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No wonder the first owner poured more than 110,000 miles on it, tracing California’s spine with these leaping fenders pointing his way. Barrey Robles was 19 when he bought the car new, intending to take it racing. It was originally white with a red interior, but Robles wanted it silver, and he wanted fender flares and a hood scoop. By the time the work was done, the SCCA had changed the rules, and the Cobra was no longer competitive. Robles did what anyone would do in that position: bought a GT350R to race and daily-drove the Cobra for two decades.


British actress Naomie Harris is probably best known for playing Miss Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies, but prior to taking on the role of M's sultry secretary she played the sea goddess Calypso in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Harris made her debut as voodoo mystic Tia Dalma (the name Calypso took after being imprisoned in the body of a woman) in 2006's Dead Man's Chest. She reprised the role in 2007's At World's End, in which she was released from her human bonds in a spectacular tsunami of crabs.

We think we know this recipe: Big engine plus little car equals a fast but vicious machine. A nose-heavy, tail-happy monster eager to send you pirouetting if you don’t mind your manners. Maybe that’s because our world is full of those bad Cobras, too stiff or powerful to be anything but a nightmare. That’s where my mind was when owner Colin Comer walked me through ingress and egress. The rules are simple: Make sure the door doesn’t crease the front fender, don’t put your hands on anything aluminum, don’t yank on the wheel as you exit.


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On some level, it didn’t matter which 911 we picked. This isn’t a dig at Sloan or the car’s owner—it’s just that this coupe stands in for decades of Porsche sports-car history. The 911 has evolved, trading simplicity and charm for ease of use, safety, and speed. Yet it remains the benchmark, the default choice in the realm of high-end sports cars. Perhaps no other model line has remained so true to its core mission.

It’s always a challenge to refresh your space for Summer. But while we always see outdoor spaces that look like Home Show displays, what do you do when you have a small space? That’s what I decided to do with the beautiful new Better Homes and Gardens products at Walmart.


These days, Comer’s not shy about sharing the car or putting miles under it. He regularly points it at 1000-mile rallies, and with more than 135,000 miles on the odometer, it may be the highest-mileage Cobra on the planet. But for him, it’s about more than bragging rights or investment.

Ideas that will make Your Patio Awesome this Summer

You sense this M5 could deliver 1000-mile interstate trips with couch-cushion comfort. But the engaging chassis and engine wouldn’t allow any slacking off. You’d rather bomb the back-road route in an M5.


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Above 5000 rpm, this wonderfully snarly flat-six propels the 911 in a way that belies its stated 160 horsepower. This 911 is a relic of a different Porsche, one that would sell you a car not meant for a moment of puttering but purely for teeth-bared speed.

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Three turns in and I was adding speed, that free-spinning 289 urging me on. The Cobra is all suspension travel and lean, but it has no interest in taking your head off. It’s a puppy, a Miata with torque. You know it’s warm by the smell of oil and rubber wafting through the cockpit.

The steering feels magnificent, even at low speeds, taut as a bowstring and surprisingly light for an unassisted rack. The F1’s chassis seems to follow your eyes as the front tires dart toward each corner apex, led along by tiny jabs of steering input. How in the hell did they keep this thing upright at 240? The shifter moves in long throws across a direct, precise path. The shift between second and third gear requires some practice to get right, just a breath between gates to make sure third slots home.


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The TC was cheap, its $1895 price tag equal to approximately $21,000 in 2021. That made it accessible, taking sports cars from a high-end, frivolous purchase to something within reach for a vast swath of the population. Car clubs started to form, road races were held, and tracks were built to capture the nation’s growing addiction. Even better, TCs remain accessible today, with prices hovering around $25,000.

Mind you, the Gullwing does not disappear beneath you; it’s not one of those airy ethereal wispy things. It’s a comforting, confident presence, and while the steering is slower than you might expect from a racing-derived design, it’s always talking. Once rolling, the complexity goes away, leaving just that gorgeous hood in front of you as the world flows by, rolled beneath the wheels by great floods of torque, everywhere a gorgeous ripping roar. That understressed engine is not a revver, and you won’t be shifting just to shift. The gears snick in neatly, but the throws are long and deliberate, and honestly there’s simply no need. The most challenging part of driving the car may be finding the correct angle for the wing windows to dissipate the ample cockpit heat.


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I crested Lime Rock’s back half, rolled through the track’s final corner, then pointed the F1 in line with the Sam Posey Straight and flat-footed the gas pedal. Ladies and gentlemen, we have lifted the hell off. My memories blur from that point. I remember intake whoosh overpowering the V-12’s shout, wind noise wrestling over the F1’s nose, and that funny light feeling your groin gets between the high dive and the deep end. All that, but mostly just flashes of uncut speed.

Hines showed us the F1 through his unique lens (sometimes he’ll spend a year and a half rebuilding a single F1). You don’t understand how utterly special every inch of this car is until Hines shows you. My favorite: the microscopic bolts on the shift-console trim. Hines was forced to special-order a Snap-On Allen key because he couldn’t find one small enough to free those bolts. McLaren had found the lightest possible way to attach a tiny trim piece. Now extrapolate that philosophy across every inch of the car.


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Sixty arrived in six-and-a-half ticks as the 5er hauled up to a 153-mph top speed. There was a limited-slip diff for days-long drifts and a 282-horse straight-six ripped from the M1 itself.

In 1985 the M5 wasn’t unveiled to the public so much as howitzered at it. BMW capped a run of Seventies racing success by aiming its motorsports arm at road cars. First came the M1 supercar; then, at the Amsterdam Motor Show, the Bavarians unleashed fresh hell.


It doesn’t look old, it doesn’t drive old, but it maintains all the hallmarks of cars we love from years past. You can feel elements of the MG TC, the Cobra, the Lotus Elan, the MGB. The engine note, the steering feel, the compliant suspension, tight gearing, and how the brakes refuse to fade. It’s all here, packed in a well-built, reliable package that has air conditioning and navigation. Oh, it will also run for more than 20 minutes at a time and won’t leak oil all over your garage floor.

Long before you’ve unlatched the McLaren F1’s dihedral door, before you’ve humped into the central driver’s seat, before that anxious V-12 fires to life and the intake scoop is hoovering up acres of atmosphere over your head. Before all that, there is simply this thought: Do not f*** up.


For 35 years, ever-faster supersedans have been tearing at the envelope this M5 established. None have matched this Bimmer’s tactility, character, class, and charm.

The sight of a genuine 289 Cobra lurking in its trailer. The heart-stuttering sound of a McLaren F1 firing to life a few feet away, as lethal as anything and proud of it. The impossible yellow of a 5000-mile Integra Type R lighting up pit lane like a beacon. Or the smell of a near-flawless E28 M5, the leather and the glue firing off memories of every 17-year-old back-road slide.


George’s car was a charming little ragamuffin, slower and quieter, but all the same feelings were there. A good platform is a good platform, regardless of how it was modified.

TCs came with a 1300-cc four-cylinder making 55 hp, which let the car hit 60 mph in a dazzling 22/7 seconds, actually quick for the time. The Special’s engine was pushed out to 1500 cc, among other modifications. Bonhams estimated it to have 149 hp when Tank bought it. While this TC is more powerful than stock, that number feels wildly optimistic.


Two decades after our infatuation began, the car lives up to expectations. Driving the Type R is the best kind of hard work. Honda put all the power way up on the top shelf and gave you a close-ratio gearbox and a dainty, precise shifter to help you climb up there. All those jokes, memes, and corny movie scenes about the VTEC sensation?

We didn’t expect it to go this way. In all of our years comparing cars, there has never been a unanimous vote. It’s one of the things we love about this job. Every one of us brings a lifetime of experiences and passions to the table every time we debate a comparison. Most of us have adored everything about cars since before we could spell our own names, and that sort of devotion doesn’t back down from a debate. Especially when it comes to the icons we gathered for this test. This was a collection of fantasies, an array of mechanical crushes. And meeting them in the flesh had to breed a new kind of argument.


Disney helped to perpetuate this with its animated features and continues to do so today with its live-action output, as you're about to find out. Does this mean that the Mouse House needs to change its ways? Not according to an actual study by Georgia State University, which suggests that real criminals are usually unattractive people, a fact that pretty much lets the big studios off the hook. They can make their villains as aesthetically unpleasing or as downright frightening as they choose, and some of them have really pushed the boat out in recent years. But what about the actors beneath the makeup and prosthetics?

And once the legend is shaken off by the sheer elegant friendliness of this car, it really is as simple as that. You tuck into a decently firm little half-bucket that offers good support despite only reaching your shoulder blades. You’ve got a row of switches and toggles in front of you, unspoiled by labeling; Mercedes apparently expected owners to know what’s what from diligent study of the manual. The four-speed shifter is a long-necked ivory presence, the wheel a wooden-rimmed Nardi model Posey bought to replace the fussy original. There’s good red carpet everywhere, a nifty chrome luggage rail hooped around the base of the parcel shelf, and you can see out well in all directions. Of course, there’s a complex little ashtray. It’s all proper jet-age, styled comfortably between Rat Pack and Breaking the Sound Barrier. But the shifter goes into gear like any other car, the clutch comes out, the steering almost instantly lightens, and you’re off.


It’s the ultimate roadster in every sense. The right engine, gearbox, steering wheel, and on. The rare thing that asks for every ounce of your attention but rewards every sense completely.

That sentiment was echoed again and again from everyone who spent time behind the wheel. Staff writer Brian Silvestro called it the only car among the group that he wanted to keep driving. Associate editor Mack Hogan, no stranger to high-end, high-performance vehicles, said it was the best car he’d ever driven.


Even before the engine starts shouting, steering feel leaps down your wrists. Every cliché about The Ultimate Driving Machine comes to life through a three-spoke wheel packed with a lively omniscient energy. There’s more firm-wristed effort in the corners than you expect, but somehow delicacy, too. Mid-corner, the wheel delivers a silken slithering sensation, as if the sidewalls and tread blocks are nibbling snacks from your fingertips.

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Porsche started building rear-engine sports cars in 1948, just one year after Road & Track began celebrating a new sort of car culture emerging in postwar America. We declared that rear-engine car, the 356, the “Car of Tomorrow” in a November 1952 road test, our first of a Porsche. Today, Porsche will still sell you a rear-engine sports car.


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I’ve long been the Miata’s biggest fan. When I turned 17, I bought one as my first car. I had it for 16 years until I sold it this spring, and I miss it every day. Like the newest model, nothing about the first generation I owned was outstanding. But many of the best cars are like that; mediocre parts combined to create an unparalleled experience.

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Short-wheelbase 911s are irresistible. In its day, this 1967 911 Super was the club racer’s choice, the sort you’d hammer at the track all weekend, then drive home. And while there are faster and more valuable long-hood 911s, we wanted something that wasn’t unobtanium when new. Brett Sloan of Connecticut air-cooled specialist Sloan Motors—look ’em up if you need a good drool—happened to have this recently restored Bahama Yellow, Italian-market specimen on consignment. The car’s gracious owner let us borrow it.

But that Nineties monolith wasn’t the car that stole our hearts. It wasn’t the one that we all lingered around at the end of the day, imagining ourselves behind the wheel, aching for one more lap. Nor was it the car we kept urging other writers into, waiting to see their reaction when they pulled back into pit lane. That honor went to a machine that’s no stranger to playing David to history’s Goliath: the Cobra.


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But the most impressive number: four doors. Sedans were simply not allowed to go that fast. Consider one of this M5’s contemporaries: Ferrari’s sharp-edged, mid-engine 328 GTB, with two fewer doors, two more cylinders, and 16 fewer ponies under the hood. The M5 would hand the Ferrari its shorts on an arrow-straight interstate, and Enzo’s best couldn’t shake the Bimmer on a winding two-lane. If it seems like supercar-quick sedans grow on trees these days, it’s because they’re rooted in this slab of Bavarian bedrock.

I restyled this small condo patio to bring light, life and style into a cookie-cutter, relatively small space! And the Before and After Patio looks totally different!


That legendary engine: the B18C5, a pedestrian four-cylinder elevated to hero status and burned into the minds of a generation of car enthusiasts. Honda fire-hosed every drop of its engineering skill and racing prowess at the Integra’s 1/8-liter, turning a pliant and durable workhorse into the peaky baby brother of every racing engine that ever put a tapered H badge on a podium.

Mazda stayed true to the mandate given to the Miata as it entered production more than 30 years ago: a pure driving experience with no drawbacks; a delightful, willing friend that makes every minute behind the wheel unforgettable. There is no car in the same price galaxy that feels as special, as involving. It becomes difficult to justify buying other cars that will give you half the thrill of the Miata for two, three, or four times the price. Especially when you can buy a wonderful used one for far less than $10,000.


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The McLaren F1 legend only grew, burnished by victory at Le Mans in 1995, with beaming reviews in buff books and the sense that a zenith had been reached. So this supercar became more precious, more valuable, until it was untouchable. The last time I lingered close to one, a thin-lipped Parisian nearly booted me out of the Musée d’Orsay. That McLaren F1 was cordoned by velvet rope, placed on a literal pedestal. It’s how most of us meet this hero.

I notched the four-speed into first and let out the clutch. I went easy into Turn 1, minding cold engine and tires, surprised by body roll. The car lists before the suspension settles and the steering weights up. Early versions came with the same Rube Goldberg steering geometry as the Ace, but later iterations, including this one, benefit from a rack and pinion, a gift of Shelby engineer Phil Remington’s constant fettling.


When a surprise rain fell in sheets, as it does at Lime Rock, owners and editors scampered into the other cars. One by one, engines coughed to life as rolling icons scampered under the eaves by pit lane, too finicky, too beloved, or simply too valuable to sit out in the weather. I leaned the M5’s seat back instead and watched the squall pound against my 153-mph living room.

The thing looks delicate, artful. Handsome in a way no steroid-ridden recreation can match. The fact that this car, CSX2230, bears the marks of being driven daily for more than 20 years only adds to its charm. It comes across as a thing to be relished.


That was, naturally, the whole idea. The W198 300SL came into being in 1953, when Max Hoffman, Austrian-American maverick auto importer and bon vivant, declared that Mercedes needed a marquee car, based in racing yet drivable on the road, to compete in the cosmopolitan American market.

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Like that manic engine, the suspension works best when you’re absolutely bum-rushing it. The Type R came from an era when Honda wasn’t afraid to build daringly neutral performance cars. In the Integra, that means big spring rate, major roll stiffness in the rear, and a propensity for stepping the tail out. Show it some confidence, and the Type R will razor into a corner and grease its back tires in joyous oversteer. It’s one of the best-handling cars ever made, no front-drive caveat needed.

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Any car, a sports car especially, is an exercise in optimism, a mechanical bet that good things will happen. The people who conceived of the Gullwing, the Germans and Austrians and Brits and Americans who engineered and raced and imported it, as well as many of those who ultimately bought it—they’d seen some things. When the car debuted, the latest war to end them all had been over for only 10 years, the cold war well underway.

A haven in picturesque northwestern Connecticut, this bullring is one of America’s greatest racetracks. Don’t let the simple layout fool you, this track is full of nuance and will get the measure of any car.


Road & Track’s senior staff averages 33 years old—impressionable youths when the Type R landed on these shores. As obsessive young gearheads, we were doomed to be forever smitten. And unrequited—we were too young, too light of wallet, our parents too uncool to give us a leg up into a fitted Recaro seat.

Get the turn-in wrong and you’re in the wall. Get it right and you have a smooth, satisfying run to Big Bend.


The least exciting part of the Miata has always been the engine. There’s never been a distinct calling card, no VTEC trill or supercharger whine. The new engine differs, with a rework of the tiny 2/0-liter four now getting 181 hp and a 7500-rpm redline. Horsepower still may seem unimpressive, but with 2345 pounds to push around, it’s plenty.

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Even in 2021 the F1 feels legitimately quick for a supercar. When you think about the technology Gordon Murray and his team leveraged to piece the car together in the early Nineties, with primitive tires, an absence of turbochargers, zero thrust from electric motors, and rudimentary carbon construction, the F1’s longevity becomes staggering.

The F1 needs more stewards like Kevin Hines and the Revs Institute, those willing to allow this living, breathing masterpiece to stretch its restless legs. With every detail observed, the McLaren F1 reveals itself as more than a supercar; it’s a vessel for human ambition of the highest order. The term “moonshot” gets tossed around a lot, but spend enough time with this car and the idea rings true. This object was obsessed over at every facet, conceived as the Platonic ideal of supercar, without interference from baser thoughts.


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Beyond driving the McLaren F1, there’s so much awe to uncover. The Revs Institute graciously lent the F1 to us for two days, just enough time to pore over the car’s every intricacy. The car was tended by Kevin Hines, senior technician at McLaren Philadelphia and North America’s F1 whisperer, who services and cares for these special vehicles.

Somehow, nothing about it was intimidating. The torque curve must be a 2x4, just a wide plateau that lets you get away with a wrong gear here or there. Everything about it is far removed from modern sports cars with their too-serious suspensions and galactic engine outputs. It turns out the formula is pretty simple: 271 hp in a 2021-pound roadster.