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  • Virtual Infrastructure Overview - English
  • Virtual Infrastructure Overview Module 2 © 2021 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • ESXi 5.1 patch may cause LANDesk cismbios.sys to BSOD
  • VCenter Server update to tcServer
  • Diff vSphere 5.1 and vSphere 5.5
  • in vSphere Web Client
  • Earlier Releases of vCenter Server 5.1
  • Create a local ESXi user through vCenter

Workaround: After installing SSO and before restarting the virtual machine, close the vCenter Server installer and then restart the virtual machine. Once the virtual machine has started, open the vCenter Server installer.


The status of the update process at Web UI shows as installing updates. The update completes successfully after three hours.

Discussion VI Java API

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Vmware vsphere 4 keygen crack

Workaround: Use the Independent Install method. During upgrade, the installer provides a list of users who have vCenter Server administrator access and a list of users who will be deleted.


Software Description: VMware VSphere 6.5 – Virtualization Software Keygen Crack

Perhaps the biggest news that emerged out of last year’s VMware’s VMworld event was the much hated pricing change for the company’s vSphere (discover this) Virtualization server. It’s a controversial change that VMware’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has moved quickly to address at VMworld 2021.

Unable to apply DRS resource Settings on host. The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created.

  • VSphere/vCenter not offering SSO options
  • VSphere 6.5 Configuration Maximums – What’s New
  • How to configure VM Replication using vSphere Replication
  • Chipset Block Diagram VMware vSphere: Overview – Revision A 2-9 © 2021 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • Hypervisor device emulation VMware vSphere: Overview – Revision A 2-8 © 2021 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • Host has no port groups enabled for vSphere HA
  • Recent Tasks pane in vSphere fills up with too many vim.host.DiskManager.Lease.allocateBlocks tasks
  • How to accelerate workloads without vSphere Flash Read Cache
  • ESX host fails to reconnect to VMware vSphere High Availability cluster and results in a timeout

CVE-2021-21974 is a moderate (CVSSv3 base 5/3) server-side request forgery vulnerability affecting the HTML5 vSphere Client. Attackers with access to port 443 of affected systems can use this weakness to gain access to underlying system information.


The entry is not a valid port number. The port number must be a numeric value between 1 and 65535.

An overview comparison from all vSphere Versions is available here
1 Handling of paging and sorting options in vSphere Web Client SDK 17%
2 VSphere Client stops responding when virtual machines are hidden from view 82%
3 PowerPath/VE 5.7 does not load on VMware vSphere version 5.1 64%
4 Authentication in vSphere 4.0 / 4.1 / 5.0 vs. 5.1 Overview 55%
5 Browse to Administration > Access > SSO Users and Groups in the vSphere Web Client 87%
6 VSphere 5.1 Web Client advanced performance charts are slow to display 31%
7 High performance yet easy to use Java API for managing VMware vSphere 40%
8 Visualroute 2020 keygen crack 57%

CVE-2021-21973 is an important (CVSSv3 base 8/8) heap-overflow-based remote code execution vulnerability in VMware ESXi OpenSLP. Attackers with same-segment network access to port 427 on affected systems may be able to use the heap-overflow weakness to perform remote code execution.

These alarms are falsely triggered when the virtual machine size or snapshot size are within the set limits. The alarm for virtual machine snapshot size might even be triggered when no snapshot exists.

  • Update: EMC PowerPath/VE 5.7 patch for Vsphere 5.1 requires VMware hot-patch
  • If you are already on vSphere 5.1 with PowerPath/VE 5.7 P02
  • VMware Eliminates vRAM Pricing for vSphere with 5.1 Update
  • VSphere 5 Storage vMotion is unable to rename virtual machine files on completing migration
  • VSphere Web Client incorrectly displays WWNN and WWPN values for Fibre Channel storage adapters

It does not support sequential generation of MAC addresses. For more information on sequential generation of MAC addresses, see KB 2097526.


VMware Infrastructure Java API

When port assignment of the Single Sign On database server changes, Single Sign On fails to start. As a result, vCenter Server fails to start. The issue occurs when you use SQL Server configured to use dynamic ports with Single Sign On(Custom SQL Database or the SQL Express edition bundled with Single Sign On). The port assignment of the database might change when you reboot the system because of which Single Sign On fails to start. This occurs when the port is already occupied by another service.

Is there a way to map DVS to VM? Have seen that each DVS is a VM, might be with primary.


Aside from changing the vSphere (explanation) pricing model, the new vSphere 5/1 update forms the basis of VMware’s overall vCloud Suite. As part of that update, VMware CTO Steve Herrod noted that vMotion, which is the ability to move virtual machines across servers and even data centers, has been enhanced.

CVE-2021-21972 is a critical (CVSSv3 base 9/8) unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability in the HTML5 vSphere (continue reading this) client. Any malicious actor with access to port 443 can exploit this weakness and execute commands with unrestricted privileges.


I am trying to capture vcenter events using the vi java sample. Intermittently waitForUpdatesEx.

  • Unable to access USB devices using vSphere Web Client 5.1 on a VM where VMware Workstation 9.x is installed
  • VSphere 6.5 – How VM’s are Secured using vSphere 6.5 Security Features
  • VSphere Client 6.0 Update 2a
  • VSphere 5.1 U1 Client - “The command has timed out as the remote server is taking too long to respond”
  • Before you can use and add this device to virtual machines vSphere VM Encryption needs to be in place

Fault Domain Manager (FDM) fails during deserializing MethodFaults. This issue occurs because the length of the data retrieved from the message is more than the expected size of the message during deserialization.

We have found this only occurs when powering a VM on a host that is patched, powering on a non patched host and then migrating across to a patched host doesn’t cause the restart loop. This only seems to happen on Windows 7 VMs.


Replacing certain files may result in a denial of service condition or code execution. In the default vCSA setup, authentication to vCSA is limited to root since root is the only defined user.

If both domains are trusted, you can log in without entering a password. This works wherever the user comes from, unless it is allowed to log n and the Active Directory domains have a trust.


Analysis of the patch yielded no changed code, though the endpoints now require authentication. Thus, the vulnerability remains, and either credentialed access or an auth bypass will open up a target to continued exploitation.

If you choose to edit a disk and adjust its size, the disk of the resulting virtual machine points back to the source virtual machine disk. This results in the destination virtual machine using the source virtual machine disk.


Virtual Infrastructure Overview - Français

A very critical part of VMware’s efforts moving forward will now focus on further improving the control and features of the software-defined data center. Pivotal to that strategy is VMware’s acquisition of software-defined networking vendor Nicira for $1/26 billion. Herrod remarked that the deal, which was announced in July, officially closed late Thursday and he teased the VMworld audience to wait to see what comes next as a result of the Nicira integration.

Rapid7 Labs has also identified active probing for internet-facing VMware vCenter instances. If your organization has not prioritized patching for this vulnerability Rapid7 strongly urges you to do so as soon as possible.