Another perk of DAICON 3 was the dealers’ room. We’d seen people making and selling original items when we went to Worldcon for research, and we brought that idea back with us. When we’d gone to Worldcon, none of us could speak any English, but we still had fun wandering through the dealers’ room. All you needed to know was that people were selling everything imaginable—some people were fashioning fantasy-style swords out of metal and selling them right there! There were commercial dealers too, which was very interesting, because at that time in Japan, a commercial booth at a sci-fi convention was a rare sight to see.

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We also had a life-size (or close to it) model of the Dragon King’s head. It had been made by Fuyuki Shinada, who gained notoriety for his design work on the Godzilla films. One day, Shinada was staring intently at a three-foot long model tank sitting in a corner at Nikkatsu Studio. Finally, he turned and said, “This is the #61 from Gappa, isn’t it?


Beavis and Butt-Head: Something like this is implied with Coach Buzzcut when he tells Butt-Head to "kick him in the jimmy". Butt-Head does so, prompting Buzzcut to turn red and demand he does it harder.

Kaguya from SINoALICE, befitting her Concept of "Masochism" enjoys the sensation of pain and the feeling of being utterly dominated by another man, and seeks out her author as she believes that her author can deliver her the greatest torment, but accepts punishment from others like the Nightmares. Unfortunately for her, she is much stronger than she expects, which leaves her disappointed as she easily slays powerful Nightmares she expected to hurt her.


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In "Spawn Games", after being killed and sent to Hell, he is offered a chance to be brought back to life if he can complete a selection of Spawn video games. To make it even more torturous for him, he must do it in "the most vile, despicable game room ever imagined by Hell", designed to break men's souls in mere minutes. He is unimpressed by it, as it looks exactly like his own game room.

But the situation was different. This was the largest project DAICON FILM had ever undertaken, both in terms of scope and volume, and it was our first time working with 16mm film⁠. It was one new, untested thing after another, and it seemed like no matter how much footage we shot, we just couldn’t finish the thing. It became too trying for the staff, many of whom had joined for no other reason than to experience something new, and one by one they started dropping out of the project. I wanted to say, “You were the ones who signed up for this, so you might as well stick it out to the end”, but truth be told, I didn’t really feel like chasing after them. Among the staff members who stayed were Shinji Higuchi160⁠, Anno’s friend from Tokyo, and Sawamura’s former classmate Showji Murahama161⁠, who was still in college.


Okada also recruited Hiroaki Inoue, one of the guys we’d met earlier through our sci-fi fan group activities. Back then, Inoue was working for Tezuka Productions, and we were counting in him to bring in some much-needed professional experience. All we’d ever attempted to produce by way of anime was an 8mm independent short. Anno and Yamaga had worked professionally as animators, but just as low-level production site employees, not as planners, producers or directors. If they were going to do this anime, they were going to have to do everything themselves, from start to finish. And Okada was still a rank amateur. Not only did he not know the first thing about producing an anime, he didn’t have any direct industry connections.

Ultimately, we elected to move out of GAINAX House. When the landlord came by to give the place a once-over and release us from our contract, he was stricken speechless. Almost immediately after we vacated, the house was demolished.


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It was a matter of common sense that university sci-fi club members should be the people running things. Seeing as how Okada and I were busy with the store, the role of head of the executive committee fell this time on Nishigaki, who was still a student and sci-fi club member himself. It wasn’t our intention to sit behind the scenes and pull the strings, but that’s just how things worked out. Even if Nishigaki hadn’t been chosen to head the committee, I’m sure he still would have played a pivotal role as a member of the core staff.

Actually, after DAICON 3 was over, someone brought up the idea of us doing another convention. We jokingly responded, “Yeah, sure.


Not too long after the move, we became acquainted with another otaku who had come from North America (Canada, actually). His name was Toren Smith171 172 173⁠, and his love of manga had brought him all the way across the ocean to Japan. He’d run out of money somewhere along the way, however, and was having a hard time of it.

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Incidentally, the head portion of the Dragon King had been cut and sculpted from a kind of Styrofoam board called kapok. It’s often used in special effects, but can double as a comfortable bed on late nights at the studio. Those big blocks of foam were just the right size. If they hadn’t been cut yet, we’d sleep on top of them, and if they had been cut, we’d nestle inside the hollowed-out area. The larger props were made somewhere in the studio in Chofu, while the small ones were actually manufactured in my Kichijoji apartment (where several former DAICON staff members who went pro spent many nights). Work on the film pretty much went on from the wee hours of the morning until very late at night. Dirty, scruffy-looking men were going in and out of my place all night long, and when we opened the windows in the morning, the smell of thinner (which we used with adhesives) was overpowering. The neighbors started to complain, and I was eventually evicted. Luckily, this occurred after production on the film was complete.

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I remember thinking, This guy’s incredible! It’s hard enough drawing a single Powered Suit with all the lines and complex shapes, but here he was animating one right in front of us. I’d seen a flipbook comic before, but this was the first time I’d watched someone actually make one. And for something he had just drawn up on the spot, it was really, really good.


I had very little interest in anime back then, so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. When I was introduced to Anno, I said something like, “They say you can make anime.

On Person of Interest Shaw says she "kind of enjoys this sort of thing" when Root threatens to torture her with a hot iron. Root is glad to hear that because she enjoys the torturing. Somehow this jumpstarted a relationship.


It was at this event that I met someone who would come to have a tremendous influence on my life. His name was Toshio Okada3435⁠, and we would later go on to host a Japan Sci-Fi Convention together, and later cofound both General Products and GAINAX. I first heard of him from Onishi, a friend of mine through my Confederation connections. He was attending Osaka Electro-Communication University, and said that someone exactly like me had just entered his school. Onishi had shown up to this local con too, and that’s where he introduced me to Okada.

Of course, neither of us had been on stage before. But in a way, we had been rehearsing all night long, and we had the jokes and the timing down pat. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but again, our audience ate it up. “Sci-fi standup” they called it, and from the looks of things, no one had done anything quite like it before. We were dubbed the “Kansai Entertainers”, and we would end up alighting a number of different stages over the next several years. I guess we made quite an impact, because all of a sudden it seemed like everyone knew our names.


Because I hadn’t been attending classes, my “return” to school wasn’t much of a return at all—and it was a foregone conclusion I’d have to repeat my sophomore year again. On the one hand, there were professors telling me I’d be better off actually quitting the university and reapplying, because at this rate I’d never be able to graduate. On the other hand were my parents, who kept nagging me to buckle down and get serious about education. But I didn’t want to think about it. For the moment, I just returned to my pre-convention lifestyle of hanging out in cafes, drinking coffee and reading novels. I basked in the absence of a convention to plan; the truth of the matter was, the Sci-Fi Show and the Convention had worn me down to indifference.

This is a fairly short game with a pretty simple premise: a high school girl is magically transported into the world of her favorite RPG, Ultimate Quest. But, because she just grinded her way through the game, the members of her in-game party hold some serious grudges against her. So, now that she’s stuck in their world they hold her accountable for her actions and demand that she help them complete a character specific quest as retribution.


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One of the members who joined at the same time as me was a guy named Goto22⁠. He was one year older than me, and, boy, was he different. He was a member of the Seigun Society23⁠, a creative group based in Kyoto⁠. He’d written his own novels, and was the first sci-fi fan I’d met who actually wanted to be a professional writer. Or rather, I should say he was the first person I’d met in my entire life who openly shared his vision with other people.

This piece of art was settled on by merit of its best being able to reflect this, the grandest sci-fi convention of the year 2001. It will be placed squarely in the middle of the Sci-Fi Hall.


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When someone looks in your Dream Mirror you usually faint from the horrible pain, when Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye looked into hers she got horny. She's the type who craves attention. She'd actually been chasing both of their disguised forms in that episode of Super S. Earlier, in one episode of S, she got jealous because her fellow Senshi had been targeted for their Heart Crystals and starts going out of her way to draw an attack on herself. It actually works, but here's the funny part. Normally, the process makes the victim faint almost instantly. Minako held out for several minutes, crying out that she had been worthy of an attack and taking the crystal with her a considerable distance (whilst also outrunning the villain responsible for it, and said villain is on a car) before finally fainting deep in a parking garage.

The difference between anime and games is that in the case of the latter, almost everything is done in-house, from planning to production, right up until the game is ready to sell. This isn’t to say we weren’t frequently behind schedule—we were. It’s just that schedule management and quality control were a lot easier to handle on the gaming side of things. And if something missed its release date, any losses incurred tended to be minimal.


The plan made it all the way to the office of the then-president of Bandai, Mr. Makoto Yamashina158⁠. As it turns out, Yamashina wanted to advance their anime film production anyway, so Oritsu Uchugun was changed from an OVA159 project to a theatrical film production, and the budget was accordingly upped from the original ¥40 million (about US $167,000 in 1984 dollars) to a whopping total expense allocation of ¥800 million (US $3/3 million)!

I guess you could say it was Nadia196 that gave GAINAX its name recognition in mainstream Japan—up until then, only hardcore fans knew the company. This marked a serious turning point for us.


I seem to recall quite a few people leaving the group after the Sci-Fi Show was over. After all, we’d assembled that staff from the same crowd we were talking to here. But on the other hand, some of the guys who helped out have remained with us for 20 years now.

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Ayakashi Gohan follows a young girl, Rin Akane, as she adjusts to life in Momoji Village, a place where ayakashi and humans live peacefully with one another. Over the course of the game, Rin interacts with the various human and ayakashi residents of the town helping to bridge the gap between both races.


With two halls—one seating 2500, the other 1500—we had plenty of stage events planned. That meant we needed stage settings, and lots of them. We organized a carpentry team to build the backdrops, then stuck them inside a rented warehouse with all the materials and told them to get cracking. This warehouse didn’t have air conditioning either, but they worked at it day after day. The locals simply assumed that a bunch of college kids had gotten together and started up a sign-making business.

Today, there is a large number of subcontracting firms capable of handling graphics and programming, but back then, that simply wasn’t the case—we had no choice but to hire all these people to work in-house. Truth be told, we were also driven by our total enthusiasm for CG.


Of course, explosions weren’t the only draw for the film. We were amateurs, but we took the production very seriously. A lot of effort was put into both the props and the costumes.

Things have been pretty intense for him all morning, but it seems like he’s finally been able to catch a breather. His face is one of contentment as he looks at his daughter.


They used to burn whale oil for power. Why not the new age whales like this bitch?

For the opening film51⁠, we used the rocket liftoff scene from the Apollo 11 documentary film Moonwalk One. Sci-fi writer Sakyo Komatsu was at the event, and I heard he was so surprised by our opening film that he wondered aloud how in the hell we’d managed to acquire it. The simple fact was, we’d borrowed the footage from the Japan Shipbuilding Industry Foundation. They’d hosted the Space Science Exposition we attended on our way to Ashino-Con, and we learned that the Foundation owned a number of space-related items (especially those dealing with NASA) they would lend out at no charge. We’d simply borrowed it like you would something from a library. It was interesting that our experience at the Space Science Exposition would eventually affect our Sci-Fi Show, though.


Our production site was an empty room in the factory/house where Okada’s family lived and ran their business, Okada Embroidering74⁠. For animation paper we used B5 (176 × 250 mm) sized accounting paper, we made our own tap75 by hand, and punched the holes for the tap into the cut vinyl sheets with a two-hole punch—the kind that office workers us.

Slave seems to enjoy all sorts of pain for pleasure. At the end of his debut episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance", he and Mr. Garrison are sent to the titular camp after the latter's get-quick-rich scheme is discovered.


Takeda runs frantically for the event hall. Once there, he picks up a helium tank and makes his way unsteadily to the center of the hall. He’s raring to go, but the weight of the tank slows him down a bit, and it’s no problem for us to follow him. A crowd of curious onlookers has gathered, eager to see what’s going on. Takeda belts out instructions, and the staff begins to blow up a pile of balloons. Takeda belts out instructions, and the staff begins to blow up a pile of balloons. Takeda inflates them so quickly that for a moment I think to myself What is this guy, a street performer?

When it came to running General Products, he and I couldn’t have disagreed more. Maybe Okada didn’t feel like he could talk to me about it first.


When night came, they busted out the sake, and things really started to heat up. On one side of the room you’d have a group of girls whooping it up in geek-speak, while elsewhere another group would be holding a serious discussion on some sci-fi topic. There were even people who’d brought their used books and whatnot to sell.

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What in AH.com: The Series (and arguably Landshark as well). The only person who ever managed to successfully torture information out of What was one of his Alternate Universe counterparts, and that was by tantalising him by holding lesbian porn just out of reach.

Train ends up unknowingly spread-legged on top of Creed and only realizes too late that Creed got a hard-on and even orgasmed from it all. Disgust and exasperation are pretty much what describe Train's reaction.


Unlike now, the PC game magazines of the time were still at the height of their enthusiasm for the genre, and the erotically-themed “ero games” hadn’t yet entered the mainstream. This combination of factors meant that a lot of game makers were still doing the leg work to achieve recognition, so I thought we might be on to something with the idea of a gaming convention.

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Again, I don’t think there was anything especially unusual about this feeling. Many children of that time—especially boys—probably felt exactly the same way.


Making a film is itself a kind of event. The idea is to create a production process where you and the staff grow and learn to work as a team. We thought that something like producing a film—a worthwhile activity in and of itself—would be the perfect way to build a workable chain of command, and also keep the staff motivated for an event that wouldn’t happen for another two years.

Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Otome Review – Finding Love in the Red Light District

If you need help that is not covered in this tutorial, there are links below for your convenience. At first there might be none so you’ll need to play the game and when it detects some text it’ll appear in those blocks on the lower part. Any thoughts or tips about this? Let’s call that blue menu on the right side “Side Controls”. That black box above your character is called the “Subtitle Box”. Note that the latest otome games dont need this. VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status Updates Series) is published each weekend and brings the latest updates from VN translation projects — both licensed and by fans — from around the net. Click “Topics” and create a thread there.


All the fuss notwithstanding, the grand opening of General Products had gone pretty well105⁠. But I don’t know any of the financial details. I was just a regular employee with a nominal monthly salary of ¥80,000 (about US $360 in 1982 dollars). The company itself existed only as a part of Okada Embroidering.

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Our biggest problem was now with the upperclassmen, who we’d snubbed during the planning stages. We newbies lacked the lateral ties to fans that they had, nor were we a part of their information networks. Because of this, we were soon informed by Mr. Kadokura44⁠, then chairman of the association Committee, that next year’s Japan Sci-Fi Convention was being held in Nagoya⁠.


Another part of it was that we felt excluded as newcomers, even among the other Kansai fans. It wasn’t like we were running around biting everyone’s heads off or anything, but from an outside perspective we probably seemed like troublemakers. We certainly didn’t mean any harm, but looking back, I have to say we did have a little chip on our shoulders.

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All I could think was, Right now, right this second, humans are standing on the moon! I was glued to the television, and praises for science flooded my mind. But what really sealed my faith in that most essential field of study was the Osaka World Exposition in 197010⁠.


Well, Rejet has you covered with their Dot Kareshi series

If one really wants to take it Up to Eleven, remember, it's a Good Thing You Can Heal. For extreme cases of this, try putting the torture victim in an And I Must Scream state and/or Go Mad from the Isolation. Bad is Good and Good is Bad might also do the trick. Also keep in mind that people can be irrationally annoyed by harmless and innocuous things: like disrupted patterns, perpetual messes, certain smells etc.

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Before registering, we had a discussion and fixed the date of the founding on Christmas Day, but I got confused and jumped the gun. I actually completed the registration on December 24, making the founding date Christmas Eve instead.


To give an example, when we went to the Toho offices to ask for the rights to make a Godzilla model kit, they initially turned us down. Around the same time we went to see Tsuburaya about some other licensing matter and they agreed. The next time we met with Toho, their representative was stunned to hear that Tsuburaya had given us the OK to use their trademarked characters. Eventually, negotiations were reopened and we secured the rights to do Godzilla! It was really invigorating being part of deals like that, back when “garage kits”101 were just starting to crack the surface of traditional product rights business.

This convinces Le Chiffre that he's never going to break. Luckily for Bond, Le Chiffre doesn't last long enough to up the ante.


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It’s an important lecture, detailing how to keep a 1,700-participant, 300-guest event running smoothly. Everyone listens intently, their faces earnest.

Rei Taylor of I'm In Love With the Villainess is very open about how much she enjoys the abuse and punishment dealt by her love interest and eventual employer, Claire François. Claire is more often than not disturbed and bothered by this, though it ultimately doesn't stop her from trying until she falls in love with Rei.


For the locale, we settled on Mizukami Hot Springs in Gunma Prefecture. We decided to go with a so-called “resort-style” convention, renting out both a hotel and the Mizukami town hall.

Takeda and Yukino go to a greenroom and change into their Notenki outfits for the costume show. I move closer, trying to contain my excitement. There it is—the legendary Notenki! But I had no idea the actual costume was so. (deleted).


I decided to give Okada a good talking to. I was joined by Akai, who pointed out that GAINAX’s involvement in anime was the very thing that gave it its foothold in the gaming industry. Dropping anime in favor of games was precisely the wrong way to go about things. What’s more, we were determined to let Anno have another crack at making an anime.

For the 24th annual Japan Sci-Fi Convention, or “Gatacon Special”150⁠, I nominated myself as candidate for chairmanship for the Japan Sci-Fi Fan Group Association committee. I already had close ties with the Association, and received enough votes to win the position.


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The awards ceremony kicks off without a hitch, as if the mad rush backstage had never occurred. Takeda changes into his Notenki outfit again. By this time, he is quite sweaty.

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We would prove ourselves to people like him by changing the face of the market—someday garage kits would be sold in every modeling store throughout Japan! And it didn’t take long to make it happen, either. By the time of Evangelion, our vision was realized in full.


It was just the kind of half-witted argument sci-fi fans love to toss around. Seriously, the whole point of our film was simply to make you laugh, and crack jokes about what fools we were making of ourselves onscreen. If you gave it half a second’s thought (if you even had to think about it at all) you’d realize that Dainippon certainly wasn’t trying to foist any kind of nationalistic ideology off on the audience—we were just having fun. I guess that concept was lost on some of the more marble-headed members of the sci-fi community.

This week’s header image comes from Yotsunoha, one of the many games announced at Anime Expo this year! As Bavalt says, an automated translation app would be next to useless.


We told him about our plans for the Convention and about our Zubat parody. At the end, I capped it off with our request: Would he be so kind as to appear at the Convention in full character, dressed up as Ken Hayakawa himself?

The Tick (2001) has a variation - Captain Liberty is too self-centered to psychologically torture. In a Silence of the Lambs parody, the Terror has driven his third cop to suicide by way of Hannibal Lecture. Captain Liberty volunteers to keep an eye on him. When he tries probing into her psyche, she unloads so many issues, insecurities and shallow drama that he ends up begging to pledge guilty.


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Nagayama introduced me and Sawamura (I’m pretty sure he came along, too) to Anno65 and Yamaga66 at a place called Solaris67⁠, a sci-fi themed cafe in Kyoto. They had both just enrolled in the Osaka University of Arts68⁠.

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In Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, our Damsel in Distress tries to threaten the main goon with mace. This proves to be ineffective after he corrects her that it's actually pepper spray and then proceeds to spray some into his mouth to "clear the sinuses".


We never did acquire any of the rights to the anime, but a point was made of letting us have the rights to the game adaptation⁠, something for which we are still deeply grateful. The PC game, which we produced in-house, went on to set record earnings for us.

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The Japan Sci-Fi Convention sprouted from the idea of doing something like the World Sci-Fi Convention (aka Worldcon, which is held in the US) in Japan. The first one was held in Meguro, Tokyo⁠. Conventions tend to have abbreviated nicknames, usually “something-Con” (this, too, was patterned after Worldcon). The 17th Japan Sci-Fi Convention was held at Lake Ashino, so its nickname was “Ashino-Con”. In case you’re curious, the one held in Meguro was called “Meg-Con”, and the one we would later host were nicknamed “DAICON”. That was because they were held in Osaka, and the character used for the “o” in Osaka can also be pronounced dai.


It may not have been a huge hit, but it certainly wasn’t a flop. Not a single theater canceled its run, and at some locations, it actually had a longer run than initially planned.

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Larrin in Stargate Atlantis once experiences the terror of being fed on by a Wraith, a process which is known to be extremely painful and causes rapid aging in the subject. Sheppard forces the alien to return the lifeforce it took from her, after which a once-again young Larrin remarks with a confused grin that "it felt kinda good".


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We’d been called “tight-fisted hucksters” for making our garage kits, but we’d started a revolution. Model shops that had previously been content to sell kits from the big-name makers like Bandai and Tamiya were now beginning to develop and market their own original designs. From the beginning, our goal was to make the things we wanted ourselves, because we just weren’t satisfied with the range of products manufactured by big-name modelers. Predictably, those big-name modelers didn’t show one bit of interest in garage kits.

Among the projects we worked on were Naki no Ryu200⁠, Money Wars201⁠, Modena no Ken202⁠, Hono no Tenkosei203⁠, and Otaku no Video204⁠. Of these, only Otaku no Video was original205⁠. For a time, we had more than enough to keep ourselves busy.


Our first outpost in Tokyo was a small dwelling that would later become known as “GAINAX House”170⁠. It was a single home occupied by single men from both GAINAX and General Products.

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No attempt has been made to be slavishly exact to the prose (while strictly preserving the sense): spelling errors are rife, and especially in sections set after GAINAX’s move to Tokyo, there are sentences where the translator(s) apparently changed their mind half-way through; such sentences are silently copyedited to something more sensible. The Japanese edition of The Notenki Memoirs has a number of errors⁠; working with Google Translate to check the birth-year corrections, they seem to have been already incorporated into the ADV edition.


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And sometimes I like to dot the "I" with a little smiley face or a heart or something. Something to brighten the reader's day.

When we got the full story, it was clear that we were in the wrong. We accompanied Mr. Kadokura to Nagoya to speak with the host for the next year’s convention, and immediately withdrew without any further argument. The problem was, we already had the hall reserved, so we were at a loss for what to do next. But in good time, Space Force Club45 representative Hiroaki Inoue46 had a brilliant idea. According to him, there was an event called the Sci-Fi Show47 that had originally been sponsored by Masahiro Noda. It had been held three times already, so sci-fi fans were well aware of it.


One Justice League fanfiction plays with this in the form of a Master of Illusion OC. His reaction to torture severely freaks out his torturer. But he later admits to his partner that he actually used his sensory manipulation powers to simply convince his body that pain was pleasurable.

I like how there are people who realize this. As a light skinned German-Lebanese-Canadian Muslim people never believe Im Muslim.


The finished Oritsu Uchugun began showing in Toho Foreign Film Branch theaters throughout the country in March of 1987. I went to a theater in Osaka and saw it again. Looking back, I kind of regret not being more involved in the production of the film. It really was amazing, and it would’ve been nice to have been a bigger part of it, but I was in Osaka, giving General Products my full attention.

Maybe they’d say the problem was that my expectations were too high, but it looked like we weren’t the only ones feeling a little bored. After dinner one night, I got together with Okada and some of the other guys from the sci-fi club. Since we didn’t have any place to hang out, we plunked ourselves down in front of some vending machines and began one of our pointless conversations.

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In the summer of 2001, we hosted the 40th annual Japan Sci-Fi Convention (SF2001) at the Makuhari Messe center in Chiba, Japan⁠. It had been a full 20 years since DAICON 3⁠, the very first sci-fi con we’d hosted, and it’s going on 24 years since we first became active (as they say) in the biz. In the beginning, I was a kid who didn’t think much about anything, who preferred the pleasures of the moment to any long-term uncertainties about the future.


We had all been to the Sci-Fi Convention before and walked around the area where convention-goers are welcomed. Similarly, at Wonder Festival (which we used to promote our garage kits), it was very easy to meet and have direct exchanges with our consumers. We felt that this kind of interaction was extremely important.

Well, I'd LOVE you to give me a long, slow disciplinary hearing. Because you know what I'd have at the end of it?


Sifting Thyme Otome Review – Stir Up Some Romance

And, I want to do your tutorial, that I need to right click at “blue menu”, but for me, nothing happen when I right click. You may also see me on VNDB as dk382. As you can see there are several boxes in the screen. Right click anywhere in those blue buttons on the left side of the game windows and select “Text Settings”. People could easily add translations, and it is hosted online (cloud).

Darla: You're [Angel] angry, that's good. You're hurting me; that's good, too.


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Numerous stories have already surfaced about the various mishaps that occurred during the production of Nadia, so I’ll refrain from going into them here. Suffice it to say that behind each of these events, several other events were simultaneously taking place.

Dot Kareshi -We’re 8-Bit Lovers- III: Yami no Hanayome Psycheledica

That happened to me once when i worked as a janitor at Sams Club. I took the ladys list, grabbed a cart and got everything she wanted. Even had to go back twice when i had gotten the wrong version of items.


Game oniblade english patch

This was a good thing, because hosting the convention had plunged us into the red83⁠. We decided to form a deficit relief committee by selling videos and 8mm reels of the film. For a group of amateurs, I have to say we were bending over backward to cater to the fans. We included stickers with all-new illustrations, and we threw in storyboards and bonus items for free. The videos sold much better than we’d expected. No only did they pull us out of the red, we even made a tidy little profit. That profit would later be invested in preparations for DAICON 4 and production costs for the DAICON film series.

Before we knew it, there was talk of us being put on stage prior to the closing ceremonies. Apparently, someone on the convention staff had seen our routine, and thought it’d be even more fun if we performed in front of a bigger crowd. They’d already worked us into the schedule before presenting the idea to us. As it happened, the staffer in question turned out to be Mr. Komaki, who would later go on to be editor-in-chief of Animec magazine. Okada heard the proposal, and said (in our native Kansai dialect), “Hey, they gave us 30 minutes!


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Things are a lot better now, but at that time GAINAX was still quite weak in terms of its administration, which meant that projects tended to hit more than a few snags. While Money Wars was being made, for example, the deficiencies in our administration became painfully clear when the company we hired to pick up the slack was unable to complete production. For a while there, it looked like we were going to go bankrupt.

Blue Blazes ep 10: Okada meets with Takeda, Anno et al to discuss a change to the film. To have greater impact and ensure no one can repeat the DAICON III intro anime, instead of an Ideon icon being used in one scene, they will use a stylized drawing of a vagina. They are horrified by the proposal but unable to deny that the change would ensure no one would ever repeat it; fortunately, Amano Kazuki (Okada’s future wife) intrudes and defeats the proposal with her common sense.


The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax And The Men Who Created Evangelion

I think it’s important to point out that this is a very short game, I would say roughly 2 to 5 hours to finish everything, depending on how quick you read. Some people may feel a little cheated by that but I found it was just perfect to happily round off a Sunday afternoon without getting into something that would devour me for the next few weeks. Apart from the length though, the rest of the production has obviously had a lot of work put into it. As you can see the sprites are beautiful and even have full speaking animations (a very rare perk). The game is fully voiced and very well acted. Every route offers up a unique quest cg, a two part bedroom cg, a different cg for each end (good and great) plus 4 common route cgs (that’s one every 10 to 15 minutes or so which is an awesome ratio). The art style is standard anime but I really liked it and details and angles stay perfect in every image.

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Those sci-fi fans sure love it when things go wrong! Watching Takeda apologize so sincerely must’ve been like seeing some of the very entertainment they’d come here for!


Having resolved to host DAICON 356⁠, we quickly announced our candidacy57 at the next convention. It goes without saying that this time we followed all the official procedures and curried all the right favors. DAICON 3 would be held in 1981, so we planned accordingly.

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At first, we mainly wanted to use Confederation members to staff DAICON 3, but one thing or another conspired against us, and eventually we had to branch out and find volunteers from various clubs in the area. By the time we were finished, the DAICON 3 executive committee felt more like a band of mercenaries.


In addition to those two “sweatshops”, there were several other locations around town where various groups were continuing with other preparations for the Convention—so many in fact that I couldn’t keep track of them myself. Not that it was my job to do so or anything.

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Toren went on to be a success in his own right, later returning to North America and becoming president of a publishing company in the US. He is one shrewd fellow—not only did he make plenty of manga-related connections while he was here, but he snagged himself a beautiful Japanese wife to boot. I still remember one morning, shortly after we woke up; the door to Toren’s room opened and out walked a young lady we’d never seen before!


Maybe I just didn’t like taking the heat myself, but for whatever reason, I felt betrayed. I thought we were all on the same team, but now this.

My VNs are all on sale on itchio! Check them out if you've a fondness for yuri and/or despair!


People had definitely taken to the GAINAX brand of PC games. It’s just unfortunate that there weren’t many chances for us to come face-to-face with them.

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It’s decided to end the convention with footage of the monolith, from its initial construction to how it appears now. Uh, can you really just run with something like that? I think to myself, but it appears my worries are unfounded. Not a single concern is raised, and the staff simply sets about its preparations. I’m just amazed at how they can move so quickly to make this vision a reality!


My feeling at the time was, Ok, this is odd. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was as if the convention had provided the vessel, but it was up to us to decide what to put in it. I for one was unsatisfied. I don’t know whether it was because there wasn’t enough sci-fi to be had, or because the hosts weren’t paying enough attention to us, but I was let down nonetheless. I’d been looking forward to spending three days thoroughly immersed in sci-fi, but there wasn’t enough of an effort to cater the Convention to first-timers. I felt like the only fun I had was just hanging out with my usual crowd—and we would invariably end up sticking together. Which is why, on the afternoon of the second day, my buddies from the club and I went riding on the ropeway⁠. I mean, we’d come all this way to attend the Sci-Fi Convention, and we ended up just wandering through the city. If sightseeing had been our reason for coming here, then I guess it was fun enough. Above all, I think it’s important to share experiences with people—to eat from the same pot, as it were.

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Naturally, we couldn’t sit back and do nothing. After all, this was the start of an entirely new business venture for us—we couldn’t bear to be pulled from the project just because our editorial staff had been dragging their feet.


Hanch from Drakengard 2 does this too. Over the course of the boss fight against her and her pact-beast, the things she says (and the noises she makes) imply that she's actually rather enjoying getting the crap beaten out of her.

Blue Blazes ep 10: DAICON III film production goes on; the women complain to Okada that Anno has not bathed in weeks (Anno argues that no one ever died of not taking a shower and bathing is, strictly speaking, unnecessary), and that while he does not smell terrible (due to being a vegetarian), the knowledge of this still repulses them. Yamaga makes Anno & Akai go to a bathhouse.


In one of the early episodes of Excel Saga, after getting a blast of high-voltage current from a soldier, Excel requests "A bit higher, please" with a blush. The torturer thinks his gear is malfunctioning and tries it on the unfortunate fellow next to Excel. Said fellow is promptly incinerated.

Yeah you guessed it he’s a rogue (hah) and melee deeps. He’s pretty deredere and fun loving to begin with so he was my first choice. Your classic flirty, genki character, always quick with a joke and an easy smile. He is very easy going and never blamed us for anything really, so he is the one that made **me** feel safe when all the other ones were all calling me a jerk.


Modern tech has given it its radiant neon lights but also cast long shadows of obscurity. Lately, there has been an abnormal increase in the number of mental illness cases as well as incidents that threaten Stellis’ social security.

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Sexy Losers: Yuuko comes back to life and plans her revenge on Shiunji for the things he did to her corpse. When she finally starts threatening him, he's excited by it.


When the boys approach Mel Gibson demanding their money back after seeing The Passion of the Christ, Gibson proves to be this. The problem is, the boys have absolutely no intention of torturing him. Nevertheless, he oils and chains himself up whilst insisting that torture will do them no good (especially if they torture him in just the right place, and maybe use some of those whips he has hanging on his wall). The boys are, needless to say, utterly freaked out by this.

In this way, applying the expertise we’d acquired through anime production, GAINAX also came to specialize in game-making. Gradually, the number of staff members working solely on PC games began to increase.


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Kyouhei Kannazuki is such a masochist that he often screws up on purpose to get punished by his superiors. The only punishments that actually scare him are the threats of being castrated or killed.

The common route starts off with a basic explanation of the premise. It plays heavily on gamer stereotypes. I could recognize myself in some but my completionist tendencies made me literally itch at the idea of abandoning a game just before the last boss.


Face it — don't even try to torture or threaten him. He likes it. He's so hardcore to the point where he didn't even seem to mind that much that sharks ate his arms and legs, and he lost an eye, being rendered completely immobile. And apparently, even in that sorry state, he's still in the mood to get off on seeing Sousuke's depressed face.

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Anno said he could make anime, but he had never attempted a cel anime71 before. That wasn’t a major problem, because we had all kinds of people on our staff willing to offer up random information. Apparently, there was a shop called Animepolis Pero72 that sold anime cels for insane amounts. Each second of anime footage burns through several cels, so if you have to buy each individually—and at a high retail markup—your budget is blown before you can even begin.


It was different from doing contract work. I discovered the joy of manufacturing your own designs, and seeing that succeed in the marketplace.

The illustration was done by Kitayama61⁠, a guy from the Kinki University sci-fi club who dreamed of becoming a manga artist. He drew an amazing image of a Powered Suit with a big cigarette for a bazooka and a lighter for his finger. We also sold these cigarette packs at DAICON 3 as official goods for the event.


Simple—the Osaka Koseinenkin Hall, which is where we planned to hold the event, had both a large and medium-sized hall. Between the two of them, there were 4,000 seats. For that many attendees, we figured we’d probably need more than 200 people on the staff, in which case we’d need to start scouting and training them. One way to do that would be to hold a minor local event prior to the main show, but the prospect of planning another convention was less than thrilling. That’s when someone posed a better idea—making our own independent films!

The members of Ultimate Despair in Danganronpa take this Up to Eleven. They fetishize pain and suffering to the point where they'll commit acts like self-mutilation or murdering friends and family in order to actively inflict it on themselves and others. At the end of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the Big Bad of the series, Junko Enoshima, enjoys the despair of having her plan ruined and kills herself by going through all of the game's previous executions at once with a massive smile on her face.


To all those who know about sci-fi conventions, I apologize for the unnecessary explanation. But for those who don’t know, they’re fan-sponsored events held annually. There isn’t a fixed executive committee or board. Whatever group or organization wants to host one can raise its hands and be counted among the candidates, and the format is different every year. For that reason, the location for the convention can be anywhere within the country, and the theme and presentation—even the date—change each time as well. At a metropolitan-style convention, in areas like Tokyo or Osaka, the meeting hall will be separate from the lodging. There’s no real need to reserve lodgings for this kind of gathering. And then there’s the resort-style convention, where you may not be able to secure an adequately sized hall, or it may be held in a rural area where reserved lodging is an absolute necessity. In those cases, an entire lodge is rented out for everyone, and the convention is held right there. Those can be weekend events, and the late nights always turn into massive drinking parties.

His response: “Hmm, interesting. No one’s ever approached me with something like this.


There is a lot of activity here, as the area is jam-packed with a variety of different events. Takeda bikes around the square exchanging business cards with participants. Everywhere he stops, a crowd gathers. Man, Mr. Takeda sure is popular!

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Our initial products were mostly “strip quiz” games featuring original characters and graphics by Akai. The response to these was quite good. Later, we commissioned original artwork from animators and manga artists outside our company, and developed a game using Gunbuster as its theme. Steadily, the number of games that we were producing began to grow.


One day, Goto came to me with the idea of forming a communication network between the various university sci-fi clubs throughout Kansai (the region around Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara). He asked me to help him set it up, and from that point on, my life changed drastically. I’d always had a tendency to choose the sci-fi club over classes, but that’s when I started going to school less and less. I guess you could say that one moment was the first step toward my future.

But then again, it wasn’t like we had any other options. So we kept right on working with the vinyl sheets. It was bad enough that this was our first-ever cel anime, but using the wrong materials for the job only doubled the headaches.


Demon: That's not a travel brochure. That's a Bible, and really I wanna know how you keep finding them down here.

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I personally didn’t care whether we were pro or amateur. All that mattered to me was the strength of our commitment and what we wanted to get out of it. My old action-oriented attitude of “Act first, talk later” was still the same as it was when we were organizing the Sci-Fi Show.


The end of our amateur film production also meant the loss of a platform for our group activities. With Orochi finished, Akai moved to Tokyo to join the Oritsu Uchugun Honneamise no Tsubasa production as an assistant director. I sent Higuchi and Murahama to the Tokyo production site as well, because Higuchi had distinguished himself as a special effects director and Murahama had worked his tail off. As for me, I returned to my usual work at General Products.

One thing I can say for sure is that everyone who attended was very excited about being there. Many people who came to that event have since gone on to become professional authors, animators, and editors. Even now, when I meet people for the first time, a surprising number of them break the ice by saying they went to DAICON 4, or even better, that they got my autograph at the Notenki screening party. It was a large event—with a turnout of 4,000—and it really made an impact.


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We spent a lot of time addressing the situation, but nothing ever produced any results. The editorial staff had taken to literally locking themselves in their apartments, and one time we even had to climb in through the windows and drag them out to talk. The next day, they wouldn’t come out at all. So much time was spent dragging reticent employees out of their houses and into the office that we started referring to it by a special term: “salvaging”.

In Top Secret, Nick Rivers is being beaten for information by two henchmen. During the beating, he passes out and has a nightmare that he is back in high school, but discovers to his horror that he is late for the final exam and hasn't studied. He then comes around as the two henchmen has strung him up and are starting to whip him, and is relieved that it was All Just a Dream and he is only being tortured for information.


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Ford Prefect is implied to have a version of this related to the Janx Spirit drinking game, where the eventual loser is forced to perform a forfeit, "which was usually obscenely biological". It then states that Ford Prefect usually played to lose.

The staff for the Sci-Fi Show had been composed mainly of Confederation members, but as with any convention, the inevitable always happens. Either the volunteers enjoy themselves and decide to stick around, or they want nothing more to do with conventions and leave for good. It’s been the same in all my 20 years of experience, an endless cycle of grouping and regrouping.


Now that I’ve had time to calm down and think about it, though, I wonder if skipping one convention would’ve been such a big deal. However, my initial reaction was to immediately assemble the troops—specifically, Okada and Inoue. The three of us decided there would indeed be a Convention, and that we would host it ourselves.

Otome and Visual Novel Reviews

One of them is an immortal who loves being eviscerated. The other is a veterinarian who, while she has not shown any masochistic tendencies in this comic, is an Expy of an earlier character who has appeared in some less reputable comics.


Many gentle and good people of Stellis have somehow grown violent and volatile. These incidents may have been recorded, but they are often drowned out in a flood of data.

We wanted to see with our own eyes the event that had started it all, and bring back as much of that atmosphere as we could. We also seized the opportunity to visit Disneyland59 (Tokyo Disneyland hadn’t even opened yet). We thought going to a theme park would give us ideas for planning our own entertainment segment for DAICON 3. We wanted our convention to be enjoyable for everyone.


There was a trend for us to do everything possible ourselves. We would use a big manual typewriter-looking thing to write up our own scripts, come up with our own designs and even print out our own proofs.

Komatsu, who will be delivering the opening speech, has actually declined this position in the past, so it’s little wonder that Takeda was so insistent on getting him to accept this time around. Takeda also greets Tsukasa Shikano and writer Haruka Takachiho, both of whom are in charge of the opening act. Takeda takes this opportunity to hand everyone in the room his business card. He’s visibly disappointed a moment later, when Mr. Komatsu looks at the card and says “Wani Books?


City of Villains' Silver Mantis, second in command to Black Scorpion, thrives on this trope. Almost every boss has dialogue as you damage them further, from 3/4ths to half to 1/4th health, and upon defeat. The average Silver Mantis dialogue sounds more like she's engaged in other activities. At least one defeat dialogue has her congratulating your character on really knowing how to treat a girl with an addition to call her later. This after you, depending on powerset, may have inflicted anything from blunt trauma to 3rd-degree burns to direct psychic assault on her mind. To being cut with steel claws by a shiny-black clad Catwoman look-alike.

There have been several times in my life that I’ve lost every ounce of energy and completely deflated, and this was the first. The reasons were different each time, but the result was always the same—utter lethargy. I didn’t feel like doing a single thing.


By the time we arrived in Osaka, though, even I was all fired up to host a Japan Sci-Fi Convention. The first thing we did was tell the guys in the Kinki University sci-fi club what we wanted to do. but the upperclassmen were unanimously against it. Basically, they didn’t think we could just jump in and host such a major event. They thought we should start slow, do a few smaller conventions, and then once we’d gotten the hang of things we could move on to the Japan Sci-Fi Convention. The thing is, we didn’t want to hold small events—we wanted to do the Convention. So we didn’t discuss it with them anymore. But because of that, we later found ourselves running into a real doozie of a problem.

As we Sci-Fi Show holdovers and other Confederation members were making the rounds of university clubs in search of volunteers, we ran into a few crotchety guys who told us to knock off all the “propaganda”. We were only asking if they wanted to do an event with us! At the time, I didn’t even know what “propaganda” meant, but I do remember thinking that those guys were idiots, not to mention rude.


We bought one, took it home, and cut it up. Then we tried painting on it. and it was nothing like a cel. You could get the color on there alright, but as soon as it dried it would peel off. And if you stacked the cut pieces while the paint was still wet, they’d stick together.

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Another of my underclassmen was Miwa18⁠. Besides sci-fi, he liked rakugo, or Japanese comic storytelling. The second you gave him a topic, he’d burst into some funny story. Miwa later spent some time as a director for General Products.


All told, there were 80 people on staff. While the main activities were going on in the large hall, there were side attractions84 all around. And then there was the dealers’ room85⁠. Our policy from start to finish was to make sure attendees had fun, and to make the Convention as exciting as we could. We blazed new trails with DAICON 3, taking directions that had never been explored by previous cons. It became a model of sorts for the mainstream Japan Sci-Fi Conventions of today.

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I acquired both an increasing amount of stress and a growing sense of fulfillment as our place in the industry began to shift. What started as a motley crew of amateurs became one of real professionals with enough money to make things happen. Having languished in the wake of DAICON 3, I began to imagine that the next “festival” coming to rescue me from my lethargy was in fact General Products.


This122 was a parody of hero shows, with yours truly playing the main role. It was originally intended as a satire of Toei’s old tokusatsu (“special effects”) TV series Kaiketsu Zubat123 with Hiroshi Miyauchi124 as the indomitable Zubat.

A running gag throughout The Muppet Christmas Carol is Gonzo and Rizzo getting hurt by the characters who are oblivious to their presence. Rizzo is very unhappy about this while Gonzo enjoys every second of getting knocked about. At one point they're knocked off a windowsill by the Ghost of Christmas Present and when the scene cuts back to them Gonzo is laughing happily, much to Rizzo's annoyance.


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Because of all this, we began to see conflicts arising from a lack of commitment to the project. Akai was the director and his whole reason for involvement was most likely resume-building—he wanted to go pro. Sawamura was the producer, and his primary concern was just completing the thing. He was working hard to see that happen. I, on the other hand, was simply having a good time with it. As a scene director and all-around staff member, I had learned to enjoy being in front of the camera, but I had other responsibilities, too. The General Products store wasn’t going to run itself, so devoting myself exclusively to film production simply wasn’t an option. On top of that, a lot of the volunteer staff members began asserting their own interests, creating even more disharmony on the production site. Despite any differences in motivation, we were all supposed to be gathered together for the purpose of creating this film and making it as good as we possibly could, but that just wasn’t how things turned out.

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The department continued on for another two or three years, but it was a disaster. Here’s an example of how much of a disaster it was—they were hiring more people. They hadn’t even asked us first. They just went out and hired them.


On Chuck, Jeff is quite the weirdo. Tie him to a tree, inject him with sodium pentothal, he just thinks it's a party.

This isn’t to say that we used all the profits from our PC games to staff the editorial department. We were also hiring programmers and graphic artists in an attempt to strength our gaming department. Even I utilized my meager connections to bring some new people into the fold. Once our games took off and the General Products/GAINAX name became known, we placed an ad and began interviewing people for positions. Unfortunately, there was a very high initial turnaround, and people were constantly coming and going within the department.


So, if you’re interested in seeing previous Melanin Friendly Games posts, click HERE. This week, I’m spotlighting the upcoming match-3 game, Spirit Swap, from Soft Not Weak.

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I learned something from this experience. The simple act of people gathering around someone they feel they can trust and trying to talk out their problem can cause emotions to come into play and actually make the problem much, much worse. Which is a shame, because most of the time, the initial problem was something quite trivial.


We rented some office space in Umeda for the DAICON 4 executive committee to use. Film production was underway in Ueda’s Juso apartment, General Products was open for business, and everything was moving right along. My first period of lethargy was finally over.

We did the Sci-Fi Show with the intent of eclipsing the Convention. Even then, there was the widespread idea that sci-fi was big enough to accommodate anything, which is why we actively promoted anime and tokusatsu special-effects films that weren’t considered “true sci-fi”54 by the old-timers. Most of the staff was a mixture of sci-fi and anime fans anyway, which I’m sure had an impact on our planning.


Takeda presents awards to the winners from each category. For the Japanese Feature-Length category, Hiroe Suga’s Eien no Mori—Hakubutsukan Wakusei is chosen! This makes the third time in convention history that Mr. Okada presented his wife with this award.

This anime adaptation of Mr. Komatsu’s short-short novellas was financed by Bandai, and aired as a daily TV series. Yamaga was put in charge of the script, and we asked manga artist Jun Ishikawa189 to provide the character designs. The series was released for sale and rental, but surprisingly, it never caught on, remaining a sort of “phantom project” in GAINAX’s body of work.


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Most of us are still kicking it in our homes, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world stops. Between work, school, and family, it can seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything we want done. Finding time for your responsibilities and your hobbies can be a bit of a balancing act, and for a lot of folks that means that our hobbies get relegated to the weekends (or late into the night).

Golden Spirit's Announcement of Dot Kareshi II and III

Even if a popular new game comes out, would you finish your second run with them first? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


In Villains United, Luthor's Society captures the Secret Six and they are tortured. Unfortunately, one of the Six is Parademon, an inhabitant of Apokalips, who has dealt with worse daily since childhood and seems to enjoy the process.

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They are meeting to vote on recipients of the Seiun Awards. They also discuss the location of the next convention, which is scheduled for 2003. As Tochigi prefecture is chosen as the convention site, the event is nicknamed T-CON. Takeda speaks on a number of different issues, including Gifu prefecture being given preference for the site of the 2004 convention. Finally, he moves on to the biggest agenda facing the Committee—revising the rules and regulations for holding a Sci-Fi Convention. The debate becomes increasingly heated—especially when Takeda himself decides to enter the fray. Chairman or no, Takeda isn’t afraid to speak his mind (which earns him more than a few complaints). Just watching the proceedings is enough to make me pretty nervous. The debate rages, going past the scheduled end time of 3:30 pm to finally conclude at 4:00. At the end of the meeting, Takeda formally announces that today he will be resigning from the Committee.


Easiest way to deal with Chaos followers would be a Pariah — particularly a Culexus Assassin. Just force them to stay in its presence. Pariahs are utterly discomforting even to regular people, and even more so to those touched by the Warp. The "sensation" is not even pleasurable to Slaaneshi cultists, as it is actually a way of cutting off their sensation of contact from the warp, deadening a sense that they have based their whole self around.

It was the first time I realized how enjoyable it was to perform for an audience. Or maybe I was just caught up in the moment. Either way, our little performance in front of the vending machines, which had started at around 10:00 at night, ended up going until sunrise the next morning—about eight hours, all told. By morning we were almost ready to drop from exhaustion. Neither of us even had the energy to get up and eat breakfast.


In the Wheel of Time, the Aiel are very, very resistant to torture. Perrin only manages to break his Shaido prisoner in the ninth book by chopping off one of his hands and threatening to chop off his other hand and his feet and leave him like that. When Egwene finally masters the Aiel technique she starts laughing her head off while being beaten, much to her captor's startlement. Semirhage, as the best torturer in the history of existence, doesn't eventually get broken through torture but by the humiliation of being spanked by a woman less than a seventh of her age. Also, when Semirhage is captured, even though Rand doesn't allow Cadsuane to torture her, the Aes Sedai decides that physical pain will never work anyways; it's what Semirhage is expecting and probably looking forward to. Instead, she decides that humiliation is a much better tactic.

Bang Ippongi (who is dressed up in costume). He doesn’t waste time exchanging business cards here, either. Before you know it, all 200 of his cards are gone. With a start, I realize that someone has coiled a sacred shimenawa rope around the monolith.


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Yamaga brought him in to help with the anime, but apparently Akai had been less than thrilled at the prospect of working with a bunch of weirdos. I later found out that he had only agreed to come because we might actually pay him for his work, and that was a heck of a lot better than sitting around studying. Yamaga and Anno seemed to be in complete agreement with him on that. Since their freshman year, they had been taking on jobs making video footage for various projects. Of course, these were non-paying jobs—all they got were their production expenses.

I stood in line for two hours to look at some rocks. But they weren’t just any old rocks—they had been brought back from the moon. They carried the promise of a bright and powerful future; they seemed to glow with the confidence of that tomorrow.


It was the first year of the new century, a time that many sci-fi fans had dreamed of. It was also the first time in 13 years that GAINAX would host the Japan Sci-Fi Convention. Yasuhiro Takeda, General Manager for GAINAX, put his genius to work as the Chairman of the Planning Committee—but he would also step down as Chairman of the Japan Sci-Fi Fan Group Association Committee, a position he’d held since 1986. It was a proud moment for Mr. Takeda, and we were right there with him. It was a proud moment for Mr. Takeda, and we were right there with him. We now present an in-depth report of the 56 hours we spent with the now ex-Chairman, from the day before the convention right up until he said his goodbyes.

First Impressions – Exclusively Yours: An Office Affair Love 365 Otome Review

He finds it amusing to see how draja you are, and he concludes that you must be very confident with your body. It says that they will be using a dummy head mic and I think it will be around 60 minutes.


Unlike the editorial department, our gaming department never went belly-up. A major part of its success was due to Akai and Tamatani—Akai ran the show and Tamatani was his second-in-command. Tamatani had been around since the Osaka days, working as a staff member at the Sci-Fi Conventions, and he had also been to Osaka University of Arts. In other words, he actually had the ability to create things. The gaming department was meant to be a place of creation. Those with the skill or desire to blaze new trails stayed—the other left.

Diamanda Hagan tries to torture LC in Project Million. He thinks she's giving him foreplay.


At last, the second game of Dot Kare! In this one, the four guys you meet are Knight, Monk, Beastmaster, and Dancer. While I certainly miss the guys from the first game, the characters here are more hilarious than the first group. This is most likely because of the ossans, the doM Knight and super perverted Monk!

Now I knew for certain that we’d gone in the right direction with it. I think the rest of the staff was equally pleased with the outcome—DAICON 3 was the perfect example of how things should be run. We’d lost a lot of people after the Sci-Fi Show, people who were fed up with the hassle of working on an event. But a lot of these staff members stayed on to work DAICON 3 as well, which shows how great the experience was for everyone. I had a fantastic time myself, and so did the attendees. DAICON 3 really exceeded all of our expectations.


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One attraction we put together was the “Mystery Train”. Convention-goers taking the train from Tokyo to Mizukami would first receive a send-off at Ueno station by some costumed members of our staff. Once aboard, they would be entertained by a mock hijacking at the hands of an “evil organization”. Upon arrival at Mizukami, guests would be greeted by more costumed staff members.

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The executive committee produced all kinds of items to sell as official goods at the Convention. Between the tiny mascot figures (all hand-made, of course) and little Nahaha90 heads (Hideo Azuma’s91 manga character), the female members of the staff were like indentured laborers in some attic sweatshop, working feverishly to try and meet their quotas. We also had some Powered Suits made out of polyresin⁠. We weren’t calling them “garage kits” yet, but that’s pretty much what they were. We must’ve had a dozen or so varieties in all, and every single one was sold out within minutes. That made quite an impact on Okada. He saw what a huge demand there was for little trinkets. Apparently, seeing it first-hand was what gave him the idea to start up the General Products store later on.

Even while Nadia was driving GAINAX into debt, it was teaching us the ins and outs of anime production. Moreover, it was introducing the GAINAX “brand” to audiences all across Japan. Of course, it wouldn’t be until Evangelion that we would receive nationwide recognition, but I think Nadia was the first of our projects to have a major impact on anime fans. Nadia took those who had liked our work on Gunbuster and turned them into outright GAINAX fanatics.


But with no conductor we were dead in the water. We decided to take the matter up with one of the music producers from Toho that we knew through General Products (as you can see, all kinds of good connections came from the store). He was kind enough to introduce us to another conductor, and this time the guy immediately understood what we wanted to do.

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A typical day for me involved waking up and heading down to the usual cafe, where I would sip coffee and read some sci-fi. Once my friends began to arrive, we’d get all fired up by some kind of ridiculous conversation. When the sun went down, we would move on to one of the local pubs and get even more fired up. That’s how it went every day, and it was fun. As for school, it’s no wonder that I had to repeat my sophomore year. In the midst of all this, I would be attending my first sci-fi event. I forget exactly how this came about, but Miwa, my underclassman and fellow club member, had been active as a sci-fi fan since high school, and he regularly attended conventions27⁠. After asking around, I found that a lot of people in the club and the Confederation were regulars at those cons, too.


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We had met with Takeda once before to discuss our report, but we opt to introduce ourselves again. When asked if there is anything he would prefer not to be reported, his immediate answer is, “Not at all.

In Matilda, Bruce Bogtrotter is caught stealing cake at school, so the sadistic headmistress Agatha Trunchbull forces him to eat a whole cake in front of an auditorium of students as punishment. Although Bruce initially hesitates, he ends up seeing the punishment as a game and eats the entire cake willingly as a middle finger to Trunchbull (it helps that he's fat and used to eating a lot). The entire auditorium applauds, and even when Trunchbull slams the tray down on Bruce's head in disgust, he just sits there and smiles in a cake-induced stupor.


By comparison, Hono no Tenkosei, Naki no Ryu and Otaku no Video all turned out well. We also ended up learning something, based in no small part on the degree to which the staff members devoted themselves to their jobs—we learned that we were unable to take on projects for which the sole aim was profit. There had to be more to it than that. Take Hono no Tenkosei, for example. It was based on the work by Shimamoto208⁠, who was so involved in the project that he even oversaw the show’s opening theme.

The grey aliens in the Sluggy Freelance story "Oceans Unmoving" are a bit weird like this, none more so than Murdock, who even likes to watch Dr. Viennason's DVDs. When he's put in futuristic manacles that cover his hands entirely, he wants to wear them permanently after he's been freed from imprisonment.


In either event, it was decided to go where the profits were. More people were hired on to work at General Products, and plans for expansion were put into place. The first thing we did was set up an editorial department.

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At first, there were four or five schools (including Kinki University) participating in the Confederation. I was thoroughly engrossed in it all, and working so tirelessly that I began hearing calls for me to run the “Secretariat”26⁠. And that’s how I ended up becoming the first secretary-general.


In Dragons: Riders of Berk Ruffnut and Tuffnut take this above and beyond. They constantly abuse each other and clearly enjoy the pain. Also, whenever someone jokes about a plan involving one of them getting seriously injured or even sacrificed, the usual response is that they're happy to oblige.

Ultraman was the largest in scale and by far the hardest of the three films to produce. I think it was our karma for doing three films simultaneously. Production on the film even ground to a halt at one point, but in the end we pulled it off. The production site may have been populated with paper-bagging volunteers, but there was a sense of everyone being there because they all wanted to create something.


The video was produced by GAINAX, with Takami Akai handling directorial duties. General Products was in charge of the cast’s equipment, and the bulk of the filming was done on sets constructed at Nikkatsu Studio in Chofu⁠. I was under the impression that since I was a producer I’d be able to sit around all high and mighty, but that’s not quite how it turned out. Maybe it had something to do with my past experience on sets, or maybe I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, but somehow I ended up becoming an assistant director. Not the assistant director, mind you, but the third assistant director.

We had been holding something of a grudge against the Japan Sci-Fi Fan Group ever since they shot down our first Convention plan, forcing us to hold the Sci-Fi Show instead. And when the DAICON 3 opening animation won the Seiun Award151 but was denied the prize on the grounds that it hadn’t been screened in general theaters, that grudge turned into open hostility. We were, in effect, robbed of the Seiun Award and had to accept an Honorable Mention instead.


Shortly after MiG-Con came to a close, volume 1 of Gunbuster hit store shelves and enjoyed immediate sales. That’s when I began to give serious thought to leaving General Products and GAINAX. I couldn’t tell anyone why, though. How could I explain to them that my girlfriend (who I would later marry) had dumped me? I was actually thinking of moving to Hokkaido and working on a farm or something184⁠. I was distracted, and unable to focus on my job.

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Through an introduction from Mr. Komaki108⁠, the editor-in-chief of Animec magazine, we were commissioned to promote the theatrical version of the Densetsu Kyojin Ideon anime. Anyway, we thought up an advertising plan at SUNRISE, and also came up with a few promotional items for the film. Part of the plan was for Okada and myself to appear on TV and in person as the so-called “Devil Twins”, in order to ensure the film’s success.


Well I did my part and bullied a fat kid at school. He killed himself but the fat decomposed in his grave so a job well done, Id say.

With a successful anime production and an established relationship with Bandai under their belts, it would’ve been a real shame to just dissolve the company at that point. Okada, Inoue, and the rest of the assembled GAINAX staff also expressed their fervent opinions that the company should be allowed to continue on. But the huge studio needed for the theatrical production was too expensive to maintain, so GAINAX had to move once more—this time back to the tiny studio in Kichijoji-Minami.


Somewhat in Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Razer's captors try to Mind Rape him into submitting by showing him his worst memories over and over again. He enjoys it because he gets to see his dead wife again, if only for a moment.

Anyway, it would be about another month before my apartment was ready, so I decided—though I forget the exact reason why—to move out of Ueda’s place and stay with Okada and his parents. Only this time, it wasn’t exactly freeloading. After all, General Products was owned by Okada’s family business, Okada Embroidering. On top of that, it was only a temporary thing for me until I could secure a place of my own. Living with Okada also made it easier for me to work at the store, mainly because I could discuss business with him whenever the need arose. In the middle of all this, we somehow decided that we would do another Sci-Fi Convention.


Well, I guess he was like me, in a way. But still, it wasn’t exactly thrilling to be compared to a guy like that. I didn’t talk to him much that first time we met, so it wasn’t like we became fast friends or anything.

Amid the preparations for Wonder Festival, both Okada and Yamaga began setting their sights on professional animation production. Startup capital was supplied by General Products to the tune of two million yen (about US $8,500 in 1984 dollars).


Unfortunately, there weren’t that many people with us anymore who had convention experience. A lot of work went into getting things into place, but they just couldn’t rise to the occasion. I was extremely dissatisfied with the event as a whole. Looking back (and considering the lack of experienced staffers we had), I think that the very idea of our attempting a PC gaming convention was an error, and was what led to its unfortunate result.

Rocko's Modern Life: In one episode Rocko is in the yard, practicing his jackhammering, only he can't see very well, so he is about to land the jackhammer on Spunky. Heffer dives taking Spunky out of harm's way at the last second, but Rocko lands the jackhammer on Heffer's backside instead. Rocko apologizes for running him over, but Heffer says that he "kind of likes it" while biting the grass and looking extremely pleased. This might be more due to Kevlard though.


One incident that springs to mind was a minor mutiny within General Products itself. Led by me, several General Products employees descended on Okada. He was the one who’d started the company in the first place, and what’s more, it was formed as a division of his family’s Okada Embroidering Corporation. Our beef was that lately he hadn’t been fulfilling his responsibilities as head of the company. We gave him an ultimatum: Shape up, or we’ll ship out.

Pathfinder gives us the god Zon-Kuthon. Estranged brother of the Goddess of Love, he presides over darkness, suffering, and sadomasochism. He is depicted in styles reminiscent of the Cenobites, having flayed and pierced his flesh countless times. His priesthood's creed is 'Experience Without Limits', and one of their most holy ceremonies involves stripping one of their number of limbs, eyes, ears, tongue, and lips (and often eating them in the process), leaving a head and torso which are kept alive to be violated and tortured ever after. They call this 'The Joymaking', and the victims are high ranking priests. They don't just volunteer, they demand it be done to them.


During the interview he comments on the fact that many sci-fi fans are from Osaka, and relates everything from DAICON FILM to the founding of GAINAX. He speaks non-stop for about 40 minutes.

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In Bleach after Charlotte Chuhlhourne is zombified by Mayuri he is completely immune to the trigger which causes his comrades to feel immense pain. Not that the trigger doesn't work, he just is completely unfazed.


Our overall losses were in the neighborhood of 80 million yen, but thanks to the 50 million we received as advance payment, our actual total losses on Nadia were 30 million. Incidentally, TAC went on to complete the project relatively quickly and on a small budget.

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I was still content to loaf around all day, but Okada, spurred on by the success of the dealers’ room at DAICON 3, was planning to open a sci-fi specialty shop94⁠. I wasn’t particularly interested in commerce at the time, so I gave it little thought.


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When new garage kit makers started popping up, the last thing on our minds was accusing them of being copycats. Instead, we proposed getting everyone together for some kind of direct-sales event. After all, we finally had friends on our block! What we came up with was Wonder Festival155⁠.

While I was helping Okada set up the General Products store, I was still freeloading off Ueda, living rent-free in his Juso apartment. Things were going quite well with the store, but my personal life was going nowhere. It turns out that Sawamura and another of my friends, Nishigaki112⁠, couldn’t stand to see me like that anymore, and had gotten together to hatch a plan. They ordered me to move out of Ueda’s place, and even went so far as to locate a cheap apartment for me.


Since the project was originally Anno’s plan, we made him the director. When I first heard the pitch, my thoughts were, This sounds like fun and I really want to do it. but can we? Still, we were linked by the common goal of making next year’s Sci-Fi Convention the best in all of Japan, so there was no way we’d let ourselves be done in by something like this. The finished product ended up quite good, and I’m personally proud that we decided to tackle the project. It wasn’t easy, but it was a great experience.

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During production, the studio became increasingly cramped, and so GAINAX—along with General Products—moved back to the Kichijoji-Higashi studio, where it had earlier produced Wings of Honneamise. This studio was three times as large, giving the anime production staff plenty of room to grow. General Products followed suit and increased their own staff as well.


Nonetheless, Anno became completely obsessed with the project. For the first episode, he stuck pretty closely to the original script, but with each subsequent episode his own unique touch became increasingly apparent. For the last episode, he did the unthinkable—he filmed the episode entirely in black and white on color film. Deliberately doing so cost the studio a lot more money, and a whole lot more effort than was necessary.

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A more modern, and really quite blatant, example would be Darkness from KonoSuba. Being called by her real name (Lalatina) is the only kind of humiliation she doesn't enjoy.


Group TAC had already been subcontracted by Toho to produce the film, so GAINAX’s position was something like sub-subcontractor. That being said, GAINAX still contributed many elements to the film, such as the story, the characters and so on. TAC had, as usual, secured a healthy budget for the project. I think their impetus for sending Nadia our way was to help us recoup the losses we incurred during production of the television series.

I wasn’t able to get a hold of Kakizaki for a very long time, and then in July of 2001 I received news that he had succumbed to an illness. Tragic indeed that I would not hear from him again.


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In Six Days A Sacrifice, you can threaten an acolyte with torture unless he gives you information. He points out that, as a worshipper of what's basically the God of Pain, he's already done far more horrific things to himself than the characters can even conceive of.

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Sawamura had since graduated college and had gotten a job working for Japan Television Workshop, a production company based in Tokyo. But after DAICON 4, he quit his job and moved back to work for General Products. He was made producer of Akai’s first 16mm film project, Yamata no Orochi no Gyakushu142⁠, or Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon (I’ll just call it Orochi from here on out). They planned on making it their last independent film, and they wanted to go out with a bang.


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Last time, I spoke with members of Perfect Garbage—the studio working on the upcoming cyberpunk visual novel, Love Shore. This time around, I had the chance to chat with the founder of Ai Collective, the team behind the the yuri romance game, Mizuchi—which is loosely based on the Chinese folk tale, Legend of the White Snake.

Another thing about this film was that it had no director. Maybe I shouldn’t say there was no director; that wasn’t exactly the case. The direction would just change hands from one scene to the next. That’s why there are about a dozen names listed under “Director” in the ending credits.


I had assumed that I was extremely well-read, but after joining the club, I was surprised to discover that my upperclassmen had read a lot more than me. The amount of reading they did was frightening. And once I began talking to them, I discovered the incredible amount of information they actually knew. During the course of a single conversation they’d jump from one topic to another, go back to where they’d started, then take off in a different direction altogether. It was nothing more than idle chit-chat, but it was incredibly entertaining and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was always hanging around the sci-fi club. Of course we weren’t officially recognized as a club by the school, so we didn’t even have a room. We would hop from cafe to cafe, but inevitably, we’d end up at the Sunset Inn16⁠, a coffee shop near the school’s entrance. Just to give you an idea of how often we went there, even now, 20 years later, the Sunset Inn is still the default meeting place for the sci-fi club. A while back, I met up with some of the old crew from the Sunset Inn.

Once our sponsorship of the Convention had been finalized, our next step was to make Sakyo Komatsu honorary chairman to the executive committee. We thought that since it was being held in Osaka, who better to ask than one of the biggest local literary figures around?


Each of the HK-50 assassin droids encountered in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has a slightly different personality from each other, and in the cut HK Factory level which was restored in he Cut Content Mod, the player can watch a series of “demonstrations” that one droid is performing for a couple other droids in each room. One of which sees a reprogrammed HK-50 in a force cage for the purpose of demonstrating proper torture techniques. As the instructor is introducing this segment, the droid in the cage interrupts and says, “Impatient Query: I was wondering when the interrogation begins.

How To Rename Cortana And Change The ‘Hey Cortana’ Phrase In Windows

An RPG world with many "H" temptations? Now is the time to carve out a new legend together with the characters who were changed when you played the game!


The song "La Chanson d'Asterix" by L'Orchestre du Splendid is about a teacher quizzes his students about the titular character as if he was a historical figure and threatens them with bizarre punishments when they fail. When a student (stated to be head of the sex education course) incorrectly describes said hero as a typographical symbol, the teacher sentences her to be publicly flogged naked by the emperor's praetorian guard.

It looks like some of the ideas for the ceremony are being employed here for the first time, and Takeda is giving his staff some rather detailed instructions. I stand there, stunned by how fast they can get things done.


But also in real life, we used to burn whale oil for our industrial needs until we discovered petroleum. Like 300 years before that video game was released.

Noriko Maki is brought onstage and introduced as the next chairman of the Fan Group Association Committee. She delivers a speech and, with tears in her eyes, presents Takeda with a lovely bouquet.


We didn’t finish it in time from Tokon 8, but the following year we showed it at a special screening party to rave reviews. You can still buy the DVD from GAINAX, and if you watch it I’m sure you’ll get a sense of the amount of energy we had back then.

By April of 1981 we’d begun production on the line art, and by June or so we were painting the cels. As it turned out, we were working on that anime right up until the morning of the convention.


We just dropped our 4th episode: “Poke A Moon! Part 1” where we talk about the anime series and games from our childhood~ So give us a listen, you’re bound to have a great time!

Since entering Kinki University, the only time I’d actually gone to class was in my freshman year. I joined the sci-fi club at the beginning of my sophomore year, and gradually went from skipping classes to not going at all. The reason: I’d finally made friends I could really talk to, the kind of friends I’d always dreamed of having. My days were filled with too much fun to be ruined by school.


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I decided to help Goto, for the simple reason that I thought it sounded interesting. I ran around to university sci-fi clubs far and wide, making contact, having meetings, calling for the establishment of a communications organization, and just helping out where I could. The Confederation of Kansai Student Sci-Fi Clubs25 (or “the Confederation” for short) we established would later become the administrative body for the 4th annual Sci-Fi Show, the first sci-fi event we would host.

So, we had our idea for a Gundam manga, and we were able to get it off the ground. It’s just too bad we couldn’t see it all the way through.


Okada, Sawamura and myself attended the Nadia production meeting at NHK. In no uncertain terms, we demanded that either Inoue step down from the project or GAINAX would withdraw. Thinking back, it wasn’t the smartest move we ever made. There was a producer from Toho in attendance, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he bears a grudge against us to this day.

Hogan, who was in Japan for the Sci-Fi Convention. Naturally, after hearing his foreign friend was down on his luck, Okada suggested we put him up at GAINAX House.


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I suppose it was a little awkward to have a producer also acting as an assistant director, but for some reason, I decided to involve myself with the special effects as well. Back when we were still producing our own independent films, I had never supervised that particular element, but somehow, I was able to swing it on Dragon Quest. I learned a lot from a fellow named Onoue186⁠, our key supplier of materials on set. He’s still in the special effects business, working on several cutting-edge projects.

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We still had some hits, like our life-size Kamen Rider mask165⁠. It was something everyone thought of doing, but only we could actually pull it off (we made it out of soft vinyl166⁠, a material that was still a rarity in the garage kit world). But even with successes like this, the future of General Products was still cloudy.

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It’s a little-known fact that many actors who played heroes in the past tried to keep their roles a secret. After all, no matter how you look at it, “masked hero” shows are little more than afternoon theater for kids. Some of the actors in the Godzilla movies kept their involvement hidden for years before finally admitting to it in public.


I had been admitted to Kichijoji Hospital after injuring my knee on a skiing vacation191⁠. Akai came to visit me while I was recuperating, and it was during one of our conversations that he suggested we make our own PC game. He had bought a computer back when we were still in Osaka, and he’d been a gamer ever since. He played all sorts of games, but felt that most were uninspired both in terms of graphics and overall production. Akai believed that with the know-how GAINAX had already accumulated, we would be able to score it big in the gaming industry. Having no objections, I went along with his plan.

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Once the details are all hammered out, Takeda makes for the smoking area behind the main office. There, he talks with Tetsuya Kohama from Tokyo Sogensha while smoking two cigarettes he bummed from one of the staff members.


Takeda calls out each person by name and gives them their uniform. Like always, he’s making the crowd laugh.

Following his work on the game version of Media Work’s Silent Mobius193⁠, Akai would produce his masterpiece—the “nurturing simulation” game Princess Maker194195⁠. This title actually spun off an entirely new genre of games, wherein the play takes the role of parent and makes decisions that affect the behavior and fate of his or her foster child. Princess Maker had a huge impact on the PC game market, which by this time had reached a plateau and was in dire need of a new hit. Princess Maker was also a major source of income for GAINAX, which, following completion of Gunbuster, had no new projects in the works.


He eats a bento for breakfast, a gloomy look on his face—I suspect he’s still troubled by the matter of the opening animation. Staff members are constantly coming to him for further instructions, and I wonder if being relied on like this is actually a source of inspiration for him.

I’d taken to drinking almost every day, either at home or in a pub somewhere. It was about that time that people began to notice a foreign man with steel clogs roaming the streets of Juso. It was Steven Seagal⁠, before he became a Hollywood star. I once saw a man of that description myself, and I’m pretty sure now that it was him. Coincidentally, Anno would go on to cast Seagal’s daughter Ayako Fujitani in one of his own films⁠.


During one mission, Virgo is summoned only to appear fully bound in ropes. She explains that she had some free time and so decided to punish herself! She then uses her powers to help Natsu, Lucy, and Happy infiltrate an enemy fortress only for them to come up into an actual underground torture chamber. Virgo looks like she's in heaven as she asks Lucy to use a wooden horse (well, dragon, same principle) on her. For a character based on the Zodiac Constellation of the Maiden, it really makes you wonder if she's really a virgin.

Still, while we were there, we decided we shouldn’t waste the opportunity to cosplay38 (although in those days we didn’t call it “cosplay”—we just called it dressing up in costume). For one of the parties, we stole some toilet paper from the bathroom and mummified one of our buddies. The final touch was taking the cardboard roll in the middle, cutting it in half, and taping the halves over his eyes. Then we ran around saying he was a Tusken Raider from Star Wars.


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Of course, this experience was not all bad. GAINAX currently has its own DTP (Desk Top Publishing)217 department that functions quite well, but the skills of its staff were, in a way, forged by the experience of enduring all the trials of earlier, hands-on production. Our approach in building up the department was hardly the most expedient, however, and it ended up consuming almost all expendable funds from both GAINAX and General Products. But it is not my intent to point fingers and say that so-and-so is to blame. I only wish to explain that the way things were run back then was the result of a lack of understanding regarding our situation.

Someone had the idea of playing on the fact we’d done Kaiketsu Notenki (a parody of the TV show Kaiketsu Zubat) by inviting the real McCoy to appear at the Convention. The show’s main character, Ken Hayakawa (aka Zubat), was played by actor Hiroshi Miyauchi, so we hunted down the location of his office and paid him a visit, traveling all the way to Akasaka, Tokyo.


We used pretty much the same setup for subsequent titles. Character designs were commissioned from various animators and manga artists whom we had previously dealt with, either through GAINAX or General Products. Our third PC title used characters from Gunbuster.

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Exclusively Yours is the latest Otome Romance title to make its way to the Love 365 app. In the game you play as a young woman who is mistaken for her twin sister—a glamorous Executive Assistant at an elite advertising agency.


Lucile of Asdivine Cross is constantly looking for new ways to inflict pain on herself and her fetish for it creeps the other party members out. There's even a stat counter in-game for how much damage she takes in battle.

Takeda rides around the place on his bicycle, occasionally stopping for a smoke in the designated smoking areas. Everywhere he goes, people gather around him. He chain smokes and chats cheerfully with them.


Later, during the filming of Orochi, the same problem once again reared its ugly head. This time it was all of the rest of the employees against Okada and me. Same story—if we didn’t get our acts together, they’d quit. Apparently, they were upset about the fact that Okada and I did all our planning at the coffee shop next door.

Late at night, it’s easy to mistake a botched piece of resin for a rice cracker, and a few of us got burned on that one. Plus, we were always spilling the epoxy liquids on the floor and making sticky messes of our shoes when we walked over it. Basically, it was a great time.


He was already famous in fan circles for emceeing and speaking at sci-fi conventions⁠. This may surprise you, but I’m no good at public speaking—my face used to always turn beet red. Yasushi was a master, though, and it was he who taught me how to speak in front of crowds.