I could replace my Butterfree, actually my only pre-Brock teammember not yet in the pensioner's home at this point, with a Venonat and get one for arguably free. I do have a new Oddish and a Weepinbell sitting on the box at this point, which would have been quite delicious options earlier, but with Fire and Psychic gyms coming up. yeah. Could go for another Ponyta, or a second water type like that Tentacruel or an actual level 15 Gyarados. I also don't quite appear to have an Earthquake candidate around - Nidoking and Diglett bore me. I'll try to figure something out, maybe even get rid of the Haunter. Hell, Staryu might just die on me while grinding, or something. I could even rebuild my old team, minus the Hypno.

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AFAIK, Elekid is the best starter. Best movepool (gets all the punches, Cross Chop, Psychic, Volt Tackle > Overheat/Psycho Boost imo), opponent gets a crappy starter (Smoochum can be checkmated by Houndour as early as the first Route 22 battle), and your only problem is say, Earthquake abusers (you'll need water types or surf abusers for this).


Same place where you get Ruby, etc. Enter mt. ember, go right, fight the two rocket grunts.

FireRed v1.1 ActionReplay Codes

I'm presently on a heading for my SS. Anne rival battle and Lt. Surge to follow, hoping the difficulty ramps up as so far its been pretty easy. Surprisingly I'm very high levelled, 30 Whiscash, 29 Grovyle and 27 Magmar, despite having grinded only at the beginning of the game, which likely contributes to the ease of difficulty so far.


You can visit the Seven Seven islands, by going and talking to Celio, but to visit Islands 8 and 9, you must go to Nintendo Events to download Mystic and Aurora Tickets. But please note that once you put in the code, walk through a door, and you will reach the Islands 8/9, but then take out your cheating device to prevent further warps.

Sevii Isles 8 and 9 are locations which are not accessible through normal gameplay in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. However, unlike other similarly-named unreachable areas, they have actual map data.


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Surprisingly enough, Blaziken survived Starmie's Surf and KO'd back with ThunderPunch, so I had to send in Electabuzz as backup. The Houndoom vs. Ninetales stalemate was hilarious though, before Blaine finally got the idea to switch to Solrock.

Don't give your Rival Smoochum for the love of god. That thing hits like a truck and is super fast. You have Elekid, but that's little consolation for the amount of pain this thing brings to you.


What is this serial code on a cartridge

The LN then stands for the type of game, in this case a cartridge. This could be a demo, game boxes, etc.

Pokemon Fire Red Legendary

It can be any combination of letters and numbers, but the same for any one game. So every Ultra Moon cartridge will have 2B.

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Rival has been a chump so far, Magby+Barboach rolled him both times we fought. Brock went down pretty easily between Treecko and Barboach, Barboach's Water Gun as taking most everything out though Vulpix's confusion and sleep was a pain. Misty was as tough as advertised though proper item planning left her relatively easy. Barboach took out the weaker Water types on Misty's team before going down to Seadra. Magmar actually did work when Togetic switched in on Barboach, 2HKOing it with Thunderpunch. Grovyle was naturally the champ, taking out Seadra with a sliver of health, avoiding too much hax from Luvdisc and winning the hax war of attrition against Starmie.

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Moving on with Yellow - I beat Koga and Silph, still no deaths despite a reasonably questionable team. Pikachu retired into the box for a conveniently high-level Ponyta, and I've started to raise an also conveniently high level Poliwhirl for my sixth slot. Matters when there's no EXP share.