Another patch how many does that make now? I was right waiting for the platinum release. I have a feeling there will be one I'm not kidding.

  • Awesomenauts patch 1.18 games
  • Torchlight patch 1.16 games
  • Hegemonia patch 1 09 games
  • Schicksalsklinge patch 1.32 firefox
  • Timeshock patch 1 07 games
  • Schicksalsklinge patch 1.32 music
  • Spellcross patch 1.07 games

I just gave it a try and started to create my party. After having created my first two party members, I saved the game and quit. Some time later I wanted to load, but my savegame seems couurupt.


Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - Ogredeath DLC

The publisher in this case was UIG. But the project itself started out as a hobby project from what I know.

But die-rolling is the only sensible way of generating a character! I loath having a fixed limit of points to allocate - that way, all characters are boringly equal, heroes by committee, so to speak.


I'm not so anal about creating characters. Takes me like 3 minutes to create each character in RoA. Sure they're not Superheroes, but most of the times it doesn't matter that much after a while.

New DLC Available - Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - For the Gods DLC

A new video from Mark Fixes Stuff. In this video Mark shows how to build a EPROM adapter for Amiga Kickstart ROMs.


So they were fully aware that the version in the box is bugged as hell and they initially planned to fix everything with a day one patch (click this site) which is ridiculous. Now as a publisher the deals and dates are all in place at that date and there is nothing which can be adjusted anymore.

In this video the repair of an Amiga A1200 computer. This time the joystick port is not working.


SidTool is a C64 Music Player Emulator Frontend for Windows. The features are: WinVice, Sidplay/w, HVSC, search, shuffle and STIL. Changes in this version: Improvements for Menu, typesafe class, ini, stop and search database.

There is a new YouTube video available from Doktor64. This time he shows you how to restore an 30 year old Star LC-10C dot matrix printer.


Report+ is a utility for the Amiga. The features are: Bug reporting tool, Edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory. Edit manufacturer and product ID registries. View IFF/RIFF-files, Batch processing on icon files and an ASCII-converter. In this version improvements for the icon processor, screen width and height.

A new version of YAPE is available. YAPE is a Windows emulator for the Commodore Plus/4. The changes in this release are: Improvements for AY-3-8910 (YM2149 / "DIGIMUZ"), monitor, performance, start address (filename), SHX and XAudio driver.

  • Terra games fifa 07 patch
  • Ipcl patch cricket 07 game
  • Doom 2 game patch
  • Pc games cricket 07 patch
  • Game graw 2 patch
  • A game of dwarves patch 1.01 games
  • Rtk gaming wow patch
  • Patch 2 ragnarok game
  • Ut2003 patch 2225 games
  • Wildtangent games crack patch
  • Game bf vietnam patch
  • Bioware patch 26498 games
  • Ut patch v436 games

Let's Play You Don't Know Jack Movies - Game

In our case, Attic was very cooperative and we had almost free hand in realizing our remake vision. Hard to say what EA might want for that ;).

Let's Play Schicksalsklinge HD 09 Läuft

Buccaneer's Cache is a new adventure game for the Commodore C64. The game is made by Neyvivi (pixels) and Wil (text).


Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny for PC Also available for: PC

Mimizuku Saga 10 is a new game (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=2252) for the Commodore C64 computer. The game (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=893) is developed by Bago Zonde in only 10 lines of Basic.

Spred64 is a new Sprite Editor for the Commodore C64. The features are: 25 sprites, 5 layers, 20 frames (animation), export, shift, flip, clear, copy and paste.


Humble Store Game Deals

Actually characters cannot be equal, and not even boring. I've posted in Drakensang subforum what monstrosities I did to my character during the creation all without using dice. As you may see there, I've deliberatley gone with utterly negative values on some skills.

Project: Starfighter is a new game for AROS. In the game you are a pilot and you must destroy a military corporation called Weapco.


Like Pegasus, I think the devs deserve some credit for trying to make things right. They really have been trying hard. And there was plenty of work to be done. I tried it on release, when it was a complete mess. But I can't speak to its current state. Haven't given it a real try lately.

Ut2004 patch 3369 games
1 Xbox 360 games patch 92%
2 Ut2004 patch v3369 games 14%
3 Ut99 patch 451 games 77%
4 Game tunnel rats patch 56%
5 Totsc patch v5512 games 41%
6 Patch rf supernova game 98%
7 Hp patch sp33867 games 49%
8 Soulbringer save game patch 31%
  • Bfme2 patch 1 07 games
  • Game cricket 07 patch
  • Eudemons patch 1091 games
  • Thandor patch 1 05 games
  • Tqit patch 117a games
  • Daiteikoku patch 1.02 games
  • Cryostasis patch 1.02 games
  • Zanzarah patch 1 010 games

People that have played this game since March 2009 & variance for total players

The web page c64Intros has updated its intro database and added more new intros. Updates: 1 improved intro, 14 new intros and 6 new groups.


The game (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=5099) "Bolthrower" is a new game in the SEUCK Compo 2021. The game (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3589) is developed by MoDernart. In the game you are a Viking and has to fight with a lightning bolt or an axe.

A new episode of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast is now available. In this episode: An Amiga Forever 9/1 review and tutorial.


Amiberry is an Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs, such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc. Amiberry can emulate the A500, A1200, CD32 and Amiga's with a 68040 and a graphics card.

A new version of IBrowse is now available. Changes in this version: Improvements for spoof settings, fastlink URLs, Polish & Italian language catalogs and iframes.


9 dragons game patch

Searching for fame, adventure and riches, you take a stroll through the legendary city. You lean about the threat posed by the Orcs. Those had been constantly squabbling amongst each other, but now, a new leader has united the orcish tribes and is planning to wage war against Thorwal. Trying to prevent this, the Hetman is looking for adventurers to locate the legendary sword Grimring, which was wielded by the great warrior Hyggelik, who was slain fighting the Orcs many years ago. Grimring is still feared by the Orcs and the Hetman hopes the sudden reappearance of the blade will nip this new threat in the bud. In one of the local pubs, you learn about all of this, and the next morning already, you get the job and begin your quest which will lead you all across Aventuria.


Clarification regarding the computer game Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny

Sven Pook designed a video adapter for the Commodore C128 computer. With this adapter you can toggle between the 40 and 80 column video. The video output is a Scart-connector.

This competition is about creating a brand-new compilation tape - with any proceeds to be donated to charity - featuring games (the original source) by C64 developers with the look or feel of a Cassette 50 game. You can now look at all the 56 entries.


RoA: Blade of Destiny HD - Patch 1.32 Released

Kayleth is a new text-adventure game for the Commodore Plus/4 computer. The game (additional hints) is converted to the Plus/4 by Csabo (code) and Chronos (pixels).

RoA: Blade of Destiny

The Revision 2021 demo party was held online in April. You can watch all the demo's on the Revision YouTube channel.


Maybe I started wrong (took the default party) where not a single character has a decent pickpocket value. So if I try that, I get caught and kicked out of a tavern.

AmigaXfer is an easy to use GUI tool for fast serial-port floppy and file transfers. There is no software is needed at the Amiga side. Changes in this version: Improvements for RomTool, DosTool, UI and the documentation.


I remember creating a party for half a day for each playthrough of the original games (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=1074). In these times this was fun to me.

A new version of SIDInfo is now available. With this program you can view all the info on a SID file. The program is developed by ccr.


Tron +4 is a new game for the Commodore Plus/4 computer. The game is developed by zbyti (code) and Csabo (music).

Mitsuru Yamada is building an 8-bit computer with a 6502 CPU. The features are: 6502, 16 kB RAM, 2 kB ROM, 16 address-line swithes/LEDs and 8 data-line switches/LEDs.


The character creation is very bad and by miles inferior to other TDE games (Drakensang, Blackguards, Demonicon). I simply can't make a bloody thief I like with this system. No I'm not trying to make 18 dexterity rogue who has no phobia, I'm trying to make 8 strength and 8-9 charisma one with 12-13 DE/AG/CO and random negatives, but because of insisting on stupid dice I just can't!

A new core is available for the Chameleon. Changes in this core: Improvements for the ML-monitor.