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Back to the Future fans were recently debating why Marty's father didn't notice that his son looked a lot like his wife's old flame - even though for all we know he totally did and was quietly marinating in his own anger waiting for The Maury Povich Show to hit the air. But there's a way bigger plot hole in the sequel. After stealing Marty's sports almanac and gifting it to his past self, Biff returns the Delorean to 2021. But, as Doc later explains, Biff should have travelled to an alternate future, along the new timeline in which Biff runs a casino and has somehow extended the Vietnam War by a decade.


Each automotive radar simulation has three fundamental components: these are the ego vehicle, actors, and the scene. The scene refers to all the stationary objects such as the road, trees, and streetlights, whereas the actors are all the moving objects such as pedestrians and vehicles. The ego vehicle is the vehicle with the mounted radar. Using HFSS SBR+, a full-scale radar scene was modelled. The scene included an asphalt road, pedestrians, vehicles, street signs, and street lights.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have recently been thrust into the spotlight in the automotive industry as carmakers and technology companies pursue effective active safety systems and fully autonomous vehicles. Various sensors such as lidar (light detection and ranging), radar (radio detection and ranging), ultrasonic, and optical cameras are employed to provide situational awareness to vehicles in a highly dynamic environment. Radar has emerged as a primary sensor technology for both active/passive safety and comfort-advanced driver-assistance systems. Physically building and testing radar systems to demonstrate reliability is an expensive and time-consuming process. Simulation emerges as the most practical solution to designing and testing radar systems. This paper provides a complete, full physics simulation workflow for automotive radar using finite element method and asymptotic ray tracing electromagnetic solvers. The design and optimization of both transmitter and receiver antennas is presented. Antenna interaction with vehicle bumper and fascia is also investigated. A full physics-based radar scene corner case is modelled to obtain high-fidelity range-Doppler maps. Finally, this paper investigates the effects of inclined roads on late pedestrian detection and the effects of construction metal plate radar returns on false target identification.


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To meet design specifications, engineers need to account for antenna packaging, bumper, and facia effects on the overall radar sensor performance. If the radar sensor cannot meet the required specifications, automotive radar companies estimate the cost of repeating the packaging at around $1 million per cycle . Furthermore, package redesign can lead to delays in the vehicle launch itself, leading to huge losses for the carmakers. Additionally, unaccounted platform and packaging effects during vehicle operation can cause accidents, loss of life, and disastrous liability issues for carmakers.

Due to a multitude of radar corner cases and operating situations, it is both expensive and time consuming to build and test radar systems. Simulation is the only practical approach as it allows the radar sensor designer to develop and test radar sensors in a short space of time. Entire products can be designed, tested, and optimized in simulation before a single fabrication cycle begins, thus reducing development cost, improving reliability, and significantly reducing the time to market. Antenna design, antenna performance on car platform, radar system, and corner case testing are the key areas of interest in radar system development. Radar scene and corner case testing are typically done via fabrication and field testing. A reason for this is the extremely large electrical size of radar scenes (usually hundreds of billions of cubic wavelengths in size at 77 GHz) that make it impractical for simulation with finite element method- (FEM-) based electromagnetic solvers.


Intelligent transportation systems are already used for controlling light rail and subway trains, making it possible for more cars to be on the tracks during rush hour without risk of accidents. Beyond managing traffic in mass transit systems, improved sensor technology and analytics allow operators to perform more predictive maintenance, detecting and addressing potential component failures before they actually occur. By collecting, channeling, and intelligently evaluating data, officials will be able to improve service and maintenance processes, as well as safety, in the rail sector.

The next part of the train, intermediate rolling, is usually done with a vibratory roller as well and must be accomplished immediately after the initial rolling is completed. When a pneumatic tire roller is used as an intermediate roller, it is necessary to keep the tires at the same temperature as the mat being compacted — otherwise the rubber tires will pick up some of the mix from the mat. So when using a pneumatic roller, don’t allow the roller to sit and wait for long periods of time as the tires will cool.


Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket, $45/78 — Give the gift of warmth and coziness this holiday season with the help of this heated throw blanket. This super soft blanket is reversible, with one side featuring sherpa and the other side mink. It also includes three heat settings so you can choose the right warmth for you, and it will automatically turn off after three hours, allowing for peace of mind.

In a brief moment earlier in the film, we overhear a momentary snippet of Zara's phone conversation and she's planning her wedding. Imagine if the original Jurassic Park included a scene where that slimy lawyer showed everyone pictures of his adorable newborn hours before dying on the toilet.


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Microwave networks rely on line-of-sight transmissions—a microwave dish has to be able to see the dish it’s communicating with. The Earth’s curvature forces traders to relay their signals from towers that are typically spaced every few dozen miles. Tall spots that see farther can stretch those distances; some firms are licensed to use antennas atop the Willis Tower (née Sears), Chicago’s tallest building.

The CME data center owned by CyrusOne sits on the southwestern corner of an intersection just south of an Interstate 88 exit. Most of the wireless dishes belonging to traders are on three tall towers kitty-corner from the center. New Line, McKay, and DRW, by getting just a few hundred feet closer, have a measurable advantage. McKay says its system can zing a trade from Aurora to Carteret, or Carteret to Aurora, in 4 milliseconds, roughly a hundredth of the time it takes a major-league fastball to reach home plate.


From Antenna Design to High Fidelity, Full Physics Automotive Radar Sensor Corner Case Simulation

The vehicles were predominantly modelled as perfect electrical conductors (PEC). Pedestrians were modelled using a single material dry skin human model [37, 38] where the relative dielectric constant and conductivity are εr = 6/6 and σ = 38/38 S/m, respectively. Table 1 shows the radar properties. Figure 10 shows a fully parametrized, to scale model of a radar scene that will be analyzed in HFSS SBR+. The ego vehicle is represented by the transmit and receive antenna patterns that were obtained in the previous chapter, which include the fascia, bumper, and packaging interaction effects. These antenna patterns were imported into this scene for the radar analysis.

The company told the mayor it wanted to move its headquarters from another Illinois town to a patch of vacant Aurora land near the CME data center. There was a catch: Scientel would bring its 50 jobs and their $100,000-a-year average salaries only if Aurora let it build a 195-foot-tall communications tower on the site.


While the verdict is still out as to whether or not this methodology has proven successful in the long term, it is the best option aside from replacing the block altogether. An innumerable amount of 53 block owners have simply lived with the problem until they were either able to swap engines or get rid of the truck. Operating a truck with a slightly cracked 53 block is by no means a death sentence, but it does warrant keeping a close eye on the water temp gauge, the engine’s coolant level, and periodically checking to see if the crack has worsened.

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The Star Wars saga is full of memorable death scenes; from Darth Vader's tearful goodbye to his son, to Obi Wan deciding he'd be much happier as a naked ghost, to Padme passing away for medically spurious reasons. Well it turns out there were a few major deaths in the sequel trilogy that you may not have even noticed, either because you were reaching for a handful of popcorn at the time or possibly because you were busy rage-Tweeting from the bathroom.

Yoon used a camera system to measure railroad bridge displacement during train crossings

CyrusOne representatives pressed the point to Aurora aldermen. At a meeting in November 2021, the City Council voted 7 to 3 to deny Scientel its tower.


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Two unsettled questions dominate the thousands of pages filed in federal court: Would the Scientel tower in fact interfere with CyrusOne’s? And what motivated Scientel to place its tower on that particular spot?

References and models for TR-MAGNET manual cutters

In a weedy field 35 miles west of Chicago squats a tidy red-brick building with a peaked roof, about the size of a one-car garage. Against the eastern wall, reaching just above the roofline, are poles equipped with small dish antennas that send microwave signals to and gather them from financial markets on the East Coast. At the same time, the site communicates via subterranean cable with an enormous steel (useful link)-and-glass building across the street.


While this isn’t necessarily a fatal flaw, it is disappointing for Cummins owners that transitioned from older, mechanical engines into newer common-rail models (’03-present). Instead of having to worry about an injector rebuild every once in a blue moon (and on the cheap), many owners are shelling out $2,000 to $3,000 every 140,000 miles for new injectors.

Aurora isn’t a small town—with a population of 200,000, it’s Illinois’s second-largest city after Chicago—but it has that feel, with century-old buildings and an overhead train trestle winding through downtown. Condos and restaurants have sprouted around the grandiloquent 87-year-old Paramount Theatre and an 8,500-seat concert venue along the Fox River. Irvin thought Aurora could do even better, and in particular it could be getting more value from the fiber-optic ring the city built over the past decade on land around the I-88 interchange near the data center. The land was undeveloped, and only about 5 percent of the ring’s capacity was in use.


In the first, or upper, temperature zone, the asphalt concrete mix is relatively stable during the compaction process. This stability extends from laydown temperature (300° F) down to roughly 240° F during which the mix remains stable and can support compaction – the mix won’t shove or check under the roller.

In an October memo, Highway Surveyor Scott Crisafulli said the construction could begin as soon as mid-summer. The Green International report indicated traffic would alternate over a single one-way lane during construction.


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Microwave transmissions can become garbled or be blocked altogether when two entities send data over the same electromagnetic frequencies or when something—a mountain, say, or a skyscraper—blocks a network path. Part of the problem in determining whether Scientel’s tower would interfere is that it doesn’t yet exist, and CyrusOne’s tower, though it’s standing, doesn’t yet have any antennas on it.

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Compared with passive safety systems such as airbags that only deploy after a crash, active safety systems are constantly monitoring the vehicle’s environment and can automatically control the vehicle to avoid a collision . Various sensor technologies are used to map the immediate environment of the vehicle while also providing it with its position and velocity in relation to other vehicles on the road. Optical cameras [4–7], lidar, radar, and ultrasonic sensors are the most widely used sensors. Optical cameras can provide high-definition images; however, they are expensive, require significant computer processing, and cannot provide range information. Lidar systems can provide high-resolution, 3D images. On the other hand, lidar systems are expensive and are adversely affected by vehicle vibration and by weather conditions such as rain and snow. Lidar systems are also limited to observation of “first bounce” objects and cannot detect obscured objects. Ultrasonic sensors are low cost, can operate in the dark, and are not affected by the color of targets; however, they have very limited range, typically below 10 meters. While the car of the future will most likely have all these sensors, radar has emerged as a clear front runner in automotive active safety sensors. This is because radar is inexpensive, robust, can detect the presence of obscured objects, and can simultaneously provide the range and velocity of multiple targets without being adversely affected by weather and lighting conditions .


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Bridge traffic: What will be carried on the bridge? The type of traffic, such as bikes and pedestrians, heavy rail, light rail, vehicular traffic, water, airplanes, oil/gas, and mining trucks will determine the technical and functional design criteria for the bridge. For example, a bridge carrying heavy rail traffic over a highway will require the bridge to be designed by AREMA codes (AREMA, 2021) and Railroad Grade Separation Guidelines (BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railway, 2007) but also satisfy the state design manuals for highway safety features for pier and abutments located underneath.


Results from Figures 14 and 15 demonstrate the need for techniques that mitigate the radar return reduction. For a vehicle travelling at 22 mph (10 m/s), it typically takes 14 meters from the moment brakes are applied to come to a complete stop. Therefore, early detection of a target beyond the slope horizon may prevent accidents or pedestrian fatalities. A proposed early detection technique is to tilt the radar sensor in the elevation plane to compensate for the upward gradient. The idea is for the antennas to “look” down when the vehicle is looking up. By using multiple TX antennas that are staggered in the elevation, beam scanning can be achieved using phase shifting. The beam scanning system would be connected to a gyroscope or slope detection sensor. To test the effectiveness of this system, a compensation angle γ of rotation along the elevation plane was added to both the TX and RX antennas. This angle was varied until peak radar returns were obtained. Figure 16 shows the range-Doppler map for a radar system with a slope compensation tilting system. As seen from Figure 16, by tilting the radar system, the previously invisible pedestrian can now be detected.


The final roller in the train is a static steel wheel roller for finish rolling. The primary purpose of finish rolling is to obtain the “last little bit" of density and to remove the marks, if any, left by the first and second rollers. When needed finish rolling should be accomplished at a mix surface temperature above 175° F. "Only the finish rolling, the last rolling done, should be done in a static mode," Scherocman says.

TR-710 MAGNET manual cutter

Get a bunch of nerds, throw them in a room, add in some weed and a promise to see a real live woman naked and VOILA! I mean, that’s how they did it the first time, ya know?


Radar determines the range and velocity of targets in a given scene by sending modulated electromagnetic pulses and observing the time-delayed reflected signals. Antennas are thus integral components in radar systems as they are responsible for sending and receiving electromagnetic waves. Various antenna designs have been proposed for 77 GHz radar systems. Specifically, slotted waveguide, reflector, lens, and microstrip patch antennas have been developed for automotive radar [22, 23]. However, the microstrip patch antenna has emerged as the leading topology choice due to its simple structure, low profile, ease of integration with systems, and low manufacturing cost . A popular variant of the microstrip patch antenna is the microstrip series-fed patch antenna array [25–28].

Along the way, you’ll need a timing gear housing gasket (for reinstallation) and a metal tab to hold the dowel pin in place. Some folks make their own retaining tab, while others opt for all-inclusive kits like the one from BD Diesel shown below. The BD kit also comes with a new crank seal and retails for $120 to $145, depending on which model year engine you have.


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The blue roller moves toward the center of the mat and makes its passes 5 and 6 directly on top of the red roller’s two passes (red 3 and 4) on the center of the mat. This completes four passes over the center of the mat, two from each roller.


Interested individuals must have HFSS SBR+ to be able to open the files. The authors retain the right to not disclose any information that may be deemed proprietary.

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SAIL and JSW Steel were top gainers on the index soaring by nearly 3% and 2% respectively. Also, Welspun Corp surged nearly 2%.


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All models in the range of TR-MAGNET manual cutters feature a central pivot swivel square for quick and precise measurements of angular cuts in the -45º to 0° to 45° range. The square is completed with a technical plastic lateral stop that allows pieces to be fixed during repetitive cuts.

In a bid to end the gamesmanship, CyrusOne Inc, the Dallas company that owns the CME center, last year erected a 350-foot-tall wireless tower next to the building, closer than any trading firm could otherwise get. The tower was supposed to put everyone on equal footing and make those roadside antennas obsolete by letting all traders have the same very short link to CME. Not coincidentally, the traders would pay rent to CyrusOne—the tower has room for about 35 dishes.


Recently, emphasis has been placed on the salient issues that plague automotive radar systems in a bid to make the systems robust for fully autonomous operation [15–20]. Specifically, researchers have investigated the effects of rain clutter, antenna beam expansion, guardrail detection, algorithms for direction of arrival, and noise filtering for radar systems in tunnels. Although a lot of research has already been done, none of these studies have used full physics simulation to investigate the multitude of possible variations of operating conditions that could affect the normal operation of the radar system.

Relates to The Gazillion-Dollar Standoff Over Two High-Frequency Trading Towers

Using HFSS SBR+, CAD models of the packaged antenna, bumper, and facia were imported and setup as shown in Figure 6. The effects of antenna packaging and integration on vehicles are shown in Figures 7 and 8 for the transmitter and receiver antennas, respectively. This investigation shows that antenna packaging and integration on the vehicle platform can lead to more than 4 dB loss in the realized gain along with a modification of the far-field radiation pattern. The antenna side-lobe level is also increased by more than 6 dB, leading to possible amplification of ground clutter returns.


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As he groans in pain and begs for help, Ripley simply hands him a grenade and walks away. A minute later, we hear an explosion offscreen - at which point, we like to imagine is when he wakes up in cold sweat next to Helen Hunt.

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The natural frequencies of vibration play a major role in determining the impact factors of highway bridges. The dynamic response of bridges under traveling loads is important in the design of highway and railway bridges. The study of vibration of bridges under traveling loads was started in the middle of the nineteenth century when railroad bridge construction began. The problem was studied by several investigators including Krylov, Timoshenko, and Inglis. The problem of vibration of a uniform beam subject to a constant transverse force moving with constant velocity was studied by Krylov in 1905. The solution of a beam subject to a traveling pulsating load was given by Timoshenko in 1908. Inglis (1938) presented a systematic analysis of the vibration of bridges by considering the influence of factors such as moving loads, damping and spring stiffness of the suspension of the locomotive. When a steam locomotive crosses a bridge, the balance weights attached to the driving wheels, for the purpose of minimizing the inertia effects of the reciprocating parts, will cause hammer-blows on the rails that result in the vibration of the bridge. Although hammer-blows will not be present when an electric locomotive crosses a bridge, there will be some vibration, with a smaller amplitude, due to the moving load. Vibration is also caused by the rail joints and track irregularities.


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And there you have it: at just shy of 200,000 miles in just shy of 20 years, the truck keeps on ticking. With the right parts in the right places, we would have no reservations about adding another 100,000 trouble-free miles to this number.


In the beginning, I’m only going to mention that there hasn’t been a total rejection of a sequel to the talks, considering the number of years that have passed. Nobody involved in the projects said that the sequel is definitely not going to happen, with director Shawn Levy also saying that he and Jackman have been working on and hoping for an acceptable sequel to the script.

In the past, the effects of antenna placement and packaging were investigated by fabricating the antenna, packaging it, and placing it behind the facia for measurement. This was a process that required back and forth interaction between the radar sensor manufacturer and the vehicle manufacturer. Indeed, such a process was trial and error and extremely iterative, taking up to nine months in product development. Specifically, a late change in the paint type or facia design of the vehicle would have to be accounted for by building the new vehicle and placing the antenna behind the new platform . Today, simulation has emerged as the most efficient way to investigate the effects of antenna placement and packaging. In simulation, the engineer simply acquires bumper and facia computer-aided designs (CAD) from the vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Using these CAD files, the antenna can be simulated in the exact place where it would be located in normal vehicle operation.


This time it's a view of the interior. It shows a Raptor-like steering wheel center marker and a very large infotainment screen. This appears to be the same white.

Fatal Flaws of the B Series Cummins

Meet Olli, an on-demand driverless vehicle designed to make quick local trips and bring hurrying commuters to transport hubs. You’ll summon the electric-powered Olli with a quick call: If you have a smartphone, you are a bus stop. Created by Local Motors and powered by cognitive learning technology, the bus will be packed with sensors and capable of carrying up to 12 people. Olli has already done a trial run on local private roads around Washington, DC, and is currently appearing at auto shows as part of a world tour.


In almost every aspect of engineering, there exist some corner cases that may or may not have significant consequences. Corner cases represent specific situations that exist outside of normal operation parameters. In automotive radar, the investigation of corner cases is of extreme importance as it can provide engineers with valuable insight into how corner case effects can be mitigated. In the case where automotive radar fails, corner case investigation can possibly tell engineers and investigators alike what may have occurred. Typical examples of corner cases for automotive radar are the effects of guard rails, tunnels, and sensor heating on radar returns. As the vehicle evolves from merely assisting the driver to becoming fully autonomous, the corner case response of all ADAS components will need to be extremely reliable. Simulation is the only practical way to investigate the myriad of potential corner cases.

This little tidbit wasn't revealed until the "extended cut" of the movie - meaning that millions of fans watched an iconic comic book character's murder without even realizing it. According to Snyder, this was his way of having "fun" with the character. Thankfully we were spared a scene in which Krypto is mauled to death in a back alley dog fight.


The operating principle behind radar is that objects reflect incident electromagnetic waves. Radar sensors determine the distance (range) and velocity of objects by emitting electromagnetic signals and waiting for reflected signals. Radar topics have been extensively covered in literature; the interested reader is referred to [14, 34, 35]. All radar systems typically seek to determine some or all the attributes of a target, namely, range, velocity, and direction of arrival (DOA). It is the nature of the emitted electromagnetic signal and the subsequent digital signal processing that differentiates radar systems. Pulsed continuous wave, frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW), stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW), and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) are some variants of radar implementation . A popular implementation of radar in automotive radar is FMCW or linear frequency modulation. In FMCW, the signal is a chirp signal and it is used for range and velocity determination. The chirp is a signal whose frequency linearly increases with time in a transmission cycle. Range is determined by observing the frequency difference between the transmitted signal and the time-delayed reflected signal.

Up and down adjacent roads, trading companies have erected or rented space on more towers and poles, all of them arrayed with white circular dishes. These companies, too, are seeking to cozy up to the CME data center, trying to shave millionths of a second off trades. They save that time by keeping their data in the air, where it travels at maximum speed, for as long as possible. The closer their dishes to the data center, the shorter their underground connections, the speedier their transmissions.


The FEM technique is ideal for electrically small problems typically 1–10λ in size (λ is the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave in the solution space), with complex geometrical variations. This is because FEM discretizes and explicitly solves Maxwell’s equation for the entire solution space. FEM, however, does not scale efficiently with larger problems that are tens to hundreds of wavelengths in size. SBR+ is an asymptotical solver that is ideal for electrically large problems due to its ray tracing and physical optics techniques. SBR+ can solve problems that are tens to tens of thousands of wavelengths in size. Therefore, in this paper, we will leverage the FEM technique to design the electrically small and geometrically complex antenna sensors. SBR+ will then be used to solve for the electromagnetic response of electrically large, full-scale radar scenes (typically billions of cubic wavelengths in size). SBR+ will also be used to determine the installed radiation patterns of the antennas when mounted on the bumper and fascia, which are extremely large at 77 GHz (1 wavelength at 77 GHz is approximately 4 mm).

During 1998, worldwide, about 20 billion tons of aggregate worth about 120 billion Euros were produced (Wellmer and Becker-Platen, 2002). Worldwide demand is estimated to be rising by 4/7% annually (Bleischwitz and Bahn-Walkowiak, 2006).


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In the beginning of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lois Lane travels to Africa to interview a warlord, accompanied by a scruffy young photographer. It turns out that the photographer is actually working with the CIA. When his cover is blown, he's promptly shot in the head. We later found out that this intrepid young lad was actually Jimmy Olsen, whose role in the Superman series has, historically, been that of Superman's best pal and not some random spy who gets his brains blown out.

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Early successes in this integrated area are starting to appear already. Officials in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands, for instance, teamed up with global automotive software supplier Elektrobit to launch WEpods, a project using the EasyMile EZ10 shuttle. Riders hail the driverless shuttle using a smartphone app, and the shuttle runs on a set loop around the campus of the local university. It’s also linked to a nearby rail station.


How to Compact Asphalt Pavements

Although Falcon production ended in the USA in 1969 (which does not include the 1970 1/2 USA model which was based on the mid-sized Fairlane/Torino), Falcons from the XA model onwards were Australian-designed and sold in the Australasia region, Southeast Asia, and South Africa. A few were exported to the UK and Caribbean but not the USA or Canada since they did not meet the DOT safety regulations of the era (locking steering columns were mandated in the USA since the 1970 model year).

Current automotive radar systems are designed at 24 GHz and 77 GHz. The 24 GHz frequency band (24 GHz to 24/25 GHz) has a narrow band (250 MHz) for industrial, scientific, and medical applications. An ultrawide band (UWB) for radar applications exists from 21/65 GHz to 26/65 GHz (5 GHz bandwidth). Recent regulation moves by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) will see the removal of the UWB (21/65–26/65 GHz), leaving only the narrow band (250 MHz). Starting from January 1, 2021, the 24 GHz UWB will no longer be available. On the other hand, the 77 GHz band has a 76- to 77 GHz band for long-range adaptive cruise control (ACC) and 77–81 GHz for high-resolution, short-range radar. Therefore, when compared with 24 GHz, 77 GHz is an attractive option for all future automotive radar systems due to its superior range accuracy, range resolution, velocity accuracy, and velocity resolution. Specifically, due to the higher frequency of operation and larger bandwidth, 77 GHz radar can have up to 20 times better range resolution and 3 times the velocity accuracy of remaining narrowband 24 GHz systems.


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Traders’ quest for the slimmest sliver of advantage is as old as markets. In the 19th century, Reuters used carrier pigeons to speed the delivery of stock prices. More recently, Chicago pit traders donned platform shoes so they could see and be seen better on crowded trading floors. Today, getting an edge is all about the speed of light: 186,282 miles per second.


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By the time Lewis’s book came out, Spread’s technology was essentially obsolete for trading, overtaken by microwave radio transmissions, which can carry data through the air at about 99 percent the speed of light. Microwaves are faster because the glass or plastic in fiber-optic lines slightly impedes signals; air poses less obstruction.


In March 2021, CME sold the building for $131 million to CyrusOne, a real estate investment trust that owns more than 40 such centers and now leases the Aurora site to CME. CyrusOne announced an expansion, then laid plans for its tower, which the Aurora City Council approved in March 2021. The city required CyrusOne to lease traders space on the tower at fair market rates; the intent was to “equalize wireless access to the CME,” the company says in court filings.

Hugh Jackman needs a vehicle for his pretty, gay version of Clint Eastwood, face. His run on Wolverine looks to be over, which isn’t a bad thing because all good things must come to an end, despite Bryan Singer desperately clinging to the franchise so that he can stay relevant. And he needs to stay relevant so that he can rape underaged little boys. It’s a damning cycle of sex, I know. Anyways, with Logan being his swan song, he is free to return to his two loves in life: Real Steel and musicals. I personally hope this film is a combination of the two but I doubt it. HOWEVER, our source(s) tell us that this time the film will feature robots doing mixed martial arts.


Scientel, based 15 miles away in Lombard, Ill, designs, installs, and maintains wireless networks that help municipalities link police departments, medical centers, and other vital facilities. From a new $4/5 million headquarters at the I-88 exit, Scientel proposed to use its tower with Aurora’s fiber-optic ring. The company made little if any public mention of doing any business with traders.

Geometric configuration: The components of surface elements are lanes (pop over to this web-site), shoulders, sidewalks, approaches, and ramps. A typical travel lane is 12 ft wide. For staged construction, it can be less than 12 ft (but not less than 10 ft). The minimum width of a vehicle is 4 ft between wheel centers and generally 6 ft overall.


Additive manufacturing of tool steel by laser metal deposition

Thinking more broadly, a tube network mounted on pylons could crisscross the country within a decade. The goal is to have a fully operational system by 2021.

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Good public transit has many advantages. In 2021, it saved Americans in urban areas 865 million hours in travel time and 450 million gallons of fuel.

As previously mentioned, the antenna design in Figure 2 is a transmitting antenna. An array of 4 transmitting antenna super elements was constructed to create the receiving (RX) antenna. Further side lobe suppression was achieved by excitation amplitude tapering for each of the super elements with normalized voltage excitations of 1 V, 1/73 V, 1/73 V, and 1 V. Figure 4 shows the realized gain and the far-field radiation pattern of the receiving (RX) antenna. Figure 5 shows the return loss of the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna when all the elements are excited.


HFSS SBR+ is a high-frequency asymptotic ray-tracing electromagnetic solver. SBR+ is a physical optics (PO) solver that uses geometrical optics (GO) ray tracing to efficiently solve for electrically large geometries. In SBR+, rays from the antenna source are “shot” into space in all directions, some of these rays exit the computational domain unhindered, whereas some bounce off or through the geometry. Using PO and GO approximations, equivalent surface currents are then “painted” on the geometry. These equivalent surface currents are then radiated to observation points or angles where a summation of all incident and scattered fields is calculated. The process is performed for each of the rays until they either exit the domain or reach their user-defined maximum number of bounces .

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Figure 11 is a range-Doppler map obtained from a full physics simulation. A lot of insight into how the actual radar sensor “views the world” can be obtained from these types of plots. Of interest is how this full physics-based result has been obtained without fabricating a single component. To demonstrate the ray-tracing aspect of this simulation, a visual ray-trace plot was obtained for the scene in Figure 10. The visual ray-trace plot (VRT) shows all the paths taken by the geometric optic rays as they travel from the transmitter to the targets along with the subsequent bounces of these targets. Figure 12 shows a VRT plot for the scene shown in Figure 10.


System-level simulators can provide valuable insight into how the overall system will behave if some parameters change. This is perfect for systems operating under normal conditions; however, non-full physics-based solvers fall short when investigating automotive radar corner cases. At its core, the radar problem is inherently an electromagnetic propagation problem. Therefore, full physics electromagnetic solvers are needed to investigate automotive radar corner cases. In this section, two corner cases and possible mitigation techniques will be presented. The first case investigates terrain slope-induced reduced radar returns and its impact on early target detection. The second case investigates false target detection due to metallic road construction plates. Each of these corner cases represents a situation where full physics simulation of radar scenes can provide potentially lifesaving insight.

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In court, arguments about interference have revolved around dueling scientific analyses that seek to anticipate where data flowing to or from one tower might encroach on data from the other. CyrusOne maintains that the Scientel structure would pose an obvious line-of-sight obstruction, particularly on the lower portion of the CyrusOne tower. If potential clients balk at placing dishes there, it could cost CyrusOne as much as $1/7 million in annual revenue, the company said in a court filing.

For safety reasons, a sidewalk is generally provided on both sides of the roadway. Even during staged construction a provision for temporary pedestrian bridge and utility support is usually required. Sidewalks are elevated by 8 in from the outer edge of the shoulder or the outer edge of the lane (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=3022). For heavy traffic, a safety fence is required. The typical width of a sidewalk is 5 ft.


It’s just sad that the fans have been waiting for nine years now, but looking at the current possibilities for a sequel, I’d say there’s more waiting in store for the fans. Expect no less than the release date of 2021, even if Real Steel (read full article) 2 comes into effect next year or so.

Scientel has said it will equip its Aurora tower with 28 antennas—24 for public safety and municipal use and four for “private” purposes. In court filings, the company has resisted being more specific, saying the names of its customers are proprietary. In the trading community, “everyone is trying to figure out who they are,” says McKay Brothers co-founder Stéphane Tyč. These sorts of riddles are common. When traders started launching microwave networks, they operated in secrecy, seeking to avoid tipping off rivals. Today, they still work through shell companies: Webline Holdings LLC is DRW, World Class Wireless LLC is Jump, and so forth.

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Effects of a dielectric cover, bumper, and facia on the radiation characteristics of the antenna from Section 2 were investigated using HFSS FEM and HFSS SBR+. Specifically, the effects of the dielectric package were accounted for by solving for the entire antenna and dielectric package using HFSS-FEM. Simulating bumper and facia effects can be challenging with an FEM solver due to the electrical size of the problem. At 77 GHz, electromagnetic waves have a wavelength of around 4 mm, thus making a typical vehicle facia and bumper very electrically large when compared with this wavelength. Solving for such a large problem can become computationally expensive and time consuming using finite element method solvers (FEM). Figure 6 shows the simulation workflow from the isolated antenna to the packaged and mounted antenna.


But the CyrusOne tower stands unused, partly because a smaller company, Scientel Solutions LLC, said it planned to build its own tower about 1,000 feet east, which CyrusOne says would obstruct communication to and from the data center. CyrusOne sued to block Scientel’s tower. At the moment, Scientel’s development on its 2/6 acres consists of a construction trailer, a portable toilet, and a pile of metal poles.