If Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl download torrent, it will interest players in the absence of fictional locations. They can visit the real Chernobyl, carefully crafted by the developers.

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PC Game - Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl TNT Village

Before that, I made a detour through Darkscape which is an area I had never visited before and got a rude surprise in the form of a sneaky controller in the middle of the woods while in a thunderstorm. Having zombies approach while an incoming blowout warning message appears and being unable to peek out for more than a second almost made me want to cry for mommy, but I somehow survived, only to die to dogs a bit later.


Even though I have vsync on, there is still screen tearing and its really annoying. Is there a mod that fixes the technical side of things and make it a little more stable? Like, fix the coil whine on main menu and allow vsync to actually work?

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Latest version of openxray + Original Guns Reanimated also seems like a good choice for vanilla experience. If you can live with original gun sounds, which OGR didn't change.


In the exclusion zone, the main character wakes up, who does not remember anything. There are many questions, but is there a way out? Anyone can get an answer if Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl download torrent. Players must complete several mandatory tasks of the game, but they have a unique opportunity to just live in the zone, enjoying the colorful atmosphere and side, constantly generated tasks.

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I don't have that reshade and I agree, I'm using the agressor preset. Was just the first video in my history.

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Some people prefer 6/9.2 version, through 6/9.3 has a lot of more content. You can find both versions on Moddb.


You could force vsync on with your video card. There's also free windows software you can get which caps your fps too. I used to use it for an old game.

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I tried having a look at it and there's a massive list of addons that seem superfluous. I really just want stability, bug fixes, magazines, guns and better textures. I don't want bullet time or tacticool armor and shit.

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Does anomaly have those issues too? Or is it better optimized as its using its own set of files and engine?

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