Using WiFi instead of wired Ethernet, where available. WiFi speeds will always be inferior to wired speeds when live streaming from home or a dedicated studio.

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As many performance advantages as Ethernet has, it can be overkill. Unless you are truly taking advantage of it, using Ethernet can be like buying a gaming super computer just to check social media.


The working of a patch cable is to connect two different devices to a wired network

There are some drawbacks to simplicity, though. The fact that you interact with Google WiFi via an app will be a bit of a turnoff for some more advanced users. As mentioned, you can get under the hood with manual settings, but doing so on an app is less than ideal. Also, if you want to connect multiple devices using a cable, you're out of luck, as Google WiFi has only two Ethernet ports. That said, my internet speeds were the same over WiFi as they were over a cable, but if your networking needs differ and a cable LAN is important, just know you're limited on built-in ports.

Modern devices like smartphones, tablets, and some laptops don’t even offer the option to go with an Ethernet connection. In many instances, laptops require a dongle, which proves to be an inconvenience. Wi-Fi has become the standard for network connections, and very few products come with a wired-only option.


The issue: Wifi (useful reference) spectrum is a limited, shared resource. Any number of access points(both yours and neighbors) can all share theSAME wifi (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=6280) spectrum. But because wifi use has exploded over the last few years(tablets, laptops, smartphones, TVs, Blu-rays, security cams, thermostats, etc)the wifi spectrum is way overcrowded. And when combined with ISP Internet speedsnow often times faster than Fast Ethernet (100Mbps), and sometimes even 1 Gbps,wifi speeds (more hints) have not kept up.

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. It’ll still do the same basic thing — connect you to the internet — just with a bunch of additional technologies to make that happen more efficiently, speeding up connections in the process.


Another new technology in Wi-Fi 6 allows devices to plan out communications with a router, reducing the amount of time they need to keep their antennas powered on to transmit and search for signals. That means less drain on batteries and improved battery life in turn.

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PKC is a feature enabled in Cisco 2006/410x/440x Series Controllers which permits properly equipped wireless clients to roam without full re-authentication with an AAA server. In order to understand PKC, you first need to understand Key Caching.


Compared to the rest of the choices on this list, the Amazon eero Pro represents the least value for money. Alexa integration may be a compelling feature, but even with that, it still is very steep for the connectivity you get. Though, if the cost is not a problem for you and you are really deep in the smart home lifestyle or are looking for the utmost future-proofing with WiFi 6 support, the eero may be suitable.

When is an Ethernet backhaul an excellent idea for your mesh WiFi system

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, can be interfered with by just about everything. Microwaves, blue-tooth transmitters, walls, elevation, just about anything you can think of will have an effect on your wireless connection and this will often result in interrupted service and data loss.


However, for most mesh WiFi systems, and all ASUS Lyra systems, users can create an Ethernet backhaul

Latency is also significantly lower with an Ethernet connection. It’s not rare to see 0/3ms pings in wired connections. Meanwhile, a 2-3ms ping is common using Wi-Fi.

WiFi will always fall short of Ethernet when it comes to security

If you need to make your DSL faster, get started with Speedify today. It will change the way you experience the Internet.


USB 2/0 Server is now shipping from Keyspan. The server combines the functionality of a USB print server and USB extender. It allows PC and Mac clients to access two Hi-Speed USB 2/0 devices over Ethernet or WiFi. The USB 2/0 Server eliminates the need to dedicate a Mac as a host for a USB device.

Patch Cable Vs Ethernet Cable: Know the Difference Between Cables

One reason for the Queueu joining failed issue could be your internet connection. A weak and unstable connection might be an impediment to enjoy the game. To ensure you don’t get this error anymore, turn off your router and turn it on after 2-3 minutes. This helps to reset the internet signal and hopefully resolves the issue. Another method you want to give a shot is reduce the device load on your router to get maximum speed. For this turn off Wifi from the idle device. For a smoother gaming experience, we prescribe you switch to the wired connection via Ethernet cable.


Ethernet generally has a speed advantage over WiFi connections, with maximum speeds (a knockout post) ranging from 10Mbits (megabits) to 100Gbits (gigabits) available. Typical WiFi networks are much slower, with the added downside of disruption from other radio signals and obstacles reducing the speed and quality of any wireless network.

How does it differ from WPA2

If you’re a CoD fan that’s been in the mixer for a while, you’ll know that these updates can sometimes be huge files that take ages to download. If you’re hit by slow speeds yourself, try moving closer to your Wifi router and connecting to it with an ethernet cable if you can. It’s also worth pausing any other games, downloads or streams that could be gobbling up your data.


Yes, a router will suffice for most people. Unless you are living in a space where is a high chance of your WiFi signal being disrupted, you can use a router to get the job done doing anything from web browsing to gaming.

This app will allow you to test and troubleshoot your wifi network. It will be very useful when you want to test bandwidth of your wifi, ethernet or mixed network, but your internet connection is too slow (for example 10 Megabits per second), and your router can provide much faster speed between devices in local network.


Yes and no. An ethernet connection is capable of supporting data speeds much faster than wireless ethernet is, but it doesn’t inherently transfer data any faster than Wi-Fi does. Also, you can check here whether your internet speed is adequate. Our ethernet cable for gaming reviews could be helpful to the army of gamers out there, while opting between CAT5 vs CAT6 will probably be good enough for your office work.

Capable of transmitting power to a device while still transporting data. This is called power over Ethernet, or PoE. For example, using a single Ethernet cable to provide data and power to a security camera.


What’s Ethernet and Wi-Fi

For our final pick on this list, meet the WAVLINK WL-WN572HG3, a high-power behemoth of a wireless access point. With a quad antenna setup providing omnidirectional transmission, using one of these bad boys can net you a reliable WiFi signal from up to 300 yards away! These are perfect for connecting your large property, school, or office. This WAP could provide coverage for a small forest!

Many present titles can be quite fast-paced and filled with activity. Every millisecond can make the difference between living or get shot in the head. A quicker ping will guarantee every mouse motion and activity occurs with just as little latency as possible, leading to much faster reaction times that provide you the advantage over the competition.


Wifi vs Ethernet Gaming

So, these were the differences of the patch Vs Ethernet cables and patch Vs network cables. All have similar working functionality with minimal differences. All these cables can be used on a variety of applications for your specific network and data transfer needs. Every cable type has its own advantages and drawbacks. So, it is advisable to choose the perfect cord according to your requirements.

If you are looking for an efficient streaming device, you should always opt for the highest possible speeds of the routers and good connectivity. A 5GHz connection is ideal, as you will need to download/upload a lot of data over a short amount of time.


Ethernet isn’t a tool for portability. It is a wired link, so it does not make sense to plug in and unplug a device and move it into various chambers.

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The Session Timeout is the maximum time for a client session with the WLC. After this time, WLC de-authenticates the client, and the client goes through the whole authentication (re-authentication) process again. This is a part of a security precaution to rotate the encryption keys. If you use an Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) method with key management, the rekeying occurs at every regular interval in order to derive a new encryption key. Without key management, this timeout value is the time that wireless clients need to do a full reauthentication. The session timeout is specific to the WLAN. This parameter can be accessed from the WLANs > Edit menu.


If you are getting a slow WiFi connection you could get a USB to Ethernet adapter

Ethernet will live on for a long time yet. Wireless may well be simple enough for many, but it just causes too many damn problems. With a cable, you plug it in at both ends and it just works without any screwing around. I just wish I had a cable long enough to snake around the house so I can sit in the garden on those (rare) sunny days.

Wi-Fi’s biggest strength is its versatility. When you input the password to the network, you are connected for as long as you are in range. This means it is ideal for mobile devices like tablets tablet computers, and laptops. Even inexperienced users can easily locate a Wi-Fi system to combine and then enter a password.


LAG bundles all the ports on the WLC into a single EtherChannel interface. The system dynamically manages traffic load balancing and port redundancy with LAG.

Linksys WRT AC3200: You can set up a secure VPN, turn the router into a web server, detect network intrusions, and more. The router also features MU-MIMO technology for delivering a fast Wi-Fi connection to multiple devices simultaneously, and it has a companion app for creating separate guest networks, prioritizing your devices, and setting parental controls.


Everything electrical in the cable or radio frequency that isn’t the actual signal, is noise. These waves can throw your signal out of whack. Noise can come from inside and outside the cable or radio frequency band.

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Choose Enable from the WLAN Override drop-down menu. The WLAN Override menu is the last item on the left side of the window.


Even though Wi-Fi offers great speeds now, they are theoretical only. In the practical use case, the signals are susceptible to various disturbances like Radio waves, walls can weaken the signals even the atmosphere can change the signal strength. Ethernet really shines here, since it gives a stable speed as expected of a bounded medium of data transfer.

A Cisco 2000 Series WLC cannot be designated as an anchor for a WLAN. However, a WLAN created on a Cisco 2000 Series WLC can have a Cisco 4100 Series WLC and Cisco 4400 Series WLC as its anchor.


What is the WLAN override feature? How do I configure this feature? Will the LAPs maintain the WLAN override values when they fail over to the backup WLC?

The now slightly older Teensy 4/0 — released on August 7th of last year — is priced at $19/95, with the new 4/1 version offered at $26/85. It seems that the 4/1 isn’t intended as a replacement for the 4/0, as they serve different segments of the market. If you’re looking for an ultra-fast affordable microcontroller board that lives up to its Teensy name, the 4/0 fits the bill. On the other hand, if you need the additional peripherals broken out and can afford the space of the larger board, the not-as-teensy-sized 4/1 is for you.


Wi-Fi vs Ethernet: Security

Well, these individual factors are perceived individually by the individual users. Some users love speed, some like to have mobility in their apartment, some always look out for the latest technology.

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When connectivity to the WLC is lost, that is, in Standalone mode, REAP serves only one WLAN, that is, the First WLAN. All other WLANs are deactivated. In H-REAP, up to 8 WLANs are supported within downtime.


You can use Alexa to, for example, turn off the WiFi for a user, or limit their speeds

The fact is, somewhere on the network, there is likely Ethernet cabling. Ethernet cables will continue to be used to wire up devices that need PoE, connect switches and routers together, and support connections that need extremely high bandwidth such as workstation computers and servers.

Click Layer 2, and choose Layer 2 Security as 802/1x or WPA+WPA2. You can also configure the 802/1x parameters that are available in the same window. Then, the WLC forwards EAP authentication packets between the wireless client and the authentication server.


Since the wireless controller does not have any IP related information about the passive clients, it cannot respond to any ARP requests. The current behavior does not allow the transfer of ARP requests to passive clients. Any application that tries to access a passive client will fail.

Did you create an Ethernet backhaul for your mesh WiFi system? What were the results

The Ethernet vs Wi-Fi dilemma has long been keeping us wondering how we should handle our internet needs. Is a hardwired connection really better? Maybe it’s easier to live the wireless life. As it goes with these topics, the answer isn’t always straight-forward and there are multiple factors to consider. Today we are here to clear all doubts and help you decide what best suits your needs.


The AX WiFi is the tech cord that has been long-awaited, to replace the need for Ethernet without compromising speed. Wi-Fi 6 technology promise a fast transfer rate with better and wider coverage. With the best Wi-Fi 6 router and 802/11ax compatible devices, you can enjoy blazing-fast download and upload speed on your Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone.

With this new benchmark, WiFi is in far better standing alongside Ethernet concerning speed

The actual broadband speed you experience will also depend on the number of devices connected to your network. At the end of the day, you will not be getting 1Gbps/2Gbps for each wired connection. At the best case scenario, 1Gbps/2Gbps is the total bandwidth of all the devices within your network.


Faster Broadband Connection: How to Make DSL Faster

Also good: All five ports (the four switch ports and the WAN port) are Gigabit Ethernet ports. And the switch ports even work at full speed as just a plain old switch. Tests with my Macbook also show that it is approximately 4/5 times faster than my old D-Link DI-524 Wireless-G router when it comes to retrieving files via the Wifi connection. This is about what you'd expect, because Wireless-N claims to go 240Mbit/sec while Wireless-G claims to go 54Mbit/sec (reality is that neither comes anywhere close to acheiving their claims in the crowded spectrum of my apartment, where I can pick ten WiFI networks out of the air when I go to join my network).

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Even with Key Caching, a wireless station must authenticate with each AP it wishes to get service from. This introduces significant latency and overheads, which delay the hand-off process and can inhibit the ability to support real-time applications. In order to resolve this issue, PKC was introduced with WPA2.


While it is possible to boost WiFi signals, an Ethernet connection does away with the problem entirely

The Ethernet standard has evolved to cope with the changing demands of modern computer networks since it was first developed in the 1980s. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers produce these standards, under the umbrella reference of IEEE 802/3.

Wi-Fi 6 is just starting to arrive this year, and there’s a good chance it’ll be inside your next phone or laptop. Here’s what you should expect once it arrives.


DHCP Required is an option that can be enabled for a WLAN. It necessitates that all clients that associate to that particular WLAN obtain IP addresses through DHCP. Clients with static IP addresses are not allowed to associate to the WLAN. This option is found under the Advanced tab of a WLAN. WLC allows the traffic to/from a client only if its IP address is present in the MSCB table of the WLC. WLC records the IP address of a client during its DHCP Request or DHCP Renew. This requires that a client renews its IP address every time it re-associates to the WLC because every time the client disassociates as a part of its roam process or session timeout, its entry is erased from the MSCB table. The client must again re-authenticate and reassociate to the WLC, which again makes the client entry in the table.

Consider it like this: If you and your competitor to shoot each other at precisely the exact same time in an FPS game, the individual with minimum latency will efficiently shoot first. Even though by two or three, you may lose.


It is a trademark to refer to a wireless technology called IEEE 802/11X. The term is used to describe the family of 802/11 specifications developed by the IEEE for wireless LAN technology. As the specification is incrementally refined, the previous specification becomes a defacto standard or “protocol”.

Teensy 4/1 includes a USB host port broken out to a five-pin through-hole header on the inside of the PCB, as was done on the 3/5/3/6 versions. The port will do 480 Mbps high-speed USB. It also adds the power management required for hot-plugging USB peripherals — just add a USB host cable, and you’re good to go. PJRC sells these cables, or you can use a USB2 cable scavenged from an old PC: the pinout is the same. The older Teensy 4/0 only has the USB data lines broken out to surface-mount pads on the PCB.


There is a fewer number of atoms in the known universe compared to that number. There are fewer episodes of Judge Judy than that number.

One of the most disadvantageous things that Wi-Fi faces is the interference. With the technology taking over the world, we have so many wireless interferences in our house from Wi-Fi router, TV, oven, smartphone, setup box, game consoles etc. These interferences do not let your Wi-Fi signal stay isolated from the other signals affecting your Wi-Fi. However, there are no such effects in Ethernet cables.

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Rockspace 1200Mbps WiFi Range Extender

To be clear: this is not something you’ll want to run out to the store and buy a new laptop just to get. It’s not that game-changing of an update for any one device.


Use ethernet cable rather than wifi to boost internet speed

The current IEEE 802/3bz standards for Ethernet are 2/5 Gbps for 2/5GBASE-T and 5 Gbps for 5GBASE-T. It won’t be long until standard speeds will reach up to 10Gbps on a Cat6 cable. Cat5e can deliver speeds of 1 Gbps.

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One invariable rule of microcontrollers is that you always need a few more pins. While the processor common to both the Teensy 4/0 and 4/1 has a lot of them, the smaller size of the Teensy 4/0 limited the number of I/O that could be brought out to through-hole headers.


Configure the switch port, to which the WLC is connected, as an IEEE 802/1Q trunk port. Make sure that only the necessary VLANs are allowed on the switch. Usually, the management and the AP-Manager interface of the WLC are left untagged. This means that they assume the native VLAN of the connected switch.

When you want to make the Local Area Network (LAN) connection, then the Ethernet cables come in the picture. Such wires are the most famous and widely used networking cables today.


Note: The wireless client does not send out an (802/11) authentication request during reassociation. The wireless client just sends out the reassociation right away. Then, it will go through 802/1x authentication.

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The AP does not tag packets with the management interface VLAN. The AP encapsulates the packets from the clients in Lightweight AP Protocol (LWAPP)/CAPWAP, and then passes the packets on to the WLC. The WLC then strips the LWAPP/CAPWAP header and forwards the packets to the gateway with the appropriate VLAN tag. The VLAN tag depends on the WLAN to which the client belongs. The WLC depends on the gateway to route the packets to their destination. In order to be able to pass traffic for multiple VLANs, you must configure the uplink switch as a trunk port.


As ever, when such a huge percentage of the Call of Duty fandom attempts to download this update at the same time, there’s every chance that our internet speeds will buckle under the pressure. If you’re finding your update to be even slower than usual, remember the tried and tested tips: cancel or pause any other downloads or streams you have going, and move as close to your Wifi router as possible. If you’ve got one, it might be wise to connect up to the router with an ethernet cable.

On the other side, the patch cables are nothing but the basic copper Ethernet wires

The great advantage to this solution is that it is fast. Firstly, it’s fast to set up. You plug and go. You could try to recreate the kit with dozens of feet of ethernet cables, but that involves drilling holes in the walls and running cabling throughout the house - and you won’t be able to unplug and move your setup around easily. Secondly, it’s fast in bandwidth terms. An extender that uses WiFi will usually see some speed loss. Because they’re communicating with the router over Wi-Fi, there’s a big speed drop if the extender talks to your devices on the same band it’s using to talk to the router.


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A wireless connection will always be more convenient for those who want to use mobile devices. A wireless connection allows you to move freely throughout the covered area while staying connected. This might not be an issue if you are going to be accessing the internet with a static device like a desktop computer, but those are becoming less common among general consumers.

D-Link DAP-1650 also supports dual-band 802/11ac alongside 802/11n/g/b/a. Hence, being a perfect fit even for the older wifi routers. It has four gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed wired connections. You can find it in any local shop or on e-commerce websites.


WiFi was initially based on the 802/11g standard and its maximum theoretical speed (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=5592) was 54Mb/s. Compared with Ethernet, the speed (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4162) is quite slow since the LAN connection speed can reach 100-1000Mb/s or even higher.

WLC can be managed through wireless mode once it is enabled. For more information on how to enable the wireless mode refer to the Enabling Wireless Connections to the GUI and CLI section of the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7/0.116/0.


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Google Nest Wi-Fi: The Google Nest Wi-Fi is easily one of the best mesh router systems you can buy. The set-up is as simple as they get, and it’s done with an app. To make the deal even sweeter, the secondary points double as Google Assistant speakers!

You can configure the voice traffic WLAN to use Platinum QoS, assign the low-bandwidth WLAN to use Bronze QoS, and assign all other traffic between the other QoS levels. Refer to Assigning a QoS Profile to a WLAN for more information.


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WLCs currently act as a proxy for ARP requests. Upon receiving an ARP request, the controller responds with an ARP response instead of passing the request directly to the client.

All is not lost in the land of Wi-Fi. Wireless routers, especially ones geared for the home or small business environment, are getting better at detecting interference issues and switching channels. Many also now come with built in “wizards” to help you secure not only your Wi-Fi signal but also your Internet connection. Wi-Fi protocol technology is also advancing, helping to reduce transmission errors and increasing bandwidth while reducing lag.


Update Is Ethernet Cabling Still Better Than WIFI

Instead, new devices will start coming with Wi-Fi 6 by default. As you replace your phone, laptop, and game consoles over the next five years, you’ll bring home new ones that include the latest version of Wi-Fi.

Note: WLC firmware versions before 4/0 do not support DHCP service for LAPs unless the LAPs are directly connected to the WLC. The internal DHCP server feature was used only to provide IP addresses to clients that connect to the wireless LAN network.


Power over Ethernet Extenders

While Wi-Fi is not required when using Ethernet, disabling it will ensure that network traffic is not accidentally sent over Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet. Additionally, it can increase security by reducing the number of possible entry points into the device.

Though it takes up more volume than the previous generation, at 6/6 inches tall, its 3/85-inch base gives it a smaller overall footprint than the previous AirPort Extreme. With the new shape comes the addition of new antennas, including 3 for the 2/4Ghz spectrum and three for the 5Ghz spectrum.


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And these installations can happen in the home, across a campus or data center, and even on the floor of a manufacturing plant. Remote cameras have even round their way to the top of suspension bridges and highways.

PKC stands for Proactive Key Caching. It was designed as an extension to the 802/11i IEEE standard.


So, what’s the value proposition here over the older Teensy 4/0? If you really want to take full advantage of the hardware available on the IMXRT1062, the 4/1 is the way to go: the larger stock and optional memories, extra pins broken out, Ethernet port, and convenience of the microSD socket and USB host port make this much easier. If you don’t need these extras, or simply need the smaller board size, the Teensy 4/0 is still around, and will save you a few bucks.

The short but incomplete answer: 9/6 Gbps. That’s up from 3/5 Gbps on Wi-Fi 5.


Taking up the 1Gbps/2Gbps broadband plan is becoming a popular trend among consumers in Singapore as a result of telcos slashing their prices on these plans. As a response to this increase in take-up rate, IDA has announced that they will be conducting a study to measure the actual speeds of the 1Gbps/2Gbps plan. Set to roll out in September, the study will compare the actual broadband speeds of these plans to help consumers make informed decisions.

WIFI definitely has expandability options, but the devices that it currently supports are narrower in range. At this time, you’re thinking more about mobile devices in public areas than hard-working LANs within a campus or even a home.


Ethernet vs WiFi, Is Wiring your Network Worth It

Those added devices take a toll on your network. Your router can only communicate with so many devices at once, so the more gadgets demanding Wi-Fi, the more the network overall is going to slow down.

You can stream, talk, and check email from your laptop or tablet anywhere within the range of a wireless access point. All that being said, wired ethernet can still give WIFI a run for its money.


Wi-Fi vs Ethernet: Interference

One of the major problems with Wi-Fi is that it can be affected by so many variables that it can be difficult to get an optimal connection going. If anything is having an effect on your Wi-Fi connection then you will likely see lots of problems occurring like slow speeds, input-lag or connection issues with gaming, buffering when streaming movies, the list goes on.

The passive client feature enables the ARP requests and responses to be exchanged between wired and wireless clients. This feature, when enabled, allows the controller to pass ARP requests from wired to wireless clients until the desired wireless client gets to the RUN state.


Outsourced IT organisations like Computer Guys ensures your resources and equipments meets equilibrium. No more trial and error expenditures.

Tablets, phones, and laptops are often better used with Wi-Fi because it is convenient to have a wireless connection with mobile devices. If you are a gamer then your console or PC should probably use a wired connection because it is more stable. We also reviewed best ethernet adapters for Switch, for example, which you will also need.


Normally being the Cat5 or Cat5e Ethernet cables, the patch cables do the job to connect two mediums like a computer, a router, a hub or a switch. They are generally of stranded type cables, and so they provide more durability than the other types.

The main use case scenario for this piece of kit is to provide ‘Wireless Marketing’ like free WiFi on high streets or shopping centers. The 1kW transmitting power may be overkill for everyday use at home, but if you’ve got a 12-acre estate, it might not be that bad of a shout.


Significantly more susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The Federal Communications Commission had to set aside another frequency band in order to help alleviate congestion and interference with common household devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, and more. Rarely, if ever, is there a free lunch. This new band introduced new issues while helping to get reduce older ones.

You can still move around the room or parts of the house with freedom and stream some HD content on the laptop or phone. With 802/11ac, you can get more friends and guests connected to your home network easily without much wireless congestion.


In asymmetric tunneling, client traffic to the wired network is routed directly through the foreign controller. Asymmetric tunneling breaks when an upstream router has reverse path filtering (RPF) enabled. In this case, the client traffic is dropped at the router because the RPF check ensures that the path back to the source address matches the path from which the packet comes.

Wi-Fi vs Ethernet for streaming

This is reflected, too, in the type of cabling you’d need to use for an Ethernet network. Cat-5 Ethernet cabling, for instance, only allows for connections up to speeds of 100Mbits (megabits), while Cat-6 cabling supports up to 10Gbits (gigabits).


Q. Do Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers support the failover (or redundancy) feature

The D-Link DAP-1720 WiFi AC1750 can reach ranges of 95feet away from the device and advertises a combined speed between its two bandsof 1750 Mbps (although reaching this is highly unlikely, if not impossible). Ithas a gigabit ethernet port and a relatively easy setup compared to other rangeextenders.

While Vamrs’ RK3399-based, 96Boards Rock960 Model B and Model C appear to have been discontinued, and Vamrs’ 96Rocks community site is looking pretty sleepy, the newer VMARC RK3399Pro SoM Ficus2 Evaluation Board is still available starting at $199. Like Radxa’s Rock Pi N10, the dev kit is a sandwich style-SBC featuring Vamr’s SMARC form-factor VMARC RK3399Pro SoM. The module is equipped with the RK3399Pro, a version of the RK3399 with an up to 3-TOPS NPU. Vamrs pairs the module with its new 96Boards Enterprise Edition Ficus2 carrier board, which is based on a board announced back in 2021 called the Rock960 Enterprise Edition (Ficus). Vamrs offers the same RAM/eMMC configurations as the Rock Pi N10, with up to half the RAM dedicated to the AI chip. Vamrs also offers a $299 (6GB RAM/32GB eMMC) Toybrick RK3399Pro, which is over our price limit. The only version of the Ficus2 that makes the cut is the $199 4GB/16GB version. The 160 x 120mm carrier board offers more features than the Rock Pi N10, including GbE and Fast Ethernet, WiFi-ac/BT 5/0, RTC, IR, HDMI, eDP, LVDS, MIPI-DSI, audio I/O, USB 3/0 OTG, and 2x USB 2/0 host ports. For expansion, there is a mini-PCIe slot with an optional 4G module and SIM slot, as well as a 4-lane PCIe connector and 96Boards EE 40-pin low- and 60-pin high-speed slots. Vamrs uses OS images from its partner Rockchip, which include a dual-boot Fedora 17/Android 8/1 and a beta version of Debian Stretch.


Ash - Thanks for the explanation. Why is the 1 Gbps limit on the Ethernet cable?

Connect your ethernet to the LAN port of the modem. Occasionally, it will be labeled WAN. This port is used to connect your router to your modem and then to the outside world. Local area network (LAN) ports are used to connect to local devices. Connect one Ethernet cable to your modem and the other to the WAN port on your router.


Is WiFi or ethernet better for gaming

Current devices and routers can support WPA3, but it’s optional. For a Wi-Fi 6 device to receive certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, WPA3 is required, so most Wi-Fi 6 devices are likely to include the stronger security once the certification program launches.

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The local user database is limited to a maximum of 2048 entries at the Security > General page. This database is shared by local management users (which includes lobby ambassadors), net users (which includes guest users), MAC filter entries, Access point authorization list entries, and Exclusion list entries. Together, all of these types of users cannot exceed the configured database size.

The take-away here is Wi-Fi protocol is typically bridged to the Ethernet protocol (whether physical cable is used or not) and this adds another layer. The fact Wi-Fi is another layer on top of your network connection brings us to the pros and cons of this technology.


I spent over a decade using exclusively Wi-Fi for my internet connections and had to deal with bandwidth-hogging, connection issues, and lag on a daily basis. Switching to ethernet eliminated all of those issues and I've never gone back.

Why Might Wi-Fi Be Faster than Ethernet

Of course, you can also add additional access points for WIFI networks. Ironically though, you’ll want to connect them to the network using Ethernet for the same reasons just stated.


It was only last August that PJRC released Teensy 4/0. At that time, the 4/0 became the fastest microcontroller development board on the planet, a title it still holds as of this writing — or, well, not exactly. Today the Teensy 4/1 has been released, and using the same 600 MHz ARM Cortex M7 under the hood, is now also the fastest microcontroller board. What the 4/1 brings to the table is more peripherals, memory, and GPIOs. While Teensy 4/0 used the same small form factor as the 3/2, Teensy 4/1 uses the larger board size of the 3/5/3/6 to expose the extra goodies.

The exact maximum speed of your Ethernet cable depends on the type of Ethernet cable you’re using

Ethernet is a method of linking computers in a local area network or LAN. It’s been the most frequently used method of connecting computers in LANs because of the 1990s. Ethernet is Made by Xerox and collectively developed to the one by Xerox, Intel, and DEC. It adopts the CSMA/CD access management system and can be conformed to IEEE802/3.


A stunningly beautiful and sturdy all-in-one POS terminal with 14" Full HD touchscreen, customer display, high-speed printer, 3D barcode scanner, WiFi Hotspot, Ethernet, HDMI, 4 USB ports and much more. A amazing WiFi enabled payment device and an ideal companion to enforeDasher and any iOS, macOS, Windows10 device running enforePOS.

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Yes, if you have two or more WLCs in your WLAN network, you can configure them for redundancy. Generally, a LAP joins to the configured primary WLC. Once the primary WLC fails, the LAP reboots and joins another WLC in the mobility group. Failover is a feature wherein the LAP polls for the primary WLC and joins the primary WLC once it is functional. Refer to the WLAN Controller Failover for Lightweight Access Points Configuration Example for more information.


Jumping into the deep end with our first pick from the networking giants TP-LINK, the Omada EAP225-Outdoor Wireless Access Point is a heavy-duty outdoor wireless extender to ensure that all your guests or customers have a perfect wireless connection. This dual-band WAP features a 5/8GHz connection to reduce network congestion and interference.

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Every generation of computer technology spawns both new promise and new problems. When the first universities allowed users to connect to powerful mainframes, unruly students found ways of accessing other student’s information to play pranks on each other, requiring the creation of password protection and access rights.


Versa Technology 2021 Update Is Ethernet Cabling Still Better Than WIFI? Comments Feed

Like wired, you need compatible equipment at both ends of the connection. For Wi-Fi, that generally means a protocol will be automatically selected based on the capabilities of both endpoints and the quality of the wireless signal.

Make Your DSL Faster – Combine It with Another Connection

Built by Arrow Electronics, Qualcomm’s 96Boards CE compliant DragonBoard 410c was one of the first 64-bit ARM hacker SBCs, in this case showcasing Qualcomm’s quad-core -A53 Snapdragon 410. At 85 x 54mm, the SBC is about the same size as the Raspberry Pi, but offers 96Boards-compliant, 40-pin low-speed and 60-pin high-speed connectors. There’s no Ethernet port, but you get WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI, microSD, and three USB ports. The SBC supports Android 5/1, Debian 8/0, and Windows 10 IoT Core. The rumored DragonBoard 600c model built around the Snapdragon 600 has yet to materialize.


Ethernet vs Wi-Fi: Is Wired Connection really better

The Qualcomm-backed DragonBoard 410c and the now defunct HiKey were the first 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) SBCs and the first 64-bit ARM hacker SBCs. The 85 x 54mm, Snapdragon 410 driven SBC has dropped in price a bit to $67/50 at Arrow. The SBC lacks an Ethernet port, but you get WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI, microSD, 3x USB ports, and the 96Boards 40-pin low-speed and 60-pin high-speed connectors. The SBC supports Android 5/1, Debian 8/0, and Windows 10 IoT Core. Arrow’s newer DragonBoard 820c CE Extended SBC based on the high-end Snapdragon 820E sells for $442/53 — far beyond our $200 limit. In 2021, Arrow announced three other 96Boards CE Extended SBCs. The $130, STM32MP1-based Avenger96 appears to be discontinued.

Can I perform EAP authentication locally on the WLC? Is there any document that explains this Local EAP feature?


I have a MAC-filtered WLAN and a completely open WLAN in my network. Does the client choose the open WLAN by default? Or does the client automatically associate with the WLAN ID that is set on the MAC filter? Also, why is there an "interface" option on a MAC filter?

Passive clients are wireless devices, such as scales and printers that are configured with a static IP address. These clients do not transmit any IP information such as IP address, subnet mask, and gateway information when they associate with an access point. As a result, when passive clients are used, the controller never knows the IP address unless they use the DHCP.


The Telstra 5G WiFi (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=4339) Pro offers 30 simultaneous WiFi connections, support for WiFi 6, and an ethernet port for wired gigabit speeds (your domain name). The 4,500mAh battery lasts up to 9 hours, and the device weighs a light 200g.

Difference between Serial Transmission and Parallel Transmission

The Nokia WiFi Beacon serves as a WiFi beacon for your home or office but can also create a mesh in case you have two or three of them. It can also serve as a router if you have a preset Ethernet in your office or home. One Beacon 3 is enough to create a stable WiFi on the area of up to 185 m2, but generally, it will be great for larger apartments. My apartment is divided by thick cap walls made out of reinforced concrete, and one beacon provides a stable WiFi in the most distant room. This is something that the router provided by my carrier couldn’t do. Also, thanks to Beacon 3, I finally managed to achieve close to 140 Mbps speed in the home. That happened when I had only my 7/2 connected, and the speed will drop depending on the number of active devices. The maximum number of connected devices is more than 30. Anyway, the router that the operator gave me could deliver close to 90 Mbps over WiFi, and almost full speed when connected over ethernet cable.


Does Ethernet affect WiFi speed

Arrow’s Qualcomm-backed DragonBoard 410c was one of the first 64-bit ARM hacker SBCs, in this case showcasing Qualcomm’s quad-core -A53 Snapdragon 410. At 85 x 54mm, the 96Boards CE compliant SBC is about the same size as the Raspberry Pi. There’s no Ethernet port, but you get WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI, microSD, 3x USB ports, and the 96Boards 40-pin low-speed and 60-pin high-speed connectors. The SBC supports Android 5/1, Debian 8/0, and Windows 10 IoT Core. In March, Arrow announced a 96Boards CE Chameleon96 SBC that runs Linux on an Intel Cyclone V ARM/FPGA SoC, and offers WiFi, BT, and quantum-resistant security. There’s still no pricing or availability, however.

The high power long range P2P wireless invisible ethernet bridge is made up of two antennas one for Side A and other for Side B. To ensure that Ethernet Bridge works well at the highest speed, you must install antennas facing each other with the direct line of sight without interference from buildings, rocks or trees. The long-range WiFi antennas have come to the users rescue for they can boost your signals to several miles. These antennas are affordable and this technology can withstand rain and wind.


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No, the WLC 4400 does not forward IP subnet broadcasts from the wired side to the wireless clients across the EoIP tunnel. This is not a supported feature. Cisco does not support tunneling of subnet broadcast or multicast in guest access topology. Since the guest WLAN forces the client point of presence to a very specific location in the network, mostly outside the firewall, tunneling of subnet broadcast can be a security problem.

The LWAPP/CAPWAP allows for dynamic redundancy and load balancing. For example, if you specify more than one IP address for option 43, an LAP sends LWAPP/CAPWAP discovery requests to each of the IP addresses that the AP receives.


If you need an uninterrupted, stable connection you probably want to plug in. Wi-Fi is highly affected by interference from other devices, electrical components, thick walls, furniture, and more. Such is not the case with Ethernet. As long as the cable gets to your device, less factors will get in the way of you reaching the network.

Today we are here to clear all doubts and help you decide what best suits your needs

But routers aren’t something we replace that often, so you might want to consider picking one that’ll be compatible with WiFi 6 when it comes. The TP-Link Deco 6 provides super-fast speeds to up to 150 devices, which is one of the hallmarks of the next-generation WiFi 6 standard. It comes with three stations, and at this price is actually cheaper than some mesh systems without WiFI 6. Reviewers note that the included ethernet cable is a bit short and that the app isn’t quite as easy to use as some others, but speed and ease of setup are both said to be excellent. In addition, it’s compatible with Alexa if you’re invested in Amazon’s smart home ecosystem.


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Web Authentication is supported on all Cisco WLCs. Web authentication is a Layer 3 authentication method used to authenticate users with simple authentication credentials.

Teensy 4/0 had surface-mount pads for additional I/O. The Teensy 4/1 moves these to the additional through-hole pads the longer board makes available.


This setting is one of the client exclusion policies. The client exclusion is a security feature on the controller. The policy is used to blacklist clients in order to prevent illegal access to the network or attacks to the wireless network.

WPA3 security is designed to help prevent that. Rather than relying on shared passwords, WPA3 signs up new devices through processes that don’t require the use of a shared password.


Is roaming dependent on the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) mode that the Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) is configured to use? Can a WLC that operates in Layer 2 LWAPP mode perform Layer 3 roaming?

The output of this command also gives the LAP name. However, this method is only possible when your AP is powered up and connected to the switch.


With WiFi disabled using a gigabyte Ethernet connection I on average 280 Mbps down with 117 up

PoE extenders allow you to extend boost signals beyond the reach of the 100m cable standard. Network extender kits allow you to add other networks with the same ease. And VDSL2 SFP Modems allow you to connect Ethernet and Coax instantly, so regardless of the types of networks you need to connect, you can have things up and running in minutes on wired ethernet networks.

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We want everything to just work, with minimal effort. This is understandable and a very human attribute.


Ethernet is more reliable than Wi-Fi. Due to the nature of how data is transferred across each of these connection types, ethernet is just better. Wi-Fi transmits data via radio waves which is why it is wireless, but unfortunately, radio waves can be interfered with in several ways and there are few ways to protect from this. That means Wi-Fi is more susceptible to data loss, lag, and connectivity issues.

Note: Mobility anchor must not be configured for Layer 3 mobility. The mobility anchor is used only for guest tunneling.


Serial transmission vs parallel transmission

Next to Connections, you can click on the name of the WiFi or Ethernet network to bring up the status info dialog for the current connection. Here you can see how long you have been connected, the signal quality for WiFi networks, the network speed, etc. You can also disable the connection and diagnose the connection if there is a problem.

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Controller software releases 4/1 through 5/1 support both asymmetric and symmetric mobility tunneling. Controller software release 5/2 or later support only symmetric mobility tunneling, which is now always enabled by default.


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ASUS has many devices in its Lyra family: ASUS Lyra AC2200, ASUS Lyra Trio, ASUS Lyra Mini, and ASUS Lyra voice. You can see a comparison between most of these devices, here: ASUS Lyra vs. ASUS Lyra Trio vs. ASUS Lyra Mini: Price, performance, and features!

They may say that other factors could be causing the problem, like poor WiFi signal. But if you’ve already tried our methods to solve common internet speed issues (like switching to Ethernet), the problem is likely to be something else.


It’s like the Navajo code talkers back in World War II who used codes while speaking a language no one else in the world understood. Even if a third party could pick up the radio signals, it wouldn’t make any sense to them. Even if they also happened to speak Navajo, they’d have to know the additional code structure underneath that to understand what the message actually meant.

Now that you have solved the Ethernet vs Wi-Fi conundrum, enjoying your internet connection is only a matter of making the right choice for your needs. All we can say is most of you can live more than happy with a Wi-Fi connection. More demanding users might think otherwise, though.


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Generally, interface on the WLC has multiple parameters associated with it, which includes the IP address, default-gateway (for the IP subnet), primary physical port, secondary physical port, VLAN tag, and DHCP server. When LAG is not used, each interface is usually mapped to a physical port, but Multiple interfaces can also be mapped to a single WLC port. When LAG is used, the system dynamically maps the interfaces to the aggregated port channel. This helps in port redundancy and load balancing. When a port fails, the interface is dynamically mapped to the next available physical port, and LAPs are balanced across ports.

Ookla Speedtest is the most popular way to test your WiFi speed and you won’t even have to download it. Whenever your Wifi speed is dropped, just visit the link below, and click on ‘Begin Test’ to find out more about your upload and download speed (go right here), as well as get some additional info about your WiFi (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=6189). By using this software, you can determine if the issue is caused by your WiFi router or internet provider, by plugging out your router and connect your PC with an ethernet cable to your modem and then run the test again.


The AirPort Express, when connected to an Ethernet network, is designed to act as a wireless access point, like the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. It supports 50 networked users and can be used to extend the range of an existing network.

Wi-Fi is what most people use in the modern age of mobility. There are obvious reasons to go with a wireless connection, but some may prefer living without its limitations. Let’s go over what Wi-Fi can offer and what its drawbacks are.


8 steps to improve the WiFi speed on an ASUS router or Lyra mesh system

As mentioned earlier in this post, there is nothing much difference between the patch and Ethernet cables. You can define the Ethernet as a protocol which determines the way of the information that transfers between two systems. On the other side, the patch cables are nothing but the basic copper Ethernet wires. The RCA, HDMI cords that connect to your Television systems also can be narrated as the patch cables.

Ethernet is still the backbone that underpins modern local and wide area networks, remaining the fastest and most reliable method of communication between devices on computer networks. It can also be used to help extend the range of other output devices, like HDMI, as well as provide power to devices using Power over Ethernet.


Hence for the Cat5e specifications, they design it with a 100 MHz bandwidth that allowed up to 1 Gbps. You can try to push higher frequencies, but you will get very bad signalling and won't get higher throughput. So in a sense, the 1 Gbps limit is due to certain crosstalk & interference design specs.

Ethernet vs Wi Fi stock photo

To paint a picture, Cable Matters 160021 Ethernet patch cable guarantees fast speed since it offers a bandwidth of up to 550 MHz and allows for speeds of up to 10 Gbps. The Mediabridge FBA_31-299-100B is a Cat6 LAN cable that is in the same boat as it also offers 550MHz of bandwidth and 10Gbps speed.


When sent in an Access-Accept, along with a Termination-Action value of RADIUS-Request, the Session-Timeout attribute specifies the maximum number of seconds of service provided before re-authentication. In this case, the Session-Timeout attribute is used to load the ReAuthPeriod constant within the Reauthentication Timer state machine of 802/1X.

Auto-anchor mobility (or guest WLAN mobility) is used to improve load balancing and security for roaming clients on your wireless LANs (WLANs). Under normal roaming conditions, client devices join a WLAN and are anchored to the first controller that they contact. If a client roams to a different subnet, the controller to which the client roams sets up a foreign session for the client with the anchor controller. With the use of the auto-anchor mobility feature, you can specify a controller or set of controllers as the anchor points for clients on a WLAN.


Wireless connectivity is convenient; there's no doubt about it. It's made my life and many students' lives easier by being able to work anywhere. With wireless capabilities being ported to mobile devices and phones, it's made things cheaper and more economical for student budgets.

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It includes the same specifications, features, and ports included with the AirPort Extreme, but adds an internal 2–3 TB hard drive to facilitate system backups. Using Apple's Time Machine backup software, the Time Capsule captures hourly images of files that are altered, condensing older images to save space.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) can transmit electricity to devices. This means that installing a camera outside wouldn’t necessarily require an electrical outlet. The same Ethernet cable that transmits data can also keep the camera powered. And even if there is an electrical outlet nearby, it could be saved for other uses.


Inherently less secure than Ethernet cable. Your data, now transported over the air, could be hacked, although not that likely. Far more likely is your Internet connection being used by someone who is not supposed to.

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Note: Layer 2 mode is supported only by the Cisco 410x and 440x Series of WLCs and the Cisco 1000 Series access points. Layer 2 LWAPP is not supported by the other Wireless LAN controller and Lightweight Access Point platforms.


I’ve thrown the name “ethernet” around a lot, but what is ethernet and how does ethernet work? Ethernet is really just a name for a Local Area Network (LAN) and it is commonly used to refer to the cables used to connect your device to your network.

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Guest networks can also be initiated from AirPort Utility, offering a way to create a secondary network to avoid handing out Wi-Fi passwords. The software is also used to restart or restore base stations and for updating firmware. Apple regularly updates AirPort Utility, adding additional functionality.


Note: In order to access ARP and User Idle Timeout on the WLC GUI, go to the Controller menu. Choose General from the left-hand side to find the ARP and User Idle Timeout fields.

The easy-to-use nature of this extender does not come at the cost of performance at all. You’re looking at up to 1200ft of coverage with up to 20 devices connected simultaneously. With two wireless antenna bands, you can expect to see up to 867Mbps down on the higher frequency 5GHz band. For most home networks, you won’t come anywhere near maxing this out. If you’re connecting a large property or a large outdoor space, given you can get power to it, you can purchase multiple extenders and daisy-chain them as a mesh network.


But, honestly, I think there’s something else going on here. I think your expectations might be incorrect.

In that case, one great idea is to connect all your mesh WiFi hubs through Ethernet cables

Security is undoubtedly the best feature Ethernet has to offer compared to Wi-Fi. The data sent via Ethernet can only be accessed by the sender and the receiver of the data at the both ends of the cable. However, in the case of Wi-Fi, the data is sent through the air, anyone who can crack the encryption has your data. Using open Wi-Fi in places like Train stations, coffee shops is not at all secure and pose a great threat to your security.


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We're discontinuing the Apple AirPort base station products. They will be available through Apple.com, Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last," said an Apple spokesperson.

Configure ap ethernet duplex speed

Gaming routers also offer additional features such as download and upload speed limitations and customizable settings that could help you reduce the lag in your games. Some of the more high-end routers now come with their own processors, RAM, and storage and essentially function as fully-fledged computers in their own right, automatically picking the best settings for you and making sure you have a lag-free experience.


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Another major difference is that, in REAP mode, data traffic can only be bridged locally. It cannot be switched back to the central office, but, in H-REAP mode, you have the option to switch the traffic back to the central office. Traffic from WLANs configured with H-REAP local switching is switched locally. Data traffic from other WLANs is switched back to the central office.

In the GUI, go to Security > AAA > Password Policies. This page has a series of options that can be selected in order to enforce a strong password.


After much consideration over this, I obviously see the upsides to wireless - allowing mobility, flexibility and convenience of working anywhere, but the downsides just don't even it out. I don't particularly want to sit in a public place, check my bank balance and have someone over the other side of the room saving and analysing every bit of network traffic I send and receive.

In the war of Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet, there are many plot elements which form the deciding factors in choosing one over the another. Some of the conditional factors are interference, medium type/standard, device type, convenience etc.


We installed the firmware version 3/0.0/4.382/20208 on all the Lyra hubs and then used our laptop to measure the speed of our connection to the internet, using SpeedTest. We recorded all the results and calculated the average speed for each room. We then created an Ethernet backhaul, and connected all the Lyras, using CAT6 Ethernet cables. We repeated the same measurements in all rooms, with SpeedTest, recorded the results, and then compared them with what we got when using a WiFi backhaul for ASUS Lyra.

Wi-Fi vs Ethernet: LAN

Each of those devices’ speeds won’t necessarily be faster than what they can reach today on a high-quality network, but they’re more likely to maintain those top speeds even in busier environments. You can imagine this being useful in a home where one person is streaming Netflix, another is playing a game, someone else is video chatting, and a whole bunch of smart gadgets — a door lock, temperature sensors, light switches, and so on — are all checking in at once.


The WLC updates its database with the provided client details; the client then goes through the reauthentication process, if necessary. The new LAP with which the client is currently associated is also updated along with other details in the database of the WLC. This way, the client IP address is retained across roams between WLCs, which helps to provide seamless roaming.

Why is My Wi-Fi Speed Slower than Ethernet? Why You Really Want that Wired Connection

Ethernet is the common standard for wired connections to computer networks. Devices using an Ethernet connection make use of a specific type of twisted electrical cable to connect with, send and receive data with other networked devices, as well as gain access to wider networks like the internet.


Different Ethernet cables are backward-compatible, meaning they should work with each other. Networks using a mix of Ethernet cabling standards will only be able to transmit and receive data at the upper limit of the lowest-rated cable, however.

Overall, you’ll just need one of the supported devices, a high speed internet connection, and a way to get the signal to your device. Most people use WiFi signals that are built into their device, but if your chosen set top box doesn't have wireless capabilities you will have to use an ethernet cord to plug it into the modem or router that you use to receive your internet connection.


There are other external factors that may add some latency, but reducing that ping by milliseconds using an Ethernet connection should make a difference. This is why gamers often buy expensive mice, keyboards, and other accessories with very small latency. Using Ethernet is part of the lag reduction equation.

Once you are connected to two different sources, all you have to do is use the Speedify app. Speedify takes care of bonding the 2 connections. You will immediately notice how much faster your Internet works.


To begin with, we can see the most common ethernet speed — 100 Mbps — is already faster than three of the Wi-Fi maximums. Gigabit ethernet is faster than those plus one more. If your wireless devices are only capable of speeds that are slower than your wired connection, you’re done: your wired connection will be faster almost by definition.

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Fast SSID Changing allows clients to move between SSIDs. When the client sends a new association for a different SSID, the client entry in the controller connection table is cleared before the client is added to the new SSID. When Fast SSID Changing is disabled, the controller enforces a delay before clients are allowed to move to a new SSID. For information on how to enable Fast SSID Changing, refer to the Configuring Fast SSID Changing section of the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7/0.116/0.

It’s no mystery that interference can make it hard to get and stay on a wireless network. As more devices come online due to the exploding Internet of Things (IoT), this may even become more of a challenge in the near future.


Install the newest drivers and firmware on devices connected to the WET54G or WET11B. This guideline is especially important for JetDirect Printers because earlier firmware versions cause problems with DHCP.

Mobility and data messages are usually exchanged through EtherIP packets. IP protocol 97 must be allowed on the firewall to allow EtherIP packets. If you use ESP to encapsulate mobility packets, you have to permit ISAKMP through the firewall when you open UDP port 500. You also have to open the IP protocol 50 to allow the encrypted data to pass through the firewall.


I'm not sure what "the internet capacity" in your computer means to you. It could mean your internal ethernet/wifi card speed specifications, or it might mean what your home's router/cable modem's speed is. A third option might be your internet service supplier's upload download speeds are. Search Google for Internet Speed Test. This will show you what the actual combined system (your equipment plus the ISP equipment) speed is.

There is no separate EAP type setting on the WLC. For Light EAP (LEAP), EAP Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling (EAP-FAST), or Microsoft Protected EAP (MS-PEAP), just configure IEEE 802/1x or Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) (if you use 802/1x with WPA). Any EAP type that is supported on the RADIUS back end and on the client is supported via the 802/1x tag. The EAP setting on the client and RADIUS server must match.


NAS setups allow for you to store all your content in a central location, say, a hard drive array in an office or closet, which then sends content throughout your home via Ethernet connections. Speaking of Ethernet, the Dune HD Max is currently a 10/100 Mbit device, which is good enough for HD video streaming, but isn’t as fast as today’s best routers, which are capable of Gigabit speeds. While the Dune HD Max does not feature any sort of WiFi built-in capability, it is possible to convert it to a WiFi-enabled device by sacrificing one of its USB ports to add an external WiFi stick. Regardless of how you choose to connect the Dune HD Max to your network for the purposes of streaming content, connecting it to the Internet will allow you to access many of its Internet browsing, IPTV, BitTorrent and radio applications. Sorry, but there is currently no support for services like Netflix, Pandora, CinemaNow etc, although rumor has it that this isn’t the fault of the Dune HD Max or the folks at Dune HD. However, VUDU has been confirmed to be making its way onto the Dune HD Max in a future firmware update.

Wi-Fi 6 will start arriving on high-end phones this year, though. Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor, the Snapdragon 855, includes support for Wi-Fi 6, and it’s destined for the next wave of top-of-the-line phones. The Snapdragon 855’s inclusion doesn’t guarantee that a phone will have Wi-Fi 6, but it’s a good sign: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is one of the first phones with the new processor, and it supports the newest generation of Wi-Fi.


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Yes, the LAP does de-register from WLC1, reboot, and then re-registers with WLC2, if WLC1 fails. Because the LAP reboots, the associated WLAN clients lose the connectivity to the rebooting LAP. For related information, refer to AP Load Balancing and AP Fallback in Unified Wireless Networks.

An Ethernet switch is wired to the router and functions as a central station by connecting the other wired network devices. It allows internet access to each of your devices.


Alternative Uses for Ethernet

This is because Ethernet is almost always faster than the same router's Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, it makes no difference how close or how far you are from your router. As long as your Ethernet cable reaches, you will experience little to no performance degradation.

The actual speed a single connection can manage is influenced by a number of factors. The closest to the machine is the link speed of the network interface. For a wired connection such as Ethernet this will be something like 100Mbit if you are unlucky and more likely it will be 1Gb, 10Gbit or higher. Wired Network links are quite good at determining the speed actually available on the physical medium. Wireless links have a lot of factors that influence their speeds; you will probably see a link speed from 54Mbit with 80211g all the way up to a gigabit or more with WiFi 6.


Last night, myself and my friend Dan were sat in the pub, discussing many-a-topic from skinny-jean wearing teenagers to networking. You can probably guess what got me more interested. Through the drunkenness and arguing, we came to a sound conclusion that wired connectivity won't be overtaken any time soon by wireless technology.

However, that does not necessarily mean that WiFi is better for you. Your use case may specifically require you to use an ethernet connection for performance reasons. So, how do WiFi and Ethernet compare?