I've previously discussed how the PlayStation 2 doesn't have any good entry-point software exploits for launching homebrew. You need to either purchase a memory card with an exploit pre-installed, open up the console to block the disc tray sensors, or install a modchip. For the best selling console of all time, it deserves better hacks.

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Does it matter my PS3 is a Slim one? There are a lot of games that don't show up in all the related compatibility lists. Do these games not work or haven't been tested (or they actually have but weren't added)? Is it a question of trial and error and one has to play these games from start to finish to know if it they have any errors?

Do you know which PS2 games you are trying to play? I might know if they are compatible or not from the names.


Ahh, the colors look fantastic on the OLED. My save states from my PSP worked fine on the ePSP too.

Your results may vary – you might disagree, and you are entitled to that opinion. If you really feel strongly about your top game missing out on a spot, please leave a comment below and explain why you feel it deserves to be in the list!


Ideally, it would nice for the exploit to boot into a menu which would allow you to select a different homebrew program out of multiple stored on the same disc, and which could then in turn load further data from the disc (such as an emulator loading ROMs). Unfortunately, the PS2SDK filesystem code, and by extension all PS2 homebrew, doesn't support DVD videos. Since DVD videos are the only type of disc that unmodified consoles will accept which we can burn, I assume that everyone was previously satisfied with just loading data over USB.

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Contents of the ISO 9660 filesystem used by games generally seem to start at around 260, which I believe is a requirement by Sony. This is great for us since it means that we have roughly 250KB ((262-137) * 0x800) of space to place the exploit files and loader, and we only need a fraction of that. Given this amount of space, it would even be possible to include some kind of Action Replay cheat menu or something on the disc, which could be a fun future project.


Attributes we care about for those files are size (4-bytes) and LBA position (2-bytes). In the UDF specification these fields are adjacent, with LBA being stored as an offset from the directory descriptor containing these fields (VIDEO_TS at LBA 134 in our case).

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I decided to show the exploit to some PS2 enthusiasts in the hope that it might inspire someone to take a look, and uyjulian was kind enough to spend some time adding support and submit a pull request. If you recompile the PS2SDK with this fix, and then recompile your homebrew application, it will have support for loading DVD video disc files from cdfs device.

I'm asking 'cause I changed my Ultra-slim Ps3 region from Europe to North America (I enabled the debug settings switching the Ps3 to DEX using HAN about a year ago). Now I'm on the last OFW, my ps3 doesn't have any kind of modification aside it's now a NTSC-U console.


I can see in the lists but the first I tried had problems like I described here. That game didn't show up on the OPL's compatibility lists.

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The PlayStation 2 has other sources of untrusted input that we could attack; games which support online multiplayer or USB storage could almost definitely be exploited. But unlike say the Nintendo 64, where we don't really have any other choice but to resort to exploiting games over interfaces like modems, the PlayStation 2 has one key difference: its primary input is optical media (CD / DVD discs), a format which anyone can easily burn with readily available consumer hardware.