My big wish is this indicator, where I can determine via the start and end date the time span of the bell curve. Someone there with programming skills?

  • Auction Market Value Theory & Analytics
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It also requires end of day analysis, and a trading plan. If you spend a few minutes at the end of each day/session and have a plan to anticipate the 3 possible trade scenarios at your reference areas/points of interest, all you need to do is monitor for change.


MarketProfile/Volume Profile/Auction Market Theory indi

Thanks for the links to the books. I am just digesting the informations of the book which link I posted above.

How you view the auction process depends on the time frame you are trading. If you familiarize yourself with the Auction Market Process, you'll find what reference areas, are most relative to you & your style & TF of choice. If you read the thread you'll find many different approaches to trading the Auction Market Process and the proper indicator to display useful "market generated" info. May I suggest the following books for further reference (also found on the first page).


I am mainly trading reaction at S/R-zones, mainly on 5 and 15min charts. I use for the short to long term picture Elliott wave and I am looking if market profile can be a useful addition to that.

Auction Market Theory and Market Profile

Well, I like to back test old data respectively Elliot waves in the past, where I can be sure, that it was an impulsive move. Because I like to research the difference in Market Profile between impulsive and corrective waves.


Just joking - the method is complex. So I have to dig really deep into it to make educated guesses.

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The indicator your choosing to use lacks the majority of of "market generated info". If all you plan to do is trade S&R, you should find it sufficent.

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