SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin is the popular tool that turns well-known Windows Media Player into a multimedia editor. The plugin enables to save a favorite movie fragment, music part or edit out unnecessary piece of media file loaded to Windows Media Player. Editing process takes less than minute, keeps original video quality and lip-sync.

  • Independent music squashed out of streaming playlists and revenue
  • Except when Alexa sometimes thinks “Movie mode on” means “Play Justin Bieber music”, sigh
  • Multicolor background with cracked and broken shapes. Wall destruction, 3d Rendering royalty free illustration
  • OnRequestPermissionsResult not being called in fragment if defined in both fragment and activity
  • OnRequestPermissionsResult does not get called in a non-Activity and non-Fragment class

The amazing result: The absorber was not only much easier to saturate than the electronic transition alone, by approximately an order of magnitude. It also saturates faster than a single oscillation cycle of the terahertz pulse, and the "tone" of the resonator morphs so well during the saturation process that essentially no absorption remains while the intense THz pulse is applied. These are the best possible genes of saturable absorbers.

  • Android onRequestPermissionsResult is getting called only on Activity but not on Fragment
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Do you agree with the school of voluntarism that human will is the basic factor of the universe

I modified the code in the repo to do the actions for my device. The only thing different that the projector I use does is how it handles the “Switch Off” action, it requires you to press the Off button twice with a certain delay.


I love watching TV on projectors, and after a lot of research, the Vankyo V600 seems to fit in my requirements perfectly. In a world where professional projectors can cost $3000, it supports a native 1920X1080 resolution at a much lower price point of 250$. The display quality is amazing with a lamp of 5000 lumens, and I can see everything even with the lights turned on (although it isn’t so much fun).

From the early 1990’s Oasis recorded countless songs across their eight albums; they defined a generation and continue to influence musicians around the globe. They departed in 2009, but their legacy will always live on, for who can resist singing along to Live Forever, Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Lyla, Rock ‘N’ Roll Star.


Their novel idea is inspired by a strategy well-known in music (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=7689): resonators. Where does a Steinway piano get its unique sound from? The secret is less in the strings than in the resonating body.

I’m so grateful I came across your website (via YouTube). Sax School is so professional and engaging – and for the beginner, very well laid out. I also really appreciate your warm and encouraging coaching style, something missing in quite a few other websites!


Many of the songs refer to love in terms of physical proximity: from the desire to be near the loved one to the contact of fusion between lovers. Many other songs speak of love in terms of possession or captivity. At least a score of the most popular love songs depict an unequal love relationship, in which one of the lovers considers the other to belong to them. In several cases, love is reflected as yet another form of subjugation. Just over two thirds of the songs, in fact, reflect a correlation between metaphors of physical proximity and of possession; in other words, both ideas seem to overlap.

For example Universal holds a 3/5 percent stake and Sony Music a 2/9 percent stake, in Spotify. And Deezer is part-owned by Access Industries which in turn owns Warner Music Group.


Yes, we require to decoding our remote’s signals to be able to mimic them. We do it with help of a TSOP 1738 receiver. It is basically an IR receiver which is capable of handling IR signals at the frequency of 38kHz which is where most remotes operate on.

This kind of analysis helps us study social trends on a large scale," explained Climent Roca. The study analyzed the lyrics of the songs most listened to in the USA over seven decades to explore how conceptions of love have changed over time.


Cron-Dev “Alexa, Movie mode on” Comments Feed

A minimal theory for readers who are interested on how our transistor works. Skip this if you don’t really want to know.

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Keep losing your remote like me too? I use the FireTV app on my phone, the FireTV remote is ready to be thrown away now.

Review: Coming in hot with the filthy minimal approach this week is Concept One on Incurzion Audio, the Wales based imprint which never fails to make us wince with beautifully crafted, tightly edged music that seems more befitting the urban sprawls of London than the rolling hills of South Wales. Either way, Concept One has smashed this one, with four-tracks that, to put it simply, bang. The title tune barks at you with a grate of energy, fluid energy moving underneath and giving it a lovely, lively feel. The VIP of 'Monsoon' is a penetrating halftime number, whilst they team up with JAK for the jungle flip of 'Delta' and the distorted perfection of 'Gutters'.


In both life and music, the secret to success is love. This universal emotion stands out as the key protagonist in the most listened-to songs of all time.

Ensure your beats have unique character and identity by choosing from over 50 vocal loops and chops, professionally recorded and performed true to 90’s RNB form, but transformed into a contemporary production aesthetic with tasteful yet creative processing. Whether you’re after a top line to be the hooky centre point of your beat, or some supporting vocal chops, Low Key Love Songs has got you covered. Don’t miss out on these hidden gems!


The best tank war game I've ever seen. It's called 'The Mother of all games' by the author and was chosen as PC World.

A saturable absorber works like a foggy mirror that transiently turns clear if the incident light becomes too bright. If all the power inside a laser concentrates in a short pulse it would easily saturate the absorber and suffer less loss than a continuous wave beam. Such elements are readily available in optics, whereas in the terahertz domain they have only existed for impracticably intense radiation, not achievable with quantum cascade lasers. A European consortium formed by the research groups of Miriam S. Vitiello, Pisa, Edmund Linfield, Leeds, and Rupert Huber, University of Regensburg, have now joined forces to develop a new class of saturable absorbers operating at much lower saturation intensities.


Are you an Artist, Venue, or Event Organizer? Thank you for keeping Bangkok alive! Upload your art and events onto BangkokHaps to reach a wider audience—it’s on the house! Don’t forget to link back to your page or website so our visitors know how to get in touch with you.

We use the concept of a Transistor as a Switch. Whenever current is applied to the Base Pin of the transistor, it allows current to flow through the Collector to the emitter.

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Such a source could dramatically extend the scope of terahertz photonics. Surpassing the frequency of modern computers by a staggering factor of 1000, ultrashort terahertz pulses could form the backbone of revolutionary next-generation telecommunication links. Compact quantum cascade lasers, emitting ultrashort T-rays, may allow also boost chemical analytics and enable an enormous variety of applications in diagnostics and medicine. With the current results, an important milestone towards these bold goals has been reached.

Key metaphors in the most popular love songs speak of proximity and possession

Review: Keeping it rolling true drum and bass style, Incurzion Audio readies the release of its next collaborative EP, Reality. With some fresh, jazzy yet edgy and hardcore liquid styles coming through in Beterror's "Animal", Bios Destruction turns in something a little more syncoptaed, distant and stripped back via "Main Update" and its sizzling hi-hats. Sinister sound design makes itself known in Beterror & Bios Destruction "Reality" next to the dungeon acid of Beterror's bonus hook up with Lok. Industrial drum and bass touched up by urban atmospheres and the slightest of gothic touches.


I do not believe that human will is the basic factor of the Universe. I think such a suggestion leads the idea that we are somehow the center of the Universe and that clearly is not the case. There is so much more to the Universe, we shouldn't be so narrow minded about our role in it.

Terahertz radiation—often dubbed T-rays—marks one of the last frontiers in photonics. Located in the spectral gap between microwave electronics and infrared optics, T-rays offer enormous application potential, but they have been expensive to generate. First broadly available terahertz applications range from body scanners at airports and rapid gas sensing to ultrafast communication. Many more ideas could hit the market if ultrashort pulses could be directly generated in so-called quantum cascade lasers, special types of electrically driven, compact terahertz lasers. These sources typically operate in continuous wave mode, but it has been widely predicted that they might change into pulsed operation if a key photonics element was incorporated into the laser—a so-called saturable absorber.


Donnie McClurkin is a Gospel Superstar whose voice and image is now recognized around the world. He has performed for Kings and Queens, not to mention Presidents. His Television Appearances include Good Morning America, CBS Saturday's Early Show, and.

A haul of over 30 awards from the Brits, MTV, NME and Q. Britain’s fastest-selling debut album, soon followed by Britain’s fastest-selling album full stop. A place in the Guinness Book Of Records for scoring 22 consecutive Top Ten singles. All summed up in one word: Oasis.


Yes, I can agree that human will is the basic factor of the universe. Or at least agree that it is so in the universe that we control. Everything that has happened on Earth is due more to the design of man than it was the design of nature.

Category description: Both simulation and strategy games often aim for realism as they aim to put players into situations and challenge them to meet the game's goals. From hockey to kart racing, from pinball to space exploration, these games will often require thoughtful engagement and planning, while also emphasizing fast eye-hand coordination.