You may find other guides on backing up COD4 player data. However, this quick tutorial is about backup/restore of COD4 player data when launching COD4 via Steam Messenger or if you installed your COD4 via Steam Messenger.

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Pre-MW2 games don't have Steamworks support. That's why you can't activate the key in Steam.


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Oh, no. That's not possible. They might send as Steam-gift via mail (or directly from Steam). But key activation is not possible for CoD 4. Trust me, i tried.

If you install COD4 (https://vgtdecor.ru/content/uploads/files/download/patches-for-cod4-cd-key.zip) via Steam account or Steam messenger software, there is no need to backup your COD4 CD key. You can simply re-install COD4 (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=8094) Modern Warfare via the ssame process, copy and paste your profile data and launch COD4.


And this is the same case for WAW. You could sell your game, and then buy it on Steam. Or buy the game on Steam when its on offer.

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I'm depressed because I bought my game 100 years ago for 50€ and I can't connect it to steam. Even if the game is here and every other CoD supports Steam.

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You can't activate retail/non-steam keys in Steam. Because CoD 4 doesn't have Steamworks support.

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Whatever your reasons to reinstall your COD4, this quick guide has been done under Windows 7 OS 32-bit, with COD4 directly downloaded and installed via Steam. This had been tested at my end, you may take your risk on doing the same!