Business activity grew slightly in New York State, according to firms responding to the October 2021 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index edged up two points to 4/0. There was only a small increase in new orders, but shipments picked up. Delivery times decreased slightly, while inventories were little changed. Employment levels and hours worked both increased modestly. Input prices and selling prices increased at a slower pace than last month. Indexes assessing the six-month outlook indicated that optimism about future conditions improved somewhat but remained subdued.

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Indus craftsmen created complex stone weights for commerce and long, precision-drilled carnelian beads for jewellery. Thousands of small sealstones have also been found; worn around the neck, merchants would have used them to stamp their identity on clay tags. Each one is carved with an exquisite but mysterious script, which has provoked more than a hundred published attempts to decipher its language – with little consensus.


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Monitoring including counting monarch eggs, larvae, and pupae on over 100 common milkweed plants each week in Clark Botanic Garden's pollinator garden. Data including monarch density or the number of monarchs per milkweed plant was submitted online to the MLMP.


He argues that knives, spears and the like could have been used on humans as well as animals, and points out that the ancient Maya were once thought to be exceptionally peace-loving – until their hieroglyphs were deciphered, revealing stories of exceptionally bloody battles, sacrifice and torture. Who knows what the Indus script might reveal if it is deciphered?

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While major migrations from Central Asia between 1900 and 1500 BC are still thought to have played a role in the Indus’ endgame, changes to the environment may also have contributed. Climate change – an agent in the downfall of so many other civilisations – has been fingered: the archaeological record suggests the monsoon weakened around 2100 BC. And there are strong indications that the course of the Indus river and its tributaries shifted. A reconstruction of its course based on historical sources, past landforms and aerial photography shows major changes between 4000 and 2000 BC. The shift led to a growing flood threat to Mohenjo-daro, which could have caused the city’s eventual abandonment. All this could have been triggered by tectonic activity in the Himalayas: the region is prone to earthquakes; one damaged an Indus settlement at Dholavira in about 2200 BC.


The Indus civilisation flourished from about 2600 to 1900 BC. More than a thousand settlements have been found covering at least 800,000 square kilometres of what is now Pakistan, India and Afghanistan (see map), yet its remains were only discovered in the 1920s. It is now regarded as the beginning of Indian civilisation and possibly the origin of Hinduism.

PICTURE a peace-loving Atlantic island ruled by reason. Its 54 cities are governed by educated officials and an elected-for-life prince. Although war hasn’t been abolished, it is used only as a last resort. People see no glory in fighting, and capture enemies rather than kill them. This is the original Utopia – the pagan, communist and pacifist world sketched out exactly 500 years ago in Thomas More’s eponymous work of fiction.


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Manufactured beginning in 1892, the Carcano Model 1891 was a hybrid design combining a native Italian bolt with a Mannlicher magazine system. Gain twist rifling was used to extend the barrel life of this and all subsequent Carcano rifles until the Model 1938. This rifle should be chambered for 6/5x52mm, although a rare few were converted in Austria to 6/5x54mm MS. Manufacturing stopped in 1918, however a few were made at Beretta between 1937-1940 before the creation of the Model 1941. More about this rifle can be read here.

C&Rsenal releases their flagship series “Primer” every other week. It focuses on one firearm of the Great War at a time, in depth with animations, live fire demonstrations, and historical context! Our mission is to document and describe historical military small arms from across the world. We hope to share our love for all the attention that went into the design, development, manufacture, and issuance of these pieces.


In Possehl’s view, the lack of conflict and militarism endemic in the civilisation encouraged its original growth before 2600 BC and its relatively short flourishing, compared with Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. But it also accelerated the civilisation’s decline after 1900 BC. Indus egalitarianism and pacifism, though productive for a while, eventually led to stagnancy and inflexibility in the face of change.

Part of the answer seems to have been geographical luck. The Indus civilisation had extensive lands ranging from river plains and coastlines to hills and mountains. Copious water flowed year-round down the Indus river and its four main tributaries, unlike the unreliable annual Nile inundation in Egypt. Raw materials were plentiful, including timber, semi-precious stones, and copper and other metals. And two growing seasons, arising from its winter cyclonic system and its summer monsoon system, would have provided abundant food. Egypt and Mesopotamia weren’t so lucky.


Participants from across the state ina variety of industries respond to a questionnaire andreport the change in a variety of indicators from theprevious month. Respondents also state the likely directionof these same indicators six months ahead. April 2002is the first report, although survey data date backto July 2001.

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Certain serial number prefixes were reserved for trial rifles and specific rifle types. These prefixes can be used to authenticate these rifles if found in a gun shop or personal collection. The most common of these were: XP was used for the Shortened and Lightened Australian Lithgow (No6 Jungle Carbine) rifles, A was used for No1 MkVI trail rifles, BS was used on the British No7 small bore rifles, and T1 for the No5 small bore rifles. There are more but again I would suggest reading either Skip Stratton’s or Ian Skennerton’s books on the subject.


The Model 1938 marked the wholesale adoption of short rifle and carbine doctrine for Italian military forces. Very early rifles lack a lower barrel band and have long, uninterrupted hand guards that extend to the bayonet lug. First paired with a folding knife bayonet, these were later converted or new-made in a fixed form. Many rifles were sold to Finland and will feature an SA mark on the barrel.

Seen in the picture above are the places where the serial number and manufacturer can be found. Along with the manufacturers name both the date of manufacture and the type and mark of the rifle is also shown. SMLE’s will have serial numbers stamped on the bolt, receiver, barrel, nose cap and the underside of the rear sight. They may or may not have the serial stamped into the front part of the fore-end and in the case of the Australian Lithgow’s it may be stamped into the butt as well. When reference is made to an “all matching” SMLE the serial numbers must all be the same.


All signs point to a prosperous and advanced society – one of history’s greatest. It had a vigorous maritime export trade via the Arabian Sea, and archaeologists have found objects made in the Indus valley in Mesopotamian cities such as Ur and Akkad. The two largest Indus cities, Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, boasted street planning and sewage worthy of modern times, including the world’s earliest known toilets and an impressive brick water tank known as the Great Bath.

In the above graphic, hard data is the long bars, and surveys are the short bars. The arrows on the left side are the key to growth or contraction.


Business activity was little changed in New York State, according to firms responding to the September 2021 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index edged down three points to 2/0. New orders were marginally higher than last month, and shipments grew modestly. Delivery times were steady, and inventories increased. Employment levels expanded, while the average workweek held steady. Both input prices and selling prices increased at a faster pace than last month. Indexes assessing the six-month outlook indicated that optimism about future conditions deteriorated noticeably, and capital spending plans weakened markedly.

A Quick and Dirty Guide: Military Krag-Jørgensen Rifles

The "increase" and "decrease" percentagecomponents of the diffusion indexes are each testedfor seasonality separately and adjusted accordinglyif such patterns exist. If no seasonality is detected,the component is left unadjusted. The "no change"component contains the residual, computed by subtractingthe (adjusted) increase and decrease from 100. Seasonalfactors are forecast in December for the upcoming year.

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Some rifles were converted by the German military to emergency rifles in 7/92x57mm. These will have the caliber marked on the barrel.


Surplused A Quick and Dirty Guide: Carcano Rifle Models Comments Feed

This is yet another very good report for a factory sector that is proving a strong driver of the 2021 economy. Watch tomorrow for the industrial production report where major June strength is the expectation.

As a result, the Indus peoples had no economic need to invade foreign lands, hence no need for militaristic leaders. As for invaders, who were the likely candidates? To the west, political and commercial relations were good, judging from the discovery of Indus settlements at Mehrgarh and Sutkagen-dor in neighbouring Balochistan. The same probably applied to Afghanistan to the north and north-west, on the basis of the settlement at Shortugai. To the east, in Rajasthan, there was only the inhospitable and sparsely populated Thar desert and the Aravalli mountain range.


Commercial networks spread over a vast area are another indication of a centralised authority. Lapis lazuli mined close to the trading post of Shortugai in what is now Afghanistan is found as far afield as Egypt. Goods were undoubtedly shipped via the Indus river and its tributaries, but many must have travelled overland. Such networks couldn’t have developed and operated for seven centuries without basic roads between settlements, presumably maintained by centrally directed taxation, plus some kind of regulatory framework to enforce the validity of long-distance commercial agreements.

Chris Roberson and Jeffrey Moy have taken a slow-burn approach to the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover, using fully two-thirds of it to survey the malevolent mashup of the two franchises' universes. Sure it's been fun to see Khunds and Klingons, the Federation and United Planets combined into an evil empire, and the ultimate revelations surrounding their shared nemesis, but there hasn't been much in the way of plot until this week's issue #5. Here we learn just how it all went down, and if it owes a little (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=601) to Sandman, that's okay. At least now our heroes know what they're up against, and how to fix it. I'd been waiting for this point in the story, so now I'm eager for the conclusion.


The report is similar to last month and key elements remain mixed. I would consider this report again marginally worse than last month.

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Although shark attacks are extremely infrequent given how often humans use beaches (West, 2021), popular media has instilled and perpetuated a fear of sharks through such fictional movies as Jaws in 1975 (Simpfendorfer et al, 2021; Neff and Hueter, 2021), and the subsequent Jaws 2 (1978), Jaws 3 (1983), and Jaws The Revenge (1987). Although interaction with sharks, whether physical or virtual, presents the opportunity to form RVs, fear-centric media and dialog is likely not conducive to forming RVs around sharks. In this framing, the shark is cast as a villain that challenges human well-being ( Muter et al, 2021; McCagh et al, 2021; Sabatier and Huveneers, 2021), rather than part of a positive experience that builds emotional bonds with nature. As recently as 2021, action by politicians in Australia were linked to the fear-based Jaws narrative to mobilize a shark culling (targeted killing) policy despite a lack of empirical (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4882) evidence for efficacy (Neff, 2014b; McCagh et al, 2021). Neff and Hueter (2021) have explored origins of the “man eater” image of sharks, an image which may influence RV humans form with respect to sharks. Recently, Pepin-Neff and Wynter (2021) surveyed attitudes toward sharks in Australia, issuing surveys (read the full info here) close to the time of shark attacks. They found that an individual’s relative feelings of pride, fear, and perception of an attack were intentionality associated with whether the individual was supportive of shark control policies; namely, levels of pride mediated whether or not fear affected policy preference. For instance, at high levels of pride, fear had little effect on policy preference, while the combination of low pride, high fear, and perception of intentionality, was associated with preference for lethal over non-lethal control policies. Simmons and Mehmet (2021) demonstrate the complex effects of implementing policies and monitoring strategies in Australia which address public safety.

Respondents come from a wide range of industries fromacross the New York State. No one industry dominatesthe respondent pool.


Some may have stocks previously produced and unused for the M91/28 rifles intended to equip the M28 grenade launcher. These will feature prominent replacement wood fittings in a bid to recycle raw materials.

A Model D Transverse Shuttle machine supplied by O. Quitmann, 23/24 Little Britain, Newgate Street, London. The date 27th Okt 1937 is stamped on the bottom edge of the case and we believe this would have been the date of manufacture. It seems strange that the company continued to produce such a machine which by that time was outdated in comparison with the vibrating shuttle machines then being produced.


A Quick and Dirty Guide: Finnish Mosin-Nagant Rifles

This Empire State Survey (click here now) is very noisy - and has shown recessionary conditions throughout the second half of 2021 - and no recession resulted. Overall, since the end of the 2007 recession - this index has indicated two false recession warnings.

One mysterious, ancient society might give the lie to that. The civilisation of the Indus valley is the most enigmatic of the four great early civilisations. But while Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and ancient China gloried in warfare, it seems absent from the Indus valley. Was this a real, functioning utopia? If so, how did it survive, and why did it eventually disappear?


Other aspects of the civilisation are even more perplexing. The chief cities show no clear signs of being fortified. No armour and no indisputably military weapon – as opposed to knives, spears and arrows designed for hunting animals – has been found. Nor is there evidence of the horse, an animal well suited to raiding parties, which later became common in the region. In nearly a century of excavations, archaeologists have uncovered just one depiction of humans fighting, and it is a partly mythical scene showing a female deity with the horns of a goat and the body of a tiger.

Most large societies lean on centralised governments to enforce the rule of law. Yet the only Indus sculpture that might conceivably depict a ruler is a small meditative bust of a bearded and cloaked man with partly closed eyes. Generally dubbed a “priest-king” – because he wears a cloak over his left shoulder, much like Buddhist monks and Hindu priests, with a trefoil design that resembles one worn by Mesopotamian priests – his identity is in fact totally obscure.

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