ chimes, tight basses and enchanting rhythmic sounds █ █ are just the beginning. A unique arpeggiator, a █ █ revolutionary sound morphing feature and a large █ █ selection of new, charismatic effects add countless █ █ sound-shaping possibilities. The sonic potential of █ █ FM8 goes well beyond the confines of conventional FM █ █ synthesis. Instilled With Inspiration Included with █ █ FM8 are over 960 ready-to-play factory presets. From █ █ clean, dynamic, percussive sounds to pads, leads, █ █ brass and piano sounds, the presets exemplify the █ █ strengths of FM synthesis.

So I go to Native Instruments site, make an account and download the latest Service Center software

Soundiron reserves the right to prosecute piracy and defend this copyrighted work to the fullest extent of US and International civil and criminal law. Any person who shares, uploads, distributes or otherwise provides any Soundiron product to any person or entity without permission shall be in direct violation of the terms of this agreement and shall have all licenses terminated and all right to use any Soundiron product immediately revoked.


Because we love each and every one of our instruments and consider them our own personal works of art, we make sure that none of them are ever left collecting dust. We try to update each product about once a year and whenever possible, we try to offer updates for free. Once in awhile, we'll add a significant amount of new material and features to a product that requires us to charge a bit for the upgrade, but we do our very best to keep the cost of such upgrades and add-ons as low as we can. If you'd like to receive update and upgrade news for your products, make sure to click the "Keep me updated" option box on the checkout page before completing your purchase.

Do you have an idea for an app and want to turn that into reality? Well, if you want to build that app for iOS, you need to know Objective-C, which is an old, C-based language. The alternative is to learn Swift. If you want to build the same app for Android, you need to learn Java. And if you want to build this app for Windows, of course you need to know C#.


No sir, it didn't come with komplete select serial card. According to komplete kontrol setup guide: after the hardware registration, next step will give me a download link for select software.

Our Reason Refill libraries require Propellerhead Reason 6/5 or later. All of our Reason ReFill products include the words ReFill Edition in their title.


I'm developing a sample app where user will get splash screen on opening of the app and later he will get login screen. But I am unable to figure out the way to navigate from splash screen to login screen.

All credit card transactions are processed securely by Shopify Payments with 128-bit SSL encryption. As a necessary function of the product delivery process, Soundiron securely transmits only customer name, email and licensing information to our download delivery servers. Customers may be contacted by us directly with information about product updates and other news from time to time. However, we do not share or sell any customer contact information to any 3rd parties for marketing purposes.


You can also use the Files tab in the browser window pane on the left side of Kontakt to navigate to the library on your hard drive. It uses a standard directory tree structure, but can just focus on Kontakt related content. Or, you can add the library's directory path to the Kontakt Database settings in the main Options screen. This will add the library to the Database browser tab and allows you to add the library to the Quickload utility for easy library organization and loading.

Another exception would be our Reason Refill presets. They have been specifically compressed and encoded into Propellerhead's proprietary Reason Refill format. The ReFill presets in these products are not designed to allow conversion to other formats. However, our ReFills are typicaly included in libraries with standard Kontakt presets and wav samples, so those resources can be used to allow custom conversion and importing.


In the Libraries tab area of Kontakt, locate the browser module for the specific library you want to load. Now click on the "Instruments" button to open the preset menu. From there, locate one of the presets and click on it to load it into the main instrument window. Once it has finished loading, you can assign the midi channel and audio output settings you prefer. Some larger instruments may take awhile to finish loading, due to the large number of samples that need to be loaded and any scripting that needs to initialized. Once loading is complete, it is ready to play.

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