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The body weight of the hyperoxic pups was slightlylower than that of the normoxic (control and RA plus APS groups)pups; the body weight of the rats in the APS group was slightlylower than that of the rats in the control and RA plus APS groups,although higher than that of the rats in the BPD group after 14days of exposure. The growth rate of body weight in the controlgroup and RA plus APS group was slightly higher than that of theAPS group and BPD group.


The Varna system is derived from the professional system in the earlier agrarian Indus Valley civilization (Wright, 2009) which was a highly professional civilization from 5000 BCE to 1900 BCE. One of the cities was Mohenjo-Daro. Mohenjo-Daro was an elaborately constructed city with streets laid out evenly at right angles and a sophisticated drainage system. The Great Bath, a central structure at the site, was heated and seems to have been a focal point for the community. The citizens were skilled in the use of metals such as copper, bronze, lead, and tin as evidenced by artworks such as the bronze statue of the Dancing Girl and by individual seals. The seals were made of terracotta and were used by merchants to stamp their goods as the professional approval. The cities did not have large buildings for governments, religions, and military protection. They were ruled apparently by low-profile peaceful professionals. The Indus Valley civilization is basically a professional eusocial civilization based on division of professional.

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At the same time, the fourth industrial revolution has accelerated in the twenty-first century. The fourth industrial revolution builds on the third industrial revolution, and combines robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the Internet of Things (IoT), decentralized consensus, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles. The fourth industrial revolution allows highly individualized global production-distribution-information. Different from the previous industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution can be called the Intelligence Revolution (Makridakis, 2021). The world now is undergoing the Intelligence Revolution with artificial intelligence, big data, automation, enormous data collection, and digital connection everywhere. Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as the ability for computers to perceive, learn, reason, and assist in decision-making to solve problems in ways that are similar to humans. AI can be deployed across a range of business functions to take over manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks undertaken by employees. It can also provide insight into data. The Intelligence Revolution brings extensive changes that will also affect all aspects of our society and life. In addition, its impact on firms and employment will be considerable, which results in richly interconnected organizations with decision making based on the analysis and exploitation of “big” data and intensified global competition among firms.


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Deep down in all of our hearts, we know which desires help and which desires do not help in the long run. We all have desires as human beings, there are no exceptions. We all have to ask ourselves the following question.

Nisbett, R. et al. (2001). Culture and Systems of Thought: Holistic versus Analytic Cognition.


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In the Bronze Age, pastoralists with horse-powered wheeled vehicles and chariots invaded agrarian tribes, resulting in the formation of nations consisting of both pastoral and agrarian tribes. The West originated from the Middle East and Greece is dominated by individualism, while the East originated from India and China is dominated by collectivism. In the West, rule of law was added to individualism to form individualistic feudal nations, corresponding to feudalism stage in special Marxism. In the East, rule of relation was added to collectivism to form collectivistic authoritarian nations. The stage is the split feudalism- authoritarian stage.

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The aim of this study was to explore the effects of Astragalus polysaccharides (APS) on the mRNA expression of epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 (EGFL7) in lung tissue in newborn rats with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). For this purpose, a total of 96 newborn SD rats were randomly divided into 4 groups (n=24): the control group, air room plus APS group, BPD group and the APS group (20 mg/kg/day). Lung tissues were obtained on days 4, 10 and 14 after birth. Morphological changes were observed and the protein and mRNA expression levels of EGFL7, Bax and Bcl-2 were determined. The rats in the BPD group (BPD induced by hyperoxia) presented with an arrest in alveolar and vascular development and low mRNA and protein expression levels of of EGFL7, Bcl-2 and high levels of Bax compared with the rats in the control group. However, lung damage in the APS intervention group was attenuated compared with the BPD group.

The egalitarian religions during the linked bands stage were transformed into hierarchical ancestor worship and high gods. Ancestor worship is defined as belief that the spirits of ancestors remain active in another realm where they may influence the living, and can be influenced by the living (Steadman, Palmer, & Tilley, 1996).


Highest positive deviations are Saudi Arab (225/8%) and Iran (184/5%) which are under extremely abnormal threat in the extremely dangerous Middle East. All countries with high positive deviation are under some kind of real or perceived threat. The USA under the threat of terrorism after 9/11 eventually shows the restriction abnormality (10/9%) in 2021 the United States was downgraded from a full (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=9803) democracy to a flawed democracy. Without real or perceived threat, the political restriction should decrease.

Everyone is considered to be born as Shudra. Through education, one becomes a Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya. This completion of education is considered to be a second birth to obtain the status of “Dwija” (twice-born) for a Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya. However, due to frequent foreign invasions, the Varna system became more rigid to protect the Varna system from the foreign invaders (Newar, 2021).


Common professional democracy is effectively communism. Class conflict in special Marxism in the mid-nineteenth century (Marx’s time) was transformed into class mobility in democracy.

This exact sensation while drinking the red wine is unbelievably hard to put into words. It was like an experience of rapture, similar to a lightning strike from another dimension into the physical form.


The Siddhi of Rapture is an ecstatic state full of wonder. This rapture is the blossom from our deep desires. What did I learn about my desires?

General Marxism by Production Dimension Model, Production Evolution (read full report), and Individualism-Collectivism Duality. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 8, 282-336.


Calarge, C, Andreasen, N, & O’Leary, D. (2003). Visualizing How One Brain Understands Another: A PET Study of Theory of Mind.

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The stable whole world contains the interdependent individualism-collectivism. Politically, the interdependence joins individual liberal democracy and common professional democracy into one eusocial democracy based on interdependent division of labor between individual liberal democracy and common professional democracy. Interdependent division of labor is the base of eusociality. Eusocial democracy establishes the bases for rule of relation, rule of law, liberty for debates and votes, and professional organizations to deal with various issues. Rule of relation is based on the international community of common destiny as expressed by Chinese government (Zhang, 2021). The common destiny provides the base for international cooperation. Rule of law for the rights to life, liberty, and equality for individuals is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations written mostly by American government (Roosevelt et al, 2001). The United Nations provides the liberty for debates and votes and the professional organizations to deal with various issues professionally. Under the international rules and organizations, different nations can govern themselves under different civilizations independently to avoid civilizational conflict.


If you are not familiar with Gene Keys, no worries – it is not as complex as it may look like. You can start with the Part ¼ of the article series here and read my article Gene Keys: My Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools, where you are guided into this teaching.

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Meanwhile, the extensive trade and investment between the West represented by the European Union and North America and the East represented by the East and South Asian countries started from 1960’s, and have accelerated in the twenty-first century since China became a member of the World Trade Organization. The West was much more advanced in industry than the East, and had both adventurous production type and consolidative production type. The West, particularly America has outsourced the low-profit consolidative production type (development, supply chain, economy of scale, and ration) to the East, and kept the high-profit adventurous production type (invention, productivity, efficiency, and marketing) in the West. The West imports the consolidative production products which require low-profit development, supply chain, economy of scale, and ration from the East. The East imports the high-profit adventurous production products and services which require invention, productivity, efficiency, and marketing from the West. Essentially, The West imports low-profit mature medium-low-technology, out-sourcing, and contract manufacturing products from the East, and the East imports high-profit new high-technology products and services from the West. Both sides have grown economically from the trade and investment.


Overall, the United States currently leads in AI, with China rapidly catching up, and the European Union behind both. The United States leads in four of the six categories of metrics (talent, research, development, and hardware), China leads in two (adoption and data), and the European Union leads in none—although it is closely behind the United States in talent. Out of 100 total available points in this report’s scoring methodology, the United States leads with 44/2 points, followed by China with 32/3 and the European Union with 23/5.

The Start into the Sphere of Evolution

Toward the end of the twentieth century after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the world felt only liberal democracy and free market economy would start the twenty-first century and all future centuries as claimed by political scientist Francis Fukuyama in “The End of History” (Fukuyama, 1992). According to Francis Fukuyama, individual liberal democracy for individual liberty would prevail over common professional democracy for common wellbeing, and individualistic free market economy would overmatch collective planned economy. The twenty-first century turns out to be quite eventful for liberal democracy and free market economy. Individual liberal democracy for individual liberty faced the terrorism crisis in the first year 2001 of the twenty-first century and the subsequent long destructive war in the Middle East. Individualistic market economy faced the disastrous financial crisis in 2008. How did individual liberal democracy and individualistic market economy response to such crises?


Radix Astragali, a type of Chinesetraditional herb, has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine forover 20 centuries to strengthen the body against disease. It isofficially listed in both the Chinese and Japanese Pharmacopoeia(14). Large numbers ofpharmacological and clinical studies have demonstrated thatRadix Astragali possesses a wide spectrum of activities,such as immunomodulatory, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, antihyperglycemic and antitumoractivities (15–23).

Congress with bipartisan support (357-66 vote in the House and 98-1 vote in the Senate) and signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001, just weeks after the September 11 terrorist attacks against the United States (Etzioni, 2004). The Patriot Act allows law enforcement to use surveillance and wiretapping to investigate terror-related crimes. A major player in the Patriot Act was the National Security Agency (NSA) which gathered mass digital phone data from phone companies with permission from a federal court. The NSA became the professional arm of the Patriot Act to do digital surveillance and analysis to supplement people’s surveillance and analysis which were often unprofessional and intrusive. Such digital surveillance and analysis allowed the Patriot Act to detect and break terrorists’ networks and acts quietly, precisely, efficiently, and professionally. In 2004 testimony before the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, FBI Director Robert Mueller said, “the Patriot Act has proved extraordinarily beneficial in the war on terrorism and has changed the way the FBI does business.


As a result, production types become interdependent. The result is the interdependent individualism-collectivism for democratic systems, economic systems, and production types.

Collectivism broadened by division of professional to transform collectivism from authoritarian collectivism ruled by aristocrats into professional collectivism ruled by elite professionals. In China the first emperor in the decentralized China is Yu the Great (2123-2021 BCE) as the founder of Xia Dynasty (2070-1600 BCE). Yu the Great was a professional engineer who became a professional ruler because he introduced flood control benefiting people. Yu successfully devised a system of flood controls that relieved flood water, provided irrigation, and dredged riverbed. The tradition of professional rulers became an important part of Chinese traditions. The Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) established meritocracy. All high administrators in government had to be professionally qualified through the national examination system and the national promotion system (Tan & Geng, 2005). All princes had to be educated and trained to be professional rulers.


REVIEW: Hacker Evolution Duality

The abnormality is shown as political restriction. Political restriction as abnormality indicates abnormal threat to the country.

Multigenerational intragroup relation benefits future generations by forming multigenerational group whose relations depend on generativity (Erikson & Erikson, 1998; Slater, 2003; McAdams & De St. Aubin, 1992; Chung, 2018b). Unlike great apes, infertile women have long life after menopause allows multiple generations to live together. The caring of infertile women after menopause for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren is the base of legacy.


One typical way to identify the East vs. the West is to pair panda, monkey, and banana. Typically, the Westerners pair panda and monkey for the same category (animals), while the Easterners pair monkey and banana for the relationship (monkey eats banana). Because of the differences in perception, it is important for the Westerners and the Easterners to have theory of mind to recognize, respect, and understand each other’s mind.

The Summary of My Sphere of Evolution

Since the opening and reform in 1978 (Vogel, 2021), China who basically followed the Soviet Union has added adventurous production type as the complement to consolidative production type as the core, and has added individual liberal democracy on the local level as the complement as described by Daniel A. Bell (Bell, 2021). Consequently, according to the World Bank, more than 850 million Chinese people have been lifted out of extreme poverty; China’s poverty rate fell from 88 percent in 1981 to 0/7 percent in 2021 (The World Bank Group, 2021). In China now, the private sector accounts for more than two-thirds of the economy and 90 percent of Chinese exports (43 percent of which are from foreign-owned firms) (Shan, 2021). Therefore, any robust democracy and production type have to have both the cores and the complements.


Tulogdi, A. et al. (2021). Brain Mechanisms Involved in Predatory Aggression Are Activated in a Laboratory Model of Violent Intra-Specific Aggression.

The further gradual drying turned the mixed forest-woodland habitat into the mixed woodland-savanna habitat. Early Homos, such as Homo habilis and Homo naledi, lived in the mixed woodland-savanna habitat. They were good at tree-climbing and bipedal walking, and could run better than early hominins. Upon further drying, Middle Homos, such as Homo erectus, lived in savanna habitat originally. Without the foods from woodland, they had division of labor with the gatherer group to gather plant foods and the hunter group to hunt animals for meat. They were good at bipedal walking and running, but not tree climbing. The production type for hunters is adventurous production type which is high risk and high nutrition (high-profit) to hunt unpredictable and dangerous food targets, while the production type for gatherers is consolidative production type which is low risk and low nutrition (low-profit) to collect predictable and safe food targets. In the interdependent division of labor, hunters and gatherers understand each other through theory of mind, and share foods together. Homo erectus had medium size brains. The brain size increase was due to the intake of nutritious meat to supply energy and fat for the expanding energy-fat hungry brain.


In the pups withhyperoxia-induced BPD, a number of inflammatory cella infiltratingthe interstitial lung was observed, and there were fewer and largersimplified alveoli, variable interstitial fibroproliferation, andfewer and dysmorphic capillaries. Treatment with APS significantlyattenuated the extent and severity of the histological signs andevidently prevented the development of lung damage compared to theBPD group. As compared with the BPD group, the MLI wassignificantly low and the MAN per square area was significantlyhigh in the APS group (P<0/05 or P<0/01) (Table II).

The interdependence between adventurous production type in the West and consolidative production type in the East based on interdependent division of labor requires rules. The most important rule is free trade between adventurous production type in the West and consolidative production type in the East. Sanction and decoupling hurt both sides in this highly interlocking interdependence, and bring down the world economy. With free trade, it is possible to find a fair division of labor between the West and the East to mutual benefit. It is also possible to help each other diversify to mutual benefit. Sanction and decoupling hurt the world economy which people cannot afford during the global crises.

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One way analysis of variance and the Student-Newman-Keulstest were used for data analysis. A value of P<0/05 wasconsidered to indicate a statistically significant difference.


Therefore, the evolution of the worldviews and human-bonobo-chimpanzee started with their common ancestors with territorialism and unseparated labor. With bipedalism as mention in the previous subsection, human was split from the common ancestors to establish division of labor with territorialism. With flexible boundary, bonobo and chimpanzee were split into collectivistic bonobo and individualistic chimpanzee as in Figure 1.

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This is absolutely fitting for our deeper transparency and revelations in our life. Because often we conditioned ourselves to neglect or suppress our guilty desires, which in fact create more of those exact desires on the surface.


Although most servers are docile, some servers will become hostile when you hack them. They will keep on attacking you several times for a certain time and there’s no way to stop or defend the attack. Your Integrity, which works the same as HP in RPG games, will be reduced after each attack and you’ll get a game over screen once it reaches zero. You can increase Integrity with money, but sadly, money is limited. This makes every level that has hostile AI in it require trial and error as you need to make sure that you do the correct decision quickly to finish the level.

In "Hacker Evolution Duality (https://vgtdecor.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hacker-evolution-duality-full.zip)" you take over the role of Brain Spencer who uses his excellent programming skills to create an all-powerful artificial intelligence that can automatically perform hacking operations for which you would need dozens of human programmers. Unfortunately, an emerging company notices the potential of this AI and with it wants to get the lordship over the internet.


General Marxism is broader than special Marxism in production analysis

The top positions for LTO are occupied by China and Japan and the Four Little Dragons (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore). These countries are under the influence of Confucianism. Continental European countries occupied a middle range. Great Britain and its Anglo partners Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada scored on the short-term side.

The production evolution has the interdependent individualism-collectivism at the beginning (hunter-gatherer) and the end (eusocial democracy) and the split individualism-collectivism in between (pastoral-agrarian and West-East). The first five stages of the production evolution (full article) match the five modes in special Marxism.


Shilling, C, & Mellor, P. (1998). Durkheim, Morality and Modernity: Collective Effervescence, Homo Duplex and the Sources of Moral Action.

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In the twenty-first century, during the terrorism crisis and the financial crisis, individualistic individual liberal democracy with free market economy turned into collectivistic common professional democracy with collective planned economy to overcome the crises. As a result, liberal democracy with free market economy and common professional democracy with collective planned economy become interdependent.

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In the present study, both the mRNA and proteinlevels of EGFL7 in the BPD model group were significantly decreasedcompared with the control, as shown by RT-qPCR and western boltanalysis. However, the mRNA and protein expression of EGFL7 wassignificantly increased in the APS intervention group compared withthe BPD model group. It is known that EGFL7 is a secreted proteinspecifically expressed by endothelial cells and is highly expressedin the lungs, heart, kidneys, spleen and uterus (34,35), and is an important tubulogenicfactor in the process of vasculogenesis. Xu et al (10) proposed that theendothelial-specific growth factor, EGFL7, may play a role inhyperoxia-induced vascular injury. The knockdown of the gene inzebrafish has been shown to result in a severe impairment ofarterial and venous endothelial cell cord segregation, leading tothe formation of midline angioblast aggregates (36,37). The overexpression of EGFL7 reducesthe expression of the pro-apoptotic protein, Bax, and increases theexpression of the anti-apoptotic protein, Bcl-2, which preventshyperoxia-induced endothelial cell death and promotes lung vasculardevelopment (10).


Abstract: We describe the dynamics of strongly coupled field theories in de Sitterspacetime using the holographic gauge/gravity duality. The main motivation forthis is to explore the possibility of dynamical phase transitions duringcosmological evolution. Specifically, we study two classes of theories: (i)conformal field theories on de Sitter in the static patch which are maintainedin equilibrium at temperatures that may differ from the de Sitter temperatureand (ii) confining gauge theories on de Sitter spacetime. In the former case weshow the such states make sense from the holographic viewpoint in that theyhave regular bulk gravity solutions. In the latter situation we add to theevidence for a confinement/deconfinement transition for a large N planar gaugetheory as the cosmological acceleration is increased past a critical value. Forthe field theories we study, the critical acceleration corresponds to a deSitter temperature which is less than the Minkowski space deconfinementtransition temperature by a factor of the spacetime dimension.

After the community call, I had a clear and structured feeling deep in my physical body. For quite some time, no thoughts appeared in my mind and I was in a never-ending state of peace.


My Personal Diary: Deep Dive into Genius

The mental origin of individualism is extended outgroup where every adult is considered equally as outgroup without ingroup relations such as commitment and reciprocity, so everyone is an independent individual without ingroup relation. The mental origin of collectivism is extended ingroup where all adults are considered as ingroup with ingroup relations such as commitment and reciprocity, so all adults have ingroup relations with other adults. The original source of individualism is derived from individualistic nomadic pastoral-trade tribe on arid land, while the original source of collectivism is derived from agrarian tribe. According to R. E. Nisbett et al, most subsistence research has compared herders and farmers, arguing that the independence and mobility of herding make herding cultures individualistic and that the stability and high labor demands of farming make farming cultures collectivistic (Nisbett et al, 2001). The production type for nomadic pastoral-trade tribe was the adventurous type to produce high-profit, high risk, and low coordination products from frequent migration, military plundering and risky trades. The production type for agrarian tribe is consolidative type to produce high (capital and labor) consolidative, low risk, and high coordination products from consolidative irrigation and infrastructure.

Israel prefers potential strong individual liberal democracy. In Asia, only Japan barely prefers potential adequate individual liberal democracy because of its active westernization since 1868 (The Meiji Restoration). All other countries with Confucian culture prefer potential adequate common professional democracy. India prefers potential neutral democracy, and all other countries with Indian culture prefer mostly potential adequate common professional democracy. Only Iran and Turkey prefer potential neutral democracy, and all other countries with Muslim culture prefer mostly adequate common professional democracy.


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Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is the product of aheterogeneous group of lung disorders that begin in the neonatalperiod. The overall incidence of BPD has not changed over the pastdecades. What is more, it remains a challenge for the future(3).

The individualistic nations were dominated by adventurous production type with adventurous, high risk, and low coordination frequent military expansion, military plundering, and risky long-distant trade and the individualism production relation. The production relation was individualism, and the political type was individualistic feudalism. The nations in the West originated from the Middle East and Greece were dominated by adventurous production type and individualism. In Marxism, the split nation stage is the feudalism mode. The core production relations of individualistic nations were individualism and rule of law, such as the Mosaic Law, and the complementary production relations were collectivism and rule of relation.

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Nation is much more complex than tribe. Since collectivism is the worldview of extended ingroup where relation in ingroup is important, it was necessary to establish explicit rule of relation to rule complex collective nations. All people had explicit and clear relations with one another. Rule of relation (Jiang, Lo, & Garris, 2021; Chung, 2021) is derived from rule of intragroup including commitment, reciprocity, division of labor, and generativity. Rule of relation is the basic source of morality. The core rule of collective nation was rule of relation. At the same time, all nations consisted of both collectivism and individualism. It was necessary to have rule of law (Haakonssen, 1996; Chung, 2021) which is the rule of outgroup where all adult individuals are considered as independent individuals without relations. Under rule of law, all adult individuals are independent and equal. As a result, the core production relations of collective nations were collectivism and rule of relation, and the complementary production relations were individualism and rule of law.


The establishment of the religious-geographic boundaries ended the religious war in the Thirty Years’ War among Protestant and Catholic states. In the same way, the establishment of the cultural-geographic boundaries will end the civilizational clash among civilizational types. As mentioned previously (Chung, 2021), one solution to the civilizational clash is the establishment of twelve international regional defense communities in the “International Regional Defense Community Organization” (the IRDCO) based on rule of boundary from the “Monroe Doctrine” to prevent the outside military intervention from hegemons. Every country in the world belongs to an international regional defense community. The common identities of a regional community include some or all of the shared geography region, shared existing regional international organization, shared dominant cultural-religion, shard dominant language, and shared dominant worldview. Each regional community has at least one economically strong country for its protection and strength. With the regional protective boundary, each regional community enforces the “Monroe Doctrine” that forbids military intrusion from the countries outside of a regional community except the intervention approved by the United Nations. As a result, all overseas military bases as the military intrusion from the countries outside of a regional community have to be abolished. All defense treaties connected to the countries outside of a regional community also have to be ended. The regional communities which are for military defense allow individual nations to maintain all international economic treaties inside and outside of the communities.

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Angus, D. et al. (2021). Limitations in Social Anticipation Are Independent of Imaginative and Theory of Mind Abilities in Children with Autism but Not in Typically Developing Children.


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Roosevelt, E. et al. (2001). Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Mentally, under individual liberty, people are happy due to liberty, but they are prone to chaos and fragile mentality without close relations with others (Grossmann & Kross, 2021). Under professional collectivism, people are serious due to professionalism and restriction, but they are stable and durable by close relations with others. Moderate liberty is independence and happiness, but excessive liberty without professionalism (expertise) is chaos as pointed out by Thomas M. Nichols in “The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters” (Nichols, 2021). Moderate professionalism is convenience and safety, but excessive professionalism is restriction. Liberal individualism and professional collectivism help each other to moderate liberty and professionalism. Mentally, liberal individualism and professional collectivism are interdependent. Based on theory of mind, people in liberal individualism and professional collectivism have to recognize, respect, and understand each other’s mind and each other’s baseline.


The East under professional collectivism managed to overcome the financial crisis in 2008 better than in the West under liberal individualism. It is important for liberal individualism and professional collectivism to work together during crisis. People should use different approaches in the different stages. In the early stage of production and widespread crisis, the approach of liberal individualism takes the lead in the breakthrough invention in production and detection in widespread crisis. In the late stage of production and widespread crisis, the approach of professional collectivism takes the lead in development, supply chain, economy of scale, and ration and in the overcoming of crisis. The 2010s were the hottest decade on record (Wu, 2021). Global warming crisis was first detected by liberal individualism, and can be overcome by professional collectivism. In the past, widespread recession crises were overcome by professional collectivism, and in the future, such widespread recession crises will be overcome by professional collectivism. In crisis, liberal individualism and professional collectivism are interdependent.

Dixson, A, & Dixson, B. (2021). Venus Figurines of the European Paleolithic: Symbols of Fertility or Attractiveness?


Part of the DEEP Dive into Genius

The game will close the game if you alt-tab in full screen. There is an option to start the game in windowed mode, but it’s locked at 1200×800 resolution and the text is very hard to read at that size. I ended up changing my screen resolution to fit the windowed screen size to play it, but some buttons at the bottom row are cropped because of this. Strangely, these buttons were hidden when I did this for the first time, making it hard for me to understand how the game works since I didn’t know some functionalities that were never explained in the tutorial.

On the evolution by duality of domains on manifolds

During the split mega nation stage, the highly centralized mega empires in the individualistic West required highly centralized and exclusive monotheism including Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam. After the defeat of Israel and Judah by the mega empires, the failure of polytheism as the alliance of deities for the alliance of nations led the patriotic Israelite prophets to transform polytheism into monotheism (Yahweh) as the mega universal deity to rescue Israel and Judah from the mega empires (Nikiprowetzky, 1975). Mark S. Smith shows how polytheism was a feature of Israelite religion until the seventh and sixth centuries after the defeat of Israel and Judah by the mega empires (Smith, 2001). Highly centralized mega empires in the collective East required highly centralized and inclusive Henotheism (theism of one god) to worship a single god without denying the existence or possible existence of other deities.


Achievements for Hacker Evolution Duality on PC

The correlation between PWI and GR is strong (R2 = 0/8). The calculated result for the countries in the Hofstede culture model is shown in Table 5.

Both democracies ultimately have the same lasting core value of serving all people, avoiding class conflict, and increasing intergenerational class mobility. However, in the twenty-first century, the decreasing class mobility in the West becomes troublesome as pointed out by Thomas Piketty in “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” (Piketty, 2021).


Hacker evolution duality demo

Scott, F, & Baron-Cohen, S. (1996). Imagining Real and Unreal Objects: Evidence of a Dissociation in Autism.

Periodic solutions for discrete convex Hamiltonian systems via Clarke duality

The Bronze Age started at different times at different parts of the world. The earliest started about 5500 years ago in the Southwestern Asia. The Bronze Age ended about 3000 years ago when the Iron Age started.


It might not be a surprise for a hacking game, but there isn’t much to boast in terms of graphics. There is a good-looking image on the screen with some buttons and information that you can use. The interface is easy to understand although the buttons might overwhelm you at first with their number.

The Iron Age (the Iron Revolution) started between 1200 BCE and 600 BCE, depending on the region. Iron is tougher and lighter than bronze and was used to make much better sharp objects like spears, swords, and sharp tools than bronze. The source for iron was much more abundant than bronze. The state with iron technology was strong enough with enough destructive power of iron weapons to form mega nations such as mega empires. The earliest proto-mega centralized empire is the Hittite Empire based on the advantages entailed by its high advancement on ironworking at the time (Muhly, 2003). The Hittite Empire was not very large, and did not last long. The earliest mega centralized empires were the neo-Assyrian empire (934-609 BCE) and neo-Babylonian empire (612-539 BCE). In some regions, such as China, the late bronze period and the early iron period were overlapped, so mega empires were formed in the late bronze period, and completely solidified in the iron period.


The production purposes are dualistic with yin and yang consisting of the grasshopper purpose as yin and the ant purpose as yang. The ant purpose to produce with strong firm purpose has the production relations of high LTO (long-term orientation) and low IVR (restrain), while the grasshopper purpose to produce with moderate firm purpose has the production relations of low LTO (short-term orientation) and high IVR (indulgence).

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Basically, in general Marxism, the production analysis and the production evolution are broadened and updated

The invention of complex tools required a large network of production and trade. The interaction among many bands in this large network of production and trade was reinforced by the new religions. During the Upper Paleolithic Period, the new religions of female figurines (Dixson & Dixson, 2021) and cave paintings (Lewis-Williams, 2002) based on imaginary theory of mind were developed. The enormous distribution of these female figurines implied a ritualistic exchange system with the figurines playing a central role in intergroup relations (Cunliffe, 2001). The new religions that reinforced the interaction among bands allowed people to deal with the population much more than 150 people (Dunbar’s Number). The Upper Paleolithic Revolution resulted in the linked band stage.

The economic crisis in 2008 has spawned a resurgence of interest in Karl Marx (Panitch, 2009). The economic crisis in 2008 fulfilled the predicted crisis by Marx. He understood that the need for a constantly expanding market for its products chases the capitalists over the whole surface of the globe, foreseeing that the development of capitalism would inevitably be paving the way for more extensive and exhaustive crises. Marx identified how disastrous speculation could trigger and exacerbate crises in the whole economy.


Taylor, M. et al. (2004). The Characteristics and Correlates of Fantasy in School-Age Children: Imaginary Companions, Impersonation, and Social Understanding.

In the special Marxism by Karl Marx, the final mode is cooperative classless communism, but Marx did not provide much guidance for how a cooperative society would operate without property, class, and state. In reality, the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin practiced common professional democracy based on professional collectivism ruled by cooperative professionals for all people without class conflict. The economy was the professionally planned cooperative economy based on consolidative production type consisting of development, supply chain, scale of economy, and ration. The Soviet Union had a well-developed system of professionals based on division of professional in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union developed the strong consolidative production type for development, supply chain, economy of scale, and ration. By the 1950s, consolidative production type allowed the Soviet Union to rapidly evolve from a mainly agrarian society into a major industrial power (Davies, 1998). The economy continued to grow afterward partially due to the skyrocketed world price of oil in the 1970s benefiting the oil-rich USSR. In terms of GDP, the Soviet Union maintained itself as the second largest economy for much of the Cold War until 1988. However, the Soviet Union neglected to develop adventurous production type as the complementary production type for invention, productivity, efficiency, and marketing until it was too late. Consequently, during the new information revolution in 1980’s, the Soviet Union lost the competition against individual liberal democracy with adventurous production type, resulting in the breakup of the Communist bloc in Europe in 1989 and the collapse of the USSR in 1991.


Settled agriculturalists and nomadic pastoralists-traders developed different production types. The arid pastoral land brought about adventurous production type with high-profit, high risk, and low coordination frequent migration, military plundering, and risky nomadic long-distant trade. The production relation among pastoralists-traders was individualism which required individual independence in adventurous production type. The fertile agrarian land produced consolidative production type with consolidative, low risk, and high coordination agrarian irrigation and infrastructure. The production relation among agriculturalists was collectivism which required collective interdependence in consolidative production type. With rigid boundary between agriculturalists and pastoralists-traders, the worldview was still territorialism. The worldview of pastoralists-traders was individualistic territorialism, while the worldview of agriculturalists was collectivistic territorialism. The political type was tribalism ruled by tribal chiefs. In Marxism, the split tribe stage is the slave state mode ruled by tribal chiefs as absolute masters.