Another great feature of Virtual Beggar is that it allows you to hire workers as well. You can place the workers in various spots in the game world. The addition of workers makes the game a bit more exciting as it helps you collect more money in short time. As the goal of the is to collect money and buy businesses, you’ll have to keep on tapping and buying more businesses. So are you ready to beg in the streets, manage workers and multiple businesses? Well, you should be because Virtual Beggar is one of the most exciting and challenging Tapping/Clicking games like Cookie Clicker. Virtual Beggar is playable on Android and iOS.

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I forgot to mention: Don't be scared when if all your money is suddenly invested. It doesn't have any respect for your bank account, and will spend as much money as it can on discounted stock.


However, the EU legislation regarding cookies and personal data has changed. The cookie notifications are still required, but the requirements have become a lot stricter.

What is the GDPR

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Download Auto Clicker (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4847) and use it as a Cookie Clicker Bot. This is really one of the best Cookie Clicker Utilities available on internet and yes you can use it in other Games as well. Do visit the Auto Clicker page to know what all features are supported by this Mouse Automation Utility.


For me, this is waaaay better than trying to idle but also keep an eye on the stocks somehow. Let me know if you have questions.

The game is pretty awesome; it is interesting and can help you to kill some time while you are bored at work. Oh and another great feature of this game is that you can save your progress, you can continue playing from where you have stopped yesterday.


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I have added some other pages as well which describe the game in more depth, read our guide about upgrades to understand which units are available. If you are confused about the game menu and can’t fully understand the game section check out this page that gives you all the necessary details.

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